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Advantage Media Group® is an international media and marketing company with leading businesses in publishing, consulting, and information services. We draw upon the strength of our team to lead with quality and innovation, helping our clients grow their businesses. We share one aim, to be the best total-solutions provider for the clients we serve.

Advantage® is also a leading publisher of business, motivation, and self-help media. A pioneer of author-centric publishing, Advantage provides authors a full range of services and expertise including book and magazine publishing, distribution, marketing, and sales to over 25,000 bookstores, newsstands, and retailers around the globe. Advantage delivers authors the quality, speed, efficiency, and distribution needed to sell their books and media products worldwide.

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In this Issue... 16 Advantage Turns Five Advantage's celebration of its first halfdecade is only trumped by its anticipation of the future. Read what's made Advantage work these past five years. And who we have to thank for that work.

8 Speaking Volumes


Technology means change for any industry–public speaking is no exception. By Yolanda Harris

Advantage Activity: New releases, best sellers

9 Market Tech


Web 3.0 is the digital wave of the future. Here's what to look for in the years ahead. By Seth Rubenstein

Adam’s Advantage

10 Cover Stories


Advantage Thanks You

Learn why a logo is a long-term investment that could build a business empire. By George Stevens


11 Let's Talk About You

Advantage People p.21

No matter the field, no matter the economic climate, good taste is always in demand. By Brooke White

Your Advantage p. 22

18 Half a Decade of Hard Lessons Giving yourself a chance at weight loss means first giving yourself a break. By Dr. Sonia Kwapisinksi

Authors On Books | Papa knows best...

"All modern American literature comes from... Huckleberry Finn."


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AdvantageActivity New releases from Advantage Authors.

Valor in Prosperity

Restaurant from Scratch

Curtis Greco

How to Trust Your Heart, Listen to the Market and Beat the Odds Jelynne Jardiniano

208 pp.; hardcover; $26.95

152 pp.; paperback; $20.95

Advantage Best Seller List: June 2010 Title





Enjoy the Ride

Steve Gilliland




When a Child Struggles in School

Tom Jenkins




Simply Vanilla

Patty Elsberry




My Unfinished Business

Dan Kennedy




Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am

Linda Franklin




Nail It!

Pat Williams




So, You Want to Write!

Ann McIndoo




Secrets of Peak Performers

Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Lee Milteer




Discovering Your Dawn

Katherine Miracle




Charleston From Above

Frank Glenn



J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 5


Building better ideas for authors and businesses

5 Years, 5 Big Thanks | As Advantage prepares to celebrate its 5 Year Birthday (July 19, 2010), I can’t help but look down memory lane and wonder “Where did the last 5 years go?” Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the saying goes. You wouldn’t believe me if I said it was all fun and games. Like any organization (or family) I suppose, we experienced our own set of struggles, setbacks, and sleepless nights. But all in all, we have had more good times than bad, we have made more forward steps than back, and we have created far more smiles than frowns. As I reflect on the last 5 years, I give thanks to 5 key groups of people. 1. All the thanks and praise in the world go to Advantage Team Members. Our people are our greatest asset. They are the heart and soul of Advantage Media Group. They are creative, passionate, and driven in what they do. They go the extra mile, and they love helping our clients. My goal was always to be the “dumbest guy in the room.” Thus far, I’ve accomplished that. 2. Advantage Authors, Clients, and Customers deserve a standing ovation. Let's face facts. Without you, this whole gig ain’t possible! All Advantage team members thank you for your patronage, loyalty, and support. All along, our goal has been to truly create the “Advantage Family.” Thanks for trusting us with the birth of your book. We will continue to work harder to serve you even better. 3. I give accolades to our Vendors, Suppliers, and Strategic Partners. Being in the publish6 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

ing, marketing, and media business requires the help of many people and organizations throughout the product development and delivery cycle. You are a key driver in our success, and without your first-class help, we couldn’t do what we do. 4. Thank you to our Investors & Financial Partners. As they say, money is oxygen to business. Without cash, you got no business. I’d like to thank the fine folks at Citibank for providing me with a home equity line of credit that I used to start at Advantage. As we’ve matured, Advantage has relied on institutional partners to help fuel our growth. A special thanks goes to Jay Reagan and the entire team at South Carolina Bank & Trust and Alicia Smith McCory and the entire team of RBC Bank. 5. All the thanks in the world go out to the community in which we live, work, and play. For our team, Charleston, South Carolina is home. Thanks to the City, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and Digital Corridor for making Charleston an exciting and vibrant place to do business. With Great Enthusiasm And Spirit!

