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NHS Healthworker loses patient data Press Release: The BBC reported on July 3 that a staff worker at NHS Lothian lost a memory stick containing sensitive patient information. The staff worker now faces disciplinary action. SafeStick® drives are now being deployed by the NHS as a reassurance that patient information is not compromised again. Read more here

Instant security. SafeStick® secures stored information in an instant and user-friendly way. With SafeStick you can take information securely out of the workplace for working at home or remotely.

Choose SafeStick® as your preferred USB flash drive. 1. Protect Your Sensitive Information All stored information of SafeStick® is automatically encrypted and password protected in accordance with industry standards. 2. Protect Your Organisation From Negative Exposure There has been unfortunate incidents where lost information has ended up in the wrong hands. 3. Make People Mobile The realities of today’s mobile workforce are often overlooked. Leave the heavy laptop behind and bring your secured information home or use it remotely. 4. Comply With Legislation And Industry Standards With the pressure mounting from new legislation on portable information, SafeStick® is the easy solution.

SafeStick® is compact and robust. (9 grams, 56x18x6mm)

SafeStick® requires the correct password to be entred before providing access to stored information. This means that a lost USB stick can never again cause problems.

SafeStick® is a product from Blockmaster®. All Blockmaster® products are manufactured in accordance with gobal environmental initatives such as RoHs and WEEE under ethical conditions in hightech facilities, using high quality components.

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