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Advanced Vision Formula: Astaxanthin Your parents and doctors told you to eat carrots, growing up, because it helps your vision. The beta carotene creates the orange of the carrot and is used by your body to help eyesight. This is true of zeaxanthin in corn on the cob and lycopene in tomatoes. Many people take Ubiquinol to gain these benefits through a daily vitamin. Recently there has been a breakthrough on the study of astaxanthin that finds it can do more than any other substance, not only for your eyes, but for your entire well-being. The most potent form of Astaxanthin is found in Advanced Vision Formula developed by Advanced Bionutritionals. History of Astaxanthin Through years of study, it was found that astaxanthin is the nutrient responsible for changing the color of a lobster when it is boiled. Our eyes can end up damaged from singlet oxygen (O2, an inorganic chemical which is more unstable than the more prevalent O3 or triplet oxygen), due to pollution, sun rays, and other factors. Astaxanthin is the only carotenoid that can defend your eyes against such factors. When this was discovered, Johns Hopkins University completed a study that gave healthy rats six doses of astaxanthin a day for three days. The rats were then left undisturbed for three more days before their retinas were again studied. Expectations were that astaxanthin would not be present, but it was, and in high levels. It was found that it crosses into the brain, offering protection against light damage and inflammation, helping with joint support and other ailments. Benefits of Astaxanthin With the increased use of digital technology, many people suffer eye strain and fatigue. Astaxanthin helps by relieving dry eyes, blurry and double vision, eye dryness and fatigue. A study completed on humans showed that 46 percent had an increase in their distance vision. In nine studies, it was shown that astaxanthin can help with many ailments such as: Blood sugar problems Joint pain Indigestion Weight Loss Inflammation Immune System Why Astaxanthin is Better Than Others There are many known antioxidants found in plants and foods around the world. Astaxanthin, however, is the only one that has been found to be as highly active in the body. This is because it does a number of things that others cannot, like: Crossing blood-retina barrier to protect the eyes Crossing blood-brain barrier to protect brain and nervous system Trapping high number of free radicals Neutralizing singlet-oxygen Protecting cell membranes Reducing DNA damage Absorbing UVB rays Traveling throughout body to bring benefits to all organs Aiding in bone support How to Get Astaxanthin

This antioxidant is found in small algae near the coast of Hawaii called Haematoccus pluvialis. While also in crustaceans and salmon, the doses found in them are 250 times less than found in the algae. There is now a supplement called Advanced Vision Formula where this more potent ingredient can be found. It is an all-natural solution that supports your eye health, while offering the other benefits of astaxanthin, such as stabilizing blood sugar problems. There are a number of COQ10 health benefits, as well as those found in Ubiquinol. None, however, come close to those of the Advanced Vision Formula with astaxanthin. Whether you want to offer support for your eyes, or your entire body, astaxanthin can help your body reduce inflammation and stabilize through a single daily dose. About Advanced Bionutritionals: Advanced Bionutritionals offers a line of cutting edge nutraceuticals formulated by doctors who pioneered alternative medicine approaches to better health. Their supplements are made from fresh, high quality ingredients. Advanced Bionutritionals aims to provide safe and effective health solutions. Summary: Astaxanthin offers a plethora of benefits for the entire body, including reducing eye fatigue/strain, lowering inflammation, , and joint support. It surpasses the benefits of other antioxidants and can be found in Advanced Vision Formula in its most potent form. Tags: Ubiquinol, COQ10 health benefits, blood sugar problems, bone support, joint support

Advanced Vision Formula: Astaxanthin | Astaxanthin offers a plethora of benefits for the entire body, including lowering inflammation, ey...

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