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How Would You Like to Be “In The Loop”?

Perhaps you have heard of the new home-wired receiver technology called “looping�.

The idea behind looping is to wire your home (or other selected location) with a wiring system threaded through the ceiling or underneath the flooring.

This allows for excellent reception of television and radio signals through your hearing aids.

Here’s Stuart for more information:

“I started researching “looping” early last fall. The results of my research were so positively conclusive as to the functionality and performance of this exciting new concept that by the end of 2009, I decided to implement a program to offer “looping” to our patients.

I hired a qualified electrician (one of our hearing impaired patients) to wire our surroundsound room.

I then sent his hearing aid to the factory to add the required telecoil so he could personally test the response of the looped system. His results only added to my excitement for this innovative technology.

So how does our “looping” program work? It’s an amplifying sound system that we will, for a fee, install in your home – typically the room where you watch TV.

Call Today (947) 777-6521 Visit Our Website

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