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January 26, 2014 Basic Truth: Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever Key Question: Is anything too hard for Jesus? Bottom Line: Jesus can do anything. Memory Verse: “With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26, NIV Bible Story: Jesus has power over everything. Calming the Storm • Matthew 8:23-27

Make It Fun (Introductory Activities, 10 minutes) Streamers “Streamers” is an activity that allows the children to make a visual to understand today’s Bible story. What You Need: Large craft sticks, clear tape, dark blue paper streamers, light blue paper streamers, and scissors What You Do: Before the activity: Cut the streamers into 2-foot sections so each child gets two sections of the light blue streamers and two sections of the dark blue streamers. During the activity: Give each child a craft stick and the four streamers. Help the child tape the streamers to one end of the stick using the clear tape. At the end of the activity: Allow the child to play with their streamer by waving it around in the air. What You Say: Before the activity: “Do you know what the big pushes of water in the ocean are called? What washes over your toes when you walk on the sand? (Pause.) Yes, those are called waves. We do not have an ocean in our class room today, but we can still make waves.” During the activity: (Hand out craft sticks and streamers.) “We are going to tape the streamers to the sticks so that we can make our own waves. (Help the child tape the streamers to the craft stick.) There we go! These are going to be your waves!” At the end of the activity: “Now that we have our wave sticks, let’s make some waves! Move your sticks in the air and pretend you are making waves just like in the ocean. (Demonstrate.) Our story today has some really big waves in it, but something stops them! I cannot wait to find out what it is!”

Make It True (Large Group, 15 minutes) Worship WORSHIP LEADER: “Hi, friends! Have you had a blast learning about some of the amazing things that only Jesus can do? (Pause.) I know I sure have! Wasn’t it so cool when He helped Peter catch ALL of those fish? Or what about when He fed ALL those people with only TWO fish and FIVE loaves of bread? Or when He walked on the water? Oh, my goodness! Is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) Say it with me!”

CHILDREN and WORSHIP LEADER: [Bottom Line] “Jesus can do anything!” WORSHIP LEADER: “You got it! Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Let’s sing about that right now! Everyone jump up on your feet! Here we go!” Lead children in singing “He Can Do (Anything).” WORSHIP LEADER: “Great singing! You know, not only can Jesus do anything, but He’s also here to be your friend forever, too! Isn’t that awesome? Who wants to be your friend forever? (Pause.) [Basic Truth] Jesus wants to be my friend forever! That’s right, and He’s such a good friend to each and every one of us every single day! Let’s sing about what a good friend Jesus is.” Lead children in singing “Good, Good Friend.” WORSHIP LEADER: “Good job, guys! I so enjoyed my time with you today! Before I go and find my seat for another AMAZING Bible story, let’s say our Memory Verse one time together. Ready?” CHILDREN and WORSHIP LEADER: “‘With (hug yourself with your arms) God (point up), all (spread your arms out in a moving circle in front of your body) things (lay right hand in the palm of your left hand) are possible’ (two thumbs up), Matthew 19:26.” (Open hands like a book.) WORSHIP LEADER: “That’s the truth, friends! Let’s get ready for another great story. I can’t wait to hear what happens today!

Introductory Sketch What You Need: Glow bracelets. HOST: “Hey there, guys! How are you? (Pause.) I can’t wait to show you something fun that my grandma helped me make! I was at her lake house last week and we had a snowstorm SO big you couldn’t see anything but white when you looked out the window. It was a lot of snow! It snowed so hard the lights went out! Good thing I had my handy dandy flashlight with me so I could see! But you’ll never guess what happened. (Pause.) The batteries stopped working and it was still dark! I was really scared! But Grandma helped me make a special light. She remembered that she had some glow sticks in a drawer in her kitchen. I love those things; don’t you guys?! (Pause.) We got those out and she made them into bracelets. (Hold up arms to show.) Pretty awesome, right?! We even had enough to put a few in a jar and it lit up the whole room. I wasn’t afraid of the storm after Grandma helped me make these. (Remember suddenly.) Hey, today you guys are gonna hear about a really awesome story of what Jesus did when a big storm came. So turn on those listening ears. (Click right ear.) And now the other one. (Click left ear.) Great! Are they ready? (Pause.) Testing, testing … great! Enjoy the story, friends. I’m gonna go play in my closet and check out my glow bracelets some more.

