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FOR A HEALTHIER BOTTOM LINE Introducing the first and only fitness solution aligned with the Medical Fitness Association and dedicated to helping people stay healthier longer through exercise programs that motivate, measure and monetize physical activity.


Many employers have identified physical inactivity as the top modifiable health risk driving their wellness strategy and have attempted a myriad of programs to promote overall fitness. A key challenge, however, continues to be program measurement and cost validation. Employers need cost-effective, accountable partners to help employees understand the benefits of regular exercise and to increase their activity levels. Employers also need tools to benchmark and quantify program results. Advanta Health Solutions addresses these challenges with an alternative approach to corporate fitness which rewards healthy behavior and fosters personal accountability. Its integrated platform AdvantaConnect™ tracks and records individual exercise sessions and provides contextual messages to motivate and increase engagement levels. A dynamic client portal tracks and measures the program’s effectiveness with encounter data so employers can quickly and accurately assess results.

NATIONAL NETWORK WITH MEDICAL FITNESS INTEGRATION • Advanta Health leverages a national network of

FLEXIBLE PRICING STRUCTURE • Program pricing is structured on a performance basis, with full or partial funding from

commercial fitness facilities, community centers

participating employees and eligible beneficiaries

and hospital-affiliated fitness centers to provide

to meet your requirements. The Advanta Health

convenient quality locations. Ongoing network

solution outperforms alternatives at a lower cost,

expansion is realized by employee nominations.

reducing the administrative burden and financial exposure typically associated with a benefit of this

GROUP FITNESS CLASSES •U  nder the direction of certified instructors, participants are coached through a total fitness experience. The group format creates a sense of community and reinforces corporate spirit in a fun, safe environment. Group fitness classes are tailored for the general population and can target those managing obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.


THE ADVANTA HEALTH DIFFERENCE Advanta Health was formed by principals with extensive business experience in fitness, health care, information technology and communications. Its progressive model merges decades of experience serving regional and national employers and leverages the insight of human resource executives and health care professionals.

Employers can now provide a costeffective, seamless fitness program that encourages employees to become more personally responsible for their own health and well-being. Advanta Health solutions go significantly beyond discount or entitlement offerings. By blending innovative on-site and off-site fitness programs, information technology, and contextual messaging, Advanta Health transforms the traditional corporate fitness offering into an essential business strategy. Advanta Health’s private-labeled programs provide motivation for regular exercise and visibly display the value your organization places on its people.

“Never before has the integration of medicine and fitness been more important. Advanta Health Solutions offers an innovative approach to this longstanding problem.” 

KEN GERMANO Executive Director, Medical Fitness Association

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM • Real-time Encounter Data. Program eligibility and enrollment, maintained on a real-time basis, enable the employer to track program participation and to view client-defined reporting. • Electronic Attendance Measurement. Program participation is electronically measured and uploaded into AdvantaConnect,™ which can be securely viewed by corporate wellness managers and participating employees. • Communication Platform. Contextual messaging motivates participants, drives engagement levels and increases affinity between the company and its employees. • Strategic Integration with Related Wellness Programs. AdvantaConnect™ allows integration of the fitness program with the company’s overall health and productivity initiatives.

INNOVATIVE FITNESS PROGRAMS • Medical Integration. The network includes hospital-affiliated medical fitness facilities that deliver advanced programs with measured outcomes. • Focused Interventions. Specialized group fitness programs can help those managing chronic conditions. • Personal Accountability. Employers can now provide a cost-effective, seamless fitness program that encourages employees to become more personally responsible for their own health and well-being.




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