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The Charity now known as UCD Volunteers Overseas began as an idea in 2002 when two UCD students asked me why there was no opportunity in the University for students to do overseas volunteering with their peers. I contacted aid agencies to see if a group from UCD could join one of their projects, but it was not feasible. So a chance conversation with a member of the Sisters of Jesus and Mary from Goatstown led us to their projects in India and Haiti. And so what is now a thriving charity had shaky beginnings! We are always punching above our weight in the sense that we are a small charity but have achieved so much. The first project in Delhi in 2003 was supposed to be a once off but the student group that year persuaded us to do it again. They wanted others to have the experience that they had. What has made the charity grow and be sustained throughout the last ten years has firstly been the energy, creativity, and generosity of the students and staff who have travelled and secondly our partners in the different countries who gave us a chance and trusted that what we promised could be fulfilled. I suppose I should be real enough to say we have also had great fun, made new friends for life that we would normally not be interested in, witnessed shy people come to life with talent that others had never seen, felt understood in late night conversations, and danced‌many times!! So this tenth anniversary is an amazing achievement and belongs to everyone who has played any part in the life of the charity. However could I single out two people deserving of special mention. Firstly, Aoife Fitzgerald from the UCD staff who supported my crazy idea about brining a group to India in 2003 and so gave the vital support that any idea needs. Secondly, Caroline O’ Connor who has done a wonderful job building on the charity’s tradition and helping it to grow beyond expectation. This year-book brings colour and finer expression than I have achieved in these few words.

Father Tony Coote, Fou nder of UCDVO

Delhi UCDVO has been running volunteer projects in Delhi since 2003. Over 250 volunteers from UCD and approximately 50 volunteers from universities in Delhi have worked together to implement a number of education, physiotherapy and construction projects primarily based in slum areas around the city. One of UCDVO’s main achievements in Delhi is St. Anthony’s Education Centre which was built in Sangam Vihar slum in 2008. Today it has 80 girl children attending and a midday meal scheme. This has been at the initiative of UCDVO and the school houses a library and recently a computer centre has also been set up. In the morning the school premises are used to impart vocational training and literacy classes to 25 women. This project is being supported by Irish Aid and is in its third year of operation. In the last decade more than 600 girls from the underprivileged areas ranging from the age group of 3 years to 13 years have benefited from this place which is warm and friendly. It has also supported the teachers who are also from the area and has given them the dignity of teaching as a career. UCDVO is warmly welcomed in the community each summer. The children and the women look forward to this one month of excitement, happiness and learning from another land. For the women and children it is their first exposure to people from another country. It is a time to be curious, to learn from each other, to share and to find that issues are the same world over. The main achievement of the UCDVO SWL partnership has been that it gives hope to these young girls and women. In fact, the daughter of the community worker associated at St. Anthony’s may get the opportunity to go to UCD! Presently she is at an engineering college in India. This is a truly inspirational story and could not have come about if UCDVO had not been working in this area. UCDVO is changing lives, aspiring and giving hope! UCDVO with its intervention in the slums now has a dynamic centre where various activities take place. This centre built by UCDVO will be a lasting legacy to the community. Dr. Sunita Kaistha The Society for Working Life, Delhi

Some of our achievements in Delhi since 2003...

• Physiotherapy programme at the Mother Teresa Home ran for 7 years resulting in full-time physiotherapist being employed and a dedicated space for daily physiotherapy sessions • Construction of an education centre in Sangam Vihar, funded by Irish Aid • Construction of two schools in Uttam Nagar • Construction of a playground for Missionaries of Charity children’s home • Construction of six houses in slum areas with Habitat for Humanity • Physiotherapy programme for homeless men at Antyodaya Shelter • Mid-day meal scheme at St. Anthony’s Education centre, feeding 80 girls each day throughout the year • Literacy programmes for 1000s of children living in slum areas • English, arts and crafts, music, dance programmes for 100s of boys at Salaam Baalak Shelter • Day trips to Delhi Zoo, India Gate, Rail Museum, Lotus Temple for hundreds of children living in slum areas around the city • Refurbishment of schools, care homes, shelters • Provision of educational resources, clothing, medical supplies, and physiotherapy equipment for shelters, schools and care homes • Vocational training, literacy and health education for women’s groups in slum areas

“We all at Salaam Baalak Trust are grateful for the efforts and support put in by UCDVOs. They all work hard, with lots of zeal and enthusiasm to ensure that their time with children is really well spent. Despite bad weather and other operational challenges, they continue to work with a smile and are an inspiration to learn from. We all look forward to that time of the year when UCDVO team is at SBT. Many thanks, love and blessings to you all.” - Poonam Sharma, Volunteer Coordinator, Salaam Baalak Trust, Delhi

