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Times Vol. 5, Issue 04, March-April, 2018,

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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


  A Supplement of Beverages & Food Processing Times


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Vol. 5, Issue 04, March-April, 2018, 20/-

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Hatsun Agro Yellow label for ice creams at school canteens: FSSAI CMD bestowed


authority under the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. “At the heart of these regulations is a central idea to make it clear what is healthy for children and what is not,� said FSSAI Chief Executive Officer Pawan Aggarwal.

ood Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has kept the ice cream and frozen desserts in category of yellow labeled food to be sold in school canteens. FSSAI has sought ‘suggestions from stakeholders’ on proposed rules that will require school administrations to ensure their canteens operate through licenses and adhere to a colour-coded scheme and curb sales of high fat, sugar and salt food. Named Food Safety and Standards (Safe and Wholesome Food for School Children) Regulations, 2018, the proposal seeks to prescribe standards for food items sold or supplied in school mess, kitchens and eateries run by food business operators or even vending machines. While green will mostly comprise of fresh food, yellow will imply packaged food and red colour will mean food items high in salt, sugar and fat. The draft rules suggest that food and beverages categorized as green or yellow should be largely be on school menus and items labelled as red, with high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) content will be discouraged from being sold or provided inside

“We have based the proposed norms on science and highest standards of nutritional requirements for kids as laid down by the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad,� another FSSAI official said. school campuses. The proposals also say that a balanced diet for school-goers is one that “should provide about 50-60 per cent of the total calories from carbohydrates (preferably from complex carbohydrates), about 10-15 per cent from proteins and 20-30 per cent from both visible and invisible fat. “In addition, it should provide such non-nutrients as dietary fibre and antioxidants, which bestow positive health benefits,� reads the draft. The draft regulation also says that the school authority selling or catering school meals must obtain a license or be registered as a food business operator (FBO) from the concerned licensing

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The proposed regulations have come in the wake of a Delhi High Court directive given to the FSSAI few years back. The proposed norms also suggest that no person offers, or exposes for sale, HFSS foods to school children in school canteens, mess premises or hostel kitchens. State food authorities will also be required ensure that no person offers, or expose for sale, HFSS foods to school children within 50m of school premises. Food businesses manufacturing HFSS food products will also be barred from advertising such foods to children in school premises.

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Patronship award by IDA


hennai-based firm,Hatsun Agro Product Limited Chairman and Managing Director R G Chandramogan was conferred with prestigious ‘Patronship’ award by the Indian Dairy Association (IDA). Hatsun Agro Product (HAP) manufactures dairy products catering to both cooking and consumption like milk, curd, ice creams, dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder, ghee, paneer and others. The award was given in recognition of his outstanding services rendered in furthering the growth of the Indian Dairy Industry and the cause of IDA. The citation read ‘this patronship is a fitting tribute to Chandramogan for his exemplary role in the development of the dairy industry and his numerous contributions to its progress.’The key focus of the company is to provide quality products and have a technically advanced system that works in accord Contd on Pg No. 21

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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Ice Cream News

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Now enjoy ice-cream made from coconut the white delicacy was labelled dairy-free ice cream was made from coconut milk. “We have been working on the process from last September. We first introduced it in November at the World Food India, New Delhi.


ith many new innovations and trends being observed in ice cream industry, manufacturers offer various innovative products for ice-cream lovers. After numerous research and findings, it is indeed amazing to know that ice-cream can be made from coconut as well. A coconut farmer from Coimbatore was surprised to know that the ice cream he was consuming was made from coconut. “This is better than the normal ice creams I have had.” He could not believe that the ice cream was made from coconut till he got a mild savor. The coconut ice cream looked as good as any other, was an instant hit among the visitors at the Coconut Festival 2018. This is an event to promote coconut products that took place on 27-28 January in Coimbatore. Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur is the place where the process was developed. Director, C Anandharamakrishnan said

The ice cream contains no dairy products. We added omega 3 fatty acids extracted from a vegetarian source to make it. It has proteins and is low on carbohydrates.” The ice cream is being introduced for the first time in Tamil Nadu. Currently, it comes in a normal waffle cone, but the institute is working on making cones from jack fruit waste, said researchers at the institute. The ice cream has health benefits. The institute is also working on other food products from coconut. Anandharamakrishnan said the institute has also developed a process to make coconut chips. When we dry coconut for making chips, we add beta carotene (vitamin A) in it. The demand for coconut chips is increasing worldwide. It might soon replace potato chips. We are planning to transfer the technology to farmers from September. With the state’s support, we are also planning to set up two incubation centres, one in Thanjavur and one in Coimbatore.”


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Ice Cream News

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Lotte Confectionery hoping for 5 % contribution from India kets, we zeroed in on Havmor.” The deal values HIL at more than 2.5 times its 2016-17 turnover of Rs 400 crore and enables Lotte to have an operational capacity of 3 lakh litres of ice cream in India. Lotte is exploring the possibility to export Havmor to South East Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern markets.


outh Korean company Lotte Confectionery Co Ltd, made India its global hub for Lotte Choco Pie and now hopes that India contribute 5 per cent to its global revenues from current 2 per cent by the end of this decade following acquisition of Havmor Ice Cream Ltd. and introduction of India-specific products for the mass market. President of Lotte Confectionery Co Ltd, Yong su Kim stated that Choco Pie was built in India. Lotte invested in brand promotion and building equity for itself over 10 years, grabbing 95 per cent market share. Kim said, “However, this was not enough for us as we have invested $200 mn in India on Lotte Choco Pie. With Havmor, we expect to expand our India footprint with a new product. We see a huge consumer base in India’s 1.3 bn people and hope to see India contribute 5% to our global revenues by 2020. Since we offer 100% pure ice creams in other mar-

HIL would eventually be renamed, while Lotte would eventually introduce its sorbets from South Korean and Japanese markets to the Indian consumer, and by 2025 the company should have 15-20 per cent market share in the organised ice cream market currently pegged at Rs 5000 cr. Havmor has 10 per cent market share currently. Founded by Satish Chandra Chona in Karachi in 1944, Havmor had to wind up and cross the border within three years following the partition. Chona moved to Ahmedabad and started Havmor in 1951.



I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


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WALTER is a world-wide leader in the development and manufacturing of baking machines for sweet wafers and savoury snacks.

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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Successful business is because of innovation, exceptional customer service, and best quality : Agrawal


Q) What are the future plans to enhance growth of the company? Continue to develop new products of international standards, invest in best in class technical equipment and processes.

n past two decades, Dukes is a popular brand in the competitive biscuit & confectionery market. The diverse range of products made from unique recipes & authentic ingredients, conforms to the highest quality standards. Dukes have surpassed several geographical boundaries in the country as well as in abroad.

Q) Is twenty-eight per cent GST on chocolate, the right move by the government? What’s your take on it? No, it’s very high, as chocolates are no longer a luxury product. Government should reduce the GST, as chocolates have become a basic ingredient with diverse usage, both in applications as well as consumption.

The company incorporated stringent in-house measures to ensure the production and delivery of quality food-safe products. This has been evolved by the seamless blending of technology and processes. The resultant methods ensure food-safe, quality products for the customers.

Companies are building awareness and availability. Industry can grow much faster with lower tax, and increase government revenue on a higher base too.

Key focus is ‘Quality’ expedition -- Food Safety. It forms the very core of all standardization procedures, methodologies, operational patterns and underlying activities. Our correspondent at Ice-Cream Times publication had a great interaction with Vikas Agarwal, Managing Director, Dukes Products India Limited recently. Below are the excerpts from the conversation:

to pure chocolates. Innovation, exceptional customer service, and best quality are the way forward. Q) What are the latest trends being observed in chocolate segment? Discerning consumers prefer high end, premium pure chocolate products. Variety with unique attributes is gaining acceptance with industrial customers as well. Usage has also widened with new applications. There is a shift from traditional Indian sweets to Western desserts, in consumption and gifting occasions. Availability is much better, thanks to extensive distribution structure set up by many companies. Q. Please tell me about your company, our products and services. Dukes Group of Companies has a dominant presence in the bakery, confectionery and chocolates sectors across India. It has several manufacturing units in all regions. They also export their products to over 100 countries and is now venturing into the fast growing snacking category. Product quality, understanding clients needs and customized products, differentiate Dukes chocolates in the industry

Q) What is the current scenario of chocolate industry in India? It is growing at a rapid pace; consumption in both end consumers as well as industrial usage is showing a healthy trend. Wide choice of product varieties, pack sizes and price points is increasing per capita consumption. Q) Elaborate on factors that affect the growth of chocolate industry? European manufacturers make the best chocolates – quality, variants, innovative products based on consumer preferences. Indian companies have to compete with them on the same parameters. Customers are moving from compounds

Q) What com-

is the main USP of your pany? Consistent quality, innovative products, field sales team closely interacting with customers; wide product range of pure and compound slabs, chips, dips, paste, decorations and inclusions – these are our USPs. We have multiple manufacturing units across the country; in Hyderabad, Rudrapur & Guwahati which gives a cutting edge in providing efficient service to our customers.

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Ice Cream News

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Ice cream brand Creambell launches Cornetto Oreo, new frozen plant in Asansol, West Bengal dessert cone for ice cream lovers!


or those who love OREO and want it included in every other dessert dish have now got a reason to rejoice. For such Oreo-obsessed customers, FMCG major Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and popular chocolate manufacturer Mondelez India collaborated to introduce Cornetto Oreo in frozen dessert cone category in India.

hanshu Nagpal said, “Cornetto too, with its smooth creamy texture, crispy wafer cone all the way to the chocolatey tip has garnered tremendous consumer love over the years. We believe in bringing delicious moments of joy to our consumers and the Cornetto-Oreo partnership will be an exciting one.”

Cornetto is one the world’s leading ice cream brands owned by Unilever that was launched in 1960 in Italy. Cornetto is an ice cream brand owned by HUL step down firm Kwality Walls, while Oreo is a premium cookie brand owned by Mondelez India, the maker of popular chocolates like Dairy Milk, 5 Star and Gems. Cornetto Oreo range is available across all stores at the price of Rs 60. Oreo was introduced by Mondelez India six years back and in such a short span, India has emerged among its top-five markets by volume. Mondelez India Head, Biscuits Category, Sud-

Himanshu Kanwar, GM at Kwality Walls at HUL said “as a brand it is our continued effort to innovate and create products that consumers love. Through this launch, we wish to give romance and love a new expression.” Mondelez India Foods (formerly Cadbury India) is a part of global confectionery major Mondelez International. Besides chocolates, its portfolio consists of beverage brand as Tang and Bournvita. It also has Halls and Choclairs Gold under its candy portfolio.


ne of the popular ice-cream brands in India, Creambell, headquartered in Delhi plans to venture in the East with a plant in Asansol. The company is known to make innovative flavours such as Mishti doi with Alfonso, Mishti doi in rabdi and caramel flavours and blueberry doi. CEO of Devyani Food Industries, owner of Creambell brand, Nitin Arora said “We have launched our Asansol plant last month which will be producing both dairy products and ice-cream and intend to make it our fulcrum. We have till now mainly been in the ice-cream business and this is our first milk plant in India.” Being Rs 12,000-crore ice-cream market, with just 45 per cent in the organised sector, Creambell captures 4 per cent share of this market whereas Amul has a 13 per cent share. The ice cream industry is witnessing growth despite a slowdown in overall GDP growth in the country, due to demonetization and other factors. Arora said the firm had invested Rs 150 crore in the first phase of Asansol plant and has plans to

Automatic stickline Machine

invest more to upgrade their position in eastern India from ‘number two or three to number 1’. “We will be using the plant to sell ice-cream and frozen food products in Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and the Northeast but the dairy plant which will produce milk and plain curd besides the more exotic flavours will feed the catchment area of around Asansol, Dhanbad and other 15 satellite towns. We feel there is huge scope for growth in eastern India. Asansol was the obvious choice as it not only capable of servicing Calcutta but a chain of cities in the steel and coal belt.”

IceKraft enters Chennai market


ceKraft, a popular ice cream product has entered the South Indian market. Now people in Chennai will enjoy several products of the Icekraft brand. The concept of Icekraft came in when a food-loving entrepreneur visualized the idea of opening a dessert joint with a twist. Known for its cool desserts, cooler deals and drool-worthy food, this cafe is a must visit place for ice cream and chocolate lovers alike.

These are the same people who introduced India to ‘Black Ice Cream’ made with no artificial ingredients. This ice cream gets its colour from activated charcoal– which is basically burnt coconut husk. The refreshing flavour and uncommon colour will definitely have you going back for seconds!

Yogurt / Dahi Cup Filling Machine

The company recommends you to try it with their freshly made black waffle cone for the full experience. ‘Once you go black, you never go back! is the popular tagline they go by to attract the public’s attention.