Bible Story What You Need: Bible. STORYTELLER: “Hey, it’s great to see all of you! Today we’re gonna hear another true story from the Bible about Jesus! “The story begins with Jesus and his friends on a boat at night, when all of a sudden it began to rain! (Pat your legs.) Plip, plop, plip, plop. Can you do that with me? Plip, plop, plip plop! Then it rained

harder! (Pat your legs faster.) Plip, plop, plip, plop! Then really, really hard! (Pat your legs even faster.) Plip, plop, plip, plop! The boat started to rock back and forth, back and forth, and Jesus’ friends got scared! They wanted the storm to go away, but they didn’t have the power to stop it! You know who DID have the power? (Pause.) Jesus—that’s right! But do you know where Jesus was? (Pause.) “He was sleeping! Everyone pretend to snore! (Lay your head on your hands and snore.) Ha ha! Good snoring, everyone. Well Jesus’ friends were so scared that they woke him up! ‘Help us Jesus!’ they said. Now friends, is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) No! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything, and you know what He said to the big storm? He said, ‘S-T-O-P!’ Do you know what that spells? (Pause.) ‘STOP!’ Jesus told the storm to stop! And you know what? It did! Jesus had the power to stop the storm. Is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) No, because [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! Can you say that with me? Is anything too hard for Jesus?” CHILDREN and STORYTELLER: [Bottom Line] “Jesus can do anything!” STORYTELLER: “It’s true, friends! He can do anything! Let’s pray. “Dear God, thank You for this incredible true story that lets us know that Jesus can do anything! Help us to always remember that. We love You so much! Amen.

Make It Stick (Application Activities, 35 minutes) Stormy or Calm What You Need: The streamers that were made during “Make It Fun” What You Do: Before the activity: Give each child the streamer that they made during “Make it Fun.” During the activity: Have the children wave the streamer over their heads in the air. Say, “Calm,” and have the children calmly wave their streamers. Then say, “Stormy,” and have the children wave the streamer very hard. Alternate the words several times. What You Say: Before the activity: “Let’s get out the cool streamers that we made earlier. We can use these to be like the ocean!” During the activity: “First lets be a calm ocean. Wave your streamer soft and smooth just like a calm ocean. (Demonstrate.) Great job! Now let’s be a STORMY ocean! Wave your streamers hard and fast just like a stormy ocean. (Demonstrate.) Faster! Wow! You are making a strong storm! Now calm! (Demonstrate.) STORMY! (Demonstrate.)” (Repeat as many times as desired.) At the end of the activity: “That was SUPER fun! There were BIG waves in our story, weren’t there? (Pause.) Do you remember how they went away? (Pause.) Yes! Jesus told them to stop and they did! Isn’t that amazing? [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! Is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) Nope! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything!”

Make It Real (Small Groups, 5 minutes) SMALL GROUP LEADER (SGL): “Have you ever heard a bad storm or watched it out of your window at home? Maybe you heard the thunder or the heavy rain or even saw lightning in the sky! Storms can be scary, like in our Bible story today. Jesus’ friends were scared because they were in a boat and it was rocking all over the place! Today we learned that we don’t have to be scared of storms because Jesus has power over everything—even storms! Jesus did something only He can do and He made the storm stop! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything—even stop storms! Is anything too hard for Jesus?” CHILDREN and SGL: [Bottom Line] “Jesus can do anything!” SGL: “Yes, He can! Okay, I’m ready to hand out some stickers/hand stamps. Let’s say our verse together a couple of times and then it will be your turn to say it all by yourself. Ready?” CHILDREN and SGL: “‘With God, all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26.” (Repeat and then let the children say it by themselves for a reward sticker/hand stamp.) SGL: “I am SO proud of you! I hope you never forget that with God, all things are possible! I think today would be a good day to make a list in our journal of things we are afraid of. Then, when we pray, we can ask God to help us not be scared.” Write down the children’s names and what they say in your journal. Remember to print the words so they can recognize their names and letters. Mention their list when you pray together.

Prayer SGL: “God, sometimes we get a little afraid of things, like Jesus’ friends did in the Bible story today. (Read the children’s names and what they are afraid of.) Help us remember that Jesus has power over everything and we don’t have to be afraid. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Get Ready to Dismiss Set any take-home creations where you or parents can get them easily. Greet parents at the door and tell them that this month preschoolers are learning that [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything. Encourage parents to repeat the Bottom Line at home and help their child understand that [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything. Have this month’s Parent CUE available for parents to pick up or send it in a monthly email. Encourage parents to use the activities found in Parent CUE to reinforce this month’s Bottom Line: [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything.

January 26 preschool lesson plan  
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