Adam D. Witty, Chief Executive Officer

Adam Witty Amy Ropp Karen Strauss George Stevens Alison Morse Ali Goble Denis Boyles Kim Hall Michelle Pyle Seth Rubenstein Brooke White Craig Crompton Ralph Crozier Mark Richardson, Board Chair Andrew Sherman, Board Member Dr. Charles Martin, Board Member Allen Fahden, Board Member Paul Friel, Board Member Pat Williams, Board Member Advantage Authors Natalie Amann Tom Antion Peter Arthur-Smith Keith Ayers Eloyse Bedgett Jimmy Bailey Craig Ballantyne Susan Barnes Nadar Bazzi David Benzel Stewart Blume Allen Bohl Sherry Bohl Matt Bolus William Brahm George Brailsford Don Brewer Michael Broome David Brown Dana Cadman Daron Campbell Donald Carmont Carl Casanova Steve Case Thomas Casey Steven Cesari Almarie Chalmers Paul Champaneria Steve Clark Ed Clay Jill Cody Diane Conklin Kevin Connell Bryan Crabtree Maria Davies Colin Daymude Suzie DeBusk John Deckys Roger Denk Carol Desmond Gerald DiFusco John Dolan Julie Donnelly David Dubeau Rick Eddins Eric Elsberry Dorothy Elsberry

Dorothy Erlanger Brian Evans David Fagan Allen Fahden Scot Ferrell Carolyn Finch Linda Finkle Linda Franklin Brian Fricke Stephen Frueh Todd Garrett Steve Gavatorta Steve Gilliland Bill Glazer Frank Glenn Val Gokenbach Mitchell Gooze Michael Gravette Scot Gray Curtis Greco Marlene Green Dianne Gubin Almon Gunter Terry Hale Linda Hancock Ken Hardison Yolanda Harris Pat Healey Sandra Herron Jay Hewitt Christian Hogue Bob Holdsworth Doris Houck Bob Ingram Mark Jackson Jim Jacobus Jelynne Jardiniano Tom Jenkins David Johnson Brian Johnson Belinda Johnson White Tanya Jones Michael Jordan Cassandra Joubert Thomas Kachorek Al Katz Dusty Keefe Jon Keel Scott Keffer Gene Kelly Dan Kennedy Tara Kennedy-Kline Larry Kesslin Suzanne Keyes Miles Kierson Davis Knlans Jill Koenig Rob Konecny Gregory Kozera Tom Krug Ghislaine Labelle Kirk Laman Lynne Lambert Jackie Lapin Gary Lear Jennifer Nicole Lee Doreen Lehr Cal LeMon Robert Lemon Glen Lerner

Stan Levanduski Mark Little San Lok Scott Lundteigen Deborah Lysholm Elizabeth Lyster James Malinchak Charlette Manning Joseph Marcius Charles Martin Jim Mathis Jordan McAuley Michael McCauley Tom McCawley Michael McFarlane Ann McIndoo Frank McKinley Frank Mears Adrian Mikeliunas Carol Miller Robert Miller Grant Miller Harold Mills Lee Milteer Katherine Miracle Lynn Moore Sandra Mullen Daan Muller Chris Mullins Robert Murray Jennifer Myers Nick Nanton Adela Naranjo Gary Newell Anne Newell Cathy Newton Peggy O’Neill R. Palan Andre Palko Maritza Parra Frank Patrick Eric Pennington Neal Peterson Douglas Pfeiffer Robert Phelan Karen Phelps Michelle Prior Marianne Ragins Tina Ramirez Ralph Reilly Blair Relf Ana Richardson Mark Richardson Patrick Riddle Mike Root Ron Rosenberg Brian Sacks Alain Samson Daisy Saunders Sharm Scheuerman Matthias Schmelz Glenn Schmidt Matthew Scott Sophfronia Scott William Seidman Rick Sessinghaus Sumar Shahin Andrew Sherman Lionel Shockness Cliff Slaten

David Smith Rebecca Soulette Gregg Stebben Julianne Steinbacher Jay Sterling Patricia Tedesco Paul Thibeault Allyson Tompkins Scott Tucker James Turek Gary Turner George Turner Anna Turner Leslie Van Romer Ron Vierling Bruce Vogt Tim Wambach Tom Watson Terry Weaver Rich Webb Tracee Wells Barry Wells Susan West Scott Westermeier Pat Williams DJ Williams John Winthrop Dale Wong David Wong Daniel Yachter Todd Zaugg James Ziegler Yar Zuk

Advantage thanks you.

Advantage Team Members

Advantage Strategic Partners, Key Vendors & Suppliers Janice Schnell and Ingram Book Company / Ingram Publisher Services Rodger Beyer and Worzalla Karl Kuelz and McClung Companies Sophfronia Scott and Messenger House Yolanda Harris and Keynote Publishing Dr. Charles Martin and BarberCosby Publishing Kenneth Hardison and PILMMA Publishing Jackie Lapin & Karen Strauss and Books to Market Publishing Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer and GlazerKennedy Insider’s Circle Tom Antion and Antion & Associates John Witty and BarberWitty Holdings Advantage Investors & Financial Partners Jay Reagan and South Carolina Bank & Trust Alicia McCory Smith and RBC Bank

SpeakingVolumes with Yolanda Harris Changing people’s lives‌ a year at a time


n the last five years, I have worked very hard to grow a successful business that supports my dream of helping speakers to build successful messages and businesses, so they can in turn motivate and inspire others.