Ice-Cream Cup & Cone Filling Machine

IceKraft also has a bunch of savoury dishes to choose from. Their Hurricane Fries, Tempura Fries, Sandwiches and Salad Bar will leave the customers stuffed and happy. Living up to their brand of being an “Ice cream café”, their vibrant decor, wooden furniture and outdoor seating give the place an amazing ambience. They also have board games that you can play as you wait for your order to come. Their open counters and live kitchen lets the consumer watch as the food is being prepared. Icekraft has outlets across cities in Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Nepal. By this year-end, they plan to open 30 stores across the country.

Micron Industries Pvt. Ltd. Address : R-710, TTC Industrial Area MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400 701, India. Tel.: +91 - 22-67164242. Email:


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



Following ‘Good and Green’ philosophy, Godrej is committed to provide best-in-class products


ce Cream Times got in touch with Rajinder Koul, Sr.GM and Product Head – Chest Freezer, Godrej who exclusively shared details on deep freezers and how the company is working to make all their products environment-friendly. To begin with, Godrej Appliances is one of the largest players in the Home Appliances space in India and has always delighted consumers with relevant technology across a wide range of products. In 1958, Godrej was the first Indian company to manufacture refrigerators and has now become synonymous with the category. Since launch of first Indian refrigerator, Godrej has been the undisputed leader in the cooling space. It is a brand that has now become synonymous with the category. Godrej Chest freezer/Cooler convert operates both as a freezer (-ve temperature) and as a cooler (+ve temperature). The temperature range is ≤-20 to +8 0C. The product range is 100L, 200L, 300L & 400L in Single Door and 300L, 400L & 500L in Double Door. Glass Top freezers come with a premium display which is an ideal product for a retailer. These freezers come with tall body design to minimize footprint of the product, thus maximizing the store space utilization. The product range is 200L, 300L & 400L. The compressors used in chest freezers are high capacity tropicalized compressor ensuring the product’s performance at an extreme temperature of 430C.

Q) Kindly specify the types and number of freezers that you supply to the food industry, including ice cream industry as well. We have hard-top range for all the litres from 100 to 400 l, then we have the glass range with a glasstop (sliding) for 200, 300 and 400 l. The temperature zones for both ice cream and frozen food is similar, hence the two categories can make use of these products. Q) World has made great advancements in technology. Where does India stand in terms of technological use in the ice cream industry? We use different technology which other companies are not using. We use R290 technology which is the similar kind of green technology used in our ACs as we are already in that business line. We are gaining huge efficiency in terms of power; since our power consumption is 30-40 per cent lower than the other brands. Hence that’s the superior technology we are using. Q) Why are display freezers an integral aspect of freezers? As a brand, Godrej has always been associated with cooling since decades; hence it goes very strongly with our brand position in the marketplace. Q) Specify on the company’s achievements in recent years. In recognition for our efforts, the brand has been conferred with many prestigious awards and honors such as the Asia’s Most Promising Brand Award (2016, 15), Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand- Gold (2016, 15, 13, 12, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06), Business Superbrand (2016, 11, 10,08), ET Promising Brand

(2015)& Best Corporate Brands (2016); India Design Mark award for Green Balance ACs, Glitz Washing Machines and Edge Digi Refrigerator (2015,14,13), National Energy Conservation Award by Govt. of India, Ministry of Power, BEE (2016, 15 14, 09).Godrej’s focus to balance consumer needs with the environmental cause has enabled the organization to redefine the technology landscape in appliances industry to the delight of both consumer and environment. Q) What are your latest innovations for the industry? Could you please share your future plans? We are seriously looking at this category because we know the retail market will grow up. The ice cream consumption will increase, cones and food consumption will rise, demand of freezers will automatically increase. The growth pattern will be much higher as compared to the current rate. As mentioned earlier, we are already into R290 technology, apart from that we have de-cool technology because of which we have a better efficiency and cool-down that helps in faster cooling and at the same time, running cost is much lower. Godrej Chest freezers come with D-Cool Technology to attain quick freezing and maximum efficiency, and it provides 5-year warranty on

compressor (highest in the industry). The Refrigerant used in Godrej Chest freezers is 100 per cent environment-friendly thus saves up to Rs.5000 annually on your electricity bill. To avoid rodents causing damage to the products, we have a sheet of galvanized iron sheet with zinc coating avoiding rodents. Based on consumer insights and domain expertise, Godrej is proud to present yet another revolution in cooling- the new Godrej Chest Freezer/Cooler Convert with Maximum Cooling and Maximum Power Saving. These come with features that deliver the best-in-class performance, while being 100 per cent green and environment-friendly. Q) What are your views on 18 per cent GST tax slab placed on ice cream? If the ice cream industry has felt the GST impact have been affected by it, then eventually the cold chain sector will also feel the pinch.



Prijai Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd. Excellence In Heat Transfer

Contact us

Mr. Amit Dube / Mr. Rahul

Add:- B/25, MIDC Rabale, TTC Industrial Area, Pipe line road Behind Bharat Bijlee, Navi Mumbai 400708 Contact details:-,,, Phone No 022-27644430/31/32/, +91-9819197807

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



Phase change materials: An add-on for ice cream transportation


ce creams are a thing of huge craving for the entire human population. As a matter-of-fact, ice cream industry is one of the highest profit making industries in the world. The appeal for any brand or flavor of ice cream depends a lot on its taste as well as texture. These prerequisites are majorly driven by storage conditions, i.e. the storage temperature and storage material. Most popular ice creams in the market have a smooth and creamy appearance. This creamy appearance is mainly attributed to a uniform crystal size of the ice cream. It is desired to produce and sustain ice creams with small crystal size in order to maintain its taste, texture and shelf life. To achieve the same, perpetuation in temperature is of utmost importance. Inability to do so will steer to recrystallization phenomenon resulting in an ice cream with larger crystal size distributions and eventually a rough texture and shorter shelf life.

Figure 1: what we expect and what we get.

perature by utilizing their high latent heats. It also acts as an insulation preventing the penetration of heat into the ice cream.

Figure 2: PCM incorporated carrier boxes for ice cream storage

Pecrystallization can be suppressed by maintaining the temperature of ice creams in desirable range by employing materials which possess high thermal inertia. One of the most promising ways to achieve this is by the use of Phase Change Materials (PCMs). Phase Change Materials, by the virtue of low thermal diffusivity and high heat absorption capacity, ensures that the temperature fluctuations are minimal. Conventional storage/ transportation systems use on-off control, due to which the temperature fluctuations are high in the order of 3-80C. This drawback is almost nullified by the use of PCMs, which narrow down the temperature fluctuations. There are also ice cream carrier boxes, which use PCMs for maintaining ice creams in their desired temperature range. PCMs, which once frozen and placed in the box will provide the desired backup time thus reducing the electricity consumption in comparison to refrigerated trucks or vans. PCMs have the ability to maintain tem-


is maintained below -20 C for about 10 hours. The ice cream temperature is stabilized at around 22. 0 C for maximum of the time which is due to the incorporation of PCM into the insulated box. Ice cream industries, as well as many logistics companies are on the lookout for a reliable and safe way of improving their storage/ transportation facilities. In the wake of this, PCMs offer one of the cheapest, efficient and sustainable pathways through which it can be accomplished. Many ice cream companies, in collaboration with PCM making industries have already started making an attempt in incorporating PCM technology into their line of operation. With the advent of time, it is forecasted that PCMs will play a very crucial role in cold chain industries.

Combined Thermal Conduction and Convective heat transfer are the dominant phenomena which drive the heat transfer mechanism in this system. As a result of this, the outer layer of the surface of ice-cream remains hard which ensures its good texture, taste and quality. It is suggested that the suitable temperature for maintaining this texture is about -20 0C. PCMs having melting/freezing points in the range of Figure 3: Thermal behaviour of ice cream in the experiment -23 to -28 0C are found to be suitable for this system to work in an effective manner. Encapsulation for containing the PCM is selected based on many considerations viz. technical, economic and environmental.An experiment was carried out using insulated boxes carrying -260 C PCM encapsulated in HDPE thermotabs, the thermal behavior of which is depicted in the graph below. From Figure 3, it is clearly seen that the temperature of ice cream

Hangyo Eyes The Non-Dairy Sector


n a landmark move, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd, a renowned ice cream giant of Coastal Karnataka, aims to expand its product portfolio under the brand name DNA. Through a fully owned subsidiary Hangyo Gourmet Pvt. Ltd, a wide range of fruit based non-dairy products that include jams, crushes, squashes, syrups and more are being introduced into the market. The brand plans to launch new formats of food, such as canned fruits and puree. “Hangyo is a home-grown company that is mainly into dairy products. Hangyo Gourmet was start-

ed with a vision to establish and consolidate its presence in the non-dairy food hospitality space. DNA is a range of fruit based products launched under Hangyo Gourmet. DNA Speciality is that we provide longer shelf life of our products compared to the products that already exist in the market,” said Pradeep G Pai, Managing Director, Hangyo Ice creams Pvt Ltd. “Hangyo is household name in South India; our products come with a seal of assured quality. We have now forayed into non-dairy FMCG, where

there is an ever-increasing need for quality and branded products. The philosophy is to be in tune with the Prime Minister’s concept of ‘Make in India’ and support the Indian Agricultural sector by focusing primarily on real ingredients, farm fresh vegetables and fruits.” Pradeep G Pai added. DNA was launched on 14 February 2018 at Ocean Pearl, Mangalore, on the joyous occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Hangyo. DNA range of products was launched by Nalin Kumar, Kateel M.P. Chief Guest for the occasion - Vathika Kamath, President Kanara Chamber of Commerce. Nayonika Rai, the Face of Hangyo unveiled the products. DNA product portfolio would encompass the following • Jams- Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mixed fruit • Syrup - Rose • Juices - Mango. Orange • Canned fruits - Pineapple Slices, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple tidbits • Crushes - Strawberry, Lychee, Orange, Pineapple • Puree- Tomato Dinesh R Pai, Executive Chairman, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt Ltd. “It was a trip to Australia and an ordinary ice-cream tasting inspired us to launch something in India. That’s how Hangyo began. We have traversed a path of immense success in these 15 years. Our pursuit of excellence continues to be the mantra behind our success. Hopefully, our customers will shower us with the same affection they’ve always shown all these years.” Hangyo Gourmet Pvt. Ltd currently has Ice Cream parlours, outdoor catering and restaurants in Mangalore and Udupi. Hangyo outlets have sprung up at Malls, Multiplexes, Private campuses like Infosys and Educational Institutions like Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Hangyo Gourmet boasts of a lot of firsts in its hometown: First Soft serve, First Icy stone ice cream, first to introduce Mumbai style chats etc.

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Contd Pg from 5

ance with a time-tested business processes across their 16 plants. It has gained popularity over the years in the market. Chandramogan was the first individual from private sector dairy to receive this honour. The award was given at 46th Dairy Industry Conference held in Kochi. The tribute is annually presented to a person with outstanding academic or professional achievements in dairy science and technology. On this accomplishment, he said this award was a testament to the achievements of the organization in terms of excellence in quality, innovation and commitment to enrich lives of farmers and consumers. “We are glad that our efforts including the back end support services to farmers are recognized at national level.” Chandramogan is the person behind the successful growth of Hatsun Agro Product (HAP), as it has gained popularity in different regions of Chennai and other parts of India. Since its inception, the company has grown to reach the pinnacles of success thereby making it a national name in the country.Creating headlines time and again,HAP is a true testimonial which hit the right chords at the right time.Chandramogan built Rs 8,000-crore business with merely Rs 13,000 in his pocket under the brand Arun Ice Creams. The company can proudly claim to be known as the largest private dairy in India. He started to chase his dreams when he was 21-years old. He had to drop out from school because of financial constraints, and the journey towards building this brand had a humble start. In 1970, he rented out a 250-sqft space in Royapuram with three employees. The first 10 years of starting up meant exploring conventional spaces of reaching out to possible customers. Continuing their success story, the company has joined hands with international firm to enhance their production capacity of the products. Hatsun Agro - an ice-cream and dairy products giant player in southern India will soon use a rather unusual production input: steam for the manufacture of ice-creams. Germany-based company called Protarget has put up a parabolic trough system next to

Hatsun’s ice-cream factory near Salem, in western Tamil Nadu. This which will produce 400 kg of steam an hour using sun’s heat. The steam is piped to the ice-cream plant where it is used for pasteurising milk.Hatsun-Protarget deal is different because the steam is made with solar energy. Solar energy expert and Managing Director of Sun Best, Dr C Palaniappan said Hatsun has also put up a solar-water heater system, which produces hot water for its operations, mainly for cleaning its tanks, on the roof of its ice-cream plant in Salem. The system was sold to Hatsun and the plant cost Rs.1 crore, but Hatsun could avail itself of a subsidy of Rs. 42 lakh from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The cost to Hatsun would be paid back in four years, while the life of the 220 units of solar heat collectors is 20 years. The collectors produce 32,000 litres of hot water, which is 87 degrees hot when it reaches Hatsun’s plant. With both steam and hot water produced from sun’s energy, Hatsun actually produces solar ice-cream. Placing major emphasis on dairy segment, HAP has commenced operations at its cattle feed production facility with the introduction of a new production line in Chennai.Hatsun Agro Product Managing Director said “our cattle feed has the best of ingredients and essential nutrients that improves the cattle’s health and milk yield. Cattle feed is a key component of our support service to farmers. This expansion facilitates our intention for continuous and consistent support to our farmers who seek good quality feed for their cattle”, In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa, Arokya and Gomatha are two milk product lines. The company has dairy units located in Kancheepuram, Salem, and Madurai for markets in Tamil Nadu and Belgaum for markets in northern Karnataka and Goa. Arun Ice Creams is a popular ice cream brand in South India, with over 1,000 exclusive parlours.


