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What is Toxicity? “Toxicity is the degree to which a substance (a toxin or poison) can harm humans or animals. Chronic toxicity is the ability of a substance or mixture of substances to cause harmful effects over an extended period, usually upon repeated or continuous exposure, sometimes lasting for the entire life of the exposed organism.” Fauci, Anthony S. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

If you are suffering any of the following symptoms... • fatigue • repeated infections • headaches • chronic fatigue gastrointestinal • • aches and pains... it could be due to some degree of toxicity. 90% of toxins in the human species are from food contaminates. Post WW2, we saw the addition of fertilizers and the production growth/pressure for profit of the food industry. Unfortunately, with the indiscriminate use of technology applied to agricultural development the nutrient content in our soil is sorely depleted. Even those with the healthiest diets are finding the need to supplement. Since food is the major culprit, we want our patient community to know about the clean 15 and the dirty 12. In order to help remove excess toxins, items on the Dirty Dozen list need to be washed thoroughly before consuming! Better yet, try to buy these items organic. The Clean 15 are all "cleaner" produce, as the majority has a protective peel that is removed before consuming. A light washing before peeling will keep the produce even cleaner. These items are typically lowest in pesticides and are ok to eat conventionally grown. Resources: “Ingredients”, “King Corn”, “Deconstructing Supper: Is Your Food Safe?”, “Tapped”, “Food Matters”, Pilates magazine, The New Detox Diet by Elson Haas, Fat Flush for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman, Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind by Jeffery Morrison, Clean by Alejandro Junger

Dirty 12: 1. Celery 2. Peaches 3. Strawberries 4. Apples 5. Blueberries 6. Nectarines 7. Bell Peppers 8. Spinach 9. Cherries 10. Kale/Collard & other greens 11. Potatoes 12. Grapes (imported)

Clean 15: 1. Onions 2. Avocado 3. Sweet Corn 4. Pineapple 5. Mangos 6. Sweet Peas 7. Asparagus 8. Kiwi 9. Grapefruit 10. Cabbage 11. Eggplant 12. Cantaloupe 13. Watermelon 14. Sweet Potato 15. Honeydew

Ask us about our scientifically based Metagenics detox program. The benefits experienced are often immediate and the long term guidance toward a healthy nutritional diet is invaluable.

1. Where do we get most our toxic exposure? 2. What diseases are associated with toxicity? 3. Why is it important to know the Clean 15 and the Dirty 12? 4. Do you have any of the symptoms listed? 5. Why is it necessary to take supplements if you have a good diet? The most common toxins that we are exposed to: • Air pollution: Working in or around chemicals in the home, workplace and outside including exhaust fumes. • Food/Water: Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers as well as additives such as colorings, flavorings and preservatives. • Animal products containing hormones, antibiotics and parasite treatments. • Drugs, prescribed & recreation, e.g. alcohol, tobacco etc. • Carcinogenic ingredients in personal care and cleaning products. • Off gassing of furniture, appliances, paints etc. • Electromagnetic radiation (EMRs). • Plastics.

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