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How You Can Help Somone Hear Better It happens to all of us. A friend or neighbor asks, "How do you like your hearing aids?" And this is where we have to be very careful. Why? Because what we say could have a huge impact on what that individual does about his own journey to learn more about how they can get help to hear better. We are use to wearing hearing aids every day; and we already realize how valuable they are to our everyday lives. The dangerous part of this conversation is when we make a flippant comment and say, "Oh, you know; they're nothing like my natural hearing," or "I can't wait to take them out at night1" Both statements may be true in some cases. However, without explaining that the aids do help you better hear your spouse, business associates, and friends every day, the inquiring person may walk away with a negative feeling about hearing aids and never pursue the hearing help they need. A better approach is to anticipate that inevitable conversation and have a prepared answer ready. And I'm going to give you the answer! Here it is: "I waited a long time after I realized I need help with my hearing before I asked someone that question I wish I had done it sooner. My experience and yours may be totally different. The best thing to do is have your hearing tested." (This is where you can make a bold referral.) "I know a business you can trust to tell you exactly what's going on with your hearing. Advanced Ear Care (949) 777-6521

You should call Advanced Ear Care. They will tell you honestly if you need hearing aids or not, and really help you if you do. Their number is (949) 830-5330." This avoids giving the person any unintended misconceptions about hearing aids and provides them with a good solid direction to check ito for getting the help they need – sooner, rather than later.

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How You Can Help Somone Hear Better