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Welcome to YEAR 2 of our West Coast launch! Happy Birthday to Us!! We will be having our Anniversary Party at Christies Cabaret on August 11th!! Come by and say hi! Many of the featured models throughout the year will be in attendance. We have a new makeover for you and lots more content we think you’re going to love. As always, we review great places for you to get your lap dance on, but we are now reviewing great places to go out on a date, grab some dinner, go dancing, hang out, or just plain chill. All the while these places will stimulate your libido and ensure a hot and sexy evening that will get you some action long before you even make it back to your place!! We are raising the “classiness” (and some eyebrows) as we find the girl next door and add more girls and photo shoots to our pages. Not only do we have sultry cover models and centerfolds, but we’ve also added bartenders, servers, dj’s and more to the mix. All local girls and we’ll tell you where you can find them!! We know you already enjoy our variety of movie reviews, but now we will also be bringing you some of the coolest sex toys, fun gadgets, apps and online sites that help you find, lock-in and continue to help you achieve entertainment and satisfaction, from dating to in the bedroom. The level of sophistication has been raised and you and your partner are going to love it!! Businesses!! Have something cool going on?? CALL US! We will come in, take photos, do a write up and also shoot and edit a nice video segment. All of this can happen before you even advertise with us! Seriously! Creating online videos is one of the best ways to accomplish great search results for you on the Internet, and it LASTS FOREVER! The only thing holding you back is the time, experience and expense in shooting your own videos. If you have something good going on, just call Quest and we will come out there and do it all for you! We are a full on marketing, branding, and production company giving you more for your buck than any other medium you are currently advertising with. Remember, if you are in the business of “Sexy” by partnering with Quest you are hitting 99% of your demographic…unlike advertising with other media where a lot of their demographic is not looking for your product and be even be offended by it.

Girls, Quest is all about finding “real” girls. Down-to-earth. Are you one of the hottest dancers, bartenders, DJs, cocktail servers in your city?? Want to capture it in a beautiful photo shoot? Drop us a line and let us know about yourself or someone you know. INFO@ADULTQUESTLIVE.COM

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Widest & Sexiest Places to have a Drink, Pickup a Date, Eat, Party, and Even Take Your Clothes Off!









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uhh... WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT? [drools] 6







SPANISH FLY Mexican Beach Club is like flypaper to

incredibly hot girls... and in a stroke of genius the club is designed to have them arrive in bikinis! Brilliant. Quest is all about finding the hottest clubs with the hottest ladies in your town and as far as mainstream clubs go,

Spanish Fly is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on, uh, scratch that, some clothes on. One might think that Phoenix AZ would have invented the idea of pools inside of clubs like in the 1800’s... but noooo. Enter Spanish Fly, the first nightclub in AZ to crack this nut. So without dwelling on missing the ge-

nius boat, Spanish Fly is located in Old Town Scottsdale and the club is pretty much open all day and all night every day of the week because it’s a pool/beach club and nightclub/ lounge with a great happy hour and food menu... it has it all. The club’s staff is also ridiculously hot, scantly clad, with resident DJs spinning the

In Their Words

Spanish Fly Patio Bar has you covered. Perfect for private parties, corporate events and special event, Spanish Fly offers a wide range of food and beverage service During the spring and sum- to meet your needs. mer months Spanish Fly offer a seductive resort style Visit the website to see an poolside environment which amazing menu and drink doubles in the fall and winter specials. as the most beautiful patio bar Scottsdale has to offer. Whether it’s a happy hour cocktail, a weekend lounge by the pool or a night out with the friends, Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club offers the ideal daytime and evening venue suited to Arizona’s amazing seasonal weather.




WILD SIDE 4341 N. 75th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480.949.8454 Monday through Sunday: 11:00am - 2:00am

music that makes college girls get silly. It doesn’t take long before what seems like a normal nightclub gets out of control with people jumping in the pool, champagne bottles popping in all the cabanas, and all hell breaks loose (hell being AZ’s temperature). So yeah, if you want

to have a good time without having to tell the lady in your life that you went to a strip club, Spanish Fly is closest you will get - if you’re lady doesn’t mind you going to strip clubs or super sexy clubs, well then just go screw yourself, nobody likes a bragger :-p

Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club is located on 75th Street between Indian School and Camelback Roads in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. 9