Ice Cream News

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Now consume millet ice cream that is lactose-free


here’s good news for those who are very conscious about their health and would prefer to eat ice–creams that does not have high calorie content. A special millet-based ice cream, developed by Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology in Tamil Nadu, was introduced for Bengaluru market at the International Trade Fair. Institute Director C. Anandharamakrishnan said the unique feature of millet ice cream is that unlike regular ice cream which is milk based, this has “millet milk” (millet extract) which is lactose-free. This will be beneficial for those with high degree of intolerance to lactose. Also, millet ice cream can be had by even the diabetics because of its low glycemic index. The millet ice cream has 59 per cent lesser calories and 22 per cent lesser carbohydrates than the regular ice cream and 43 per cent lesser fat than the regular vanilla ice cream. Millet ice cream

has omega-3 fatty acids which are generally not available in vegetarian food. It is priced at Rs.5 per cone. Dessert is one of the most important part of a meal since it is the last thing, guests remember before they exit the restaurant. The ice cream industry should make use of this opportunity, as this flavor can be a big hit among the ice-cream consumers.

Movenpick Ice-Cream looks to expand retail market


ovenpick Ice Creams which is imported to India by Nectar Hospitality that mainly caters to institutional business. They now plan to scale up their retail presence from 74 to 100 outlets. Currently, the company provides to 35 plus hotels and restaurants across India and centrally deals with the ITC Group and Taj Hotels. Along with this, Movenpick also has its physical presence across three formats (Cart, Gallery and Boutiques), six boutiques, six carts, one kiosk and two corners at the mall across India. Managing Director of Nectar Hospitality, Tarun Sikka wants to establish a pan-India presence for Mövenpick. He plans for managing the operations of retail outlets across the metropolises in India include Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. “In the year 2018-2019, we at Movenpick look to at expanding by the franchise model. We have our first franchise store of Pune opening in early week of March, which will be followed by store openings one each in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and 2 outlets in Delhi.” Ice Cream Market in India is growing at a rate of 15-20 per cent Y-O-Y whereas in 2017, this industry touched nearly Rs 12,000 crore. In super-premium market, which calculates around 350-400

Crore, Movenpick aims for a minimum of 25 per cent share. Produced in Rorchach, Switzerland, the ice cream is currently being sold in over 40 countries. Movenpick will be available in 100 ml takeaways tubs for their retail business. The brand plans to get seven to eight flavours at the retail level in the 500 ml packs to specifically cater to the Asian market. “We have also recently introduced 500 ml packs as 1-litre packs at Rs.950 were a bit too costly for the Indian market. The coming year will see greater presence of Movenpick in the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) and retail business as we plan to revolutionize the ice cream industry with international flavours in India,” Sikka added.

Ice-cream sales to witness significant growth in next 5 years


new Research report estimates that the global ice cream market will touch $78.8 billion by 2025. The global market size was valued at $54.8 billion in 2016. Back then, California was the leading ice cream-producing state in the U.S and produced about 118 thousand gallons of ice cream. Ice-cream sales indicate significant growth in the next seven years. The ice cream market is divided into impulse, artisanal and take-home categories. Impulse products include cones, sandwiches, and ice cream bars that grab the largest share in the market. Artisanal products are a smaller share of the market, but marginal growth is anticipated with the rising demand for hand-made products comprised of high-quality ingredients. Advances made in packaging providing better convenience are driving demand for take-home products. Demand from North America, Europe and other developed regions for premium products is one of the major driving factors behind the anticipat-

ed growth. Expansion of the ice cream market is also anticipated in developing areas such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The Asia Pacific was the largest market share in 2016 and is also poised for continued growth. China and India are also expected to boost sales due to the larger consumer base in those countries. China became the largest market in 2014, surpassing the U.S., as consumers in China increasingly saw ice cream as a snack. It is no longer considered as dessert but is consumed as snacks and merging it in various food items thereby giving it a unique taste. Thereafter, it becomes a popular dish like waffles ice-cream, etc. Many producers are also developing new flavors to introduce to consumers, which is expected to contribute to the growth of the overall market by increasing sales. Demand is also pushing for premium products in the marketplace as sales of lower quality ice creams continue to decline.

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Salt & Straw’s Ice Cream opens doors in Little Italy


ortland’s Salt & Straw Ice Cream recently opened their doors to public in Little Italy. The 1,350 square-foot ice cream parlor replaces Yogurtland and sits below Prepkitchen on India Street. The store served a set of special holiday flavors, including Gingerbread Cookie Dough and Peppermint Cocoa.

Salt & Straw’s first all-vegan menu included: Happy Birthday Elvis: this is in honor of “the King” to commemorate his birthday on January 8. This flavor features banana coconut ice cream with swirls of marionberry jam, peanut butter fudge and bits of candied coconut that taste just like bacon. Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge: This non-dairy ice cream is a combination of hazelnut milk and hazelnut butter with pieces of homemade gluten-free brownies. Mint Chip Whoopie Pie: Coconut ice cream gets flavored with freckled chocolate and pure peppermint oil from Seely Farm, with pieces of homemade Whoopie Pie stirred in. Candied Mango Faux-yo: This frozen yogurt uses coconut cream, sugar, mango puree, salt, vanilla and green cardamom with candied mango added in for texture and more tropical flavor. Modern Times’ Hopped Orange Creamsicle: The local brewery’s barrel-aged Thermometer Island sour saison with cara cara and blood orange is frozen into a bracing and fruity sherbet with the addition of fresh blood orange juice, rosewater, and extra hops.

Bulla launched Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream tubs in Australia


ulla announced their latest flavour collaboration with none other than the thick gooey goodness of a Cadbury Crème Egg. The amazingly indulgent chocolate egg filled with rich caramel has been transformed into their ice cream. The way how Australian chocolates have changed into buckets of ice cream seems wonderful. The limited edition 473ml tubs, have now found their way on the shelves around Australia, feature chocolate and vanilla ice cream base mixed with Cadbury milk chocolate chips and a Cadbury Crème Egg flavoured sauce. Bulla and Cadbury decided to introduce this ahead of Easter hence this is for sure that ‘limited stock’ will be available until mid-April. A joint statement said, “We’re thrilled to give Australians a new and exciting way to enjoy the legendary Cadbury Crème Egg. With such a great following in Australia and around the world, we’re delighted to team up to give chocolate and ice cream lovers a real treat in the lead up to Easter.”

Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream tub is available from all Coles, Woolworths and selected supermarkets in Australia.

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Season Special

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

What’s new

A Supplement of Beverages & Food Processing Times



Times Vol. 5, Issue 04, March-April, 2018,


et another season is starting for the ice cream industry in India. From the last 5 years, this industry is growing between 15-20 per cent on an average. This is the only sector of Indian food processing industry after carbonated drinks sector which celebrates the summer. Being in Mumbai, mid-February witnessed 32+ temperatures and by February-end, the temperatures soared beyond 37 degree Celsius. By the time of publication of this issue, the temperatures will be even higher in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and other western Indian cities from there, the start of the season takes place, followed by South Indian and North Indian cities. Such high temperatures are an indication towards the sweltering summer season which is in the offing. It is even logical to say so since the sun will now travel northwestwards and cross the equator which will further heat up the conditions in Mumbai. 23rd Feb afternoon felt like summer, it was because the RealFeel temperature read 37 degrees Celsius. In Kolkata, the maximum temperature recorded on Friday was 33.8 degree Celsius, three notches above normal and the highest in the past 130 days since October 17, 2017, well before the start of winter. Bangalore-the Garden city is experiencing a rise in mercury level for the last one week. And it's going to get worse. Weathermen say the temperature is expected to gradually rise from now on and brace you for warmer months, from March to May. Hyderabad’s techy invented AC helmet for providing cool ride to the bikers but this coolness will not dent the sale of ice cream industry. Last year, Hyderabad broke all records of heat when it touched 47 degrees. For the ice cream manufacturers, period of Jan-Feb is the most active time because they prepare for the next season, plan for new launches, procurement of raw materials etc. Last year was one of the most active years of ice cream industry because it not only got maximum turnovers but also many unprecedented activities took place. First and foremost was AMUL-HUL tussle for ice cream and frozen dessert which dragged the issue till court of law in Mumbai. Second was acquisition of Havmor by Lotte of Korea which surprised one and all across the country not only because the good financial figures but also for interest shown a global company in Indian ice cream industry. Suddenly many of the ice cream manufacturers were planning somewhat similar moves changed their price tags. Lotte’s entry into this business has some indications for the ice cream industry, global companies are seeing Indian market with positivity. Also it’s an indication that competition is at the highest level and will not be the same as in previous years, giants like HUL, Vadilal, AMUL, CreamBell, Arun will have to change their strategies. On the other hand, year 2018 is also expected to be eventful for the ice cream industry. There will be some more acquisitions, mergers, funding in the ice cream sector of the country. Coming back to the seasonal talk, this year ice cream industry in almost every state of the country, in every major or smaller city brands are coming out with newer products. Some of them are even starting newer categories which they never tried before. During many of the product trial events, I personally witnessed that this year consumers will remember as one of the finest years in ice cream history. HUL is launching Ice Cream Sandwiches along with a couple of newer varieties of candies. The most recommended product which I liked was Cornetto Disc Oreo of Kwality Walls. Hangyo one of the fastest growing brands from south India launched Celebration Box right on their anniversary day on 14th February. The Box will carry ice creams of different kinds from seven different states in seven cups. The concept is new but the brains behind it Deepa and Pradeep are same and are very enthusiastic for their product. Apsara on the other part of the country is busy in introducing Tamarind and multilayer ice creams for their parlours. This brand has already made its name in the country in different states. Opening at least one parlour every month, Director of the group Kiran Shah updated. New flavours and new styles of serving ice creams is the talk of the town in the ice cream sector. Rollick from Kolkata and Ranchi are coming with Rose Malai candy and Dabba Malai MLT pack. Rollick is one of the most prominent eastern India brands led by some very enthusiastic youngsters like Guarav Khemani and Anisha Agarwal in Kolkata and Abhishek in Ranchi. The revolution of newer kind of products has not come in one day. The entire credit goes to the companies like HUL, Cream Bell, Havmor, Scoops, Arun that they believed in new thinking which led this industry to this level. Introduction of modern machinery by these companies and their suppliers has changed the mathematics of the industry forever. Today a manufacturer is certain about the production outcome as well as sales growth once he decides to launch some new products. We have wonderful technologies coming from Europe, China, UK and other parts of the world which are changing the scenario of Indian ice cream industry. Manufacturers are also sure about their success and consumers’ expectations are growing year on year. When all the components are proactively participating the results are bound to come positive. So let’s wait for just few more days and try a new ice cream every day for this entire season!

