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This last month was absolutely insane! Quest magazine was all over the city documenting the hottest events in your favorite clubs! Let me start out with Essex. Can you say 2 Chainz! An absolutely packed wall-to-wall event that set the standard of what an after party should be like! If you didn’t get a chance to see Spyda and Magic that night, it’s ok, because Trinity hooked up TMZ with the video footage (cha-ching!). This video was absolutely everywhere documenting this epic party with two amazingly talented dancers! You can check out our video of 2 Chainz at!! Only a few nights later Essex was at it again with the one and only Sir Mix-A-Lot! Check out our picture pages of both of these awesome events! One club that impresses me a lot lately is Cheetahs. This Gentlemen’s Club is pulling in some of the most beautiful entertainers in the valley! The Friday night KUPD parties continue to be rockin’ and are always a great time. They have new VIP areas and plans for a new cigar lounge! Cheetahs is taking things to a new level! If you haven’t been to Cheetahs lately, its time to stop in and see what the buzz is all about!! One of our media partners is Tony Batman and he was in town hosting the Miss Pole Champ Southwest Regional at the Hiliter Gentlemen’s Club. This was a great event with a lot of extremely talented competitors. I couldn’t believe how many talented ladies traveled from another state to compete! True dedication! A special thank you to the Hiliter for allowing us to document this event! Check out Tony’s article as well as our picture pages to see what you missed! It was so cool to get an email from Denis Goncharov. a very talented photographer who lives in Russia! Apparently, Quest Magazine is making it around the globe and Denis asked us to please publish some of his pictures. After looking at his some of his pictures, we were more than happy to publish his work. Check out the Hidden Gems sections of the magazine to find out what we’re talking about. Truly beautiful women from around the world! #questmagazine #global Bike week is upon us and I am so excited for all that is in store for everyone this month! Dirty Dogg is going to have some of the baddest bike week celebrations in town!! Check out the events calendar to find out exactly when and where to be during the month of April!! Ride safe!!

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Girls, Quest is all about finding “real” local ladies. Down-to-earth. Are you one of the hottest dancers, bartenders, DJs, cocktail servers in your city?? Want to capture it in a beautiful photo shoot? Drop us a line and let us know about yourself or someone you know. INFO@ADULTQUESTLIVE.COM Thank you to Tia, last months featured local model (above) who ran into at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas.





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Reasons She 08 7Won’t go out with you

by James M. Sama

12 SellingTheFantasy by Nyla


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HIDDEN GEMS - More Sexy Ladies

2 Chainz, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Christina Aguchi and more!




Reasons She Won’t Go Out With You

I find myself faced with more and more objections from men about how they do everything I mention, but it still “gets them nowhere” with women. This, of course, means they’re not getting what they want from said woman/women – a date or a relationship. Allow me to say something that I don’t think really needs to be said. Opening a door or pulling out a chair for a woman won’t automatically overcome her with the desire to make little tiny knights in shining armor with you. There is much more to being an attractive man than that, here are seven things to pay attention to.

You are too nice Everyone already knows this, but there is a fine line between being a good guy, and being “the nice guy” – a man who rushes around the table to yank out a woman’s chair before she gets to it, or nearly breaks his neck doing an NFL-esque spin move around the front end of the car so you can open her door for her, does not come across as confident or romantic. He comes across as needy and trying way, way too hard. Any act of kindness should be natural and casual, as if it is second nature (it should be, or at least believed to be), not forced or hurried. Stop it. Aside from that, if you have no semblance of your own opinion or preferences, you will be seen as a doormat, someone who doesn’t challenge her intellectually, and subsequently dropped like a bag of dirty laundry.

You don’t look the part Alright, before you start typing up your hate mail, let’s remember not to shoot the messenger here. The blatant reality of the dating world is that looks do matter. Do you need to be Channing Tatum to get a date? Obviously not – but, it is important to be well-put together, well groomed, and well dressed. I’ve used the term “well dressed” in the past and people have gotten bent out of shape because they don’t like wearing suits, or don’t own one. I didn’t say wear a suit. You can be just as well dressed in casual cloth10

ing – what matters is the cleanliness, the fit, and the appropriateness of the style. The fact of the matter is that we are visual creatures and putting at least a little effort into your appearance matters.

You pay no attention to what she wants

When first courting or speaking to someone new, there are many cues you’ve got to pay attention to. If a woman isn’t answering your texts or is politely declining to spend time with you, continuing to push your own agenda will make it clear to her that you really don’t have any interest in what she’s conveying to you.

We have all cringed at movies where a young boy will perform a splendidly romantic act for a popular girl who everyone knows will not be interested in him because he’s being desperate. Why translate this activity into adult behavior if we secretly know in our hearts it won’t work?

If you are only concerned with your own interests during the courting process, why should she think you would make a good significant other?

Be casual and confident, if a woman thinks she is holding your volatile self-worth in her hands, she’ll stay far, far away.

She just got out of a relationship


Sometimes, this isn’t just some empty excuse. It’s a real, emotional experience in the lives of men and women and often times we aren’t quick to jump into building something with someone new if we are still reeling from a breakup. Even if it is an excuse, accept it, and move on. There are only two options if a woman is saying this to you: 1: She really just got out of a relationship. Stay in touch, remain friends, and see if things progress in the future. 2: She is saying it to politely let you down without hurting your feelings. Don’t push it, or you’ll force her to be honest and that won’t be good for anyone.

She is just not interested Sorry man, but it really can be just this simple. With billions upon billions of people in the world, no two are the same. Everyone has their own unique preferences and things they look for in a partner, and we can only commit ourselves to one person at a time. If you don’t fit what a woman is looking for in a relationship, all that means is that you don’t fit what that one woman is looking for. Simple as that. On to the next.

She can see right through you A woman’s intuition is like x-ray vision towards men. If she feels that you are only pursuing her for a single goal or knows that you’re a player with a reputation, she won’t give you the time of day (if she wants something serious). If you’re not genuine and sincere, you will lose in the long run, and sometimes right off the bat.

You try way, way too hard This is different than being “too nice” as referenced above. Often times a woman might not even realize you are too nice until she already spends time with you, but what about before then?

by James M Sama 11



The most frustrating part of a strippers job (besides constantly having to reject invitations to dinner, or even more insultingly, a hotel room) is the part where, for whatever reason, the guys just aren’t buying dances! Isn’t that what these guys came in for? Lap dances? No. Not really.

“You wanna dance?” it starts to feel like a nagging wife, which is what they are trying to escape so why would they pay for that? Likewise, if you were already half naked when you approach them, why would they feel the need to give you money to GET naked? It’s all part of a psychological mind-fuck.

By examining why the customer comes in, what he is expecting, what he fears, and what his needs are, we can then reevaluate what the “stripper’s” job really is and maximize our earning potential. I am about to reveal what separates the “boss bitch” from the rest of the herd.