The Delhi Rap So here’s a rap by Caroline and Ellen, Especially for the group of Delhi ’11. So listen out for you name, And be sure to enjoy your 5 minutes of fame. First of all we gotta say, What a night in the Himalay All the gang looking neat Enjoying the hotel, thanks to Navneet. It’s well deserved after a tough week one, Working hard in the Delhi sun. There’s been lots of laughs so let’s recap, And please enjoy our Delhi rap! We’ve gotten off to an epic start Friends forming all playing their part Jumping in autos and buying drums Who’d a known this city could be so much fun. OMG Dermot thinks Indian food is savage, Never again will he eat bacon and cabbage. Rob’s our artist supreme To live with Sunita is his dream To eat her food all day long and for her to be his mom! Katie started feeling sick on the plane, So Delhi belly’s not to blame. Soon she was back on her feet With lots of Indian food to eat. Niggles found a girlfriend in Pot Pourri, We sat down for lunch and said “Who the hell is she?” Cathal is the pay master Late on the first day Oh what a disaster! Now he’s 19 and looking slick, Hoping to find an Indian chick. It’s the second time round for the lovely Babs She didn’t have to get as many jabs. She’s keeping it real down in SBT, And making our group one big family. He looks so innocent and sweet, A really nice guy to meet. Until he killed Ellen in Sunita’s house, Rory, Rory he’s no mouse. Elaine and Sinéad are getting on swell, Teaching the kids down in SWL. Aedemar’s working hard down in Kanti’s school, Teaching in a cupboard, that’s really cool! Margaret, Ellen, Laura and Shauna, They’re digging the teaching up in Bawana. Soon they’ll be building with Habitat, OMG that’ll be so phat. Carol is our horse lover, In SBT Karl’s her new brother. Sonita, Alice, Lydia and Jenny, How’d the cycle rickshaw fit do many? These girls work in Sangam Vihar, It’s so close but yet so far! Stu, Stu, he’s our man, If he can’t do it no one can! Sushant and Chris brought the beer So let’s give them a great big cheer. If you peeps think our rap is neat Let’s see you all on your feet. Gleeders out...


Reflections..." It all began with our spiritual retreat to Glendalough. A lot of people struggled up the side of that mountain in the middle of winter (great idea Tony)! Nervous how-are-you’s (if there were any of those really) began the encounter, but it ended with shouts and screams, hugs and wild familiarity, and the rest. Group bonded, check! Solid preparations, notwithstanding,that full Irish breakfast in Amsterdam was the last I would ever have as a boy...silly scared little boy that I was on that bus from Indira Gandhi International Airport, eyes wide with wonder at everything India was...this was not the world I knew, but I liked it... Then there was Salaam Baalak, a place I have not been a part of for 6 years, and that number only grows, but still it is a place that makes me grit my teeth and forces happiness and sadness and longing and joy upon me, all the emotions. A few rooms full of children with whom I danced and played for a little while, but that will never leave me and will never allow me to forget. A permanent release from the unwanted ability to close your eyes, SB is good for that, cheers lads! ‘The group’, who fought these fights and experienced this madness and had our eyes opened and then used them to cry all together (not actually all at once, that would be weird -we took turns, very civilised) ...the trajectory of my journey (of personal spiritual development or whatever our journeys are) tilted on its axel because of the success of those people that were Delhi 06. Simply in being who they were, and to be in their midst through a journey of India and inequity and intense-everything, for a boy who had an idea in his head of where he wanted to go, it was as reaffirming as being reassured, then strapped to a rocket and shot off in that direction. I probably haven’t said it to you directly, but I hope you all know that it’s there, in every positive thing I ever do and every time I win the battle to do something meaningful, thank you... For the day in Delhi zoo, there are no words of sufficient hyperbole, for me it was and will remain the best of days. We were kings then because we were doing what this organisation does, living our do-gooder dream, swimming against the flow of ridiculous disparity, and it rocked...this spiritual epiphany happening while all the while the lads chased each other with sticks around the various wildlings, chased the wildlings also, loved it, drowned me with water, sat on incomprehensibly large shoulders, just chillin’, and were bold as children, basically, winning... Silly scared little boy I was, and I might still be silly and scared from time to time, to time, but after VO, after that place and that time with those people, to be able to say that I was a part of what VO has been, is, and will be, man I am.... Barra O’Fianail Delhi 2006, 2007 & 2008

“On a personal note, I learned a lot about the true nature of compassion and kindness. The students in our classes would never cease to show great care for their families, often trying to save the little bit of food they received in the school or community centre for a younger brother, sister or for a neighbour who was sick and who they felt needed the meal more than themselves. Also, each and every person with whom we worked both in the partner organisations and our own team showed a great capacity to empathise with one another in order to achieve the most with the time we had in India. Overall, it was a great privilege to be able to participate in the essential work that UCDVO carries out each year. Development is one area that really needs our support and it is through projects like this that we can remember those members of our global community that need the most help and support.� Margaret Walsh, Delhi 2011

Haiti UCDVO has been running projects in Gros Morne in northwest Haiti since 2005. Since then, over 200 volunteers have spent one month working within this same community. UCDVO works with two missionary sisters, Sr. Patricia Dillon and Sr. Jackie Picard from the Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJM), to implement community development projects. The wide variety of projects have included the construction of houses, schools, shelters, latrines, flood prevention walls; and summer camps for almost 2000 children from the local area. “When I consider the collaboration between the Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJM) and UCDVO in Gros Morne, Haiti, I can separate results into short-term, more measurable ones and long-term / harder to measure ones. For example, ravines have been corrected, tens of thousands of trees planted, a 100 plus families with latrines (and therefore X number of cholera cases avoided), 700 children fed breakfast and lunch for four summer weeks each year, employment for counselors, cooks, etc.  It is harder to measure the visual impact of the daily, nine-block parade from the national school to Jean XXIII for the campers to have lunch.  However, now there are other schools and churches which have summer camps (depending on the availability of food from the World Food Program and/or Food for the Poor).  The formation provided to the camp counselors and directors has given them new tools to contribute to their communities. Community organizations now have some infrastructure and the experience of creating it:  for example, the secondary road to Bigue which opened up commerce and easier travel to students and others.” Sr. Pat Dillon, RJM Gros Morne Haiti

Some of our achievements since 2005… • • • • • • • 110 latrines built to improve sanitation 20 stone walls built in the ravines for flood prevention Eleven houses built Home for the elderly extended and renovated Over 4000 children involved in educational summer camps Extension to Bigue Community School Haiti Earthquake appeal: over €106,000 raised in one month. Construction of a school in Port-au-Prince, transitional shelters and housing repair projects