As summer approaches, several ice cream players have launched range of products to cater to the growing market demand


s Indians brace up for the summer season, the ice cream industry is all set to enthrall customers with their new products launches. The organized ice cream players are ready to sizzle this summer with something new on offer for its consumers. Manufacturers are introducing new variety of ice-creams to cater rising demand from the consumers. Many have already chalked out plans and strategies so as to make the best out of this season. Some few major names in the industry may increase prices by 5 per cent for this summer season because of rise in price of dry fruits, overhead costs and increase in fuel prices. But despite rise in prices, the Rs 8,000-crore organised ice cream industry expects annual sales to grow by 15-20 per cent. In the past few months, diesel prices have shot up by 23 per cent, salary and wages by 10 per cent and packaging material by 8-10 per cent, thereby ensuring a price hike in ice creams. Hence at this point of time, the objective is to keep price hike under 5 per cent in 2018. South Asia’s only newspaper covering ice-cream industry, “Ice Cream Times”, contacted several players about their preparations for this season. Hangyo Ice-cream Pvt. Ltd, Apsara Ice creams, Iceberg ice-creams, Rollicks ice-creams, Dolce Gelato (a brand owned by Modi Illva India Pvt. Ltd., JV between Modi Group of industries and Prodotti Stella) and Razzmatazz - Perina Ice Creams & Frozen Desserts discussed about their new product launch/innovations. What’s new in store? The ice-cream market is thriving with new flavours and blends for customers. The ice-cream has witnessed substantial evolution in the recent past. During the past decade, this category has grown with an array of innovations in ice-creams. Brands have taken to innovation as the new mantra to attract consumers offering unique taste variants as today patrons are willingly to pay a premium for a good treat. Another innovation is introduction of diet-friendly ice creams as part of brands’ premium range, such as low-fat and sugar-free ice cream, as well as ice cream cakes. With the growing consumer base, increasing disposable income, and greater trend toward eating-out, ice cream market is on the verge to incorporate bigger players and more innovative concepts. Hangyo is happy to introduce new product ‘Celebration box’ to mark the 15th anniversary of Hangyo on February 14, 2018. Pradeep Pai, Mangaing Director commented that Hangyo wishes to pay an ode to 7 States they are present in hence are introducing authentic flavours native to every State. The celebrations box will contain the ice creams from following states. 1. Karnataka - Mysore Pak: Witness rich taste of ghee infused fudge captures the quintessential taste of Karunadu in every bite.

2. Goa - Peanut Caramel: Crafted with secret recipe of Portuguese in Goa, hard-to-resist Peanut Caramel is an ode to Goa. 3. Kerala- Coconut Thunder: Allure your taste buds with Coconut Thunder from God’s own country-Kerala. Experience the whiff of nostalgia from land of coconuts. 4. Tamil Nadu - Filter Kaapi: Made from freshly brewed coffee beans, Filter Kaapi is an inspiration from Tamil Nadu. Experience the roast and grind tales in every bite of this flavour 5. Andhra Pradesh - Payasam: An authentic Payasam made with exotic dry fruits. An ode to Andhra Pradesh is a sweet celebration like a dollop of tradition. 6. Telangana- Qubani Ka Meetha: An old heart throb Qubani Ka Meetha- a royal indulgence from the bygone era of the Nizams of Hyderabad. This royal treat to taste buds is an ode to Telangana. Pure decadence. 7. Maharastra- Shrikhand: Indulge in the sweet, cold and creamy traditional dessert. Shrikhand is an ode to the state of Maharashtra, feels like taste of goodness. The celebration box will have limited production and has 7 cups of 125 ml and sold at Rs.200. Hangyo hopes to spread the good word and invite all its patrons to be a part of the grand celebration of sharing smiles. Kiran Shah, Director at Apsara said regarding new product launch that these days’ customers are always looking for something new and different. They are willing to experiment a lot more when it comes to trying out new things. “To keep these customers hooked, we have come up with innovative icecream flavours such as Pani Puri, Tamarind, multi-layered Kulfis. Of course, we also have our all time-favorite flavours such as Guava with masala, Belgian Bites and Roasted Almonde.” Dr. Suhas. B. Shetty CEO stated that ICEBERG always will be ahead and prepared for ice cream innovations. The season for sumptuous treat is every-day for ice-bergians. “This pristine season we are about to launch the most popular Thick shakes and Freak shakes in Iceberg.” Executive Director, Abhishek Modi said in this regard, Dolce Gelato is committed to offer innovative and new products. “We have introduced authentic Italian flavours in India which are our signature flavours. These flavours itself contribute almost 30 per cent in our overall revenue. We will continue to expand our product portfolio by adding some unique Italian temptations in the coming season too.” Perina Ice-creams & frozen desserts started in 1979 by Shailesh and Vishal’s father and uncle. That time these products dominated Nashik because pushcart was a new concept and the company had about 100 carts. As ‘PERINA ICE CREAMS’ became successful in years, Vishal and elder brother Shailesh completed graduation and thereafter started with a new plant in 2004. Then in 2007, NEW PERINA ice-creams changed their brand name with ‘RAZZMATAZZ’ opening a parlor in Nashik with 56 flavors apart from vanilla, butterscotch etc. Shailesh K Karamchandani – Production Manager commented that “for this season, we are coming up with a new plant in 1 acre with many more varieties lined up. We are the first ice cream manufacturer in Nashik, our customers have high hopes from us and are sentimentally attached with us from a long time. Hence it’s our priority to fulfill customers’ requirement. Our new plant will make way for further expansion as we look to bring in more products in next few years.” Rollick ice-creams

Season Special

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

this season?

are one of the largest manufacturers in Eastern India famous among ice-cream consumers. A stateof-the-art quality controlled laboratory, pure ingredients and carefully selected flavours are reasons of their successful growth. With network of over 250 distributors, the company is going ahead with launch of new products in the market. Abhishek Narsaria, Managing Director specified since real fruit frozen dessert market is an unexplored market in the eastern region. “We tend to come up with Real fruit real pulp ice creams like Mango, Litchi, Sitaphal, etc. Along with ice cream, a major area of concern has been the cone segment wherein we plan to come up with choco brownie cone and disc cone.” Companies’ investment for new products Any new project/launch by a company needs sufficient amount of investment to begin with. On probing, this publication learnt that all companies need adequate backing to push their new products in the market. Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt Ltd opened their doors to public in the year 2003. From then, there is no looking back. With humble beginnings in a small town in Karnataka, it has now grown into a 100 cr entity. Every product at Hangyo undergoes several tests at the factory after which a pilot study is conducted with people from different demographic selected for a blind test. The ice cream is then marked by the respondents for taste, appearance, texture, smell, VFM etc. In this journey of 15 years, Hangyo has invested with market presence in 7 States. The network has grown to include happy clients, customers and distributors across Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Goa. Pai added that “when innovation is shaping the food industry. We plan to innovate at all levels, product, R&D, marketing testing etc. We plan to penetrate into new markets with innovative products while appealing to our core consumers through innovation.” Shah allocates a budget of 5-10 per cent from the annual turnover for marketing. The allocation depends on several factors including seasonality, launch of a new outlet and so on. Shetty devotes a sum of 35-40 lakhs for formulation and strategical marketing of new launches. Narsaria believes that marketing plays a major role in the success of any new product. “We being a company who strongly believes in the teachings of Philip Kotler intend to pump at least 5 per cent of the turnover in marketing of these products.” Modi said that owing to premium price positioning, the

standards deliver the best softy ice cream ever. The flavors are being curated specifically which goes well with these shakes. It will be an experience rather than a thirst quencher. Further he added, ‘Freak shakes’ are most happening and always on Instagram will be launched in this upcoming sea-


ised sector owing to premium price positioning of the brand.” Head of Marketing and Finance at New Pernia ice-creams, Vishal Karamchandani said that “competition from unorganized sector is well known as we compete for our brand value and quality consistency and availability in the market. Small players just win on price and discount.

Competition is growing but at the Pradeep Pai Kiran Shah Abhishek Nasaria Abhishek Modi Vishal Karamchandani Shailesh Karamchandani Suhas Shetty same time, son. “The crazy use of ingredients and the overall market is increasing with customers who are focus is majorly on store level activations and sofreaky look of the shake is what attracting everychoosy about what and which brand they want as cial media campaigns to reach out to the captive one all over the world. Iceberg is going to create no one is master in all. Some have flavors, others audience. maiden freaky shakes which you can never find on got attractive display, availability and some offer Instagram. The ingredient ranges from marshmalgood price. It is very difficult to attract today’s Competitive market: lows, fluffy cakes, cookies, chocolates and much young customers with all in one basket like thing.” The industry is set to grow on the back of partmore than expected. To kick start, we are introducnerships and franchises of brands to widen reach ing four types of freaky shakes this season.” Last fiscal progress report: and distribution. When asked about the competiIce cream market growth showed a slump followtion that exists in the market, Apsara’s Director ing the impact of government’s demonetisation replied unorganized sector mainly plays to draw move in November 2016, which led to a cash the masses by keeping prices down on the most crunch with removal of the country’s two highest popular flavour choices like vanilla, butterscotch. value banknotes (Rs. 1000 & 500). Thereafter, the “Slowly we are seeing them come up with a few industry took another hit when GST was rolled out innovations of their own to retain their loyal set on 1st July, 2017 as many industrial players took of customers. Also, most of unorganized sector is time to understand GST and its functioning. Many into catering and B2B sales, whereas we are more were not in favour of 18 per cent tax slab levied on into retail. Our flavours not only taste unique but ice cream product. are also click-worthy! Our customers love to click pictures of ice-cream served in a Pani Puri, and What even came as a surprise in late November masala sprinkled on their scoop. In today’s age of 2017 to entire ice cream industry was this ansocial media, this really helps to get your product nouncement - Lotte acquisition of Havmor, ice viral and get more people to try it out by looking at cream brand at Rs 1,020 crore. The last fiscal for their friends’ posts.” this industry seemed good with many players focusing on brand building and greater product visCompetition is inevitable in any sector, hence disibility in the market. Indian consumers are now tinctive taste of a product brings back customers. The unorganized sector holds a considerable marwillingly to taste new flavors, at the same time still Iceberg CEO responded that depending on that ket size around (40 per cent) of the Indian ice want their favourite flavours. “we work more and more in that area to specialize cream market. Rollicks as a largest brand of eastin enhancing the taste to its best. The same applies ern India faces competition in terms of high marOn enquiring, Ice Cream Times got to know from for the new product launches also. gin extended to the distributors by local players these clients that the fiscal 2017-18 proved to be due to tax evasion and low pricing of the product very fruitful for them. For Hangyo, Pai said that The extensive research which has been put into because of low value ingredients used in making “welcoming this New Year with enthusiasm, the this launch certainly pays us back. Going to its of the final product. Rollick is one of the most recompany added another feather in its cap by winorigin and discovering the tiny details which go spected top-of-the-mind brands in eastern India. ning 6 prestigious National awards at Great Indiinto the making of thick shakes and freaky shakes an Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert contest organized will definitely make us stand ahead of everyone in Rollicks’ MD feels that today’s customers are exby Dupont. Adding to the celebrations, Hangyo is the line. We see no substantial competition from tremely health conscious and want an alternative happy to announce its completion of 15 years in to high calories ice cream in the market. “The real ice cream business on 14 February 2018.” fruit ice cream would be completely natural, low fat, low calories and very rich in nutrients. Thus Shah noted that “it has been a great year for us it would attract consumers instantly providing as a company. Apsara looks to end the year at 40 a healthy alternative they have been looking for. outlets across 4 cities. We have also started proApart from that, we have multiple exclusive prodduction at our new factory which will enable us ucts like Nutty Roll & Bon Bon represents as a to grow faster next year.” Shetty stated that “last masterpiece for us.” year was very excellent with an overall turnover exceeding 2 crores and with a sales spectrum of Dolce Gelato is a brand owned by Modi Illva In2-2.5 lakhs cups per month. The approaching year dia Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between Umesh Modi is expected to more copious for Iceberg.” Group and Prodotti Stella (Part of Illva Saronno Group). Modi elaborated that Prodotti Stella is Rollick is poised for taking advantage of market not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers transitions in unique ways. At Rollick, leadership of ice-cream raw materials but it is also a leading is dependent upon three major factors. First, vision technology & marketing consulting agency to Ice of how the industry will evolve. Second, the stratCream manufacturers & sellers globally. “Tie-up egy Rollick employs to gain leadership. Lastly, with Prodotti Stella gives Dolce Gelato an edge the company’s efficiency as they take initiatives, over rivals as Prodotti Stella brings in traditional pioneering epitome of innovation, uniqueness & long experience to make the best, authentic and technology with upholding quality of products. unorganized sector of ice creams as these are very the most premium Italian new to Indian market.” Ice Cream (Gelato) in the world. This season is going to be plentiful for Iceberg with all these brand new launches. Thick shakes The training at both plant are rich, more textured, smooth and creamy. They and shop level is also imare not like regular milkshakes (ice cream+milk) parted by Prodotti Stella which are available in the market right now and only. Dolce Gelato is the even vended under the name of thick shakes. Shetonly ice-cream made from ty said “We intend to bring the authentic recipe of ingredients imported from thick shakes first time to India. These shakes are Prodotti Stella, Italy owmade with fresh softy ice cream and dozens of flaing to which quality of the vor combinations which can be selected as per the product is far superior to taste buds. It is so thick, the usage of spoon is a all other ice cream & Gerequisite to enjoy the whole experience.” lato’s which are made in India. We don’t really see a All soft serve machines being provided to existcompetition from unorganing Iceberg franchisees are imported and of high Contd on Pg no 26

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Contd from Pg no 25

Narsaria further said “the last financial year has been quite good for us. We grew by 15 per cent for the year ended March 31, 2017. We have made some significant expansion in our production facilities, which has given us fair amount of results. Moreover, focus has been on new products targeting new market segment. Also, introducing new variants has been profitable too.” Also Modi added that “this fiscal, the brand has seen a tremendous shift both in top line and bottom line of the business. We have improved our presence by not only opening new locations in-

side the premium malls like DLF Mall of India but have also opened store on premium high street i.e. Greater Kailash 1. The same has really helped Dolce Gelato drive its brand imagery and brand’s top of the mind awareness.”

