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Can a heart nutrient eliminate depression and anxiety – maybe even Alzheimer's? I've always felt that many cases of depression and anxiety were heart issues. By that, I mean that the depression and anxiety are the result of how and what someone thinks. Obviously, some cases have physical causes. And now, ironically, research shows that you can completely eliminate some of these cases with a nutrient primarily used to treat your physical heart. You probably know that Coenzyme Q10 helps keep all of your muscles strong – particularly your heart muscle. It's the nutrient you must take if you're using statins to keep the drugs from destroying your muscles. But a group of researchers from Cairo, Egypt have found that this powerful nutrient can completely eliminate depression and anxiety. The researchers artificially induced depression and anxiety in mice with forced swimming and chronic restraint stress (CRS). Afterward, they gave the mice large amounts of CoQ10. To determine the effectiveness of the nutrient, they used behavioral traits. But they also used biochemical measurements on hippocampus volume and increased hippocampal oxidative stress, both of which are associated with depression. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls emotional response and memory formation. It looks like a seahorse that's located on both sides of the lower part of the brain. Many researchers believe it is the first area that Alzheimer's disease damages. This last fact is interesting, since many doctors now believe that Alzheimer's is a severe form of depression and should be treated as such. In fact, one neurologist at Emory University in Atlanta says the connection is so close that 90% of his Alzheimer's patients actually suffer from severe depression. So if CoQ10 helps depression, it may help relieve Alzheimer's. Back to the study. The researchers found that the behavioral anxiety and depression completely disappeared while the mice ate the CoQ10. What's more, the biochemical markers also showed that the nutrient's actions in the hippocampus reversed oxidative cellular and DNA damage.

Incredibly, the researchers said, "CoQ10 may have a potential therapeutic value for the management of depressive disorders. However, further research is still required to characterize the mechanism of the antidepressant effect of CoQ10 and extend these results before the safe application in humans." What? We already know how safe CoQ10 is for humans. Why wait for more studies? We now have clear evidence that CoQ10 can help relieve depression, anxiety, and maybe even Alzheimer's. So there's absolutely no reason not to wait. These researchers didn't use the best absorbed form of CoQ10 – Ubiquinol – in this study. So it's possible you can see even better results by using this form. If you're deficient, it could significantly boost your mood, your memory, and we know it will keep your heart in great shape. Your insider for better health,

Alzheimer’s disease  

This article focuses on a recent study which shows that depression and possibly even Alzheimer's disease can be prevented with a heart nutri...