“When our emotions are engaged, we often have trouble seeing things as they are.” - Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

If men are not coming in with the sole purpose of buying lap dances, then why ARE they coming in? The simple answer: to fill a void of loneliness & low-self-esteem, escape reality, admire the beauty of the female form, flirt with women in an environment that is “safe” for them to do so or because it’s “guy time.” In any event, this information will be applicable. They want to be seduced. Catered to. Have their wildest fantasies entertained and at the very least….. they just want to get close to a pretty woman. They are not complicated creatures. However, when every girl they encounter has the same opening line, 12

a mill

just waiting to entertain HIM. Notice I said sell him the FANTASY! He will be there every week and then he will bring ALL his friends in to see just what a stud he is amongst all these gorgeous Emotions are very powerful and can ladies and they will spend money, too. make people do, say, promise and BUY anything! Have you ever bought some- Women shoot down men all day, every thing based entirely on emotion? What- day. Men are scoffed at when they inever it was, you believed that you would nocently pay a compliment to a pretty FEEL better in the having of it, right? girl. Their wives and girlfriends nag them, and probably for good reason. Men have emotions, too, they just differ But if you want them to spend money from a woman’s and when they enter on you, you have to be EVERYTHING a strip club they enter into what I refer their wives and girlfriends are NOT. to as a “negative universe.” Scientifically Some are emasculated by female supespeaking, a negative universe contains riors at work, and some just are far too opposite versions of standard charac- intimidated by women to even look us ters in radically different color schemes. in the eye so they expect the “strip club” Applied to the strip club it would be re- to embrace them and their insecurities worded to state that a negative universe and provide them a reprieve from their “contains opposite versions of everyday mundane daily routine. There are also women in radically less clothing…that different types of men that frequent really, really like them.” strip clubs. The weird guy who always sits in the back and only orders a diet Appeal to his sense of masculinity and Coke every Friday at 5:30, the trendy worthiness. Cater to his need for ap- guy young guy who wears his sunglassproval and to feel important. Sell him es the whole time and claims he “never the fantasy of having his own personal pays for lap dances,” the baller who likes harem of beautiful, happy women all

tumes doing amazing stage shows and now it makes men either think of cheap women with daddy issues or wince in resistance at the suggestion of going to a strip club. If you can remember that you provide a valuable service for your customers and develop an attitude that strives to serve them, they will reward you handsomely for validating that they exist, are desirable and that each one of them IS the most important person to come through the door. Here are some basic things you can do that will help you achieve this: 1. Smile. Just. Fucking. Smile. 2. Wear something more than a G-string. PLEASE invest in a costume….

you can’t expect lionaire to drop stacks on you if you LOOK like a $20 hooker.

to show out with his homies, and the businessman showing his clients a good time. Their needs and expectations vary but what they ALL have in common is that they want to feel appreciated, desired and special. Men also want what they can’t have and this is precisely why “dirty dances” are KILLING your income! The more you GIVE, the more they expect and the less they appreciate it and the less they are willing to pay for it. You heighten desire by not immediately handing over the object of desire. Be mysterious. Make them earn your hottest dance by spending money to keep you around. Dancers train their customers HOW to treat them AND how to VALUE them whether the dancers are aware of it or not. I teach lap dance workshops and the ART OF SEDUCTION with a lap dance and how to keep a man begging for another dance without degrading and exploiting yourself for $10. There is a HUGE difference between a “stripper” and a “nakedcrotch-grinder” and that difference can mean thousands of dollars. Men KNOW they are being hustled in a strip club; they just don’t want to FEEL like they are being hustled. The word “stripper” used to conjure images of beautiful women in glitzy cos-

3. Walk around the club genuinely complimenting the gentlemen not receiving lap dances while you are not giving lap dances. Or ask if they are having a good time and thank them for coming. This will also keep your momentum going while you are hearing “no’s.” 4. Work out and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. Your body will have more energy and look better in that sexy costume you are going to buy. 5. Learn to dance if you struggle with stages. And please, use “booty popping” or “twerking” as powerful punctuation for your dance routine and NOT the only thing you do while staring at yourself in the mirror for your entire set. (I offer classes in pole dance, booty popping, lap dance, floor work, burlesque and strip tease. 6. Respond politely when a customer says no. He may be waiting for friends, change from the waitress or he may have his favorite dancer coming over in a few. Don’t take this personally. 7. This may sound counter intuitive, but when your customer has finished his last dance with you, ask him if there is another dancer he would “like to spend time with” and offer to get her. It will keep the money flowing in the club, make him feel like he is being catered to and build camaraderie amongst the dancers. If every dancer does this, you are all promoting the spending of money and that positive energy is infectious and reciprocal.

Try these suggestions for at least 21 days. It takes that long to build a habit but once you and the majority of your co-workers are having fun and the customers are feeling good, money HAS to flow…. it’s LAW! That’s it for now. Look for Part 2 of this subject coming next month. by Nyla The High Pimpstress Invest in yourself and realize fantastic returns. 13



by Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush

Spring is here. Nature is renewing herself and everything is blooming. There is a fragrance of orange blossoms that catches your imagination as one drives the Phoenix streets. Have you seen the many colored spring roses in your neighbor’s yard? Have you slowed down enough to smell the roses? Spring reminds you that everything renews itself. Deepak Chopra M.D and author of “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” states that 97 % of your body’s cellular structure completely renews itself. Only 3% grows old. So why do you age and what can you do about it? Let’s talk about how sex keeps your heart, body, mind and soul healthy. There is more and more research stating love and sex do not just make you feel good, it keeps you healthy. Why is this not being marketed along with dark chocolate which is good for your health? And, chocolate connoisseurs know the darker the coca the higher the anti-oxidants. Of course do not stuff yourself with it. More people know that dark chocolate eaten in moderation is good for you. How many people know that an Orgasm a day keeps the doctor away? Here is another little known fact, “The

more orgasms you have the longer you will live and be fit of mind, spirit and soul.” (Age estimates from Real Age Cliff Street Books, 1999). So why we are not told this?

There was the Caerphilly Heart Disease Study conducted in Wales on 2512 men. They discovered that persons with prevalent heart disease had significant lower testosterone levels.* Dr. Gerald Phillips and associates at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons found that the lower the patients’ testosterone levels the greater the degree of heart disease as measured by narrowing of 14