Ice Capsules Developed To Make Instant Ice Cream At Home to make their own ice cream at home, something fast that will reduce supply chain costs given that the on-site making of ice cream cuts the logistics costs of producing frozen ice cream.”

On a concluding note, Production Manager at Perina Ice Creams & Frozen Desserts, Shailesh K Karamchandani summed up the fiscal year as a year which was been full of ups and downs as ‘Demonitization and GST’ turned really twisted cash flow.

ow would you feel if you could make icecreams in your kitchens without chopping, mixing, unsightly and minimize the waiting hours? An Israeli startup has developed a capsule system that would make fresh ice cream in an instant with just the click of a button, more like a coffee machine.

Beth-Halachmi then developed a compact system for the instant production of fresh, home-made ice cream. He participated in MassChallenge, a global startup accelerator that offers up to $2 million in equity-free funding for high-impact startups each year, he already had a working prototype. Solo Gelato did not make it to the final round but caught the attention of Swiss-based chocolate company Barry Callebaut, which was also a founding member of MassChallenge’s Swiss branch in 2016 alongside Swiss food giant Nestlé and Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer or flavors and fragrances.

Capsules come in 24 flavors are a little larger than coffee capsules are known as Solo Gelato’s. They cater to different tastes and offer a number of varieties including sugar-free, organic, and alcoholic options. Each capsule makes a single portion of ice cream. CEO Barak Beth-Halachmi said that Solo Gelato’s system is “like a coffee machine with a technology that freezes and expels air into the capsules, in just 60 seconds. Solo Gelato has two different types of capsules. Durables one for those who value convenience; they don’t need refrigeration and have a shelf life of about nine months, and fresh ones, for those who want freshness; those need refrigeration and will keep for about a month and a half.”

Solo Gelato and Barry Callebaut announced a partnership in 2017 to enable the Israeli startup to use the chocolate producer’s Chocogelato mixes in its capsules. The partnership saw the Solo Gelato team head to the Swiss company’s Chocolate Academy in Weize, Belgium to learn about chocolate making and other Barry Callebaut products, as well as train at the Milan Chocolate Academy for gelato making and product development. Barry Callebaut’s Head of Global Sourcing Massimo Selmo said that time, “MassChallenge not only gives us access to new product ideas and innovative solutions we might never be able to create inhouse. We get to know a talented pool of bright young people with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

An ice cream enthusiast with expertise in gelato-making possessing a background in high-tech founded Solo Gelato way back in 2013. “The idea came to me in 2011. I had a small ice cream factory, and I saw that there were a lot of issues for a small producer; all the costs and also sometimes the product was spoiled, so even more expenses. I told myself why not give people the opportunity

Beth-Halachmi described the collaboration as ‘one of the most helpful and fun parts’ of a long, hard journey. “Solo Gelato hopes to make its products available to customers via direct shipping as well as through online retailers like Amazon. It also aims to partner with big ice cream companies like Ben and Jerry’s, to make its capsules available in as many brands as possible,” said Beth-Halachmi.

Ice-cream without saturated fat likely to become reality


ust imagine if ice-cream would be available in nutritious quantities which would push the product in healthy category. Ice cream is popular around the globe but is high in saturated fat linked to higher cholesterol, heart disease and strokes.

grateful for the invention. Currently saturated fats found in coconut and palm oil, have to be shipped from the tropics and the environmental harm of producing palm oil is well-known. She said “saturated vegetable fat is solid, so what I am trying to do is to make ice cream with liquid oil.

Producing the treat without unhealthy substance would be the biggest achievement for ice cream makers.

But it’s important that to create a structure in the ice cream, to stabilise the icecream, it is important that the lipid is solid and therefore we are structuring the liquid oil into solid fat by adding some structuring molecules.”

This could soon be a reality as a researcher at Copenhagen University is close to replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat in this delicious frozen treat. But when researcher Merete Bogelund Munk’s perfects her newest creation, these health issues will no longer be associated with ice-cream. Munk stated that she wants to make ice-cream with unsaturated fat oil droplets, which are turned into solid fat by adding some structuring molecules - which is pretty amazing to watch. Once Munk is successful in switching out saturated fat in ice cream, then entire world will be

With Munk’s ice-cream, manufacturers would be able to choose oil grown locally, meaning more options for them and less harmful effects on the environment. Ice-cream you can eat guilt-free. Her research work has not gone unnoticed Munk’s experiments are being carried out in concurrence with AAK, an oil-producer major company based in Sweden once Munk’s technique is perfected and flavours have been added.



Bubbies Ice Cream debuts Triple Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream


ancy Food Show - the largest specialty food and beverage show in San Francisco scheduled on January 21-23. This event attracted more than 30,000 industry professionals who get to see new products and trends for the coming year. The Specialty Food Association, an organization connecting and supports specialty food experienced from around the world. Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts, Inc. introduced a new flavor, Triple Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream, at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show where they shared their plans for growth and expansion in the coming year. Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts exhibited at booth 3517 in the South Hall. The company is best known for its premium Mochi Ice Cream. This is a bite-sized ice cream treat wrapped in soft, sweetened dough. The outer layer, mochi dough, is made from rice flour and sweetened with natural ingredients for a soft and chewy texture. The new flavor, Triple Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream, a blend of sweet, smooth chocolate ice cream with premium chocolate chips wrapped in chewy and delicate chocolate mochi. Amazingly, Triple Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream has only 90 calories per serving. Chief Executive Officer Rick Schaffer said “Fancy Food Show is the perfect venue and the perfect time for Bubbies Ice Cream

to introduce our new Triple Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream. The show also gives us a forum us to share other exciting news and changes we are expecting this year with Bubbies Ice Cream.” Bubbies displayed their retail mochi bar, a selfserve freezer that allows consumers to mix and match selections and experience new flavors in a fun and convenient way. The mochi bar also gives customers a chance to purchase single servings in any flavor they choose. New flavors include Blood Orange Mochi Ice Cream and Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream. Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream, with 100 calories or less per serving is more rich and flavorful than other mochi desserts, due to the high quality ingredients. Bubbies is gluten-free (certified by the Celiac Support Organization) and produced without ingredients genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology. Bubbies has been produced in its Aiea, Hawaii location. With ongoing success and demand in U.S. and internationally, Bubbies recently expanded its manufacturing operations with a new facility in Arizona to complement its existing manufacturing and distribution operation in Hawaii.

Ice Cream News

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Baskin-Robbins celebrates Valentine’s Day with limited edition treats Day, and Single’s Awareness Day, including its February Flavour of the Month, Love Potion #31. Made up of a combination of white chocolate and raspberry flavoured ice cream, a raspberry ribbon, raspberry-filled hearts and chocolate chunks, this flavour can be enjoyed in a freshly made waffle cone. For a limited time only, the Flavour of the Month was Baskin-Robbins’ new Heart Shaped Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat included a double fudge

brownie Polar Pizza crust, topped with Love Potion #31 ice cream, cookies and cream pieces, marshmallow topping and fudge, sprinkled with heart sequins. Consumers received their personalized Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Singles Awareness Day cards after visiting valentines-day/ which was available for download from February 1 to 14.


ebruary is that time of the year where the feeling of love is celebrated everywhere all around the world. To sweeten the deals, Baskin-Robbins Canada served love this February, but not just for lovers, but for everyone. The world’s favourite brand of ice cream specialty shops adds a special twist with introduction of three limited edition card packs, exclusive to its Club 31 members. This interactive online experience allows Canadians to print or email Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Singles Awareness Day cards, offered a special gift to guests and their loved ones. Spokeswoman - Baskin-Robbins Canada, Natalie Joseph said “We wanted to create something that can appeal to everyone. Instead of conforming to the regular Valentine’s Day rules targeted solely to couples, these cards bring a fun and interactive twist to telling your lover, sister, brother or bestfriend, ‘I love you’. These uniquely designed cards also include personalized coupons for recipients to use at participating Baskin-Robbins locations.” From February 1 to 28, Baskin-Robbins Canada offered guests a lineup of limited edition frozen treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s

Quality Hardware for Commercial Quality Hardware for Commercial Refrigeration and Cooling Equipments and Cooling Equipments Refrigeration

Telescopic SS Drawer Slides

Refrigeration - MPM Pivot Spring Hinge Cooling with a warm touch, for the last 20 years Freeze Controls is offering Hardware Components for the refrigera�on Industry, represening some of the world's leading brands and working with the Indian manufacturing Industry to collaborate and add value to their products. We offer :  Door Locks, Hinges for- Hinged doors both flush as well as overlap type Drain Heaters, Door Heaters  Telescopic SS slides for Commercial Refrigera?on Equipments

Freeze Controls (India) D-19, Ranjit Nagar Commercial Complex, Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi-110008 Phone : +91 11 45034975, Mobile: +91 98100 97151, Email: website:


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Elanpro Presents Ice Cream Display Cabinet

Combination of sweet and salt for Australian ice cream consumers over the past five years, despite increasing consumer health consciousness and the growing popularity of substitute snacks for health reasons. Ice-cream manufacturers have benefited from rising demand for premium products in recent times, a trend that will only continue to grow. Despite supermarkets and grocery stores being a strong source of sales, gelato and ice cream shops have benefited from positioning themselves at the premium end of the market. Operators that have been able to faithfully reproduce quality ice cream products from abroad have been particularly successful. These products are typically homemade and benefit from a high degree of perceived quality.


ell food fusion is a trend that has caught the attention of several chefs and manufacturers worldwide. The ice-cream industry has not shied away from combination of different elements. Arnotts and Peters Drumstick ice cream joined forces to create a sweet yet salty fusion, using Aussie snacking staple Jatz biscuits.

As a result, consumers have demonstrated a willingness to pay premium prices for these products, boosting revenue from these operators. Local gourmet products are making an increasingly large contribution to the industry.

Dubbed the Sweet & Salty Cracker Drumstick, the combo delivers a cracker flavoured ice cream encased in a waffle cone with golden syrup drizzled on top.

These local products benefit from the high perceived quality of the ‘made in Australia’ brand. Consumers are attracted by the delectable range of flavours, encouraging them to pay the premium price tag. The $4.20 Jatz Cracker fusion is available in selected supermarket shelves.

The collaboration follows the launch of Iced Vovo, Mint Slice, Wagon Wheels and Caramel Crowns, which all made it in to an ice cream tub in July last year. The Drumstick has been around since 1963, sold around 98 million cones in 2017 alone.


ith the aim of bringing creative proficiency to today’s frozen dessert industry operations, Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, added Elanpro Buffet Freezer (EFG 67BF) to its product offering. Elanpro Buffet Freezer is a deluxe ice cream display solution equipped with hydraulic glass door for large display area. Fusing modern elegance with unparalleled flexibility, Elanpro Buffet Freezer provides adaptable, streamlined solution for storage and display. Featuring a top display that can hold up to 8 variants of ice cream at once. The product comes in stainless steel for hygiene purposes. Other standard features include a digital temperature control system and folding glass cover. The innovative range is also equipped with heat-reflective glass ensuring a consistent temperature, keeping cold desserts at the perfect consistency. The product is equipped with R134a refrigerant which has a low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance. It is non-toxic


ne of popular ice-cream brands in the world, Halo Top is set to enter the Canadian shores. The company is all ready to treat ice-cream lovers with their list of delicious treats. The ice cream Halo Top is sending their low-sugar, low-calorie frozen dairy dessert to Canada, and that includes select stores in Vancouver.

Launched in Los Angeles a few years ago, Halo Top has become a huge sensation in the packaged ice cream world in the U.S because of their

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Eutectic Systems (For Transport Vehicles) SCANVISION INVENSYS

9,Chintamani, Plot No. - 421, Takka, Panvel, Navi Mumbai - 410 206 Tel.-022-2745 4997, Cell - 09321 101199 / 09341 101199,

with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Lightweight design and compact footprint, Elanpro Buffet Freezer is ideal for buffets, banquets and catering events. A must have for displaying and serving soft scoop ice cream, Elanpro Buffet Freezer is now available for Rs. 58000 at all Elanpro dealer stores.

Halo Top ice cream heads to Canada

Halo Top will start roster of a dozen core flavours available in Canada, including signature ones like Pancakes & Waffles and Candy Bar. Unfortunately, the selection so far is limited to ones made with milk, and not the new vegan flavours Halo Top has recently released elsewhere.

