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Hearing Test – Early Detection Hearing loss is a serious and common problem for many people both in America and around the world. It tends to be gradual in nature and the process can be so slow that many sufferers are not even aware of the problem until it has progressed significantly. A hearing test is an important way to detect these problems and possibly keep it from getting worse. A hearing test is normally carried out in a Doctor’s office. An initial evaluation of hearing can be as simple as someone whispering sounds from a given distance at a given sound levels. However the more common method of performing a hearing test is through an audiometer. The audiometer hearing test is normally done by have the person being tested sit in a soundproof booth wearing a set of hearphones connected to an audiometer. The audiometer produces tones at certain frequencies and volumes. The person administering the test has the person respond to the tones and then plots the response on an audiogram. Through this plot, the person administering the test can determine if there is hearing loss and to what degree. At that point, further testing may be recommended or a number of treatments initiated to either help correct or prevent further damage of degradation of hearing. Early detection can be important as there may be things which can be implemented before the problem becomes permanent. So even though you think all may be well with your hearing, it is a good idea to have at least a simple hearing test regularly. Why let a minor problem turn into a major and long lasting one?

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Hearing Test Laguna Woods  
Hearing Test Laguna Woods  

Important points you need to know when undegoing a hearing test