“The impact we left may not make headlines, but trying to aid the development of Haiti is a bit like trying to negotiate its landscape. It will be a long and arduous journey. So many of the factors which hold it back are external, and policies made in offices far away in the US or Europe are the deciding factors for the future of Haiti. But people on the ground make the real difference to the people of Haiti. And in that case UCDVO can do no better. May it continue its good work for years to come.” Donagh Humphreys, Haiti 2009

“It was a privilege to observe both close up and from a distance just how much the kids were responding to the volunteers and how much of a difference every single person in our group was making to these children.” - Patrick O’Neill, Haiti Group Leader

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off get back on the saddle ‘there is a wolf at large in Grepin” - Miriam Smyth, Haiti 2011

“Volunteering with VO has been the best thing I’ve done since I’ve been in college. The experience I’ve had thus far and the people I’ve met have given me a real interest in development that I hope to delve further into in the future” – Kilian Tuite, Haiti 2011


UCDVO began its first project in Nicaragua in 2007 in the village of San Isabel near the town of Somoto in northern Nicaragua. Locals identified the need for a Health Centre and the supply of water as their chief needs. In partnership with SILIAS the governmental health organisation UCDVO volunteers and locals built the health centre and paid for the drilling and supply of water to the village. Since 2009, UCDVO have struck up a thriving partnership with local partners INPRHU, working together on a variety of sustainable projects while providing bed and board also! Collaborating with local NGO’s such as INPHRU, MCN and SILIAS, two health centres (the first in San Isabel and the second in El Kairo), two school extensions and an agricultural processing centre have been built. In 2009, our volunteers began work in both education and construction in the Los Quinchos after school project for disadvantaged children and we return every year to build upon close bond. The impact of UCDVOs work can be seen across the local landscape of Somoto, answering the needs of locals to develop infrastructure and provide vital public services. The focus on providing permanent fixtures that benefit entire communities promises the work of UCDVO in Nicaragua will leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

The landscape of Los Quinchos bears the impact of past volunteers everywhere you look. The basketball court, or ‘canche’, is now a focal point for all activities at the school, including training sessions for the Los Quinchos football team (set up in 2011), traditional dances and the physical education lessons ran every Tuesday by volunteers from Xomothl. The tree house represents the centre piece of the school yard and is a must for all those wishing to catch up on the local gossip or to gain a better vantage point for the games on the canche. Los Quinchos has become an integral part of the Nicaragua project and one which has benefited the volunteers and children alike. It is easily seen that the “solidaridad” between the locals and UCDVO has been firmly established and so it is very important that future volunteers go on each year to strengthen this bond.

Some of our achievements since 2007... • • • • • • • • • • • Tree house, basketball court and chicken coop built in Los Quinchos Health centres built in Santa Isabel and El Kairo Painted murals EVERYWHERE! 150 children engaged in arts and crafts, sports and education workshops Drip irrigation systems built for several local communities Agricultural processing centre built, increasing the daily wage of local farmers Fencing built around La Escuelita de Mercado School built in Las Palmeiras enabling access to education Library developed and stocked in Los Quinchos Extension built onto Escuelita School in the centre of Somoto Extension built to agriculture training school in Cuje

Gre, gre, gre, gre, GREGORIO!! - Nicaragua 2010

“I believe that it is a very good idea that you come to our country and help the children, not only with the material things but also emotionally. Many of these children lack affection in their homes; some were abandoned by their parents, others suffer violence at home, others whose parents had to leave the country to find work abroad, due to the poverty, and others are orphans. We are left with great memories of you, and I hope you continue visiting these children.” - María Teresa Rosales Tercero Head of Los Quinchos

“I nearly didn’t go to my first VO interview. It was a cold dark night, as the night usually is, and the prospect of overusing words like ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘team work’ was giving me nerves. Thank god I did though as getting involved with VO was one of my better late night decisions. The friends I have made and the experiences I have had through VO have had both a fundamental and positive influence on my life.” -Sarah Irwin, Nicaragua 2010 & 2012

-- Sean O’Connell, Nicaragua 2010 & 2012 --

No touching each other

Gregorio, you’re absolutely ripped!

-- Alison O’Brien, Nicaragua 2012 --

“From the people, the conversations, the smiles, the Spanish, the bricklaying, the tiling, the hours with the rebar, the broken down truck, the lunch breaks and lunch naps, the volcanoes, the overwhelming feeling at the opening ceremony of the health centre... everything about Nicaragua 2008 brings back the best possible memories!” – Fiona Ryan, Nicaragua 2008

North, South, East, West - - Paul Craven, Nicaragua 2012 --

“If Carlsberg did summers...” - Conor Stout, Nicaragua 2011 & 2012

“I think the emotions on both sides as we left Los Quinchos for the last time was perhaps a sign that we had made a real difference.” –Shane O’Byrne, Nicaragua 2009 & 2010

Tanzania I wonder what Fr. Tony Coote thinks today, looking back into the year 2003 when he put ‘his dreams and heart desires and those of UCD students’ into reality. Desire to engage in voluntary work abroad, desire to share skills and knowledge, desire to share energy, desire to share culture, desire to meet the needs of those in need using what you have in possession, desire to reach out for others… I wonder if he thought that during a period of 10 years, the Organization he launched would have made its footsteps into Morogoro, Tanzania and made a long lasting mark in the minds and souls of over 150 teachers, hundreds of pupils through provision of computers and training in Information and Communications Technology, not to mention the other benefits in Tanzania and other countries where UCDVO sends its volunteers. In a space of four years, nearly 80 volunteers have come and participated in a project in Tanzania, about 400 computers have been donated to 13 primary and secondary schools in Morogoro, one-month training given to teachers in new schools every year and refresher courses given to teachers each year. Renovation of empty classrooms, turning them into computer rooms (with proper electrical fittings, security, furniture), painting of school buildings, building a new classroom, construction of a basketball ground, conducting summer camps with students where language skills were learnt… All these were done by UCD students and their supervisors for our disadvantaged communities, while wearing broad smiles, always energetic, mingling easily with Tanzanian teachers and often with people who sometimes spoke very little English. Cycling long distances under the hot tropical sun, in a new country. The spirit of sharing! All this has been done to contribute to the effort of realizing the fact contained in a short sentence “Education is Power”. Mr. Robert Lyakurwa Co-ordinator of TanzEd, Tanzania