The $1 billion ice cream industry in Australia has raced ahead in the past five years, with industry revenue at an annual growth of 3.6 per cent over the five years to 2017-18. Niche operators that provide premium ice cream and gourmet gelato products have been extremely successful


low-sugar, low-calorie formula that consumers say doesn’t skimp on flavours, texture, or quality. The “pints” (475ml) you’ll find in Canada will clock in at 80 to 100 calories per 125ml serving. You do math for the damage if you are the type to sit down and kill a full pint. In British Columbia, Halo Top will land on shelves in the frozen section at select Loblaws banner stores, Whole Foods and Save-On-Foods locations. These flavours which are on Halo Top’s Canadian list are Vanilla bean, Chocolate, Mint chip, Peanut butter swirl, Cookies & cream, Sea salt caramel, Chocolate chip cookie dough Caramel macchiato, Pancakes & waffles, Oatmeal cookie, Birthday cake, Candy bar.


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October 2018

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November 2018 December 2018

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Gulfood Manufacturing (8th-November 2018) Dubai

Indian Cold Chain December 2018 Mumbai

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



Industry Get-together and Briefing Day for RAC India Excon


ir Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Cooling is poised for a huge growth and is expected to attract significant foreign investments in the coming years. The budget for 2018 – 2019 has outlined this fact that the next big wave is certainly in the Farm Sector. The big ticket investment is agenda of the Government is certainly to double the farm income by 2022. India being an agrarian society the rise in farm income will play an important role in the rise of disposable income and there by influence the Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation and cold chain Industry and it also remains strong on the focus area for the Government. As organisers we

strongly feel that there is a need for a Trade Platform for these Industry Sectors. RAC India Excon, International Exhibition and conference on Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Cooling scheduled to be held from Thursday 6th September to Saturday 8th September, 2018 at India Expo Centre, Delhi/NCR. The Event is organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, North India Refrigeration Air-conditioning Trades Association and Orange Marcom Services Pvt Ltd. This Business Event is enjoying overwhelming support from the Industry. Association of Ammonia Refrigeration, Federation of Cold Storage Associations of India, Indian Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration and National Centre for Cold Chain Development have already pledged their support for this Business Event.

��������������A����N���TANT TECHNICAL CONSULTANT FOR • Ice Cream • Frozen Desserts • Gelato • Dairy Products • Fruit Processing • Squash & Juices

• Jams & Jellies • Chocolate Processing • Tutti Frutti Manufacturing • Tomato Ketchup & Sauces • Stabilizer & Emulsiers Blends • Non-Dairy with Whipped Cream


Contact : B.S.C (Tech) Food Technology UDCT, Mumbai

Dalal Consultant

B/10 Avanti Habitat Duffnala, Shahibauh, Ahmedabad. 380004, (Guj) India Mob: 09824231791, 09327919196, Web:

As a prelude to the exhibition the organisers of the event organised an Industry Get-together and Briefing Day on 2nd Feb, 2018 at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Get-together was attended by about 100 industries Professionals which included the leading luminaries of industry which included Naveen Seth, Director Exhibitions, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Ashok Mittal, President, NIRATA - Northern In-

dia Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Trades Association, Dr R K Sharma Consultant – RAC India ExCon 2018 (Former Director, NHB; Secretary to NOVOD Board; Consultant NIFTEM, Govt of India; Agribusiness Specialist, World Bank-HPHDP and Core Expert FAO,UN), Manan Kohli, Head Delhi Chapter, Association of Ammonia Refrigeration, Mukesh Aggarwal, Federation of Cold Storage Association of India, V K Mishra, Chairman, Agri Business & Food Processing Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr Rajnish Sinha, Director Orange Marcom Services Pvt Ltd. Speaking on the occassion, Dr R K Sharma Consultant – RAC India ExCon 2018 (Former Director, NHB; Secretary to NOVOD Board; Consultant NIFTEM, Govt of India; Agribusiness Specialist, World Bank-HPHDP and Core Expert FAO,UN) highlighted the opportunities and Challenges facing the industry. Ashok Mittal, President, NIRATA - Northern India Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Trades Association spoke about the contributions of NIRATA to industry. Manan Kohli, Head Delhi Chapter, Association of Ammonia Refrigeration and Mukesh Aggarwal, Federation of Cold Storage Association of India, spoke about the contributions of their associations for the growth and betterment of the industry. V K

Mishra, Chairman, Agri Business and Food Processing Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry spoke about how RAC India Excon will adhere to the industry demand of a fullfledged international exhibition on HVAC and Cold Chain in the northern part of the country. As the other shows were either not held in this part or were dynamic in terms of moving all round the country, but nothing was showing up in the National Capital Region(NCR). While mapping these shows another aspect that came in the count was that, their nature/theme; adjudge much diverse. None gave a focused approach and some being just a boutique or table top exhibitions and did not qualify of being called a full-fledged international exhibition. Speaking on the occassion Rajnish Sinha, Director Orange Marketing Services Pvt Ltd gave a detailed presentation on RAC India Excon Ltd, a Trade Event of the Industry. The entire session was moderated by Naveen Seth, Director Exhibitions, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries. All the delegates who attended the session appreciated the efforts and preparations for the Business Event RAC INDIA Excon. All of them hoped to have a Grand Event “RAC India Excon”.

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INFO MEDIA & EVENTS 121, 1st Floor, Rassaz Multiplex, Station Road, Mira Road (E) Thane - 401107. Tel.: +91-22-28555069 / 28115068, Mobile: +91-7900193072,7021555160 Email:


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Push-carts are the best medium to reach target consumers


ince its inception in the sixth decade of the last century, Sunrise Trolley Manufacturers has sought to redefine excellence in vibrant line of trolleys. The company has state-of-the-art inhouse production facilities. Due to reduced production lead time, stringent quality control and strict adherence to faster and smoother execution of orders, the company has managed an enviable reputation. They also manufacture products according to the exact specifications and requirements of clients.

Q) Why is push-cart used in the ice cream industry and highlight its importance? Push-carts are mainly used to provide ice-creams on roads and in public places, because everyone does not go to the shops/parlours to consume it. This is the most traditional method to serve ice cream lovers and satiate their craving. You can attract maximum number of people on roads than indoors. Q) Comment on the market scenario of pushcarts. The market scenario is really good at present and is anticipated to grow at a very good rate. Big leading companies like Amul, Havmor, Vadilal are using push-carts for their business, following suit are several other players who are venturing for this service. Q) Give detail on the products and services you provide. We provide all kind of services & products related to push-carts only. We have developed a new ice cream e-rickshaw and also push-carts tricycles have been manufactured since my grandfather’s generation. Development and innovation has been

Sunrise Trolley manufactures a wide range of products including ice-cream trolleys, ice -cream boxes, fibre trolleys, plastic eutactic pads, wooden ice-cream trolleys, luggage trolleys ,wheel barrow and carts, airport trolleys ,railway platform trolleys, super bazar trolleys etc . The company also deals in wheels, axles, tyres, tubes, bearing, rims, glass wool, thermocol, Gl sheets, rubber gaskets, and other accessories. Their reputed clientele include Mother Dairy, Hindustan Lever, Dinshaw’s Ice-cream, Dairy Fun, Novelty Ice-cream, Gelody Ice-cream, Vadilal and they cover almost all local suppliers in India.

Ice Cream Times caught up with Deepak Shadija, Partner - Sunrise Trolley Manufacturers at an event and had a candid conversation with him, getting to know a lot about his business and pushcarts.

taking place with time; first wood was being used and now its metal with freezers attached in these carts. Q) What is the number and types of carts that you supply to the market? We supply sufficient number of our products all over India. Q) What are your innovations for the ice cream industry? Also kindly share your plans for company’s growth and development? The latest innovation of our company is ice cream e-rickshaws for the industry so that maximum areas can be covered. The unique specialty of this product is that it gives a parlor feel on the roads. ‘parlour on the move’ could be the right phrase for it. There are development plans for the tricycle. Q) How is your reach with the unorganized sector of ice cream in rural areas? My company has got a better reach with urban areas as compared to rural regions. The trolleys enjoy popularity in rural places because of their comfortability. We have to manufacture the product at an economical rate for the rural market and as per customer requirement.

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


No compromise. On Quality, Trust & Value. Making speciality oils & fats calls for not just use of highly efficient processing but a fine understanding of consumer tastes too. At Bunge, we take into consideration oil chemistry, application parameters and the tropical nature of the country to deliver clients just the kind of oils & fats you desire - anywhere, all the time.

The Bunge package includes: • Partnering with clients to develop customised products that meet their specific needs • Delivering products that conform to stringent norms of quality and reliability • Ensuring consistency in product characteristics and texture in every batch • Providing value-added logistics support through creative planning and execution • Maintaining client confidentiality and trust at every stage of business operations

Get in touch with us. Let us partner for quality innovations and solutions.

BUNGE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED #1 Victor Mansion, 1st Floor, Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore 560 008 Phone: (080) 4115 1120, 24, Fax: (080) 41265075. Pune: No. 23, 3rd Floor, Kedar Empire, Paud Phata, Nr. Dasabuja Ganapati Mandir, Kothrud, Pune - 411 038. Tel: 020 4120 4069; Delhi: First Floor, NH-2, C-Block, Community Centre, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi - 110 028. Tel: 011 4587 0740; Kolkata: Block C, First Floor, Gooptu Court, No.7-A, Middleton Street, Kolkata - 700 071. Tel: 033 2289 1100; Mumbai: 601-C & 601-D, 6th Floor, The Capital, C-70, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400051. Telephone No: 022 66819500.


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Hyper Pack provides recyclable and disposable paper products


atering to the industry demands since last four years, Hyper Pack is a well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of recyclable paper cups and disposable paper products. Every aspect of color, design, shape, capacity, of the disposable paper cups can be customized to suit clients’ requirement. With a state-of-the art manufacturing facility that is well equipped with technological advanced automatic machinery which enables fast production of the eco-friendly designed paper products such as disposable cups. Regular and stringent tests are carried out to make sure that the products are at par with industrial and international standards in meeting growing client demands. These products are available at a competitive price and are provided within stipulated time frame. Hyper Pack offers a wide variety of disposable cups in numerous capacities and designs. The paper products are made of biodegradable materials. Product portfolio includes imprinted paper coffee cups, printed paper tea cups, disposable drinking cups, disposable tumblers, disposable ice cream cups, disposable noodle cups, disposable cold drink cups, colored paper cups, customized paper

products, disposable hot beverage cups, disposable sample cups, promotional paper cups. The manufacturing facility produces 100 ml, 120 ml, 130 ml, 200 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml (Ice Cream Cups), 110 ml (Coffee / Tea), 210 ml, 250 ml, 330 ml (For Cold Beverages). The facility also manufactures varied capacities and specifications like color, designs, graphics and pattern are available in variety of colors. The company also provides double wall cups, and 210 ml, 300 ml, 350 ml cold cups in addition to 8 Oz and 12 Oz Hot cups as well. They are available in the premium as well as value-for-money range from 100ml, 110ml, 150ml, 210ml, 250ml, and 330ml for Hot and Cold beverages. The company offers products customization as per the requirements of clients. Hyper Pack is committed to continually improve Customer Satisfaction by providing innovative solutions, world class products and services to customers. They follow the entire procedures and practices in operation to achieve high standards of efficiency and quality. Total Quality Management (TQM) is applied to streamline entire manufacturing process. Continuous efforts are being made for improvement of materials and technology to give best quality product at most affordable prices.



I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

The natural flavour called vanilla The vanilla harvest, its market fate and ice cream


anilla is frequently used to flavor ice cream. Vanilla ice cream, like other flavors of ice cream was originally created by cooling a mixture made of cream, sugar, and vanilla above a container of ice and salt. The type of vanilla used to flavor ice cream varies by location. In North America, consumers are interested in a more prominent, smoky flavor, while in France, they want a more anise-like flavor. To create the smooth consistency of ice cream, the mixture has to be stirred occasionally and then returned to the container of ice and salt to continue the solidification process. In today’s time, many people often consider vanilla to be the ‘default’ or ‘plain’ flavor of ice cream. But with so many other innovative flavors in the market, Vanilla seems to have become plain, conventional, unimaginative, for many! So spare a thought for vanilla ice-cream, under threat from kinky new flavours, and out of favour with consumers endlessly in thrall to ‘what’s new’. Why have plain, conventional Vanilla ice cream when one can have exotic and innovative flavors.

remained stubbornly conservative, dominated by chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Now though, thanks to migration, long-haul travel, and the internet; consumers are becoming more adventurous and manufacturers are taking note. Parlours have sprung up across offering Persian-style saffron, orange blossom, and rosewater ice cream, sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with honey; and Indian-inspired fla-


such as masala pineapple.

chai and

According to market research, ice-cream sales in the EU and US are static; it’s in Asia that business is booming, so it is understandable that the flavours mentioned above are popular there.

