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January 12, 2014 Basic Truth: Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever Key Question: Is anything too hard for Jesus? Bottom Line: Jesus can do anything. Memory Verse: “With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26, NIV Bible Story: Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Feeding 5,000 • Mark 6:30-44

Make It Fun (Introductory Activities, 10 minutes) Baskets and Beanbags What You Need: A large basket, masking tape, and 7 beanbags What You Do: Place the basket against a wall. Take several steps away from the basket and mark a standing point on the floor with tape. Show the children how to toss the beanbags into the basket. Once a child has tossed all seven beanbags, take the children to the basket and count together how many went in the basket. Take the beanbags back to your starting line and let the next child have a turn. Continue as long as there’s interest. What You Say: Before the activity: “Raise your hand if you want to play a game! (Pause.) Yay! I have a SUPER fun game for us to play. All you have to do is try and toss these beanbags into that basket like this.” (Demonstrate.) During the activity: (Each time a child tosses the beanbags.) “Good job! Come on, everyone! Let’s go count how many beanbags went in the basket!” At the end of the activity: (Gather the children around you so they can see the beanbags.) “That was fun! Let’s count our beanbags one more time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Seven beanbags. Hmm, let’s see what happens when I do this. (Separate the beanbags into one group of five and one group of two.) Now how many beanbags do I have over here? (Pause.) Count with me! One, two, three, four, five! Five beanbags. And what about over here? (Pause.) Count with me! One, two! Two beanbags. Good job! Our Bible story today is about how Jesus uses five pieces of bread and two fish to feed A LOT of people. Sounds like something only Jesus can do!”

Make It True (Large Group, 15 minutes) Worship WORSHIP LEADER: “Hi, everybody! Did you have a great week? (Pause.) Me, too! I have been waiting all week long to hang out with you today! I can’t wait to hear another Bible story about how [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! I wonder what He’s gonna do in today’s story? But before we can find out, we’ve got some singing to do! Who’s ready? If you’re ready, jump up on your feet and let me see your best fishy faces! (Look around the room showing off your best fishy face.) Wow! Look at all those fishies. I think you are ready!”

Lead children in singing “He Can Do (Anything).” WORSHIP LEADER: “Great singing! Tell me, is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) No way! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! Can you say that with me? (Pause.) Is anything too hard for Jesus?” CHILDREN and WORSHIP LEADER: “No! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything!” WORSHIP LEADER: “That’s right! Do you remember who gave us Jesus? (Pause.) God gave us Jesus so that He can always be our friend no matter what happens. [Basic Truth] Jesus wants to be my friend forever and yours, too! Can you believe it? (Pause.) What a GREAT friend for us to have! Who wants to be your friend forever? (Pause.) [Basic Truth] Jesus wants to be my friend forever. You got it! I have a song for us to sing that will help us remember that. Can I teach it to you? (Pause.) Great! The words say: ‘Jesus is a good friend. (Point up on “Jesus.” Two thumbs up for “good friend.”) He’s a good, good friend.’ (Either continue thumbs up or hold hands with friend and swing arms.) Let’s do the motions together before we get started. (Repeat the words and motions with the children a few times.) You guys look like you’ve got it! Let’s sing and do the motions with the music right now.” Lead children in singing “Good, Good Friend.” WORSHIP LEADER: “Whew! That was so much fun! Jesus IS a good friend that we can always trust no matter what! I’m so glad that God gave us His son, Jesus. It’s almost time for me to go so we can hear another great Bible story, but before I go and find a seat, let’s say our Memory Verse together with the motions.” CHILDREN and WORSHIP LEADER: “‘With (hug yourself with your arms) God (point up), all (spread your arms out in a moving circle in front of your body) things (lay right hand in the palm of your left hand) are possible’ (two thumbs up), Matthew 19:26.” (Open hands like a book.) WORSHIP LEADER: “Awesome job! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything because He’s God’s Son and with God all things are possible. It’s time for us to hear another AMAZING story from the Bible where we’ll hear about another time that Jesus was able to do anything with God’s help.

Introductory Sketch What You Need: Clipboard and pen. HOST: (Enter with clipboard and working really hard.) “Oh, hey, friends! I was just writing my grandma a letter to say thank you! She let me come stay at her house by the lake for a whole week. It snowed SO hard it was almost over my head! In fact, the snow was so high we couldn’t even drive to the grocery store! I was afraid we wouldn’t have anything to eat. But Grandma used what she had in the pantry. She found some marshmallows and butter and melted them and then she had some crispy rice cereal that she added. We mixed them all together (make stirring motion) and made two huge batches of crispy treats! We even cut them up and put them into bags to take to the neighbors in case they couldn’t get to the grocery store either. It was SO much fun! Can you believe that my grandma came up with that great idea to help feed so many?! She’s amazing! (Suddenly remember.) Hey, today’s Bible story is about how Jesus did something totally amazing with food, too! You guys get your ears ready and I’ll go finish this letter to mail to my grandma.