“You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed and the doors are not all shut”, this quote by Maxwell Maltz describes what I got from going away with UCDVO. Not only do you experience the huge challenges which many people face, but also that it is possible to play your part in making the world more equal – Kate O’Donnell, Tanzania 2012

Some of our achievements since 2009… • With the invaluable support from Camara and TanzEd, UCDVO has transported 385 computers from Ireland to Tanzania, set up 13 computer labs in schools and trained almost 300 teachers • Construction of a basketball court in Kihonda Secondary School • School Refurbishment projects • Library development projects – more books are provided to schools each year • Summer camp activities with primary school children

UCDVO offers Tanzania a technological push. By installing new computer rooms in schools and then teaching the teachers in the schools how to use the computers, thousands of children will grow up with a keyboard at their fingertips, just as we did - Cillian Forde, Tanzania 2010

I learned more than I could have imagined about African culture - Sive Carey, Tanzania 2012

South India Vijayawada UCDVO’s partnership with Care and Share in Southern India began in 2010, and in the three short years that followed a very close relationship has developed, the effects of which have been insurmountable. Volunteers live in two children’s villages, Daddy’s Home and Butterfly Hill, where, due to the effects of AIDS or extreme poverty, over 1000 orphaned or abandoned children are given homes and education. While there, UCDVO organises youth and sports clubs, health education workshops, rallies, awareness raising campaigns, and educational support. Care and Share emphasise the importance of education in empowering the children, and it is here where UCDVO plays its most significant role in South India, coming at a crucial time for us when the school is starting…the volunteers help the headmistresses to shape the school. The volunteers’ commitment to engaging in teaching and companionship with the children is very precious and this is what makes the children of Care and Share shine. The teams truly spent every ounce of the efforts and time with such dedication and at the end I had to literally push them onto the bus one by one because I told them it is best to do painful things as quickly as possible, but I told them that in the future they have to come back…Please thank EVERYONE.” Carol Faison Founder and Director of Care and Share Charitable Trust

Tsamina mina eh eh, waka waka eh eh… This time for Africa -- 2010 --

Two rallies raising awareness of HIV & AIDS and children’s rights

“I knew straight away that this was a very special place” –Padraig Keane, South India 2011

Lessons in English, Maths & Science for over 1000 children

Uniforms, school bags and notebooks for over 500 Children

“I had the great satisfaction to see so many books on the bookshelves” – Carol Faison, Care & Share

“The kids have had incredibly difficult starts to life, to see them recognise the importance of education, support one another, being ambitious and positive in spite of all undeserved hardships is truly inspirational” – Darren Carthy, South India 2011 & 2012

Health and Educational supplies for over 300 at Daddy’s Home

Kevin 3,4,7! Don’t forget me potato Mommy -- South India, 2012 --

Installment of 5 solar panels in Butterfly Hill

School renovations and development of library

om our roby n i d e Lock morning every ear olds 010 -dia 2 4y South In -- Aisling McCaffre y,

“The highlight was the Stop AIDS rally, which aimed to educate people about the disease and the need to stop discrimination. We invited other NGOs, Vijayawada city mayor and government officials were also present and converged on the main street the city centre was bustling with activity.” Donal Hanratty, South India 2010 “We unanimously agreed we had been part of something extraordinary”Erica Walsh 2010/12

Alumni projects Niger Father Tony Coote was approached by members of the nursing staff with Concern to carry out a project in Niger in 2006. The volunteers spent 5 weeks in Demi Lunes village and Tahoua living among the local community and witnessed the incredible work carried out at the Concern Medical Clinic for Malnourished Babies.

South Africa UCDVO developed a partnership with local South African NGO Tshulu Trust aiming to enhance responsible well being and achieve sustainable livelihood. The team spent their time constructing a bakery for the local community, utilising their natural and cultural resources.

“A fantastic experience, one that differed from any other trip I have ever been on, I met some amazing people and experienced a whole different culture” – Kathryn McKay, South Africa 2011