the coronary arties.*

maying ability to overtake the other sex; in less than fifteen years, they’re In China doctors treated cardio- having heart attacks as fast as men.” vascular disease with testosterone; Researchers took 62 elderly males When women take testosterone with established pattern of chest (bio-identical) they will experience pain (angina); 77% had marked relief a resurgence of energy, very possifrom anginal pain. Echocardiography ble an improvement in muscle tone demonstrated that blood flow to the and relief from aches and pains, an heart improved in 68% of those re- improvement in bladder problems ceiving testosterone. and in most cases, an improvement in SEXUAL DESIRE AND ENERGY! Men and Women educate your selves. Stay vibrantly alive and active with intimacy and sex. Women you do not need to close up shop after menopause, condemning him to an abstinence that very few men accept. Education states both men and women need testosterone to keep your heart healthy but does that mean you will want more sex too? Do you have to start making love again? Ladies are you saying to yourself, I love him but I don’t want to make love to him? My question to you is why would you not want to make love to the man you are married to? Teach him how to be a better lover to you if need be. How have you gotten so far away from what is natural and beautiful? What will it take to educate you that sex, intimacy and passion are key to maintain your health, your state of “Men who had sex two or more times mind and your physical vigor? a week cut their fatal heart attack risk in half” (Prevention Magazine You now know that women and men sue) need to have sex with or without an erection. They need to make love, be So what I am saying to you men nude in the same bed, touch and kiss and women is that SEX KEEPS YOU each other’s body’s, lips, genitals and HEALTHY. remember how wonderful intimacy can make you feel. *The Testoster“Many women simply are not aware one Syndrome” by Shippen and Frye. Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush of the fact that heart disease is the M.A.M.F.C.C a.a.c.e.c.t. certified biggest single killer of women as Marriage Counseling | Sex Counselor well as men. Once postmenopausal Traditional Couples & Other Relationships women lose 80% of their hormonal protection they demonstrate a




to have affordable hotels Gentlemen – and Ladies – start important around PIK? your engines! Racing fans will be PIK – Because we host the biggest RC able to do exactly that when Phoenix Indoor Karting by Hobby Town USA opens its doors – and tracks – to the public on May 15th. In celebration of its 25th year in the Valley of the Sun, Hobby Town USA will premier its 100,000

square-foot, climate-controlled racing facility in North Phoenix, at 35th Ave. and Greenway. Phoenix Indoor Karting (PIK) promises to be the most integrated, state-of-the-art, indoor karting and RC racing facility anywhere in the country! And to get the full story on PIK, Quest went directly to the source – Adam Crippen, owner and CEO of Hobby Town USA in Phoenix.

QUEST – Hello Adam, and thanks for taking the time to meet with us. PIK – It’s my pleasure, and thank you in taking an interest in our facility.

QUEST – Of course, so how did you

choose the site for Phoenix Indoor Karting? PIK – We actually researched sites throughout the Valley for about a year and a half before settling on this site. For one, there’s no karting facility on this side of town and second, we felt that being right off the freeway and surrounded by a good amount of affordable hotels was perfect for our fans.

QUEST – Fans? PIK – Yes, because the people who frequent Hobby Town are passionate and loyal so we believe this makes them more than customers.


– Very nice … But why is it 16

racing event in the world …

in three phases … In Phase 1, we’ll open the facility with a half-mile track, a 20,000 square foot RC track and a Hobby Store. We’ll be the only facility in the country to have this combination of features under one roof.

QUEST – Wait – in the world!? PIK – Yes – in the world … This year will QUEST – Impressive. And the RC track be the 28th annual event, and if the last few years are any indication, we’ll be getting people from Japan, New Zealand, South America and, of course, the U.S. We’ll be holding this year’s event at Scottsdale RC Speedway, in Old Town, but next year, we plan on hosting the event at Phoenix Indoor Karting – which is why we believe our location is so ideal.

QUEST – Wow, that is impressive!

Very few people – outside the world of RC racing – would think that a “hobby” could be such a draw, much less a global one. PIK – Yes, our fans are a varied and eclectic group of people who have a real passion for RC racing.

QUEST – Well, they seem to know what they like and Hobby Town USA is obviously at the forefront of providing them with what they want. PIK – Thank you, we believe so.

is going to be a floor surface like the karts? PIK – Oh no. It’ll be a clay track … We’re bringing in 1,000 tons of a special latex clay form that we can mold to create different racing situations where our fans can race their own cars, or rent one from our hobby store to race. In fact, one of the exciting aspects of PIK is that when people come to the facility and they have maybe a 45 minute wait to race our karts, they can spend just 5 dollars over at our RC track and race an RC car – giving them a different race experience that they just might enjoy and continue doing in the future. We know this, because during the State Fair, I had 60 tons of clay hauled in to create a track and we had over 15,000 people race on our course, possibly discovering RC racing for the first time. We think that it’s going to be pretty much the same thing, here, at Phoenix Indoor Karting.

– 15,000 people!? It makes QUEST – So … 100,000 square feet is QUEST sense, then, to use some of the facility a lot of space … How are you going to “maneuver” the use of such a large facility? PIK – We’re going to provide a facility that will be un-rivaled anywhere. In fact, we will be the only facility of its kind in the country.

QUEST – How so? PIK – To start, we’re

going to open

space for an RC track … And a Hobby Town USA store will be inside the facility? PIK – Exactly. It’s part of our integrated approach to PIK. Our fans will be able to race their own cars, rent our cars and/or be able to purchase any RC equipment they may need or want from our store, without the hassle of going to another location or dealing with

one on the phone or internet. And our staff is a passionate and knowledgeable group when it comes to RC products, because they’re all RC enthusiasts themselves. This allows them to better relate to RC racing fans, whether they’re experienced or discovering RC for the first time. It’s just another part of the plan in providing a total racing atmosphere at Phoenix Indoor Karting.

QUEST – So after Phase 1 … PIK – Yes … In Phase 2, we are going to open a restaurant/bar & grill with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment we’re looking at is so revolutionary that it compartmentalizes everything – without a hood exhaust – allowing us to cook multiple products in one unit. We believe that, in this way, we can produce a consistent product for our fans and guests to enjoy … It’s also during this phase that we’re going to create a second kart track.

QUEST – A second kart track? How? PIK – Actually, we’re going to create

two quarter-mile tracks from the original half-mile track. This will allow more of our fans to race on any given day. We’ll also be able to slightly change the configuration of the tracks to provide a varied racing experience, and on slower race days or for special events, we’ll be able to combine both tracks to create a larger racing experience.

QUEST – That IS a unique concept … What about the last phase? PIK – In Phase 3, we’ll be opening the

upper part of the facility for corporate and/or party rooms for private events. They’ll be on the second floor overlooking the tracks, so people can still be part of what’s going on while they’re having their own function.

QUEST – Wow, it really seems as if you covered all the bases with this facility … Is there anything else?

PIK – Actually, we’re also going to have

a game room that along with digital/video dart boards and other games, we’re going to have race simulators where you can race on a digital track.

QUEST – Racing simulators? Now that sounds like a lot of fun … PIK – It is … And because we’re in the

digital era, and it’s something we have to focus on, we’re also going to offer something no else is doing … We’re going to have an overhead projector that will display your race time – live – while you’re racing the kart around the track. You’ll be able to see how fast you’re driving so you can try to best your time instead of just banging around the track with the other karts.

ing! You have definitely planned Phoenix Indoor Karting down to the last detail … PIK – Thank you, I think so. This is something that I’ve been doing for 25 years. And not just racing karts or RC cars, but actual race cars as well, so I believe this gives me a perspective that few other people have in this field. For me, this is more than just a profession – it’s a passion.

QUEST – Well, that is certainly obvious

from what you have told us. It sounds like you are definitely on your way to creating a top-notch, one-of-a-kind racing facility for people to enjoy in Phoenix Indoor Karting. PIK – Thank you. That’s what we’re striving for.

