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In This Issue A Funny Thing Happened Feedback & Whistling


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Here...

We want to provide you with information that is useful, enjoyable. This is your newsletter! Please let us know what we can do to improve. If you have a question about hearing, hearing aids, hearing protection, or on any other topic in our area of expertise, please write to Sherill at, or call our office at 949-273-2728 with your suggestion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Although hearing loss is serious business, there is humor to be found along the way.

Please remember our offer to give you a six month supply of batteries in exchange for your humorous story about what brought you, a friend or family member to finally wearing hearing aids. Be assured The other day one of our patients that names will not be used in the newsletter. came into our office and didn't Sharing your story may help others. have her hearing aids in. When asked why she wasn't wearing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ them, she said, "I don't feel I need them as much as other people seem to think I do." In A hearing loss is more obvious order for me to schedule an than a hearing aid. appointment for her with the correct practitioner, I asked her, "Do you remember if you see ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mike or Stuart?" She answered, "Oh, yes! I like Martha Stewart!" The answer gave me and the several people sitting in the

lobby a good chuckle. Our little Trouble Shooting: lady chuckled, too, when it was Possible Solutions explained to her why her answer was so funny, and she sheepishly to Common Problems admitted that perhaps she was wrong and the others were right: maybe she does need her hearing aids, after all! Hearing aids always seem to act up at the We hope you get a little laugh most inconvenient times. out of this, too, and remember Here are some suggestions to help get you by until that hearing loss can touch you can get in to see us. everyone...from infancy to retirement and beyond. And Feedback or Whistling while this is a whimsical 1. Make certain the aid is inserted all the way into footnote, hearing loss can be canal properly. frustrating on both sides of the fence. We hope you will consider 2. Check for wax in end of aid. getting the hearing help you or your loved one may need...before amusing moments 3. Make sure there are no holes in the casing of the aid (sound could be leaking out the holes.) Do become moments of frustration not attempt to try to patch casing. Take aid back to instead. Remember, you and your hearing are important to us your specialist. and we're here to help. 4. If you wear a Behind the Ear aid, check the tubing that goes from the aid to the mold--see if there are any cracks or splits in the tube. Also Quick Links check the ear hook for any splits.

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5. Make sure the ear mold is in your ear correctly and completely. Remember, you are always welcome to come into our office for assistance with any kind of difficulty you are experiencing with your hearing aid or your hearing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hearing Aids Feedback or Whistling We want to provide you with information that is useful, enjoyable. This is your newsletter! Please l...

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