Uganda Haiti A group of 11 volunteers travelled to Haiti in late December 2009 to build two houses in two weeks. The project was led by two returned volunteers Darren Gill and Patrick O’Neill. Fortunately, the group returned to Ireland just two days before the devastating earthquake which hit Port-au-Prince on the 12th of January 2010. This team of volunteers led the subsequent UCDVO Haiti Appeal and succeeded in raising €106,000. Darren Gill, one of the Team Leaders, currently works with Architecture for Humanity in Port-au-Prince and oversaw the construction of a school in the capital which UCDVO helped fund through the appeal. Since its establishment in 2002, UCDVO has had a close relationship with UCD Physiotherapy Students, with more than 40 physiotherapy students undertaking UCDVO projects over the past 10 years. Since 2010, five UCD physiotherapy students have successfully undertaken their elective clinical placement in Kisiizi Hospital, resulting in a very strong link between UCD and Kisiizi Hospital. The new UCDVO Uganda 2013 is a joint pilot project between UCD Volunteers Overseas and the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Sciences with the local partner C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital in South West Uganda. The hospital consists of 6 wards Surgical, Maternity, Medical, Isolation, Paediatric, Psychiatric as well as an Out patients department/A &E a full rehabilitation department with an attached long term patient rehabilitation ward. The Uganda 2013 team consists of 3 physiotherapy students and 2 group leaders/physiotherapy clinical tutors. The team will work mainly at the hospitals’ rehabilitation department and also within the hospital and in the local community. The rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre at Kisiizi Hospital was opened in 2000 with the mission statement “To provide access to quality rehabilitation services for all patients with disabilities and their families.” Many of the patients at Kisiizi are very poor with little or no income and have a real difficulty accessing the rehabilitation services. A community based rehabilitation service is also in place to take the services to those who are unable to access the rehabilitation centre. The UCDVO Physiotherapy team will assist with providing much needed services for these patients and also training local staff to provide the same services after the project has ended. Physiotherapy is a simple but effective skill/service that lends itself very well to areas that are poorly developed and it is highly transferable to the developing world and UCDVO’s projects with little or no extra resources being required. Aside from physiotherapy the project also consists of some development tasks co-ordinated fully by UCDVO and the local partner, such as painting wards, developing much needed services for patients and even teaching the sick children and their siblings on the peadiatric and long term rehabilitation wards. Hopefully, this pilot UCDVO Uganda 2013 Physiotherapy project will be a success and in another 10 years we will be talking about a full UCDVO Health Sciences Team consisting of student doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, radiographers and more travelling to work, develop, support and learn at C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital!!!

Student Society Since the foundation of the UCD Volunteer Overseas in 2003, there has been an extremely high level of student involvement in the day-to-day running of the charity. In 2008 the first structured student committee was formed with the aims • • • • • To raise awareness of the work carried out by UCDVO and the issues which projects seek to address To involve as many students as possible in frequent volunteer work, fundraising and awareness campaigns. To fundraise for UCDVO projects through a number of planned events To facilitate and encourage broader student and graduate involvement in the work of UCDVO and to allow people to identify with the organisation as a whole To make recommendations to the Board of UCDVO The huge success of past societies meant we had a very tough act to follow this year. A hectic but successful week led to just over 700 people signing up to the society during the Freshers’ Fair. With applications closing in early October it was straight on to recruitment campaign. This year for the first time lecture addresses were used to target students with specific skills and inform of the work of UCDVO and to encourage them to apply. Author and charity founder Christina Noble was invited to UCD and gave an inspirational talk about her life and the organizations she set up in Vietnam to our members. Wine and pizza followed as well as a society night out. After weeks of interviews the volunteers for 2013 were selected and offered places with the various country groups. An introduction and information (N’ fun) evening was held to give the new volunteers a chance to meet each other and break the ice. Past volunteers were also invited to share their stories and experiences. The now traditional VO Christmas Party was once again a big success with a gang attempting the Baggot Mile. Some made a better attempt than others. A Comedy Fundraiser in the Workmans Club was attended by over 100 people and more than €1000 was raised for the overseas projects. So far the year has been fantastic. We have had some great events and loads of support from our members. With big occasions like the 10 Year Anniversary Ball, UCDVO Day and the Rás still to come hopefully we can match the high standard set by previous years. Conor Stout, Auditor of the UCDVO Student Society 2012/13

UCDVO became an official student society in 2009. Since then the society has grown exponentially every year. In 2010/11 the roles of the committee were properly defined and organized into eight positions (Auditor, Vice Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Campaigns and Awareness Officer, Events Officer and Welfare Officer) to help address every aspect of the society. Through this committee 460 people joined the society. €8500 was raised for the charity and many successful events such as the UCDVO Ball and the annual 5k UCD Rás were held.

It is with great excitement that I put together this note for our anniversary year book. Reading back over all the articles and quotes from volunteers and partners, and flicking through all our photos, I’m extremely proud of our collective achievements. I’ve had a very unique position over the past four years as Manager, in that I’ve had the opportunity to visit all our projects, meet with the different local partners and see the extent of UCDVO’s impact worldwide. When all our work is put together, just like it’s presented here in this year book, we can see the force of our efforts and the positive change which we can generate both for the communities with whom we work and also for the volunteers who take part. The results of our work are inspirational and the ongoing commitment from local partners and volunteers continue to drive UCDVO. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fr. Tony Coote for giving me my first volunteering opportunity with the Delhi 2004 team. I’m not sure if I had anticipated just how much UCDVO would shape my life when I first slipped my application under Tony Coote’s office door in late 2003. However, it’s been an incredible journey and I’m delighted to be part of the anniversary celebrations. I’d also like to thank Jim Phelan, Frank Monahan and the members of the UCDVO Board for their support over the past four years and for everything they’ve done to make the charity the thriving success it is today.


Ca roline O’Con nor, UCDVO Ma na ger

To be Frank...

The comments, reflections and pictures contained in this book reflect very powerfully the enduring spirit of UCDVO and its impact and achievements over ten years. There have been significant milestones: first the “one off” trip to Delhi in 2003 and then the addition of projects in Haiti (2005), Nicaragua (2007), Tanzania (2009) and Vijayawada (2010). This year UCDVO begins a new chapter with a physiotherapy project in Uganda. And this year too, 130 volunteers will volunteer with UCDVO bringing the total number of volunteer placements since 2003 to 900. From an organisational perspective we have evolved too - from the early days when “everything was in Tony’s head” to now having our own Manager and the systems in place to take care of the many issues the charity deals with on a day to day basis. Throughout its development, and somewhat in the background, the work of UCDVO has been overseen by a voluntary Board of Trustees which meets each month. Among the duties of the board are ensuring compliance with Irish charity legislation, preparation of audited financial accounts and annual reports, evaluation and selection of overseas projects in each of the host countries, and planning for the future development of UCDVO. The board recently published UCDVO’s first strategic plan (see and is currently working on developing a new financial plan for the charity.