QUEST – Now that really gives some- QUEST – Well, that just about covers it. one a true race experience. Speaking of which, will all your karts be electric? PIK – Yes, and we’re actually going to have two fleets of karts … One is the Bowman karts – which come out of England. The second fleet is something brand new with a patented technology that is still being finalized, and is made here in the States, in North Carolina. They’re called Extreme Karts and they’ll have a smart card in them. What you’ll be able to do is sign in and give us all your statistics like weight, height, etc. and it will give you your own personal identification card. On that card, you will get into whatever kart is assigned to you and you will scan your card into an auto-reader that correlates your information with all the other karts on the track. What this does is even the field and allows you to race against someone who may be 80 pounds lighter than you, by adjusting the kart to give you more boost power and de-powering his kart. This will definitely give you the opportunity to competitively race against anyone on the track.

QUEST – Wow, that is absolutely amaz-

You obviously have a lot of work to do in getting the facility open so thank you again for taking the time to speak with us about Phoenix Indoor Karting. PIK – It was my pleasure and thank you again for your interest in our facility.

And the checkered flag goes to … Phoenix Indoor Karting! No other facility in the Valley – or the country, for that matter – will be able to offer you a more complete and up-to-the minute racing experience. And for anyone who feels that kart racing is merely “kid’s play,” know that famous F-1 and NASCAR drivers like Michael Schumacher and Tony Stewart are just two of several professional racers who began their careers in kart. So if you want some friendly racing competition, to take a few fun laps around one of the tracks, try out the RC course, enjoy the game room or even just hang out and watch others compete, make your way on over to 35th Ave and Greenway. No matter how you choose to do it, racing at Phoenix Indoor Karting will definitely make you a winner.


INDUSTRY BUZZ Less time with partner more interest in sex


by Lucien Gunn

When it comes to relationships, perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder. According to researchers, the less time a man spends with his female partner after having sex, the more attractive he finds her--and the greater his interest in having sex with her again. This phenomenon may arise from an evolutionary strategy known as “sperm competition,” according to Todd K. Shackelford, an assistant professor of psychology in the College of Liberal Arts at Florida Atlantic University. “The bottom line here is that we find (this) effect for men but not for women,” he said. Shackelford and his colleagues presented the findings at the 107th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

While the investigators have since expanded their study to include over 2,000 subjects, the initial data was based on assessing the behavior of 304 German and American heterosexual men between 17 and 71 years of age. All the men were in committed sexual relationships lasting anywhere from 1 month to 38 years.

of sexual frustration or a pent-up drive for sex that motivates the man’s urges and feelings of attraction since their last encounter. Shackelford’s team believes this behavior may be rooted in a biological concept called “sperm competition.” Studied for over 30 years among birds, insects and nonhuman primates, this evolutionary theory poses that sperm competition occurs when the sperm of two or more males simultaneously occupy the reproductive tract of the female and must compete to fertilize the egg.

The researchers presented the subjects with a questionnaire, in which they were asked how many hours had passed since their last intercourse with their partner, how many hours they had spent with their partner since last intercourse, and feelings of attraction towards their partner. Shackelford noted that prior research has demonstrated that sperm counts are higher in ejaculate the The team found that the less time the men spent longer a man is apart from his female partner--with count leaping from 350 million when the man with their partner in the interval since their last sperm has been with the woman 100% of the time to 800 encounter, the more attractive he found her and million when he has only seen her 5% of the time. the greater his interest in sex. Shackelford and (source: colleagues conclude that it is not simply a question 18

BACON TOSSED SALAD We all like sex … and most of us like bacon … Could there be a way to combine these two sensory delights in, say, a bacon-flavored massage oil and personal lubricant? That was actually a rhetorical question, because there already IS such a product on the market. Made by J&D’s Foods, Inc. in Seattle, Washington, Bacon Lube was first introduced as an April Fool’s joke that became so popular, the joke was on J&D’s – as people began flooding the company with requests for their new product. J&D’s is Justin and Dave, two “regular” guys who started their company in 2007 with the sole purpose of making everything taste like bacon. They hit it big with their very first product, Bacon Salt, and moved on to develop a wide range of other bacon-flavored products including: Bacconnaise, Bacon POP microwave popcorn and Bacon Croutons – in food products; Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Shaving cream and Bacon Lube – in novelty products. J&D’s (whose tagline is “Everything should taste like bacon.”) has been featured on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, the Late Show with David Letterman, CNN, NPR and numerous publications, radio and TV news shows. In fact, you could say that J&D’s loves to “hog” the spotlight every time they showcase a newly created product – like Bacon Lube. According to Justin and Dave, “Thanks to Bacon Lube, people will never have to choose between two of life’s greatest pleasures again.” J&D’s Bacon Lube is a water-based product, “proudly” Made in America, and is safe for vegetarians and vegans – making it the perfect gift for just about anyone. Contact J&D’s Foods at 866-692-3980 or connect with them on Facebook.

CHARLIE AND BRETT SITTING IN A TREE The last time we heard from Charlie Sheen, he had just started dating 26 yr-old porn star, Brett Rossi, after trash-dumping his trio of behaving badly “angels” (January issue of Quest). Well, Brett sure must be something special, because over the Valentine’s Day weekend,

Charlie popped the big question and, of course, she said – yes!

with Charlie Sheen.” Nevertheless, the couple seems unfazed by the negative comments and by other accounts seems blissfully engaged. But as with all things Charlie, there is one little hitch … Brett is already married! While this might pose a bit of a problem for some people, apparently, this was not a deterrent for Charlie. According to Ms. Rossi’s rep, who told People Magazine,

This event immediately drew reactions from those “near and dear,” like this gem from Brett’s friend, Katie, saying, “Oh, we’ll see how long this lasts.” Some friend. Even Rob Black of Adult FYI chimed in by stating, “Brett Rossi has gotten herself a golden ticket to Tinseltown on a ship called the USS Charlie Sheen. Yes, Brett Rossi is officially out of the porn business and has made it big by hooking up

“She’s been separated from the guy for two years. It’s just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the system. Charlie and Scottie (Brett’s nickname) have no secrets.” Well, we last time commented that if art imitated life, then Charlie is one very talented painter. But in this case, it could be that Charlie got a bit carried away with his brush strokes – and just maybe painted himself into a corner … 19




Apps to find things … Apps to find places … Apps to find people … In a world where the access to anything and everything is at the touch of a finger, it comes as (almost) no surprise that

an app has been developed to find that special third person in your life … Say hello to 3nder. Developed by Nearby Buddy Finder, LLC., 3nder is a location-based discovery and dating app that helps singles and couples communicate with people on the internet who are searching for others of like mind in creating a cozy threesome. The app works by having you plug in your information in order match up with people who

share your interests. According to 3nder’s mission statement, the app is designed to “make society more open about sexual desires, for all swingers, experienced, newbies, and curious, because they are all discriminated against by society … and we need to evolve our social acceptance.” The app is currently in the development stage, but its stock couple is 26 yrold Dave and 23 yr-old Jane, who paint a “wholesome” portrait of the world’s hippest threesome seek20

ers – in an organic, whole Foods sort of way … It is very interesting to note that as the world of open relationships becomes ever more expansive and accepted, a dating app like 3nder has emerged on the scene to reflect the sexual desire of a threesome – wholesome or otherwise. Then again, because such an emotionally charged and complex situation can become tricky, it might be better served by going “old school” and developing ones’ interpersonal skills …