Five years ago my company was 2 years old, and I was just starting out. My business had a different look then. At that time, the focus of my business was consulting with speakers. Now, my company also markets speakers and manages their speaker bookings. To do this we have had to implement many new systems to support our services, something that I also teach my speakers, so that their businesses can grow profitably. Change and growth are a must in all businesses, and this is something we’ve tried to recognize and use to our advantage: Over the last five years, the most significant change in the industry of speaking has been the advance of internet technology. A speaker now has the ability to reach more people, and on a worldwide basis. This is, of course, a welcome opportunity, but it comes with challenges. The speaker must now

understand and know how to market online. They must be able to comprehend and use SEO, social media, blogging and other online marketing tools. The speaking industry has also grown dramatically as more business experts are leaving the comfort of the corporate environment and are going into speaking, where they find a rewarding and profitable endeavor. Many business professionals find that they have learned valuable lessons in their careers and now have that knowledge to teach others. Other changes include the economy and how companies that hire speakers are demanding more value in the message from their speaking experts. Speakers now compete in a bigger market and are asked more then ever to provide relevant value to their audience. The past five years, for me, has been about growth and learning. As I am a business expert in teaching my clients how to build a successful business I learn from them daily, so looking forward to the next half-decade, together I hope we will make a significant change to all those we touch! Yolanda Harris is a Florida-based keynote speaking business consultant. She is founder and president of The Keynote Group ( and The Business of Speaking.

"Over the last five years, the most significant change in the industry of speaking has been

the advance of internet technology." 8 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

1010010010101010110101010101 10100100101010101101010101010 0110101000101010101011101010 110101000101010101011101010001 0010101011010101010101010101 010101101010101010101010101101 0110100100101010101101010101 00100101010101101010101010110 0101101010001010101010111010 101000101010101011101010001010 1000101010110101010101010101 101101010101010101010101101001 0101101001001010101011010101 001010101011010101001010101100

MarketTech Tech

with Seth Rubenstein

Three-point-oh! |

Just another thing Advantage has in common with the Web Many of you are, no doubt, familiar with the expression “Web 2.0.” Well, as we approach the end of 2010, we're also approaching the end of Web 2.0 and the beginning of something new. Five years ago, the internet evolved from being a source of unadorned information and basic games to something communal. Thanks to Web 2.0, we saw the rise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn, Friendster and others. And just like 10 years ago when we had countless PC manufacturers, only a handful of those sites are left in business. We also saw the rise of "usergenerated content" – the concept that provided the impetus behind Web 2.0, services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Over the past five years, the web has become democratized. Now anyone can create a blog, communicate their thoughts, share their videos or photos, or even have the chance to decide what’s breaking news and what’s not by using Digg and various copycat services like Mixx or Yahoo Buzz. If Web 1.0 was the internet’s birth, and 2.0 was its adolescence – fixated on “sharing” and internet celebrity – 3.0 is it's young adulthood, more knowledgeable, more elegant, but still trying to find itself. It’s the emergence of a third generation. No one knows exactly what will define Web 3.0, but here are some things to look forward to. The rise of the mobile web. In five years’ time we should see more and more people accessing the web from mobile devices – perhaps even surpassing desktop usage. Changes in design. Mobile access changes how websites will be built and designed – and how content for the web is created.

Changes in use. If Steve Jobs gets his way and we all join the tablet revolution, then touchscreens on tablets and smart phones will change how people actually physically interact with the web. Changes in what constitutes a book. Digital publishing is going to make “book” design resemble a Hollywood production. Virtually anything can be put on the page of a digital book – clues, recipes, videos of the family dog, audio clips of baby’s first word, treasure maps, slideshows and even words. It's an exciting time for the internet, and as we come up on our five-year anniversary we at Advantage look toward using emerging technologies to help our authors make the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Seth Rubenstein is Advantage’s go-to guy when it comes to ‘net-savvy tools and sites. On Twitter, he looks like this: @sethrubenstein J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 9

CoverStories with George Stevens Long Live Logos! | In an

ever-changing graphic environment, a strong logo can last you a lifetime


n graphics, as with any tech-centric field, five years is an eternity. Designers working with half-decade-old software will find themselves mired in compatibility issues. And if we aren’t up to speed on the latest design trends, our work will seem more dated than acid-wash jeans. That is not to say there can’t be timeless designs that transcend the stylistic cycles. In fact, the best design work doesn’t lose its luster as the years pass, but instead becomes emblematic and definitive. The best examples of designs that necessitate a longer lifespan are logos. Because a logo visually symbolizes your organization, it’s crucial to find one that’s as steady as the company it represents. No one embodies this like Coca-Cola. Its logo is one of the wonders of the design world. It was design by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885, and hasn’t changed since.