And as more ice cream flavours are launched, the traditional vanilla is coming under threat. In addition, the price of Madagascan vanilla pods is set to increase in the wake of a cyclone earlier this year. With these developments, is vanilla set to lose out on ice cream’s $35bn growth worldwide over the next five years?

Global ice cream brands have spread their reach to almost every corner of the planet. But for many years, flavours from the big international brands

The main flavours offered by international brands have traditionally been vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. However, as globalization took ice

cream to every corner of the world, localised flavours is expanding outwards with migration, tourism, and global reach of the internet. The appeal of these new flavours, such as masala chai and kulfi from India; rosewater, orange blossom, and saffron from the Middle East; or red bean, sesame, and taro from China is set to spread as consum- ers embrace more innovative and far-flung taste experiences. The desire for novel products and new experiences motivated the consumption of around 25 per cent of ice cream worldwide in 2016, showing how the market is increasingly driven by people wanting to try something different, new, and interesting. Consumers also seek out authenticity when experimenting with new flavours, so it is likely that more brands will test out products that will appeal to more globalized palates, with different proportions of umami, sweet, sour, and bitter tastes. Ex-

amples could include chocolate miso, match tea, toasted coconut, lychee, cardamom, nutmeg, ginseng, or citrus flavours that are far more reliant upon East-Asian citrus fruit yuzu, which has already made inroads into the UK’s premium ice cream brands. Unilever’s Executive Vice-President of global ice cream Matt Close said he was absolutely convinced kulfi would work in the UK and would spread easily to the non-Indian population, who has a wide acceptance of Indian food already. Other examples of new experimental ice cream trends include rolled ice cream from Thailand, which involves pouring ice cream mixture onto a freezing metal plate and then rolling the frozen mixture like a piece of paper.

Do these new flavours seriously threaten vanilla’s status? Not according to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA). According to an IDFA survey, the global top five flavours are vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chip cookie dough. When asked about ingredients added to ice cream, the majority of those surveyed said that pecans are the most popular nut or nut flavouring, while strawberries are the most popular fruit added to their frozen treats. And the most daring and creative flavours, can be listed as Lemon Poppy seed Muffin, Black Sesame, and a bourbon / caffeine concoction called Exhausted Parent.


Vanilla’s continuing success is likely down to its staple, inoffensive nature, and its ability to complement other dishes, rather than dominate with a significant, innovative flavour. Vanilla has long been the best-selling ice cream flavour not only because it is creamy and delicious, but also because of its ability to enhance so many other desserts and treats. But why is the vanilla ice cream market going down and expensive; the answer lies within, the best natural Vanilla comes from Madagascar, east coast of Africa. The creamy and lustrous texture and flavor come only from the vanilla pod coming from the zone. Undoubted vanilla is now cultivated all over the world, In India, it is grown in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, North eastern states and Nicobar Islands. But authentic vanilla Ice cream manufacturers definitely swear on Madagascar Vanilla pod. The other side of the vanilla story But there is another side of this story, some experts believe that vanilla s not losing its customer rather the world is running low on Vanilla due to climate changes and theft. A combination of climate change, crime and market speculation has driven the price of vanilla to record highs, simultaneously damaging the quality of natural pods. Ahead of harvest season in the southern hemisphere, and summer in the northern hemisphere, the almost default ice cream flavor choice may not be as ubiquitous as usual. Vanilla is found in everything from ice cream to bourbon, but most of the world’s vanilla comes from one place, the island nation of Madagascar. This year, the island, located off the east coast of Africa, will produce 80 per cent of the world’s vanilla. As cultivating vanilla has grown more lucrative, India, Papua New Guinea and Uganda have planted more vanilla vines, with Indonesia the second largest vanilla producer. Madagascar’s dominance isn’t under threat yet—it could take five years for a new plantation to produce its first market-ready crop.

Yet, Madagascar’s vanilla production faces threats from within the island and far beyond its control. In March this year, Tropical Storm Enawo wreaked havoc in Madagascar, killing at least 78 people, displacing about 5,300 people and affecting nearly half a million people. The cyclone also damaged about 30% of island’s vanilla crop, which has already been affected by drought and desperate farming practices. The uncertainly over this year’s harvest, set to start in June, has sent vanilla prices soaring. Vanilla prices have nearly doubled in the last year, and quadrupled in the last four years. In 2014, a kilogram of vanilla sold for about $60 a kilogram (just over 35 ounces). This year, the cured beans, the


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018 familiar darkened pod, are projected to sell at $400 to $450 per kilogram, a sharp increase from $225 to $240 per kilogram in 2016. Vanilla exports should have helped make island life better and alleviate a poverty rate of more than 77%. I n stead it has created a climate of fear and exploitation.The price increase has also attracted crime, with armed robbers ripping vines out of the ground. F a r m e r s forced to sleep in their fields to guard their produce make only a fraction of the spice’s export price, according to the watchdog. Desperation has driven farmers to pick immature green pods, which sell for about $80 a kilogram. Rather than 48 hours in a sweatbox and 90 minutes a day of sun-curing for two weeks and then aging in a wooden box for six months, the faster process relies on vacuum packing, which reduces the quality and yield of the sought-after mature beans. The Madagascan government has gone as far as a public bonfire of the premature pods. They’ve also created a “vanilla platform” to regulate growers, exporters and the state to ensure a better product. Still industry leaders are doubtful that consumers won’t simply succumb to synthetic vanilla flavors. Vanilla shortage could leave a bad taste in the mouth this summer, as food manufacturer’s grapple with rocketing vanilla prices that threat-


en to push up the cost of ice-cream. The price of Madagascan vanilla surged by nearly 150% last year after the island, the dominant producer, experienced a poor harvest. Now food industry executives are reporting a fresh rise in prices as supply tightens.

companies that use the ingredient in everything from soft drinks to cakes and perfume. But the pain will be felt most acutely by ice-cream makers, as it is the most expensive ingredient in the production process and some will be forced to pass on the increased cost to consumers.

judged to be about 2,000 tonnes, whereas in prematurely harvested pod was between 1,300 and 1,400 tonnes. The combination of high prices and poor quality means some manufacturers are turning to synthetic alternatives. But many food brands are not open to using artificial flavourings.

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron, a result of its long and labour-intensive cultivation.

Vanilla extract can be found all over the world but Madagascar vanilla has the greatest depth of flavour. Managing the price increase is a bit of a challenge for ice cream manufacturer but they haven’t changed supplier. If you are doing battle with giants like Unilever, you need a product that’s unbelievable. We will sell more.”

Vanilla is every ice-cream company’s biggest-selling product. You can bring out a niche flavour but vanilla will still be top. You’ve just got to take the hit on it because customers would notice the difference.”

Taste test: h i g h street ice cream Part of the orchid family, vanilla beans is hand-pollinated on family farms. Each flower opens for only one part of one day during the season – if it is not pollinated on that day, no pod is produced. Once picked, the curing process, which involves drying the beans in the sun by day and allowing them to sweat in a box at night, takes three to six months. The market price of vanilla has risen over the past 12 months and this has been driven largely by a poor quality harvest in Madagascar. The main producers of food grade vanilla – known as black vanilla because of the colour of the dried pods – are Madagascar, followed by Mexico and Tahiti. As with wine, chocolate and coffee, the vanilla from each country has its own distinctive characteristics but it is Madagascan vanilla that produces the creamy, sweet flavour beloved of vanilla Ice cream lovers. Soaring prices will hurt

When prices are high, market experts say, farmers are tempted to pick beans early. That leads to a less intense flavour, compounding problems in the market. The high-value crop is also a high value crop for criminals. Creators defend vanilla flavour made using synthetic biology There are reports that vanilla farmers in Madagascar harvested their crop prematurely, in fear of losing their production to thieves and this coupled with inadequate drying in order to increase profits from their crop has led to lower quality vanilla. A decent vanilla bean crop in Madagascar is

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018 price increase is also due to volatility, labour shortage and the threat of Fusarium wilts — a common fungal disease — as the reasons to abstain from vanilla cultivation, for fear of a crop loss. Vanilla has a 3-year gestation period. And all these reasons have turned the farmers away from cultivating vanilla. Vanilla is a labour intensive crop and there is a requirement of manual or hand pollination for each flower. Vanilla is predominantly an export crop and its domestic usage is very minimal. The industry in India mainly uses synthetic vanilla and not the natural kind. That too is for applications in the food industry, cosmetics etc. Indian Vanilla Market High prices of vanilla seem to have opened up opportunities for farmers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, as the prices for good quality processed beans touched a whopping $600/kg. Low yield in Madagascar, which produces 80 per cent of the world’s vanilla, due to a cyclone, and declining cultivation in India and Indonesia are stated to be the reasons for the upward trend in prices. However, majority of the farmers here could not take advantage of the situation as they neglected the crop following an earlier price fall. Thus, production dwindled to below five tonnes compared to around 1,000 tonnes in 2008-09. The

Chocolate giant Toblerone launches ice cream


his news is going to bring smiles on several faces because chocolate lovers will now get their favorite brand Toberlone in the ice-cream format. Chocoholics will fall in love as the brand gets an ice cream launch. Toblerone has tantalised chocoholics’ tastebuds with the announcement of their latest release -iced dessert. The Swiss chocolate brand’s ice cream is mixed with chocolate and honey. Just like the original version, the product has been shaped into a triangle and dotted with nougat. Customers can snap up a three pack of the lollies from British supermarkets from around £3. The recipe seems to have gone down a treat with those who have tried it so far. People are in praise for this new product and have taken to social media by storm. Comments and posts have grabbed attention from all quarters. A Twitter user said: “Just had a Toblerone ice cream stick and my life has changed for the better.” Another added: “Toblerone ice cream is delicious.” A third remarked: “I might order two million of these and keep them just for myself.” Many chocolate companies have recently announced plans to release new products. A white chocolate Nutella ice cream wowed fans, while Kinder Bueno also impressed with its new iced recipe. The iconic Toblerone chocolate bar is taking a turn for the colder, with parent company Mondelēz International releasing a chocolate and nougat coated ice cream bar. The new ice cream features a chocolate and honey ice cream base coated in milk chocolate, honeycomb bits, and almond nougat mix-ins. The bar itself is shaped like a giant pyramid, so fans can feel like they eating a giant Toblerone bar. Social media users have lit up at the prospect of the bars, with several commentators on Twitter singing its praises. The bars will be sold in multipacks in UK supermarkets such as Tesco, at £3 per box, as well as individually at select retailers for £1.80 each. There’s no word yet if the bars are coming to Ireland, although they have been spotted in locations such as Dubai and Lebanon despite not officially being listed for sale in those territories.

According to A Jayathilak, Chairman, Spices Board, production was very meager due to a lack of interest from farmers in maintaining vanilla gardens, especially in the wake of disease and the price fall since late 2000s. The lower prices also hindered the area of expansion. Currently, production is limited to isolated pockets in Karnataka and Kerala.


Ben & Jerry’s adds new Ice Cream Flavors this season


s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream products are consumed and enjoyed by many ice cream lovers, the company has recently launched an innovative line of their truffle-inspired indulgences. ‘Chillin’ the Roast’ has a delicous cold brew coffee base and there are now two more treats in the Non-Dairy line with ‘Cinnamon Buns’ and ‘Peanut Butter Half-Baked.’ There are also brand new takes on their rich chocolate coated Pint Slices that includes ‘Cherry Garcia’ Founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in May of 1978, Ben & Jerry’s is very famous around the world with 577 of their popular scoop shops in 37 countries. At any given time, the brand has over 50-75 flavors available and over 400 pints per minute are produced in their factories. While you still indulge in their newest flavors, ‘Half-Baked’ remains the most popular one in US. Ben and Jerry almost started a bagel company, but with the

cost of bagel-making equipment, they settled on ice cream. The original Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop was in a renovated gas station in Burlington Vermont. Since 39 years, the business has been spreading ‘peace, love and ice cream,’ the company has always given back to the community and prioritized local sourcing. They support 210 Caring Dairy farms globally. Ben & Jerry’s Foundation supports grassroots activism and community organizing for social and environmental justice around the country. Ben Cohen said, “Business has the responsibility to give back to its community.” The newest additions to the Ben & Jerry’s line of ice creams and their Non-Dairy treats are going to captivate everyone. They are now available at retailers nationwide.


