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Olfa Hamdi

Advanced Work Packaging Expert | Capital Project Effectiveness Advisor


“The most notable benefit from AWP implementation is field execution acceleration and accuracy which translates in schedule savings," Hamdi said. "Cost savings have been observed but they do depend on the level of maturity of AWP implementation” Olfa Hamdi, Petrochemical Update, July 2017

Hamdi is one of the country’s first researchers and advocates for Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and the practice of project lifecycle Integration in Capital Projects delivery. She was a key member of the Construction Industry Institute’s research team 272 (CII RT 272), which significantly expanded existing models for WorkFace Planning. Hamdi is co-author of the Industry Research Implementation of AWP (IR272). Hamdi documented through case studies and expert interviews AWP benefits and challenges as part of her academic research work and thesis published at University of Texas Austin entitled "Advanced Work Packaging (AWP): from project definition through site execution“. She is the executive director of the AWP Institute ( and Chief Operation Officer of Concord project Technologies inc., a California based technology start-up company building the industry’s first digital platform for the integrated development of front end AWP deliverables. Hamdi holds two Masters of Science in Engineering with a graduate background in construction law.

Background •

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Global project effectiveness and AWP advisory roles within hydrocarbons, refining, energy, consumer products, mining and chemicals industries. Areas of expertise include Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Front End Planning, Project Risk Analysis, Integration & Interface Management, Contractor management, processes, and performance, Alignment, Preventive Dispute Resolution, Lessons Learned & Project Closeouts. MS in Engineering and Project Management, The University of Texas, Austin MS in Engineering, Ecole Centrale, Lille - France BS* in Math & Physics, Lycee Louis Le Grand, Paris - France Construction Law & Dispute Resolution, Texas Law School

Books • • •

Co-author, Title 1: Advanced Work Packaging Volume I: Design through Workface Execution Co-author, Title 2: Advanced Work Packaging Volume II: Implementation Guidance Co-author, Title 3: Advanced Work Packaging Volume III: Implementation Case Studies and Expert Interviews

Industry Interviews “Documented benefits of implementing AWP include productivity improvements on the order of 25 percent in the field, with corresponding reductions of 10 percent of total installed cost. Other significant benefits include improved safety, improved productivity, less rework, significant reduction in requests for information and increased stakeholder alignment” Olfa Hamdi, BicMagazine, 2016

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PMI Washington DC Podcast, Interview with Olfa Hamdi on Advanced Work Packaging (link) Project Management World Journal, Interview with Olfa Hamdi, founder of the Advanced Work Packaging Institute (link) Project Management Institute, Interview with Olfa Hamdi on Project Management Techniques (link) Leaders Magazine, Interview with Project Management Expert Olfa Hamdi (link) The Western Canada Capital Projects Journal by Independent Project Analysis Inc. | Interview by Dean Findley, senior director of subscriptions at IPA on Workface planning and field productivity (link) La revue « L'ingénieur », “Une Centralienne de Lille qui a su tracer son chemin à l'international” Interview by the Director of International Relations at Ecole Centrale de Lille

Selected AWP Publications • • • • • • •

How To Prepare For Advanced Work Packaging The Next Level: Practical Steps To Smarter Work Packaging Four steps to an Integrated Project Delivery System Advanced Work Packaging: The Case for a Project Delivery System The Impact of Advanced Work Packaging On Your Organization Chart Advanced Work Packaging: Thinking with the End in Mind Can WorkFace Planning Boost Your Field Performance?

Selected Non-AWP Publications Hamdi O., Leite F., The Conflicting Side of Building Information Modeling Implementation in The Construction Industry, ASCE journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution Hamdi O. and Mcfadden, M, The Hidden Costs of Our Contracting Choices: Inside the Industry Contracting Strategies for Capital Projects, IPA Hamdi O. and Mcfadden, M, Projects In Emerging Markets Can Be As Competitive, IPA Hamdi O. and Mcfadden, M, Project Office Costs: The Right Mindset, IPA Hamdi O. and Leite F., BIM and Lean interactions from the BIM capability Model perspective: a case study, IGLC 20 Hamdi, O. Random Drug And Alcohol Testing In The Workplace: The Supreme Court of Canada Ruling and Its Implications For Companies in Western Canada, Western Canada Capital Projects Journal by Independent Project Analysis Inc.

Key Engagements •

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Capital Projects Effectiveness Advisor, Independent Project Analysis Inc. o Led small, large and megaprojects risk analysis engagements for Owner companies including: Shell (USA, NL and DL), Cargill, Borealis, BP, DOW Chemical, Cytec, Honeywell, Saudi Aramco, Sadara JV, Merck, Constellium, Flint Hill Resources, LyondellBassell, Chevron, Tricoya. Executive Director, The AWP Institute o Led the AWP Institute to be followed by thousands of capital project professionals implementing and/or interested in AWP. CEO and Chief Product Officer, Concord Project Technologies inc, o Led AWP Digital Information Mapping for early adopter organizations o Led a multi-million-dollar software development project to develop the AWP Integrated Deliverables Platform | T-CON Platform AWP researcher, The Construction Industry Institute o Led the documentation of key case studies on AWP implementation Construction Disputes Mediator, Texas Law School o Led the mediation of construction related disputes in Travis county Lecturer, The National Institute of Defense o Lecturer on megaproject related risks and management best practices Visiting Scholar; The University of Texas at Austin Lecturer, capital project management research; the Command and General Staff College of Tunisia

Contact information For AWP related inquiries: For technology related inquiries: Mailing address:

2225 East Bayshore Rd, Suite 200, Palo Alto CA 94303

Olfa hamdi | Experience Advanced Work Packaging  
Olfa hamdi | Experience Advanced Work Packaging