Prof. Fra nk Mona ha n, Chairperson UCDVO Boa rd of Trustees

Volunteers since 2003 DELHI 2003 Ailis McNeela Aoife FitzGerald Aoife Hurley Brian O’Donnchadha Darragh Gaffney David Hobbs Deirdre Phelan Elaine Garret Emer Ryan Eugene Healy Fred Drion Karl McGuire Laura Durcan Laura McDarby Leona Roche Louise Smyth Mags McGloughlin Michael Moran Miriam de Feu Patrick O’Donnell Rachel Welsby Sarah Hayden Sarah Jolley Tony Coote Conor Hensey David Quinn Deirdre Hegarty Darragh Gaffney Darren Gill Emma Gallagher Eoghan Toomey Eoin Redahan Gordon Ormsby Karen O’Connell Louise Brannigan Mags McGloughlin Malachy O’Rourke Niall O hEalaithe Niamh Herlihy Niamh McDonald Niamh O’Callaghan Patrick O’Donnell Paul Healy Roisin Aherne Sarah Moran Sean McKeon Tamsin English Tom Walsh Tony Coote Yvonne Corrigan Enda Flood Eoghan Toomey Freda Ní Bhraoin Gary Donnelly Helen Guerin Kevin McNally Kevin Murphy Kieran O’Flynn Liadhan Coakley Louise Carroll Malachy O’Rourke Ong Ai Jun Patrick O’Neill Paul Ryan Sarah Dixon Siobhan Whelan Stephen Buckley Susan O’Connell Thomas Drew Deirdre Cullen Fiona Walsh  Helen Guerin Karen Shelly  Lorraine Egan  Marc McCabe  Martin Breen  Matthew Nagle  Michaela Simpson  Neil Gleeson  Oisin O’Connor Patrick O’Neill     Paul Duffy  Paul McKernan  Sarah Gardner  Sean Monahan  Simon Roche  Siobhan Daly  Tara Gilligan   Una Scallan Sarah Dixon  Michael Lynch Michael Ryan Paula Kelly Paula Woolfson Ruth Mullan Sheena Geoghegan Tony Lyons Donal O’Connor Shane Traynor

DELHI 2008 Alex Hegarty Alison Brennan Anne-Marie McCague Barra O’Fianail Caitlin McKinney Carla Fenton Claire Chawke Cliodhna Balfe Codie Preston Eimear Crowley Graham Doyle Helen Guerin Jenny Quigley John Shane Griffin Karen Kennedy Lisa Ruttledge Louise Yorke Lynn Darling Maurice Deasy Niall Fox Padraig Flynn Rachel Fitzgerld Richard Graham Sarah Gleeson Sarah Green Vincent Wall

NICARAGUA 2008 Anja Peter Bairbre Fox Bernard Herlihy Bryan Tormey Cormac Fahey Eddie Condon Eimear Ruane Emma Spierin Fintan Neylan Fiona Ryan Gemma Holohan James Kennedy Jennifer Graham Jordan McDonnell Joseph Darcy Kevin Morrison Maeve Mullooly Niamh O’Brien Ross Fortune Ros McFeely Suzanne Darcy

DELHI 2006 Andrew Gaffney Barbara Wood Barra O’Fianail Brian Healy Brid-Marie Kelly Caoimhe Byrne Caroline Delany Darren Gill Deirdre Mahon Donal O’Connor Edel McCarra Emily O’Neill Frank Monahan Lisa Brady Michael Lynch Michelle Foley Niamh Nolan Nicola Moore Patricia Scaife Paul McKernan Paul Willis Priscilla Murphy Elizabeth Buckley Shaunagh Connaire Sheena McHugh Tinta Deasy Trudy Kelliher Rebecca Boland Lance Woods

NICARAGUA 2007 Aaron Deverell Andrea Flynn Bryan Tormey Cormac Fahy Criona Ryan Edward Cahill Hilary Hughes Karen O’Connell Lance Woods Michael Flanagan Nadine Cosgrove Niamh Herlihy Nicola Soraghan Pat McFeely Patrick Wall Raymond O’Hara Robert Carruthers Roisin Mullins Ros McFeely Stephen Carolan Sean McKeon Sorcha Allen Tony Coote

DELHI 2004 Adele Lacey Alison Quinlan Caroline O’Connor Cliodhna Martin Colin Quinn Dara Carr Darren Gill Deirdre Brophy Donal O’Shea Eithne Murray Elizabeth Fuller Fiona Kelly Freda Ní Bhraoin Grainne Lowry Joanne Quinn Joseph Duff Karen Griffin Lance Woods Liam Doyle Mark Walker Maurice Gillen Michelle Cronin Nicky Brennan Noel Keegan Owen Fallon Rhona McGrath Sandeep Kapoor Sarah McGloughlin Sean Cournane Shane Traynor Siobhan Twomey Thomas Drew Tony Coote

DELHI 2005 Alison Flynn Ann Cullen Barry McGonigal Billy Fleming Chris Thompson Ciara Reddy Colm Daly Dearbhla MacManus Eoin Rafter Erika Hayes Fiona Mangan Frank Monahan Jack Kissane Jane FitzGerald Karrie Kehoe Kathy kilgallon Kavita Ahluwalia Kevin Croke Lorraine O’Gorman Lynne O’Keeffe Mark Hynes Matthew Finn Maurice Gillen Miriam Murphy Nicola Murphy Owen Fallon Ruth Ceannt Ruth-Aoibheann O’Leary Ronan Bredin Seamus O’Maonaigh Sorcha Ní Eideain