Top 10 STRIPPER Songs Ladies, looking for just the right music to get you in the mood before you go to worK? It also works on guys... when guys hear these songs they are ready to fall in love with you :-x

1. “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” by MOTLEY CRUE 2. “TITTY DANCER” by Dan Diamond 3. “I’m in love with a stripper” by T-PAIN 4. “Crazy bitch” by BUCK CHERRY 5. “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory Of A Deadman 6. “Shakin’ Hands” by Nickelback 7. “Pour It Up” by Rihanna 8. “Got Money” by Lil Wayne and T-Pain 9. “Salt Shaker” by Ying Yang TwinS 10. “Beat It Up” by J. Valentine ft. Chris Brown

THE LAND OF TRUE ENCHANTMENT According to a non-scientific study conducted by Nerve – an online magazine devoted to love, sex, entertainment and lifestyle – the lovers with the best sexual stamina are in … New Mexico!? It seems that lovers from New Mexico are ranked number one for lasting longer during the sexual process (not including foreplay) than anywhere else in the country, including cold-weather states like Alaska, Montana, South Dakota and Vermont – which all rank in the bottom five. And this seems odd, because you would think that cold-weather states would be better for sharing “body heat.” The statistics for this sexual stamina study were derived from a sex activity app called, Spreadsheets. Okay, hold the jokes. According to its website, Spreadsheets is a mobile app that “monitors data from a user’s movement and audio levels through the accelerometer and

microphone to provide statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed … Find out how many thrusts per minute you’re averaging, how long you go for, and exactly how loud it gets. Keep a record of your encounters, date, time, and performance.” Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to home-made porn. But there are no edits with this product, as the site’s FAQ states that the app “does not record or playback audio or video.” So if you decide to submit your personal love-making information, you need to make sure that you get it right the first time. Nevertheless, over 10,000 users submitted data that was used in this informal study, and Spreadsheets culled the information into a ranking of lovers from each state. As you can see, New Mexico is far ahead of everyone when it comes to sexual duration. So while many people believe that “Virginia Is For Lovers,” there seems to be a better reason to believe that New Mexico is “The Land of Enchantment”…

STATES BY STAYING POWER 1. New Mexico - (7:01)

2. West Virginia - (5:38) 3. Idaho - (5:11) 4. South Carolina - (4:48) 5. Missouri - (4:22) 6. Michigan -(4:14) 7. Utah - (3:55) 8. Oregon - (3:51) 9. Nebraska - (3:47) 10. Alabama - (3:38) 11. Delaware - (3:33) 12. Hawaii - (3:28) 13. Wisconsin - (3:22) 14. North Dakota - (3:18) 15. Arizona - (3:17) 16. Maryland - (3:15) 17. Mississippi - (3:10) 18. Rhode Island - (3:09) 19. Connecticut - (3:07) 20. Texas - (3:06) 21. New Hampshire - (3:04) 22. Wyoming - (3:03) 23. New York - (3:01) 24. Pennsylvania - (2:58) 25. Maine - (2:58) 26. Washington - (2:51) 27. Iowa - (2:50) 28. Illinois - (2:49) 29. North Carolina - (2:47) 30. Tennessee - (2:46) 31. Kansas - (2:38) 32. California - (2:38) 33. Massachusetts - (2:31) 34. Florida - (2:29) 35. New Jersey - (2:28) 36. Indiana - (2:26) 37. Virginia - (2:23) 38. Oklahoma - (2:21) 39. Colorado - (2:21) 40. Minnesota - (2:19) 41. Ohio - (2:18) 42. Louisiana - (2:17) 43. Kentucky - (2:14) 44. Arkansas - (2:08) 45. District of Columbia - (2:08) 46. Nevada - (2:07) 47. Georgia - (2:07) 48. Montana - (2:03) 49. Vermont - (1:48) 50. South Dakota - (1:30)

51. Alaska - (1:21)



by Howard Snader

With bike week approaching, I thought I’d discuss protecting you from any wrongful or excessive government taking of your liberty or property. Because I hope to protect you from any wrongful investigation or otherwise making a statement against your interest made to any officer, you need to understand a recent change in our fundamental right to remain silent. The United States Supreme Court turned Miranda and our right to remain silent upside down. See, Salinas v. Texas, 133 S.Ct. 2174 (2013). Their ruling received little to no coverage in the media. Yet, the Court’s ruling is scary stuff. And, the ruling substantially changed one of our basic rights: the right to remain silent. Most of us are familiar with Miranda and the Miranda warnings: “you have a right to remain silent and anything you say can be held against you.” Since Dragnet and Adam 12, police dramas and literature speak of your Miranda rights. Miranda requires that any statement you make must be voluntary before it can be used against you. Miranda has been the rule concerning statements made to law enforcement since 1966. Miranda applied with two primary caveats: 1) you needed to be in custody, and 2) law enforcement was asking you questions. If you were not in custody (making statements over the phone, or speaking to an officer when not under arrest) Miranda would not apply. But in all other cases, your statement needed to be voluntary before it could be used against you. If you were Mirandized, your statements were presumed voluntary and could be used against you. But with the Salinas ruling, The US Supreme Court has now held it to be the law of the land that if you are not in custody, you are not entitled to be advised of your right to remain silent (also known as your right against self incrimination). AND, because you are not in custody, if you remain silent, 22

YOUR SILENCE CAN NOW BE USED AGAINST YOU. So, if you are not in custody, police do not need to tell you have a right to counsel or tell you have the right to remain silent. Where does that leave you? If you remain silent, a prosecutor can actually say to a jury that “an honest person would have answered those questions” or an innocent person would have answered those questions,” or worse, “what is that person hiding?” Your presumption of innocence is a fallacy, is a myth, is now dead! If you are reading this and you say so what, then think of it this way. A criminal case is a jigsaw puzzle in which the only person seeing the cover of the box is the detective. The detective enters his investigation believing you are involved. Any question you answer provides him a piece of his puzzle. Innocent answers can result in criminal charges being brought. Did you know that person? Were you at the bar last Saturday? What time did you leave? Each of those questions, even if answered truthfully, address a piece of the puzzle the prosecutor no longer needs to prove. If you were to remain silent, it forces the prosecutor to prove you knew the person, were at the bar and what time you left. I have had too many cases where my innocent client is investigated or charged because the “innocent” statements were taken out of context, were twisted to fit the detective’s or prosecutor’s theory, or were improperly recorded and subsequently misused. An innocent person may have many reasons for remaining silent. You may know who is guilty, but do not wish to involve the person. It may be you wish to remain silent because your are angry or in shock that you have been accused of a crime. It may be you exercised your right to remain silent because for almost 50 years, you have been taught to remain silent. All of these are valid reasons and concerns to remain silent. But under the new Salinas rule, the prosecutor can and will use your silence against you. So, what is your remedy?