Bible Story What You Need: Bible, picnic basket, 5 bread rolls, and 2 cans of tuna STORYTELLER: (Enter with picnic basket with the rolls and tuna inside.) “Hi, guys! You all are looking good today. So happy to see you again. Are you ready to hear a super duper awesome Bible story today? (Pause.) This is a true story that happened when lots of people traveled from far away to hear Jesus talk. There were lots and LOTS of people … like lots and lots and lots of people! FIVE THOUSAND people! That’s a lot of people! “Okay, so this story starts with Jesus teaching a big crowd of people—5,000 people! Do you know how many 5,000 is? (Pause.) 5,000 is a LOT of people! Well Jesus had been teaching them all day and it was getting close to dinnertime. And the people were getting so hungry that their tummies were starting to rumble. Can you imagine five thousand rumbling tummies? I bet it was pretty loud! So Jesus said, ‘Let’s give the people some dinner.’ But Jesus’ friends, the disciples, said, ‘Jesus, that’s too hard! Do you know how much money it would take to feed 5,000 people?! How much do you think it would take? (Allow a few of the children to guess.) I bet it would take A LOT! “Anyway, the disciples thought it was too hard to feed the people, but is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) No! Because [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! So Jesus said to his friends, ‘How much food do we have?’ So the disciples counted what they had in a basket. (Take out the loaves one at a time as you count.) One, two, three, four, five loaves of bread. We have some fish, too. (Take out the cans of tuna as you count.) One, two … two fish. That was it; that was all they had! Well, that’s not even enough to make a grilled cheese sandwich, or a plate of spaghetti, or even cereal for everyone! Oh, no! What would Jesus do? “Jesus took the food and bowed His head and thanked God for the food. Then He told the disciples to break the bread and start giving it to the people. They gave it to one person, then another, and another and another, pretty soon all FIVE THOUSAND people had food! Jesus did it, friends! He fed ALL the people. He turned a little bit of food into lots and lots of food—enough so he could feed 5,000 people! Is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) NO! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! Is anything too hard for Jesus? Say it with me!” CHILDREN and STORYTELLER: [Bottom Line] “Jesus can do anything!” STORYTELLER: “It’s true, friends! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything! Great job! Let’s pray. “Dear God, thank You for this incredible true story. Jesus, help us to always remember that You can do anything. We love You, God! Amen. “Thanks so much for coming and being great listeners. Go home and tell your family and friends about this amazing story!

Make It Stick (Application Activities, 35 minutes) Play-Doh® Loaves and Fishes “Play-Doh® Loaves and Fishes” is an interactive way to retell today’s Bible story. What You Need: Yellow and blue Play-Doh®, rectangle cookie cutters, fish cookie cutters, and wet wipes

What You Do: Before the activity: Place both the yellow and blue Play-Doh® on the table and lay out the cookie cutters. Make sure you have enough cookie cutters so each child can play while you retell the story. During the activity: Retell the Bible story and allow the children to make their own fish and loaves with the Play-Doh® as you are talking. What You Say: Before the activity: “In our story today, Jesus made lots and lots of fish and bread for the people to eat. Let’s use our Play-Doh® to make fish and bread as we listen to the story again. Look at your Play-Doh®. What colors do you see? (Pause.) Yes, there is blue Play-Doh® and yellow Play-Doh®. What color do you think the fish should be? (Pause.) You got it! We should make the fish out of the blue Play-Doh®. What about the bread? (Pause.) Absolutely! Let’s make the bread out of the yellow Play-Doh®. Are you ready to make loaves and fishes?” During the activity: “There were so many hungry people and they only had a few pieces of bread and fish. Can you make two (hold up two fingers) fish with your cookie cutters? (Demonstrate.) Nice! Can you make five (hold up five fingers) pieces of bread with these other cookie cutters? (Demonstrate.) Good job! How could all of those people eat lunch with such a small amount of food? (Pause.) Jesus always helps us when we need Him. He came and turned the few pieces of fish and bread into MANY, MANY pieces of fish and bread! Can you use your Play-Doh® to make MANY, MANY pieces of fish and bread? (Pause.) Jesus made so much food that everyone was able to eat.” At the end of the activity: “WOW! Look at all of the food that you have made! I see a lot of fish and bread! We can make fish and bread out of Play-Doh®, but we cannot do what Jesus did. Is anything too hard for Jesus? (Pause.) No way! [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything!”

Make It Real (Small Groups, 5 minutes) SMALL GROUP LEADER (SGL): “Feeding just a few people can be hard for me. I can’t imagine feeding over 5,000 people! But Jesus did it with only five pieces of bread and two fish. Amazing! Is anything too hard for Jesus? No way! Say it with me!” CHILDREN and SGL: [Bottom Line] “Jesus can do anything!” SGL: “Let’s practice saying our new Memory Verse together. Don’t forget to do the motions with me!” CHILDREN and SGL: “‘With (hug yourself with your arms) God (point up), all (spread your arms out in a moving circle in front of your body) things (lay right hand in the palm of your left hand) are possible’ (two thumbs up), Matthew 19:26.” (Open hands like a book.) (Repeat the verse and motions a few times.) SGL: “Yes! ‘With God, ALL things are possible.’ And that’s why [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything, because Jesus is God’s Son! “Okay, friends, it’s time to pray. Today let’s make a list of things that are hard for us to do. When we pray we can ask God to help us.” Write down the children’s names and what they say in your journal. Remember to print the words so they can recognize their names and letters. Mention their list when you pray together.

Prayer SGL: “God, we’re having a hard time with a few things and we need Your help. Will You please help … (read the children’s names and what they listed). Thank You for loving us the way You do. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Get Ready to Dismiss Set any take-home creations where you or parents can get them easily. Greet parents at the door and tell them that this month preschoolers are learning that [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything. Encourage parents to repeat the Bottom Line at home and help their child understand that [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything. Have this month’s Parent CUE available for parents to pick up or send it in a monthly email. Encourage parents to use the activities found in Parent CUE to reinforce this month’s Bottom Line: [Bottom Line] Jesus can do anything.

January 12 preschool lesson plan  
January 12 preschool lesson plan