In Pepsi's defense, their newest logo embraces greater design trends of the past five years. Simple letter-play is obsolete; there's now an emphasis on creative minimalism. The goal is to find an overlap of these four key elements:  Subtlety  Simplicity  Relevance  Readability Today’s gold standard of logo design is Federal Express, whose brilliant integration of an arrow between the “e” and the “x” is a perfect example of all four of those tenets of logo design.

Front and center: A logo on a cover reminds readers that the book stands for something greater.

If you’re publishing a book as a means of marketing your organization, you’d be wise to incorporate your logo into the design. This will create a brand consciousness and remind readers that the brains behind the book are also the brains behind a company or organization.

For inspiration, browse through Logo Pond ( for some creative approaches to logo design. Arrive at the right idea, and you might not need an overhaul in five years–or if you're really good, one hundred years!

Value Given, Value Received by Curtis Greco

Coca-Cola’s primary competitor, Pepsi, has plowed through eleven different logo treatments in the same stretch as Coke has had its one. Can you imagine all the marketing dollars Coke saved by having a powerful logo from the beginning? 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

As staff designer at Advantage Media Group, George Stevens has designed dozens of successful books and other publications. He’s also the art director of AUTHOR ADVANTAGE magazine.

Let's Talk About You with Brooke White Confessions of a Publicity -Hungry Wanderer


s Advantage Media Group was hatching from an idea in Adam’s mind to a reality in Charleston, SC, I too was experiencing a birth of sorts. I was six months into realizing my life-long dream of learning how to cook professionally. I had paid my dues in the trenches in NYC publishing and publicity, and moved out to rural Pennsylvania to work in the same capacity at Rodale Press. Living in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, was many things, but mainly it was a daily reminder of what I missed most about living in the big city: All those restaurants, and the endless options for delicious food. What I had at my disposal instead was an abundant herb garden, a Wegman’s (no Dean and Deluca!) and a pile of inherited cookbooks. Out of sheer necessity and in little time, I became a proficient home cook. (In NYC, I didn’t have an oven, or a stove – just takeout and a microwave!) But I wanted to be a real cook, in a real kitchen, and live all of the romantic visions that entailed.

Under the tutelage of Chef Carl Drake, I grew from a pretty good home cook, to a hold-my-own sous-chef, and, eventually, manager of his growing, gourmet takeoutfood and catering business. My hunger for the foodie lifestyle took me to three states in four years. I moved to Portland, Maine, to “work the line,” and then was ready to combine my kitchen knowledge with my business experience. I found a small company called O’Natural’s, ready to get into the big time with franchising. I moved to Asheville, NC, to open one of a projected four restaurants in the Southeast and was on a roll.

"One thing that I've learned is always in demand, and always will be: Good taste."

So I hit the road for Philadelphia, rolled up my sleeves, and started knocking on doors. I was lucky enough to fall into the hands of a Culinary Institute graduate, somebody my age, somebody willing to share his education and restaurant experiences with me.

And then, the market crashed.

Suddenly, I longed for the familiar, the tangible, the inedible, non-perishable, always there when you need them…books. My journey continued to this beautiful city by the sea, chock full of restaurants, run by James Beard-award-winning chefs, surrounded by local farms and my one true constant love, the ocean. In five years, publicity has been changed by improved publishing technologies and new ways of spreading the word about Advantage authors. But whether it’s being a foodie or a publicist, there’s one thing that I’ve learned is always in demand, and always will be: Good taste. Brooke White is Advantage's Marketing and Publicity Manager J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 1 1

The Premier Conference for Authors Expanding and Growing Their Business with a Book

The 3rd Annual

Author Marketing Summit

October 29-30, 2010 Charleston, South Carolina FeAturing

new & improved strategies to promote and publicize your book Cutting-edge ways to market and grow your business because of your book

Some of the topics we will be teaching in depth: internet & onLine

Pr & ProFeSSionAL SPeAking

• how to make money with the Apple iPad and iPhone and what the new generation of tablet PC’s means for you and your book

• using your book to become a celebrity in your field and dominate your niche

• Social Media 2.0 – What social networks you should worry about, and what sites you should forget about

• how i Did it: one Author on how he built a 7-Figure Speaking Business

• internet television – how to become famous with your own weekly web tV show • Webinars & teleseminars – everything you need to know to create 5 and 6-Figure paydays • Blogging to get you on the front page of google

• how to turn your book into a “standing ovation” keynote presentation

MArketing • how to sell your book by the truckload to corporations, associations, and non-profits • how to create book titles, taglines, presentations, and ideas that will make your business PoP! • Author 2.0 – new strategies for book marketing Questions? Contact Michelle Pyle @ 843.300.4977