NICARAGUA 2009 Alice Gibson Ayisha Dukali Bernard Herlihy Ciaran Carey Clare McMahon Daniel Carey Daniel O’Suillivan Deirdre Cullen Katie Gill Leo Gavin Louise Dolphin Natasha Farron-Mahon Olga Lee Paul Murray Sarah Jolley Sean Monahan Sean O’Gorman Sean O’Neill Shane O’Byrne Shane O’Connor Siobhan Daly Stuart Garrett Theola Byrne Yamina Dessein

HAITI 2008 Aisling Maher Alice Gibson Claire O’Brien Conor Clune David Kennedy David Murphy Donal O’Brien Enda Flood Helen Crehan Karen Horan Katie Murphy Mark Ryan Maura Scanlon Meadhbh Bolger Michael Feeney Micheal Orlandi Neil Gleeson Owen Sullivan Patrick O’Neill Roisin Buckley Sandra Breen Sarah Finegan Sarah Kelly Sean Darker Sean O’Donoghue Shane Power Simon Roche Siobhan Daly Stuart Garrett Tara Gilligan Tom Drew Tom Moylan Tony Coote

DELHI 2007 Aine Victory Alison Brennan Alix Murphy Audrey Haverty Barra O’Fianail Berbie Byrne Carla Caiceo-Wolleter Cillian Byrne Colin Gleeson Colin Quinn Edward Campion Eimear Hanratty Emma Carroll Emma Fanning Eva Bollard Jennie McInerney Jessica Barnes Kate Tierney Kerryanne Mullen Laurence O’Byrne Mark Hensey Maurice Deasy

NIGER 2006 Barrai Brennan Jack Kissane Kathy Kilgallon Mairead Nic Anshaillai Niall O’hEalaithe Niamh O’Callaghan Niamh O’Donnell Rob Kilroy Sarah McGloughlin Tom Walsh

DELHI 2009 Aisling McGinnity Alison O’Mara Andrew Downey Annmarie Fogarty Barbara Feeney Claire Adams Conor O’Callaghan Deirdre McCarthy Donal Hanratty Elizabeth Fuller Fintan Geoghegan Fiona Bradish Kate Donnelly Liam Doyle

HAITI 2006 Ailbhe Ryan Aoife O’Rourke Caitriona Moloney Clare O’Sullivan Codie Preston Conor Rowan Deborah Fay Declan Greene Deirdre Moloney Donna Walsh

HAITI 2005 Aoife Healy Aoiffe O’Kelly Barbara Clyne Barrai Brennan Bryan Tormey Ciara Dowling Conal Ryan Conor Davis

HAITI 2007 Alex Eivers Annmarie Fogarty  Aoibheann Clarke  Ben Blake  Catherine Rogers  Daniel Carey

Matt Nagle Niall Fox Niamh Shaughnessy Olwen Murphy Orla Kenny Susan Keogh

HAITI 2009 Adam O’Doherty Angela Treanor Anna Finnegan Bryan Deeny Caroline Grace Daryl Bolger David Hannon David McNeill David Monks Donagh Humphreys Ellen Mullins Helen Guerin Jack Cullinan Jan Iglesias Kate Cronin Kathryn McKay Laura Kelly Micheal Orlandi Muireann O’Keefe Niall Murphy Rachel Lyons Roisin Buckley Ronan Geraghty Sarah Cronin Sarah Murray Sean Darker

Olivia Murphy Paddy McDonnell Philip Meagher Rachel McKinney Ronan Geraghty Ross McCarthy Ruairi Robertson Sarah Finegan Sarah Irwin Sarah Jolley Seamus Keller Sean O’Connell Shane O’Byrne Sorcha O’Meara Thomas Browne

Mary Burke Nicholas Croke Nuala Duffy Ornaith Hanna Ros McFeely Tea Beng Loong Isaac

Philip Craven Rachel Sullivan Roisin O’Neill Sarah O’Meara Sinead Hughes

Susan Keogh

SOUTH AFRICA (ALUMNI) 2011 Aisling Daly Aisling McCaffrey Alex Eivers Cormac Fahey Fiona Walsh Kate Cronin Kathryn McKay Kavita Ahluwalia Oisín O’Connor Raymond O’Hara Sean Monahan Una Scallan

SOUTH INDIA 2010 Aidan Jones Aisling McCaffrey Aoife Hollywood Christina O’Connor Claire Ryan Colette Murphy Daniel O’Suillivan David Tansey Donal Hanratty Erica Walsh James O’Reilly Justine Maloney Kate Masterson Maeliosa Ni Aimhain Naomi Lyng Niamh McCarthy Ruth O’Neill Sean O’Gorman Sinead Delahunty Siobhan Twomey Teresa Farrelly

DELHI 2011 Aedamar O’Toole Alice O’Regan Barbara Feeney Carol Kelly Caroline O’Connor Cathal O’ Leary Dermot McGrath Elaine McAuliffe Ellen Regan Helena Steemers Jenny Cosgrave Katie Gill Laura O’ Brien Lydia Cumiskey Margaret Walsh Niall O’ Dwyer Robert Mulpeter Rory Vignoles Shauna McGuire Sinéad Meade Sonita Sharma Stuart Garrett

Laura O’Philbin Michael Horgan Paul O’Sullivan Ross McCarthy Sarah McCabe Sophie van Dijk Sorcha O’Brien

DELHI 2012 Brian Keating Caroline O’Byrne Caroline O’Connor Claire Gleeson Connor Parker McCabe Glenn Daly Helena Mc Dermott John Alexander O’ Dowd John Kelly Katie Doyle Lisa Kilmartin Maeve Montague Miriam Keane Megan Cleary Orla Casey Shauna Flaherty Sinead Meade Siobhan Magner Siobhan Moriarty Stephanie Doyle

