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airy industry has hailed the 2018-19 budget provisions for the sector as first major boost after operation flood. Rs 10,000 crore fund will help the dairy industry in upgrading and modernizing the milk procurement, processing and marketing operation. This will also help improve cash flows to the farmers and enhance their farming efficiency and credit worthiness. Kisan Credit Card to Dairy farmers and fisheries will facilitate farmers to have better cash flow and improve credibility thus improving business growth. Issuance of Kisan Credit Card to the diary sector has leveraged its locus in the range of agricultural sector. Dairy farmers are usually landless and the extension of KCC will help improve his credit worthiness. India is contributing about 20% of world milk production at around 167 million metric tonne and we are growing at the rate of 4.5%. World is growing at the rate of around 1.8%. Out of 1.8% growth, 1% is coming from India. The production of milk is rated highest above any crop or food produced in India. It is worth around Rs 6.5 lakh crore, much more than paddy and wheat put together. Till the ‘70s, the per capita consumption of milk in India was only 110 gram per person per day, but today the scenario has transformed. It is 360 gram per person per day and growing on. In another 50 years, our per capita consumption will be equal to that of the US, attaining about 800 grams per person per day, which is already there in some parts. As compared to the European Union, India’s production of 160 million metric tonne equals to 28 European countries. Thus statistically the European milk production may be going stagnant, while India’s production is up in the way i.e. we are growing 20% higher in six to seven years. Kerala government has voiced concern about possible repercussions of regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) agreement on small and marginal dairy farmers in Kerala as it would open up the dairy sector to competition from developed countries. State government requested the Central government to `revisit and revise the RCEP objectives’ so that external competition from developed countries to Kerala can be prevented. RCEP is the proposed mega regional free trade agreement between 16 Asia-Pacific countries including India and ten member nations of ASEAN. It is likely to be signed this year. Kerala demanded Central government to hold consultations with all state governments before signing RCEP. The dairy development department of Maharashtra has intensely opposed the state environment department’s proposal to ban milk pouches in Maharashtra irrespective of its thickness. The department said milk manufacturers and suppliers would have had no option if milk pouches were banned and it could impact the supply of milk. However, state environment department is planning to go ahead by introducing a buyback depository scheme according to which the consumer will have to pay 50 paise extra for each pouch. The consumer will get their money back if they return the pouch to the shopkeeper. While permitting the plastic pouches of not less than 50 microns for supplying milk, government asked the milk dairies and distributors to make efforts to develop alternative system with glass bottles or any other environment friendly material for distribution of milk. Dairy times would like to congratulate Dr.G.S. Rajorhia for taking over as the President of Indian Dairy Association for the term 2018-20. The long time contributions by Dr. Rajorhia to Indian dairy industry and the IDA during the last 50 years will enable dairy industry to take forward. There is a strong need for establishing permanent linkages among milk producers, dairy industry, research and academia and to build new crop of entrepreneurs making dairying more vibrant. Many congratulation to Dr. Rajhoria- President, Dr. Satish Kulkarni, Mr. A. K. Kosla- Vice President, Mr.R.S. Sodhi, Dr. Geeta Patel, Dr. J. V. Parekh, Dr. K. S. Ramachandra- Members (General Category), Dr. S. K. Kanawjia, Dr. G. R. Patil- Members- (RE Category), Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh, Mr . Rajesh Subramanian- Members- (DI Category), Mr. Kirit K. Mehta, Mr. Ram Chandra Choudhary- Members- (MP Category), Dr. Raja Rathinam, Dr. T. K. MukhopadhyayMembers - (PP Category) for organizing such a big and grand event in Kochi. 46th Annual Dairy Industry Conference will surely boost the industry and will help in Indian dairy growth. We wish good luck & success to CEC team for the term 2018-20.

Advisory Board Mr. R.P. Banerjee SSP Pvt. Ltd- Faridabad

Mr. B.M. Vyas Former M.D Amul Anand

Dr. G.S. Rajorhia Former Principal Scientist, NDRI, Karnal

Mr. V.K. Ghoda Sr. Consultant, Perfect Solution, Vadodarra Mr. Vijay Jailkhani Team Ldr, Schreiber Dynamix, Baramati

Dr. Mukund Naware Consultant, Mumbai

Dr. Harsev Singh Ms. Racheline Levi Chief Executive Officer Team Expert, Adepta France

Mr. Devendra Bhai Shah Chairman, Parag Milk Food, Mumbai Mr. Nitin Jain Aurum Equity Partners, Gurugram

Mr. H.R. Dave Deputy M.D Nabard, Mumbai

Dr. B.N. Mathur Former Director, NDRI, Karnal

Dr. K.R. Rao Former CGM, Nabard, Hyderabad

Mr. Subhash Vaidya CEO Dairy Tech Consultancy Serv Mumbai Mr. Dileep Dravid MD & Agro Dairy & Food CS Anand

Dairy Times

Dr. Satish Kulkarni Consultant,Bengaluru

Dr. J.B. Prajapati Principal & Dean, SMC Collage of Dairy Science, Anand

Dr. Ashok Patel Fr. Princ Scientist & Head, Dairy Technology NDRI Karnal Dr. Suresh B. Gokhale Director Research BAIF UruliKanchan, Pune

Mr. Vivek Nirmal MD Prabhat Dairy Mumbai

Dr. Trevor Tomkins President, Venture Dairy U.S.A

Dairy Times Feb Mar 2018  
Dairy Times Feb Mar 2018