Author Marketing Summit™ Itinerary Thursday, October 28 7:00 pm

"Getting to Know You" Welcome Reception

Friday, October 29 7:30 am 8:30 am

Breakfast and Networking in the Marketplace Adam Witty Author 2.0: 8 New, "Done For You" Strategies to Make Money & Get Publicity Because of Your Book

10:00 am

Sam Horn Pop! How to Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Your Book and Presentation

11:30 am

Brian Jud Beyond the Bookstore: How to Sell Your Book "By the Truckload" to Non-Bookstore Markets

12:30 pm 2:00 pm

Lunch on Your Own Michael Cage Using Your Book to Create 6-Figure Paydays with Webinars and Teleseminars

3:30 pm

Andrew Lock Television 2.0: How to Create, Produce, and Distribute Your Own Internet Television Show with 100,000 weekly viewers...just like I do

5:00 pm

Mike Stewart Blogging and Beyond: The Latest with Audio and Video Blogs, How to Use Your Book for a Never-ending supply of Content

7:30 pm

Dinner – Guest Speaker: Mr. X Plus, "Author of the Year" award presentation and expert roundtable discussions

Saturday, October 30 7:30 am 8:00 am

Breakfast & Networking in the Marketplace Steve Gilliland How I Do it: Earning 7 Figures through Professional Speaking and Book Sales. An Inside Look at How I built the Business from the Ground Up

9:30 am

Yolanda Harris How to Turns Your Book Into an Engaging Keynote Presentation, Then How to Get Paid to Give the Presentation

11:00 am Jordan McAuley & Marsha Friedman Inside PR Experts Reveal EXACTLY what the Media Looks for When Booking Authors for Interviews and Guest Appearances 12:30 pm 7:30 pm

Lunch with Expert Round-Table Discussions Advantage's Spooktacular Halloween Party

Questions? Contact Michelle Pyle @ 843.300.4977

2010 AUTHOR MARKETING SUMMIT™ SPEAKERS • Founder & Ceo of Advantage Media group

• Author of Beyond the Bookstore

• host of 3rd Annual Author Marketing Summit

• President of Book Marketing Works

• Author of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book

Adam Witty

• recognized expert and speaker on marketing techniques for authors

• host of the tV show “the Book Authority”

Brian Jud

• Author of 6 best-selling books, including POP! and Tongue Fu!

• known as “the Professor of Profitable teleseminars And Webinars that Sell Like Crazy"

Michael Cage

• Faculty + expert to Dan kennedy and Bill glazer’s 20,000+ entrepreneur members

• expert at creating one-ofa-kind business, brand, signature message, pitch

Sam horn

• Author of 6 books including Magical Marketing

Mike Stewart

• Clients include Delta Air Lines, georgia Pacific, Coca-Cola, kroger, and Ford Motor Company

• Founder & Ceo of the keynote group

• Speaks to 250,000 people per year

• Former VP and Advisor to Anthony robbins

• Author of 4 books, including best-selling Enjoy the Ride

• Clients include keith harrell, Les Brown, Jeffrey gitomer, Cynthia kersey and Bob Burg

• Founder & owner of a multi-million dollar speaking and information marketing business with only 2 employees

yolanda harris

Steve gilliland • Founder & Ceo of eMSi, Payfor-Performance Pr agency • Author of Celebritize Yourself • nationally syndicated radio talk show host, “the Family roundtable”

Marsha Friedman

• Clients include Capital one, intel, kPMg, Boeing, nASA, hP, national governors Association, Legg Mason

• regular speaker and “resident expert” for Dan kennedy and Armand Morin

• Personal Manager of Paul Daniels, the Johnny Carson of the uk

Andrew Lock

• 17 time emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference

• the “internet Video guy” and the “internet Audio guy”

• host of “help! My Business Sucks” #1 Most Popular WebtV show in Apple itunes

• Founder of WebtV network for entrepreneurs

• host of the “national Special Sales Conference” sponsored by Simon & Schuster

• Past Pr clients include Jimmy hoffa, Jr., the temptations, and robert McFarlane • expert on “harnessing the Power of Publicity” Marketing

Internet & Online

Jordan McAuley

• Ceo, CeLeBrity i Pr agency • Best-selling author of Celebrity Leverage and the Celebrity Black Book • known as “king of Celebrity Contacts”; author of “Contact Any Celebrity” directory • has appeared on Cnn, national Public radio, e! online, Q television, Better tV, and Sirius/ XM Satellite radio

PR & Professional Speaking

Register BEFORE July 31, 2010 to receive these extra perks: • Best of 2010 Author Marketing Summit™ Video recordings for easy repeat learning, and education for staff • 3-Month equalizer Payment Program • 100% refund on Cancellations 45+ Days Before

NO RISK ENROLLMENT FORM name: _______________________________________________________ Billing Address:________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: _______ ZiP: ___________ e-mail: __________________________ Phone: ______________________