If you remember nothing else from this article, please remember this: After identifying yourself to an officer,

CLEARLY TELL THE OFFICER THAT YOU WANT TO REMAIN SILENT PURSUANT TO THE 5TH AMENDMENT. YOU SHOULD ALSO CLEARLY STATE YOU WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR LAWYER. Rarely you can convince an officer to not arrest you. So remaining silent is normally your best course of action. But now, you must proactively invoke your right and request counsel. If in doubt, invoke your right to remain silent. So long as you invoke your right, you can then remain silent with no recourse or finger pointing by the prosecutor. But no one is going to remind you to do it. When the police are knocking on your door, or the red and blue lights are in your rearview mirror, remember to remain silent, invoke that right, and call me right away….even if on the roadside. Keep me on speed dial! When your life, reputation, and liberty are at stake, your best defense begins with retaining experienced criminal defense counsel. I am a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. If you or anyone you know has been accused of any crime, please give me a call.

The Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist




Tony Batman

Oh the places you will go!

We have been all over the country in the past After a two day stop at home in South Florida we headmonth and the frequent flier miles kept adding ed out to Phoenix, Arizona to host the Miss Pole up for us the entire month of March. Champ Southwest Regional at the Hi-Liter Club. We were lucky enough to be the celebrity host There was some top notch talent competing for the title of the Miss Pole Champ Southeast Regional at and the chance to go to the Nationals this summer. Pole the Trophy Club in Greenville, South Carolina. Studio owner, Lindsay Green won the title and moves Our co host was the beautiful Tiffany Hayden on to the Nationals round. We have to give a shout out and the show was filled with talented pole danc- and thank you to all the strip club DJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that came out and ers. After the scores were all added the winner supported us at the event. was the sexy Amber Paige. From Phoenix we headed back to Miami to record the From South Carolina we headed back to Miami to first Tony Batman Talk Show for year number two, and broadcast the one year anniversary episode of the #1 then it was time to head to Boston to host the Miss Pole rated Tony Batman Talk Show. The show has been at Champ Northeast Regional at the historic Club Alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. the top of the charts on the Planet Platypus Network for The show was incredible and after it was all said and the entire year it has been in existence and the big one done, the beautiful Asia Kim took home the trophy and a year anniversary show was over the top, congratulations spot in the Nationals this summer.

to our co-hosts Amber Yeisley & Kymber Kage, and wel- Thank you all for coming on our tour with us, we hope come to our new sexy intern Khloe Lynn. We are excited you keep reading our column every month, we really enabout what the next year will bring to The Tony Batman joy having you will us !!! Talk Show. We made our way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to host the Vertical Pole Showdown 4, a pole dance competition at the On The Border Club, the show was compiled of both exotic pole dancers and fitness studio pole dancers, and the winner was a talented lady named Marina Heck, who trains at a pole dance studio and just became a grandmother, a truly inspiring story. 24

Tony Batman Comedic Actor, Celebrity Emcee, Radio Show Host, and Strip Club Lover






Special thanks to Ralph (left) & Grizz (right) at Knockout Motorcyccles. A 20+ year commercial pilot and a former Marine, Ralph Randolph is recognized as a National Motorcycle Builder. When Ralph is not busy building bikes or flying planes, he is entertaining the masses on the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series, The Devil’s Ride. He plays “Rockem”, the President of the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC Club.

In honor of Bike Week we bring you the following pictorial with our lovely model Emily Marie shot on location at the Knockout Motorcycle’s garage. Not only is knockout famous for building some of the baddest bikes out there but their bikes and the bike culture are also captured on Discovery Channel’s The Devil’s Ride. It ain’t no biker build off reality show, this is hard core biker culture. But when we showed up with Emily Marie these bad ass hombres gave Quest Magazine a pass [phew!].

A record 70,000 motorcyclists, riding every make and model imaginable, rode into Bike Week last year and they’re expecting to top that number this year. This year at West World they also have an incredible week of events. ZZTop!!!! Joan Jett!! Lynyrd Skynyrd, Big & Rich and so many other cool and super sexy events. Check it all out at or our calendar in this issue. Also check out - Now enjoy our shoot with Emily Marie.





AQ: Who is your current employer, and how long have you been working there? Emily Marie: I just do modeling, I travel between here and California. AQ: What’s your favorite body part? Emily Marie: My boobs! AQ: What makes you feel sexy? Emily Marie: Getting dressed up with hair and makeup, a sexy dress and high heels. AQ: What are some of your hobbies? Emily Marie: Shopping, traveling, social networking and I love Instagram. Check me out at EmilyMarieAZ! What brings you bliss? Emily Marie: It sounds corny, but my daughter. Being outside in the sunshine with warm weather. AQ: What is your dream job? Emily Marie: I’m doing it right now…I have always wanted to model full time! I just want to focus on booking photo shoots. I quit my job and I’m following my dream. It is a little scary to quit your job, but I’m going for it! AQ: What place would you most like to travel? Emily Marie: New York City, Italy, Greece, I want to go everywhere! Especially where there’s water! 28

AQ: Sexual partner: man, woman or both? Emily Marie: Woman, always! AQ: On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate yourself in bed? Model: A 12! AQ: It’s our first date, where should we go? Emily Marie: Um…a Thai food restaurant and then frozen yogurt. AQ: Biggest fear? Emily Marie: Failure… AQ: Tell us something unique about yourself. Emily Marie: I’m kind of like a tomboy, I like to ride dirt bikes and go fishing. I like to work on cars too! AQ: What are you particularly crazy about? Emily Marie: I’m crazy about my modeling right now and having ice cream every day of my life.

Model Name: Emily Marie Not a dancer: “I can’t dance …I can’t do what they do.” Place of Birth: Phoenix, born and raised. Birth Month: November Age: 27 Zodiac sign: Scorpio, the best one ever. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 5’0” Weight: 95 Photos by Daniel Hanson Outfits by Makup by Rosie Delgadillo Hair by HairDoc

AQ: Are you a good cook? Emily Marie: Yes, I love to cook mushroom chicken and bacon wrapped chicken, I’ve been trying to find more gluten free recipes. AQ: What is your favorite drink? Emily Marie: Bloody Mary


AQ: If you could, what’s the one thing you would change about yourself? Emily Marie: I wouldn’t be so shy.


AQ: Have you ever experimented in public? Emily Marie: Yes I haveâ&#x20AC;Śyesâ&#x20AC;Ś there was that time on the boat in lake pleasant.


Fan Site

We ran into exotic beauty and Porn Star Priya Rai at the Porn Star Ball at Electric Ballroom in Scottsdale Arizona held by Coolin Out. This Phoenix beauty is just as cool and easy to talk to as she is incredibly gorgeous. Check out her Twiiter account and let us know wha you think.

