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The Connection Between Bone Loss and Proper Digestion The digestive system is more closely related to the rest of your body's health than you might have ever thought possible. Research has shown that digestive issues can affect every part of your body and a host of different illnesses and disorders, from heart disease to cancer, making it extremely important to watch your body's digestive health. The newest research has shown that there is also a connection between bone loss and digestive health. You may be wondering how these two very different systems could be connected. The answer to your question is this: Crohn's Disease. Crohn's Disease is a condition that affects the digestive system, and its side effects can include osteoporosis. People afflicted with osteoporosis tend to have brittle bones, and are more susceptible to fractures. It is believed that this connection between Crohn's Disease and osteoporosis is due in part to the medications that those with Crohn's take to combat their illness. Another key piece to the puzzle is the reduced amount of nutrients that Crohn's patients are able to put into their bodies as a result of the disorder. Research done on groups of Crohn's patients has shown that a nutrient-based approach to treatment is more effective than a medical course of treatment that uses nutrients as supplements. When used on their own, nutrients allowed patients to actually increase their bone density over time, which is a significant improvement over drugs that were only known to reduce bone density and promote bone loss in patients. This study should give physicians a reason to pause and consider natural nutrient-based approaches to treating bone loss as well as digestive problems. It's no secret that nutrients and minerals help promote bone growth and overall health. Now the research has spoken for itself, giving everyone proof that natural is a better way to go when treating your body. If you have a digestive disorder, it is highly likely that your body is being depleted of nutrients it needs. In order to heal your body and create a healthier state of being, you should consider how calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D therapy can help your body. Other vitamins, nutrients, and supplements are also essential for your body's proper functions, so make sure that you are always doing everything you can to keep your bones strong and your digestive system healthy.

Whether you suffer from Crohn's disease or another digestive disorder, take a moment to consider the effect that the prescription medications are having on your system. In many cases, natural supplements can provide better benefits without putting you at serious risk for osteoporosis. If you are already at risk for developing this degenerative bone disorder, consider how nutrients can improve your bone density and promote better bone growth over time. With just a few changes to your daily routine, you can begin to see a whole new you in just a matter of weeks. Your digestive system and bone structure will be healthier, making you feel better and more vibrant than before. For more information visit

The connection between bone loss and proper digestion  

In the past, doctors were quick to prescribe various medications to combat bone loss and digestive health, but recent findings are showing t...