REGISTRATION PREFERENCE: ___ Advantage Author ($697) -or- 3 payments of $250 ___ Advantage Author + guest ($997) -or- 3 payments of $350 ___ non-Advantage Author ($997) -or- 3 payments of $350 ___ non-Advantage Author + guest ($1297) -or- 3 payments of $450

MY PAYMENT PREFERENCE: ___ Pay in Full now ($50 bookkeeping discount) ___ 3-Pay Payment equalizer Credit Card number ________________________________________ exp. Date _________________ Signature _______________________ Please FAX completed form to 843.414.5610 or - register by PHONE, Call Michelle direct at 843.300.4977 or - register ONLINE at

Raving Fan Guarantee:

Attend and Be thrilled With Both Days or your Money Back + your travel expenses Attend all two days of intense, one-of-a-kind information-packed sessions and networking opportunities. take in every single session. take notes. network like crazy. And at the enD of Day 2, if you can honestly look me in the eye and say you didn’t get your registration’s worth, i will cheerfully refund every penny of the tuition you paid plus your air or car travel costs. you risk nothing - not a single penny. i'll take all the risk. Why would i be willing to make a 100% money-back guarantee + travel? Because i know from experience in our previous conference and working with our conference speakers that they will deliver 110%.

Questions? Contact Michelle Pyle @ 843.300.4977



midst the broiling July heat of a Charleston summer, Adam Witty didn't sweat under pressure in 2005. With paperwork filed and fees paid in full, a new business was minted. His vision was simple: a publishing company for entrepreneurs, by an entrepreneur. A done-for-you approach to both bookpublishing and marketing. A company that puts a premium on client service and intimacy, but not at the expense of quality. But until that day in 2005, it was only a vision. In only five years, Advantage Media Group has gone from “only a vision” to a bustling hotbed of publishing and marketing innovation, having provided solutions for over 300 clients around the world. Since its infancy, Advantage has experienced steady growth, even thriving during the nation’s weakest economic stretch in recent history.

opportunities to Advantage’s clientele. Just one month later, Advantage announced its plan to build an in-house video studio, allowing for myriad web and video marketing opportunities. By January of 2009, the studio was fully operational. Another successful innovation was the Talk Your Book program. Implemented in early 2008, this revolutionary approach to publishing condenses the writing process—often a commitment of months or years—into roughly eight hours. By recording and transcribing an outlined interview, Advantage can offer even the most time-strapped would-be author the opportunity to create a book of their own.

Advantage’s success is the result of avoiding complacency. Innovation is one of the company’s core values; therefore, there exists a special emphasis on creating and implementing new ideas and services that can benefit the company’s client base.

These are only three of the countless strides Advantage has taken over the past five years in an effort to provide new and better services for its clients. A new and better service, however, is useless if it’s not put into action. That’s why Advantage is so grateful to boast such an active and enthusiastic client base. Our new ideas are borne ahead by our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s not uncommon for a client to spark a new idea that could result in our latest and greatest service.

There’s no shortage of examples of this innovative spirit throughout our brief history. For example, the Author Marketing Summit, first held in October 2008, was created to provide a wealth marketing advice and networking

As the company reaches its fifth birthday, our celebration of the past is only trumped by our anticipation of the future. Expect big things from Advantage Media Group in the years ahead!

1 6 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

2005-2010 Timeline July 19, 2005 Adam Witty files papers with the Secretary of State of South Carolina to form Advantage Media Group, Inc. December 9, 2005 Advantage publishes its very first title, "Enjoy the Ride" by Steve Gil-

liland. Two days later, Advantage publishes its second title, "Back Porch Swing" by Allen Bohl.

January 23, 2006 Advantage moves into its current headquarters at 192 East Bay Street. From then on, a power lunch consisting of Shrimp & Grits at SNOB becomes a must have for the most discriminating of authors! October 2006 Advantage kicks off its "Read For Your Life" campaign with Sanders-Clyde

Elementary School. Advantage team members visited classrooms for 2 straight years, getting kids interested and engaged in reading.

April 1, 2007 Advantage publishes its 50th title, "Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game" by Rick Sessinghaus

October 9, 2008 Advantage hosts the 1st Author Marketing Summit in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. 65 Advantage authors attend the inaugural event.

May 20, 2009 Advantage launches its Custom Magazine Publishing division, lead by Chief Publishing Officer Denis Boyles.

October 1, 2009 Advantage launches Author Advantage magazine, making it the first publishing house in America to publish its very own magazine for authors.

June 19, 2010 Advantage announces its partnership with Pencils for Promise, and its am-

bitious goal to raise enough money to fund the construction of a library for children in need is Thailand.

July 1, 2010 Advantage launches Advantage Television Network (ATN), making it the first publishing house in America to offer comprehensive video and television show opportunities to authors. July 19, 2010 Advantage Media Group celebrates 5 years.