KAPTN Musician

So much energy yet sooo laid back. CAPTN is one cool dude with a unigue style all his own. MTV Bussworthy even took note. Get on the KAPTN bandwagon ASAP since the dude is basically about to destroy the club/pop/dance/hip-hop scene with addicting songs like his lead single, “Juice”.


Emily Marie is a professional freelance model. She specializes in tattoo, fashion, glamour and implied styles. She is also available for event promo, guest bartending, event hosting, and promo modeling for your clothing line. She is also a featured model in the 2014 edition of 7th Heaven Calendars. Recently, she was also added as an official model for Stoner Things. In addition, she is also a rep for

Smoke Shop

Skyhigh Smoke Shop is Arizona’s only late night Smoke Shop catered to handling all of your glass, smoking, and smoking accessory needs in Tempe! They have Waterpipes, Hookahs, E-Hookas, Gas Masks, Handpipes, Scales, Chillums, Bubblers, Cigars, Pollen Boxes, Flush Kits, Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, Potpourri, Grinders, Vaporizers, Oil Burners, and Glass Cleaner available late night 7 days a week!


$100,000 Contest

Entertainer of the Month is a contest between the cities that are represented by Local City Scene ( Each representative from each city will be the spokes model for Local City Scene.TV. Entertainer of the Year will be announced in August 2014 and the winner will be awarded $100,000.00 and a 1 year contract as Spokes Model for Local City Scene. Website

Even President Obama appeared on’s parody show “Between Two Ferns,” where he took questions from Zach Galifianakis. This website has been gaining popularity over the years. Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions, with original and user-generated content. The site’s first video, “The Landlord”, has received over 70 million views and features Ferrell confronted by a swearing, beer-drinking two-year-old landlord.

Cool Website

A total website revamp has landed us with one of the sexiest, coolest websites out there! Stop by and check out our new site. It is mobile ready and gives you easy access to all of our content! Models, if you think you have what it takes to be on our next cover, stop by and submit your pics!!

Want a safe way to have a facebook type setup but for your dancer profile or alter-ego without using your facebook? Checkout, its free, it will get you found on search engines and is a safe way to talk to your customers and keep them coming back for more. DD is great community strictly for Dancers and legit, no illegal activity allowed. For dancers that really want a good clean place to keep in touch with their local customers and to find new ones. If your a dance looking make more repeat customers, more money, you gotta try this site out.


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#2 clone a willy

#1 MUNKEY BARZ An avant garde sex aid unlike any other, the Munkey Barz are simply genius. Making everyone wonder why it wasn’t thought of sooner, the groundbreaking sex belt has been met with extraordinary success since its creation in 2011, already having been featured on the Howard Stern Show and in DMX’s ‘I Don’t Dance’ music video. Opening a world of opportunities for couples, Munkey Barz specialize in position optimization and support as well as, of course, control over the wearer. Offering you the grip you’ve always wanted on your partner, the Munkey Barz are the best kind of handlebars for your hips.

There is no woman – or man, for that matter – who shouldn’t have a clone of their favorite cock! This ingenious kit comes complete with everything needed to create a glowing penis clone, plus a vibrator unit to get that replica roaring. This glow-in-the-dark kit is the perfect tool for open-minded consumers intent on immortalizing themselves. - AVN

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#3 Ribbed Girth Enhancer Give your lover a little something extra when you use the Ribbed Girth Enhancer. This black enhancer features nodules all over the shaft that will please your partner with extraordinary sensations!

$19.99 | 38

#4 Strip App The mobile app for Strippers, Clubs, and anyone on a night out to the strip club! Strip™ enhances communication in the strip industry in a way that has never been done before.

Free |


HUMOR Q: What do you call the useless piece of skin on a penis? A: The man. Q: What are three words you dread the most while making love? A: “Honey, I’m home.” Q: What’s a man’s definition of a romantic evening? A: Sex. 40

Actual Warning in Toilet




Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens: by Filly Films DVD REVIEWS

Cosplay is the act of dressing up in costumes and having fun. Tanya Tate is a big fan of the fetish and makes a regular trip down to Comic Con down in San Diego. She directs this feature in which all of the girls are dressed as their favorite superhero. In this girl/ girl release, Tanya appears in two scenes and the other girls who you might know are Zoey Holloway, Annie Cruz, Ela Darling and Nicki Hunter.

Sleazy Riders: by Third Degree Films If you love the combustible combination of bikes and chicks, then you’ll love Sleazy Riders, the ultimate tribute to ‘cycle sluts’ who crave the feeling of power between their legs! From chopper magazine models to superhot female mechanics, every motorcycle hottie fantasy you’ve got is fulfilled! Starring Asa Akira, Kortney Kane, Nicole Aniston and more, these beauties not only handle like a dream, but they’ll pump your gas and give you an unforgettable lube job too!

Art Of Romance 2: by Erotica X ‘Art Of Romance 2’ is an intimate, secret view into sensual erotica; directed by AVN award winning, Mason! Starring Lily Love, Holly Michaels, Jillian Janson, August Ames, & Callie Calypso, ‘Art Of Romance 2’ features powerful visuals, gushing passionate sex scenes and unreal beautiful locations. The movie is shot in 1080p HD, and brought to you by the AVN award winning, best new studio of 2013-14, Erotica X! Take joy in this latest movie from the explosion of talent and beautfy from the vision of Mason.

ADULT MOVIE TERMS EXPLAINED! COSPLAY: The act of dressing up in costumes (usulally comic book characters) and having fun. MILF: Mom I’d Like to Fuck JOI: Jack Off Instructions. Newer genre with instructions how to masturbate to the dialogue and plot of movie. POV: Point of View. Filmed from the perspective of the person receiving sexual gratification for the viewers enjoyment A2M: Ass to Mouth. When a penis goes from the anus of a performer to another performer’s mouth. Creampie: Internal “Cumshot” either anal or vaginal with said cum slowly “creaming” back out. CWNM: Clothed Woman, Naked Man. Women seduce man and dominate him while sexually controlling the scenario. Reverse GangBang: Instead of a group of men having one woman, group of women take on one lucky individual. FemDom: Female being in power and controlling or physically reprimanding a male partner in a sexual and vocal manner. Since 2000, Ethan has worked in the adult industry doing reviews of movies, interviewing various porn stars/clubs, working as both customer service and shipping for pornography for 13 years and as of 2007 has run an adult store that prides itself by striving to be the number one source for adult movies. (If you have any questions regarding movie terms, genres, actors, or any other general inquiries regarding adult movies, please email Ethan at



Hottest Events Coming Up

EVENT CALENDAR will be Out & About Filming

Hope to See You Out Contact Us to have Quest Film or Host Your Next Event and be in our Calendar and Event Picture Pages

Mar. 28-April 6

AZ Bike Week Tons of events and bars all over town participating. Visit to find out all the cool things to do and ride along with. Aaron Lewis, Big&Rich, Joan Jett, Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top are just a few of the participating events.