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018

Froneri acquires Mondelez-owned Green & Black’s ice cream


K ice cream manufacturer Froneri has taken over all production of the Green & Black’s organic ice cream brand owned by food giant Mondelez International. Froneri is a joint venture spin-off between Switzerland’s Nestle and the UK’s R&R Ice Cream, which originated in 2016 made it the UK’s largest ice cream producer. Head of UK marketing for Froneri, Charlotte Hambling said “We are proud to be adding another fantastic brand to our premium tubs range that already includes some of the most-loved and well-known household names from Mondelez. Green & Black’s has a unique opportunity in the sector as its mix of high-quality flavours and in-

gredients, as well as its organic credentials, make it a perfect choice for foodies who are looking for a treat of the finest quality.” Green & Black’s is perhaps better known for its range of premium chocolates, a reputation Froneri hopes to imitate in its ice cream. Froneri will roll out three new additions to Green and Black’s organic ice cream: salted caramel, chocolate and ginger, and chocolate and salted caramel. The three new 500-gram tub additions will complement the existing organic ice cream varieties of Green & Black’s Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel Nut and Chocolate variants. Mini pots of 120 millilitres will also be available. The company said “The new additions to the range will seek to establish the brand as the leader in super premium ice cream and occupy a gap in the market for a premium brand whose organic credentials give it an even higher level of luxury.” Green & Black’s Taste Specialist, Brandt Maybury added “We are delighted to be working with Froneri who have a fantastic reputation for producing some of the best ice cream products on the market. Their understanding of quality, great taste and flavours is the perfect choice for upholding Green & Black’s reputation as the ultimate in premium luxury.”

Hatsun Agro makes use of solar steam to make ice-cream


atsun Agro which is an ice-cream and dairy products giant player in southern India will soon use a rather unusual production input: steam for the manufacture of ice-creams. Germany-based company called Protarget has put up a parabolic trough system next to Hatsun’s ice-cream factory near Salem, in west- e r n Tamil Nadu. This which will produce 400 kg of steam an hour using sun’s heat. The steam is piped to the ice-cream plant where it is used for pasteurising milk. The system like any regular solar thermal system, works by the parabolic mirrors concentrating the sunlight onto a tube that carries a ‘heat transfer fluid’ which gets heated up quickly. The heat is then transferred in a heat exchanger to water, which becomes steam. In solar thermal plants that produce electricity, this steam is used to drive the turbines. Hatsun-Protarget deal is different because the steam is made with solar energy. Till now, Hatsun has been using steam produced in-house by burning coal, is spending more on solar steam.

The company officials said that it would pay Rs. 1.3 a kg of steam, 20 paise more than the cost it currently incurs. But it doesn’t mind paying more because of its commitment to renewables. Solar energy expert and Managing Director of Sun Best, Dr C Palaniappan said Hatsun has also put up a solar-water heater system, which produces hot water for its operations, mainly for cleaning its tanks, on the roof of its ice-cream plant in Salem. The system was sold to Hatsun and the plant cost Rs.1 crore, but Hatsun could avail itself of a subsidy of Rs. 42 lakh from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The cost to Hatsun would be paid back in four years, while the life of the 220 units of solar heat collectors is 20 years. The collectors produce 32,000 litres of hot water, which is 87 degrees hot when it reaches Hatsun’s plant. With both steam and hot water produced from sun’s energy, Hatsun actually produces solar ice-cream.

New Low-Cal Pints with Less Sugar launched by Talenti Gelato


ot-selling and one of the popular brand of gelato in the U.S., Talenti just launched a new line of low-sugar pints filling freezer aisle shelves. The three new flavors are vanilla cinnamon, mint cookie crunch, and chocolate fudge swirl—so there’s a taste for every kind of palate. Clocking in at 120 calories per serving with less fat and half the sugar of a regular pint of ice cream, you won’t even feel like you’re cheating on your healthy lifestyle after a couple of spoonfuls. What is the secret of this brand? They use monk fruit juice to sweeten things up instead of sugar. Founder of Talenti, Josh Hochschuler said “Our new flavors are inspired by our fans, who were looking

for a better-for-you gelato option with half the sugar but the same delicious taste and texture they’ve come to know and love. And with each new flavor, craftsmanship is still at the heart of our brand. We create unique recipes that source the finest ingredients from throughout the world.” Along with the guilt-free pints, the company also announced three other new flavors to add to their total of 40 frozen dessert products: cold-brew coffee sorbet, chocolate caramel blondie gelato, and almond butter and honey gelato.


This is the most dangerous and spicy ice cream in Glasgow


here are many people in the world who prefer all their dishes highly spiced and there were some who crave for the same taste in desserts. How absurd can that be! There is a café in Glasgow that gaining the attention of creating ‘world’s most dangerous ice cream’ as they make use of a top secret family recipe spanning almost a century. Martin Bandoni’s Aldwych Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour is the name of the place where you can get to eat this sizzling recipe that’s so hot you need to be 18 and sign a disclaimer to try it. The ice cream – named Respiro Del Diavolo which translates as Breath of The Devil is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Cardonald-based cafe only makes the special desert in limited batches and advises you to bring a pal if you want to try it out. Martin aged 50, said “It’s something that we’ve

taken over from Italy. It’s a recipe that’s been handed down through the years. “It’s a secret recipe, very few know how it’s put together and it’s been around in our family since the early 1900s.” A post on their Facebook page stated “It might be cold outside but our brand new limited edition ‘Respiro Del Diavolo’ will warm you up with just one spoonful. “Handmade in our Cardonald Ice Cream Parlour with great caution, this ice cream is so hot that you must be 18 years old and sign a disclaimer before we can hand it over. Coming in at 1,569,300 on the SHU scale the chilli’s used to make Respiro Del Diavolo are 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce making even the hottest vindaloo seem like baby food!” Martin added: “It’s very hot. If you like chillies then certainly you will like it but it’s a strange sensation because the ice cream is cold but the flavour is extremely spicy. Your mind plays tricks on you when you try it. The ingredients are sourced locally, but the special chillies are part of the secret recipe from Italy. We are testing how people like it so there is only a limited amount produced but received a lot of positive feedback. There are about three people who know how it’s made and when time is right it will be passed down again.”

Manufacturer of : Ice Candy Packaging & Coding Machines

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Indian market

holds great potential for ice cream industry


understanding of their requirements. The plan is to visit as many customers and understand their needs so that we can sell our equipment accordingly. It is very important to build network of business clients to efficiently run the operations.

eknoice -one of the largest Italian manufacturers of systems produce industrial ice cream equipment of various capacities . With vast 35 years’ experience in ice cream sector, creativity and technical innovation research, the company has gained excellent reputation in the market. Right from pasteurisation to filling, extrusion and hardening ice cream products, the company offers a wide range of systems and machines to manufacture ice cream for every requirement and for every type of investment. Teknoice Srl also provides consultancy services to new investors and entrepreneurs who enter the world of ice cream, guaranteeing them with high production flexibility,

Q) How do you view the ice cream market in the next 5 years? There is a huge potential for ice cream industry in India as the consumption is still very low with an average consumption is just 2 cups a year per person and in Italy it is 80. Hence I see a bright ice cream market and there is immense potential for ice cream equipment manufacturers.

easy to use, excellent investment-production ratio, state-of-the-art technology. Ice Cream Times had a word with Sanjib Roy, Regional Head – Marketing, Teknoice who shared some details about the company and their future plans. Q) What are the new ideas and machinery technology adopted for ice cream processing? We have developed several machines for the production of many different products; there are basic machines for cups, cones, sticks, etc but many clients develop novel ideas and hence accordingly we adopt our machinery to those new innovations. Q) What are your latest innovations? Please brief me about your product range? Latest innovations are in the food automatic

lines for extruded products up to 25,000 to 30,000 pieces an hour. We need food automatic machines, food automatic wrapping machines with high capacity and accurate operations. We have also developed many different products with extruded ice cream plants. In India, there is a tendency to use automatic machinery with less labour involved. Products range includes pasteurization systems, continuous freezers, extrusion and hardening lines, filling machines, lines for moulded ice creams, chocolate plants for production of chocolate toppings, etc used for ice cream industry. Q) How do you plan to cater to the high demand of machinery in India? In India, through technical support experts and engineering team, we can understand the Indian customers as being locally connected; there is better

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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Malaysia to enjoy Cold Stone Creamery ice-creams Coming into Malaysia now is a testament to us being able to find the perfect match and the perfect master franchisee for this country,” he said, adding that Malaysian consumers appreciate high quality and great customer service-type brands.

there is never a dull moment. “I love ice cream! We do a lot of tastings, so it isn’t uncommon that we have ice-cream every day. “My kids love ice cream, so they love the fact that I work in Cold Stone Creamery,” he said.

The brand’s very own taste master, Dr Maya WarIt is an interesting time for a global chain like Cold ren spends her days coming up with unique flaStone Creamery to enter the Malaysian ice cream vours for US and global market. scene, seeing that local artisanal brands are enjoying enormous popularity. How the brand plans to overcome the likes of Inside Scoop, Piccoli Lotti, Cielo Dolci, etc. Jimenez said “Cold Manufacturer of Disposal Plastic Cups Stone Creamery will offer local flavours very soon. and Food Packaging Containers


merican ice cream parlour chain Cold Stone Creamery will no longer need to get their fix from neighbouring cities such as Singapore, Bangkok and Manila. On top of a flagship outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Arizona-based brand celebrated its grand opening plans to open 10 outlets within next five years. Founded in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery is best known for its Signature Creations, a range of make-your-own desserts that lets customers pick their choice of mix-ins, all theatrically combined on a frozen granite slab. The store offers 36 ice


cream flavours which are handcrafted fresh daily, using local ingredients. Some of its popular Signa ture Creations include Founder’s Favorite (sweet cream ice cream, pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel), Birthday Cake Remix (Cake Batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie and fudge) and Chocolate Devotion (chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge). Senior Vice President of international operations and development, Eddy Jimenez said “We’re excited to be in Malaysia and we want to make sure we choose the right locations for the brand.

We have done wasabi ice cream in Japan and we have an extensive list of all sorts of different flavours on offer. Local flavours are important and we are very sensitive to the local culture — they’re going to be a big part of the brand.” In the US, seasonal flavours include Jell-O Pudding and pumpkin cheesecake. Warren has even experimented with savoury flavours such as barbecue and taco. For Jimenez, who has worked with Cold Stone Creamery’s parent company Kahala Brands since 2004,

with Multicolor printing

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I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Coolhaus to introduce New Flavors at USA event spective as women-owned brands is vital to bring to the shelf and the consumer, and we plan to play a crucial role in elevating the community.� Coolhaus is known for their innovative and delicious flavors will introduce the following new flavors this year: Milkshake & Fries – Salted Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream with julienne French fries and milk chocolate malt balls.


uper-premium ice cream company Coolhaus based in Culver City, CA is all set to bring new flavors this International Women Day celebrated worldwide on 8th March. At EXPO West, the company will be there in 10 x 20 booth (5570) and they extend an warm invitation to people to visit their stall and provide valuable feedback on their new products on offer. also this would give an opportunity to the visitors to learn about Coolhaus’ expanded retail distribution and celebrate their I Buy Women Owned movement! Coolhaus is the leading women-owned ice cream brand in the ice cream space.

Street Cart Churro Dough – This is brown butter ice cream with cinnamon sugar churro dough and chocolate chip swirl. Midnight Munchies – Chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate-covered pretzels and peanut butter cups. Farmer’s Market Strawberry Cheesecake – Mascarpone & cream cheese ice cream with fresh strawberry swirl and graham cheesecake bites. Buttered French Toast – Buttered brown sugar ice cream with pecan pralines, cakey toast pieces and maple swirl. Chocolate Love – Decadent dark chocolate ice cream

Co-Founder and CEO at Coolhaus, Natasha Case said “As a certified women-owned business, it is exciting to show leadership and really share our innovation and latest creations the day after International Women’s Day. We have recently started I Buy Women Owned movement to bring more awareness to women-owned businesses and we can’t wait to celebrate the other brave, creative and inspiring women-owned businesses at Expo West. Our per-

CoolBiz Enterprises

CoolBiz Enterprises is a leading company in manufacturing, supplying, distriďż˝uďż˝ng and trading of freezer on wheels (FOW) and cart on wheel for various applicaďż˝ons in retail selling. We also manufacture & supply Homogeniser, Ice cream ďŹ lling machine, conďż˝nuous freezers and deep freezers. We oer custom made FOW and carts on wheels as per speciďŹ caďż˝on of the clients.


119, 1st Floor, Rassaz Multiplex, Station Road, Mira Road (E),Mumbai - 401107. Mob: 8779231570/ 9769278424 Email: Website:

I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018



I ce Cream Times - March-April 2018


Sanjib Roy Sales Manager Teknoice. srl - Italy Phone : -+91-8470043448 Email :


Sanjib Roy Sales Manager Teknoice. srl - Italy Phone : -+91-8470043448 Email :

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Ice Cream Times March- April 2018  
Ice Cream Times March- April 2018