Advantage Media Group has decided to celebrate its five years in business in an unconventional way. In the spirit of our core purpose, “to equip people to improve their lives and the world around them” we have partnered with the non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise, to raise $5,000, the cost of a school library, by the anniversary date of July 19, 2010. Advantage invites our authors, clients, vendors, strategic partners, team members, families and friends to join them in this incredible celebra-

tory initiative. The company will donate the first $1,000 to get the ball rolling. Advantage’s goal is to have $4,000 additional capital raised by July 19th to build the Advantage Family Library. Think about this… $100 is a teacher’s salary for THREE months, $75 buys 40 books for the library, and $50 is enough pencils for an entire year! Please donate and join our fundraising team at To learn more about Pencils of Promise, you can visit J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 1 7

H  D  H L Sonia Kwapisinksi finally learned the best lesson of all – give yourself a break! And her new book, It's Not Your Fault You're Fat, spreads the message. 1 8 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

"The hardest lesson I learned in those five years was not to be so hard on myself."


ive years ago – and even before that – I had a strong desire to be everything healthy. I was on a quest to find anything that would make me feel better and look better. I was tired of being tired and having low energy levels. I seemed to have to sleep a lot more than most. I took many seminars on nutrition and always kept up on the latest research, journal articles and read everything that came across my path that was even remotely related to food and health. I suppose in a sense I was building my reference list unknowingly. The hardest lesson I learned in those five years was not to be so hard on myself. I often felt my girlfriends and acquaintances had a much easier time maintaining a healthy weight and I would beat myself up about it. Self-punishment does not work and does not help. Ah-ha moment: After being asked the same questions from my patients, time after time, I realized that I needed to put something in print. Not only to avoid repetition, but to show my patients that the information I was giving them was fact and that it worked. I wasn’t just making up some random rules to make things difficult for them. Many people didn’t realize what harm they were doing to their bodies. The biggest surprise I encountered while writing this book was how much information is really out there and how many people believe everything they read on the internet.

–Dr. Sonia Kwapisinksi

It is understandable why people are so confused. Marketing to the desperate: One of the changes I have experienced as an author is that I am more aware of how people are influenced and I pay more attention to what people are exposed to. There is so much marketing in the weight loss industry for pills and quick fixes – things that people really want to believe will work. Marketers know these people will try almost anything. I hope my book, It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat Fat, will give information and confidence to those who are trying so hard and help them avoid “solutions” that may not work at all. Five years from now I’m sure I will have several more books published on health. I feel compelled to share my knowledge with people who have experienced any health or weight issue. I feel that people are often misinformed and mislead in many ways, and through writing on various health topics I can educate women in such a way that can make them feel much healthier, happier and in control of their lives. I am willing to do this one patient at a time. Sonia Kwapisinski is the author of It's Not Your Fault You're Fat: The Top 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know to Lose Weight for Good! J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 1 9









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Events 3rd Annual Author Marketing Summit October 29-30, 2010 * Charleston, SC

Print Author Advantage Magazine

AdvantagePeople Here and there: It was a busy month for the Advantage Family!

1: Adam Witty,

Brooke White, Craig Crompton and Ralph Crozier gathered in New York City for BookExpo America, the nation's largest annual book trade fair. 2: While in the city, Adam and Brooke visited the high-rise offices of Inc. Magazine. 3: After a few days of BEA excitement, Craig unwinds. 4: Adam visited the Wall Street Journal headquarters in midtown Manhattan. 5: Back in Charleston, Harold Mills was in town recording his Talk Your Book session with editor Signe Pike.

J U LY 2 0 1 0 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | 2 1

YourAdvantage Adam Witty’s 1001 Best Reasons to Publish a Book No. 413: Use a Book the Way David Used a Slingshot | If you want to battle the giants of your business, make sure you're taking your best shot If you are in the software business, you probably know that Bill Gates of Microsoft has written a book. If you are in the restaurant business, you probably know that Ray Kroc of McDonalds, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and dozens of other restaurant entrepreneurs have written books. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs who are at the top of their industries have published books. Donald Trump has written a book -- and so have many of his competitors. You can have strange hair and a bad TV show, but if you also have a book to carry your message, you may one day be able to make the Donald your apprentice. If you are going to compete head-to-head with the giants of your industry, not only must you be on the same playing field, you also must find a way to crack skulls. Which means you must raise yourself to their level. A book puts you on that field and at that same level, which means that you’re ready to take your best shot.

"Your book is a rock, and publishing is a sling. Launch it toward those giants trying to keep you and your dreams small...

Once you've slain your giant,

go global."

Not only can a book position you as a giant, but it can create a dramatic tipping point for your business. So create a book. Give the ideas in it enough heft to be felt by your friends and your foes. Think of it as a rock, and think of publishing it as the sling. Launch it toward those giants trying to keep you and your dreams small.

to reach out and touch people across the globe. Your customers may live in your neighborhood or across the world in another country. A book gives you a giant’s reach and extends your business to new levels of profitability and success.