AZ Bike Week TATOO COntest Dirty Dogg is hosting Official AZ Bike Week Tattoo Contest in conjunction with EZ Tattoo @ 9PM

April 5th Spring Fling - starting at 2pm - an outside party event featuring 5 local bands


LOCATION: West World

16601 N Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ (480) 312-6802


March 29th: Dirty Dogg is the Official Bike Week

Every wednesday

Kick-Off Bar (on the east side)


10409 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (480) 368-8095

April 2nd: Aaron Lewis performs. Miss Arizona Bike Week Pageant.

April 3rd: Big & Rich perfoms.

Helping With Horsepower Ride by Team Diva.

Wet & Wild Sexy ass wet T-Shirt Contest... You have got to

see this! $500 Cash Pize for the Ladies. See the video at


10409 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (480) 368-8095

April 4th: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts perform.

Lynyrd Skynyrd performs. Jay Allen presents his hilarious Jay’s Games! These provocative, adult games are a big part of what made Jay Allen and the Sturgis Broken Spoke Saloon famous.

April 5th: ZZ Top performs.

Saturday Night Wet T-Shirt Contest Contest.

April 6th: Sons of Anarchy Special Appearance.

“Tig” Kim Coates and “Chibs” Tommy Flanagan from the Sons of Anarchy will be joining us at Cyclefest, all afternoon. 46

Every FRiday

Cheetahs & Kupd Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club and the Big Red Radio

are teaming up to bring you the Friday Night Fix. If you’re looking for the hottest place to be on Friday night, then hit up Cheetahs!!

LOCATION:4125 N. 7th St. Phoenix AZ Info: (602) 277-8487


Rugby Bowl Rugby, Bikes, Music in fashinable N Scottsdale. What more can you want for a great weekend.


West World - 16601 N Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ (480) 312-6802

Apil 25th

exotic cage fights Scandalesque is a show consisting of live music,

dance theater, comedy and circus arts from Burlesque to Rock Opera. Burlesque classes are available. INFO:

LOCATION: The Pressroom

441 W. Madison St., Phoenix AZ (623) 239-1696

April 3-6

Elite Cabaret April 3rd T-Bar Ride

April 4th Live Music April 5th Live Music w/Vinyl Tap April 6th Sons of Anarchy Ride LOCATION: Elite Cabaret @ 910 Live

910 N McClintock at the 101 & Hayden loop

INfo: & 480.966.0707


FDA Approved Non-Surgical Injection Lipolysis

Face and Body Sculpting











Reduction of Spot Fat • Cellulite • Stretch Marks • Loose Skin • Post Surgical Irregularities No Surgery • No Down Time • Safe and Natural

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Carol Cifelli, R.N., B.S.N. • Franz Hasengschwandtner, M.D.


FDA approved for subcutaneous fat reduction 3500 patients treated • 10 Years in practice 10613 North Hayden Road, Suite J-103, Scottsdale





Get On The List! DIRECTORY


Adult Shoppe 2901 W Thomas Rd. (602) 233-2700 111 S 24th St. (602) 306-1130 2345 W Holly St. (602) 253-7126 Book Cellar 6527 N 59th Ave (623) 939-3411 Castle Megastore 300 E Camelback Rd. (602) 266-3348 5501 E Washington St. (602) 244-9076 8315 E. Apache Trail East (480) 986-6114 8802 N Black Canyon (602) 995-1641 Erotic Emporium 11405 E. Apache Trail Rd. Apache Junction (480)354-0730 Five Star Video 1415 E University Dr A-106 (480)-967-3662 Personal Preference 9550 E Main St (480) 380-7391 Pleasure Chest 3140 W. Indian School Rd. (602) 249-0755 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Zorba’s Adult Shop 2924 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 941-9891

Your Guide to the Valley’s Adult Entertainment Hot Spots

Clothing Boutiques

Fascinations 10242 N 19th Ave. (602) 943-5859 16428 N 32nd St. Ste 105 (602) 482-3633 8367 W McDowell Rd. (623) 474-2442 411 S Mill Ave. Ste 101 (480) 237-0167 838 W Elliot Rd. (480) 222-0040 5930 W Greenway Rd. Ste 1 (602) 843-0577 14747 N Northsight Blvd. (480) 388-3178 7337 E Shea Blvd.Ste 120 Lingerie Superstore 400 W Indian School Rd. (602) 532-2925 4715 South Rural Road (480)-777-9911 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Triangles 2013 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-6562 (480) 751-2054

Lingerie Modeling Club Lace 2828 W Weldon Ave (602) 248-4900

Male Clubs

Dicks Cabaret 3432 E Illini St. 602-274-DICK

Nude Clubs

Clothing Boutiques Ana’s Creations 2229 E Mcdowell Rd. (602) 486-7119 Cupid’s Toy Box 4019 N 32nd St. (602) 957-2535


Dream Palace 815 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 921-8870 Eve’s Tease 3737 W Indian School Rd (602) 272-4401 The Great Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874

Smoke Shops

Arizona’s Best 1955 West Main St., #102 480-655-7690 AJ Tobacco & Liquor 1601 W Apache trail #1 480 983 5383 Scottsdale Cigar Club 14525 N 79th St (480) 946-7833 Sky High Smoke Shop 33 West Southern (480) 557-6653 Trails 24 West 5th Street (480) 968-6970 2501 East Indian School (602) 957-4587 3131 East Bell Road (602) 482-1711

Topless Clubs Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874 Babes 2011 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-9909 Bandaids 2548 N 7th St. (602) 254-0811 Bliss 1926 W Deer Valley Rd. (623) 780-8502 Bourbon Street Circus 2901 E Thomas Rd. (602) 956-9650 The Candy Store 18613 N Cave Creek Rd. (602) 569-0084 Cheetahs 4125 N 7th St. (602) 277-8487(TITS) Chicas 2802 N 35th Ave. (602) 278-0616 Christie’s Cabaret 44 N 32nd St. (602) 275-3095

Topless Clubs

Christie’s Cabaret 1675 W Baseline Rd. (480) 456-1015 Coyote Cabaret 13724 W Glendale Ave. (623) 935-7335 Desert Flame 11145 E Apache Trail (480) 984-1400 Elite Cabaret 910 N McClintock (480) 966-0707 Essex Gentlemen’s Club 4139 W Indian School Rd. (602) 278-5555 Foxes Cabaret 3522 Grand Ave (602) 354-8637 HiLiter 4716 N 12th St. (602) 234-0128 Jaguars Gold Club 1902 N Black Canyon Hwy. (602) 352-0240 Le Girls 5151 E Washington St. (602) 244-8000 Locas 3614 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009 The Pink Rhino 3613 E Van Buren St. (602) 306-1000 The Roxxxy Showgirls 4516 N 19th Ave. (602) 277-ROXY Skin 1137 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 425-SKIN Sugar 44 4420 E Thomas Rd. (602) 840-5143 Sonny’s 19011 S Arizona Ave. (480) 963-6632 Xecutive 3845 E University Dr. (602) 414-4600 Xplicit 11701 W Glendale Ave. (623) 872-1365


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ESSEX - 2 CHAINZ AFTERPARTY 4139 West Indian School Road (602) 278-5555






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