DELHI 2010 Calum Kennedy Caroline O’Connor Christopher Day Darren Moloney David Monks Emma-Kate O’Brien Eoghan Howe Fiona Hoare Jean Alexander Kim Cusack Leanne Waters Lydia McCartney Madeleine Byrne Megan Tennant Naoise Doran Noel Keegan Orla Price Rachel Lyons Susie Power

NICARAGUA 2012 Alan Grehan Alison O Brien Brian Mahon Ciara O’ Connor Conor Stout Derek Lynch Eadaoin Carroll Elaine Couper Ena Jordan Eva Carter Hannorah Rooney Laura Boyd Maeve O’Connor Niamh Farrell Paul Craven Sarah Irwin Sarah Kingston Sarah Milne Sean O’Connell Stephen Jordan Tony Berkery Vincent Monahan

NICARAGUA 2011 Anthony Connolly Aoife McCarthy Aoife O’Kelly Chloe Halpenny Ciara O’Connor Conor Stout Criona Levins Daniel Walsh Danielle Curtis Edward Cahill Elizabeth Carthy Eoin Kelly Fiona Hoare Jan Iglesias Janelle O’Sullivan Kathleen McGrath Maria Flynn Michael Caulfield Michael Walsh Orna Waldron Shane O’Connor Siobhan Kearney Suzanne Murray

SOUTH INDIA 2011 Anna Peters Barry Noonan Caitriona Murphy Christina Leech Ciara Doyle Collette McEntee Conor Tonry Darragh Bergin Darren Carthy Donnchadh Corcoran Elizabeth McGeown Elizabeth Walsh Frank Ryan Gareth Conroy Jack McGrane Jayne Owens Jessica Doherty Kathy Kilgallon Laura Dalton Padraig Keane Rachel Mulryan Ruth Galvin Sally Houlihan Sinead Ni Chaolain Teresa Farrelly

TANZANIA 2012 Aine Lambe Bernard Pierce Ciaran Roche Damian Kenny David Breheny Fiona Boyd Fran Egan Glendora Meikle John McGuinness Kate O Donnell Laura Mannion Laura Shaughnessy Margaret Hayes Mary Muddiman Michelle Crean Mohamad Helmi Bin Mohamad Yasim Niamh Fogarty Sive Carey Tan Yew Chong Una Condron

TANZANIA 2009 Caroline O’Connor Claire Chawke Frank Monahan Helen Crehan Jonathan Blackmore Kevin Mc Nally Paul Ryan Peter Weldon Ross Fortune Sarah Dixon Una Scallan

HAITI 2010 Andrew Cummiskey Angela Treanor Annmarie Lynch Barry Colfer Barry Gerahan Brian Bolger Brian Fox Bryan Deeny Ciara Maitra Ciosa Garrahan Conor Tonry Deirdre Foley Liz McLoughlin Frank Monahan Hanna Phelan Jessica Barnes Jessica Doherty John O’Halloran Katie Hackett Michael Kenna Michelle Glynn Naomi Devaney Niall Murphy Niav Watters Patrick O’Neill Phil Craven Sinead Hughes

HAITI 2012 Brian Thomas Daphne Amouna Dearbhla Burke Etaoin Harbinson Fergus O’Connell Frankie Coughlan Frank Monahan Gerard Murphy James Sheehan Jennifer Quinn Jennifer White Justin Brayden Katherine Hession Maura O’Dea Naomi Devaney Padraig Mc Donald Rebecca Bury Sarah O’ Meara Siobhan Clancy

HAITI (ALUMNI) 2009/10 Alison Quinlan Caroline O’Connor Darren Gill Declan Greene Donal O’Connor Kathy Kilgallon Marc McCabe Patrick O’Neill Paul Ryan Robert Carruthers Sarah Finegan

HAITI 2011 Alicia Griffin Alison O’Mara Brian Bolger Brian O’Neill Ciara Gleeson Eddie Jones Frankie Coughlan Gareth Kavanagh Jessica Lynch Julie Stokes Keith Geraghty Kevin Sheahan Kilian Tuite Laura Murphy Lauren Murphy Miriam Smyth Niall Fox Niall Murphy Orla O’Dea Páraic Carroll Patrick O’Neill

TANZANIA 2011 Aine Hogan Aisling Holland Aisling Sheerin Anna Treanor Cailean Murphy Ciana Connolly Claire Erraught Conor Murphy Damian Kenny David Lyons Evan Farren Laura Shaughnessy Marie-Claire McKenna Pat McFeely Peter Weldon Riannagh Morris Richard McNally Ros McFeely Sabien Sheridan Sarah Greene

NICARAGUA 2010 Aisling Daly Andrew Crowe Aoife Tierney Ciaran Hendry Colm O’Leary Fiona Barnes Freya Hickey Isabelle Greene Joanne Maher Joy Hall Lucy McLean Nicholas Power

TANZANIA 2010 Aileen Mulvihill Ali Hammad Khan Ann-Marie McCague Ceire O’Reilly Ciara O’Buachalla Cillian Forde Derval McCormack Donagh Humphreys Eilish O’Connor Elaine O’Connor Ian Woods Karen Finnerty Laura Mahon

SOUTH INDIA 2012 Aoife Hyland Bridgette Doyle Ciara Kinsella Claire Mc Namara Colm Egan Darren Carthy David Hayes Eddie Jones Emma Fryday Erica Walsh Jennifer Monahan Kevin O’Byrne

Apologies for any errors on this list. If your name is missing, noted under the wrong year group or a fellow team member’s name is not listed, please email in order to update the UCDVO database. Thank you.

UCDVO Yearbook 2013  

Yearbook commemorating 10 years of UCD Volunteers Overseas.

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