And once you've slain your giant, go global. After releasing your book to the world, you have the ability

Adam Witty is Advantage’s CEO and the author of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book.

2 2 | A U T H O R A D VA N TA G E | W W W . A U T H O R A D V A N T A G E M A G . C O M

Should every c-level executive, entrepreneur, and business leader publish a book? There is much to be said for it. It is a prudent marketing investment. It enhances the public image of the individual. It effortlessly generates free publicity.

THE LARGE MAJORITY of the most successful c-level executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of our time have authored a book. “May I autograph a copy of my book for you?” is a question often heard in the corridors of office buildings that belong to the most elite of business professionals. Why is authoring a book such a wise investment? Consider these facts:

Create ultimate celebrity-power and credibility-power. The most well know business leaders of our time are authors of books. Why? Because these individuals realize to be considered thought leaders they must put their thoughts, ideas, and recommendations in writing. The printed word has a magical effect; it bestows guru status automatically.

Free publicity. Many entrepreneurs daydream about being on Oprah, being profiled in Inc. magazine, or being the guest host of CNBC’s Power Lunch. Being an author makes you an expert. It also makes you credible. Reporters love interviewing credible experts for their stories, whether it’s for radio, TV, print or online.

An income stream. A book generates passive income for individuals and businesses through copies sold via bookstores, back-of-the-room sales, online, and corporate/specialty sales. You can sell your books in airports, train stations,

hospitals, museums and much more. Also consider using your book as a front end to sell a high-ticket product or service on the back-end.

The ultimate new customer magnet. Most authors have discovered that having your own book is the “Ultimate New Customer Magnet” because nothing gives you as much credibility as quickly with potential customers or clients as being a published author. Plus, having a book available in bookstores is like having people paying to buy your brochure!

A source of contentment. There is satisfaction in having your own book, sharing your message with the world, and knowing that your success and your legacy is better assured because of it. To learn 16 other ways to grow your business with a book, request your free copy of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book and They laughed when I saidabout I was an expert... learn moreuntil Advanthey saw my book! tage’s Book Writing and Book Publishing expertise visit, call Alison at 1-866-775-1696 T O B U I L D Y O U R Ext. 103, send an e-mail to Business W I T H A Book ,!7IB5J9-dcajfd!:p;k;K;k;K or fax your business card to 843-414-5610, Attn: Alison Are you a CEO, entrepreneur, or business professional working aggressively to grow your business, your income, and your influence? 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book delivers a simple and concise way to solve your marketing headaches and frustrations for good. INCLUDED INSIDE YOU WILL LEARN:

• How to become a Darling of the Media and get loads of Free Publicity with a book • How to use a book to Build a Virtual Sales Force without hiring Employees

• How to Share Your Message with the World and leave a Legacy for Generations

• How to use a Book to drive Qualified, Pre-Sold Prospects directly to your Front Door

• How to Compete Against Industry Giants and create a real Tipping Point with a book “Every CEO, entrepreneur, and business professional that cares about growing their business should be an author. This book shows you how.”

—PAT WILLIAMS, FOUNDER, NBA’S ORLANDO MAGIC Author of 35+ books including Lincoln Speaks to Leaders

21 Ways

ADAM WITTY isisthe Executive OffiOffi cer cer of AdADAM theFounder Founderand andChief Chief Executive of vantage Media Advantage MediaGroup, Group,a aleading leadingpublisher publisher of of business, motivation, and self-help self-help authors. authors. Adam has worked with dozens of authors to and

help them them get their their book book written, published, marketed, and distribISBN 978-1-59932-095-3 help get

uted. Adam Adam isis co-author co-author of of Click: Click: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Maruted. keting for for Authors Authors as as well as the President of the Author Inner Circle keting and the the Author Author Marketing Marketing Summit. Summit. Adam is an in-demand speaker, and teacher, and and consultant consultant on marketing and business development teacher, techniques for for authors. authors. techniques







Do you have a family member, friend, or business associate that wants to expand their brand and business in 2010? Please pull the Rabbit out of your Hat and “share the secret” of being a professionally published author with Advantage. The person who helps Advantage round up the most new authors in 2010 will win your choice of the following:

10-Day Cruise for Two

5,000 Copies of Your Book

2011 Super Bowl for Two

Islands of the Mediterranean Includes Roundtrip Airfare

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In Dallas, Texas Includes Roundtrip Airfare and Hotel

We have created a number of resources to help you spread the word: • Personalized versions of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book and 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Magazine to pass along to family, friends, and business associates. • Special website at Contact Alison Morse at 843.300.4973 for assistance in customized pass-along materials.

Author Advantage July 2010  

The July issue of Author Advantage Magazine.

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