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Written and illustrated by Aishola, Virsaviya, and Madina

One day there was a very strong storm and very cold rain. Suddenly the sky was shining and magic sounds were heard from the sky. Somebody fell down. She was a magic girl from another planet. The girl had the longest blue hair and big blue eyes. Her skin was a little bit white. Her ears were similar to an elf’s ears. When people saw her, they thought she was strange. When she fell from the sky, people were afraid of her. The girl was called Luna.

Luna decided to walk across the town and see what there was. It was a small town, and she liked it. She walked to a small house that had a sign on it. The sign said, “Happy Volunteers.�

Inside, Luna could see people of many different ages doing many kinds of work. Luna could see how happy the volunteers were, and she wanted to help too. But she didn’t know how to help the people in this new world. So Luna made a decision to go from house to house and ask people what they wanted and what they needed. The magic girl wanted to do something for them, but the people didn’t understand her. They ignored her. This made Luna feel lonely. But she didn’t want to give up so quickly.

Luna tried a second time. When night came and she saw that all the people came back to their homes, Luna saw that all of the streets were dark and scary. She decided to give people light, and she put light in the street lamps. The streets became light and cozy. Luna thought that the people of the town would be glad of her change, but they became angry that the light was shining brightly in their windows. People demanded that Luna turn off the light so they could sleep.

Luna became sad and began to cry and walk up and down the streets. Soon she heard a very beautiful but sad song coming from a house. The house was an orphanage. The children there were so sad and lonely that Luna decided to stay with them.

Luna was good with the children, and the children were kind to Luna. They walked, played games and made crafts. They taught Luna songs, and the children took part in different cultural events with her. The orphanage became like a big friendly family. The house was a happy and fun place to be. Most of all, Luna had found a way to help. She was a ‘happy volunteer’ too!

People began to see Luna and her small friends. They saw how kind and cozy the house seemed. Soon the town’s people decided to help the children too. They gave the children clothes, toys and came to them on different holidays. The town was soon filled with friendship because everyone was helping. Luna was very happy to be surrounded by her favorite children in such a kind place.

About the Authors Aishola is 14 years old and studies at Prejivalski School. She is in 8th grade. In her free time, Aishola volunteers at the American Corner in Karakol and the Journalist House. She likes to walk with her friends, roller skate, ice skate and ski. She likes horses and pets. She also enjoys spending time with her family. Her favorite things to eat and drink are cutlet and coffee. After finishing high school, Aishola wants to go to the American University in Central Asia. In the future, Aishola wants to be a famous journalist, open different markets, and do charitable work. Her dream is to find adventure! Virsaviya is 15 years old. She is in 8th grade at Lenin School. She is kind and sincere. Her favorite foods are chips, French fries, pizza and ramen. She also likes coffee and green tea. In her free time, she likes to walk with her friends and take part in different activities. Virsaviya dreams about being a good translator in the future. Madina is 16 years old. She is in 10th grade. Her hobbies are listening to music, reading myths, and styling hair. She is also a volunteer and enjoys looking after her brother in her free time. Madina likes eating azu!!!

Friends of Luna  

This is a sample picture book written by secondary EFL students in Kyrgyzstan.

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