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What Are the Advantages of Cloud ComputingAdvantages Of Cloud Computing _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Waris Jang - It is very important for any profit making business to find ways that it can save money in order to increase its revenue. Whether the business is a small, medium or large corporation, it can benefit from incorporating the use of cloud computing in its operations.Cloud computing is a way using the internet to offer virtual space for storage for information technology services and software among others. This service also enables the users to share the same platform when it comes to processing and space which enables shared costs as well unlike each user having their own different resources. Most of the companies that offer this service charge monthly for their services. They offer solutions such as software and hardware storage services over the internet.

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One of the benefits include a lower initial cost of investment. This is because as long as a business already has computers and internet connection, that is all that is required to access it. Another benefit is that the staff is not required to understand the underlying infrastructure or even worry about

maintenance. This enables the staff to just focus on performing their functions since the solutions are made available by the solutions provider. Most of the providers only charge monthly for their services unlike having long term contracts which cost a lot. These monthly contracts are Pay as You Go. Cloud computing is also very scalable which means that any business can change it to suit its ever growing needs by just acquiring more storage space and additional licenses to allow other uses. This is relatively cheaper as compared to constantly buying new modern equipment when the need arises. The deployment of cloud computing services is also very fast as compared to planning, building and implementing your own in house. Ordinarily this takes just hours or days for staff members to begin using cloud computing solutions. Regardless of the location your business, the services are available to you because it is over the internet.

Cloud computing solutions are not designed for any one particular browser or device such as Mac or PC, but can be used by any of them all. This is because they are device independent and the business can use any device they already have whether it is a compute tablet, mobile devices or just any other as long as it can connect to the internet. These are some of the benefits that a business can benefit from when using cloud computing solutions.

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Advantages of cloud computing  

Everyone who has used the internet has experienced cloud computing. For instance, if you used Gmail, then you have benefited from cloud comp...

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