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Barrington Family Dentist At our small, state of the art, office we strive to provide the highest quality care while working within each patient's budget. It can be difficult to find a dentist to address your dental needs. We focus on each patient's dental needs on an individual basis and develop a customized, holistic treatment plan to address them. Our dentist is trained to provide a wide range of services including those of an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, endodontist, and prosthodontist. Barrington Family Dental can address for your dental requirements through preventative dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics (braces), children's dentistry, bridges, implants, root canal endodontic therapy, porcelain dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, or crowns.

Fall River Teeth Whitening Do you want a beautiful smile? Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your smile and boost your selfconfidence. Imagine, a single whitening procedure can counteract years of exposure to coffee, tea, red wine, cola and smoking, giving you the smile you've always dreamed of!

Fall River Cosmetic Bonding If you have teeth that have stains that cannot be removed by bleaching, and veneers or crowns are not necessary, then cosmetic bonding might be a good option for you. Cosmetic bonding is an affordable, quick and painless way to repair many cosmetic flaws or injuries, including: Gaps in teeth Spots or stains Chipped teeth Dental bonding sculpts individual teeth without requiring removal of any tooth structure. This technique bonds a composite material that looks, acts and feels like the real thing, to an existing tooth. This procedure usually doesn't require the use of an anesthetic; is relatively quick to apply; gives an immediate result and is less expensive than veneers.

Fall River White Composite Fillings Until recently, dentists used a silver and mercury amalgam to fill and seal cavities. Because a larger amount of the original tooth must be removed, these types of fillings often weaken teeth. Recent innovations now allow us to replace old silver fillings with composite or porcelain fillings that are stronger, safer and more natural looking. Say goodbye to "metal mouth" and hello to a beautiful new smile.

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Fall River MA Childrens Dentist | Fall River Family Dental are dedicated to making sure your time with us is as pleasant as possible. E...

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