SAPPHIRE by Lucien Gunn

Yessss “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Everyone knows the Sin City slogan – especially all of us here at Adult Quest. But every now and then, we experience something that is simply too good to keep to ourselves. In fact, that something is so hot it radiates beyond the city, and you can feel it all the way down here in the Valley of the Sun. We at Adult Quest are going to be the spoilers, here, because this is simply too good to keep to ourselves. We are going to introduce you to the coolest – and hottest – Pool and Day Club in Las Vegas – The Sapphire. In case the name sounds familiar – yes, Sapphire is a Gentlemen’s Club. In fact, it is the world’s largest strip club with 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment, featuring VIP arena-style skyboxes suspended 25 feet above the 400-seat main floor. In addition to serving first-class cocktails and the finest in wines, champagne and cigars, the club also features 400 female entertainers! This club is so hot that the Las Vegas Review Journal voted Sapphire as the “Best Gentlemen’s Club” – two years in a row – as well as honoring it with the following accolades: Best Gentlemen’s Club Drinks, Best Gentlemen’s Club Lap Dances, Best Gentlemen’s Club Strippers, and Best Bachelor Party. So how does Sapphire keep the heat going without scorching their guests? They do it by opening and operating a pool and day club right next door! cont.>> 12

And while Sapphire Pool and Day Club is not an actual strip club, it is ‘very strongly’ encouraged to go topless...


Sapphire Pool and Day Club is the newest and by far the sexiest pool in Las Vegas. Although Vegas has quite a few pool and day clubs, Sapphire stands out for several reasons. First, as a boutique pool with a high-end feel, it gives you a more intimate experience than the other day clubs located on the Strip; It features luxurious cabanas, comfortable daybeds, cozy lounge chairs, country club locker rooms, state-of-the-art bars, a merchandise store, and an exclusive and private VIP section. Second, it offers fantastic drinks, gourmet fare from Chef Kerry Simon, famous DJ’s, live musical entertainment, and complimentary limousine service from your hotel (on the Strip) to the Club. Last, but by no means least, Sapphire stands out because it has the one attraction the other clubs do not have: hundreds of beautiful, friendly, gorgeous (did we say beautiful?) entertainers who sunbathe and party right along with the guests. And while Sapphire Pool and Day Club is not an actual strip club, it is ‘very strongly’ encouraged to go topless, (calm down, they wear pasties) so watch your step and try not to trip over any of those attractive ladies basking by the pool. Sapphire Pool and Day Club is so hot and so popular that celebrities, entertainment personalities, and adult film stars are frequent and regular visitors. While you never know who might be in the cabana next to yours, the one thing you can be sure about is that at Sapphire, you can definitely party like a rock star! So the next time you and your buddies are looking for the ultimate bachelor party experience, or even if you just want to enjoy a uniquely fun get-away, keep Sapphire at the top of your list. You can thank us later. The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is located at 3025 Industrial Road (702-796-6000) in Las Vegas. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Sapphire Pool and Day Club is located right next door (702-869-0003) and is open Thursday through Sunday from 12-7pm.



EXPERIENCED COUNSEL IS YOUR BEST DEFENSE: The recent decision in the Zimmerman prosecution raised several issues that the average person may not understand. I have practiced criminal law for more than 20 years and defended thousands of individuals. The one thing that truly stands out is the need for someone to be represented by knowledgeable, experienced defense counsel. In Zimmerman, lesser lawyers may have crumbled under the pressure from not only the standard stress of defending a homicide case, but also from the outrageous pressures from third parties. Please do not consider this an opinion piece. The prosecution and verdict has led to many opinions that would be better addressed in a different forum. The problems and issues that arose in Zimmerman can be present in any case. But, the basic issues present in all cases were certainly magnified by the sensationalism of the facts and press coverage of the case.

Charging a Case: The Need for Probable Cause In Arizona, the standard to charge a case is whether there are facts sufficient to believe the person committed the crime charged. The prosecutor in a felony case can elect to proceed either by presenting their facts at a preliminary hearing before a judge or a Grand Jury. But the prosecutor’s goal is to prove that substantial evidence exists.

and present them to the prosecutor, judge or Grand Jury. The arguments may not be available in all cases. But developing a strong defense makes this the first line of attack.

Obtaining the Discovery: The Brady Rule In the fictional story of My Cousin Vinny, Vinny is shocked to learn from his girlfriend that he has only to request the file from the prosecutor. In the Arizona courts, prosecutors have a statutory duty to provide discovery within certain time frames. Prosecutors must provide any and all evidence that is exculpatory to the defendant or may lead to exculpatory evidence. (Exculpatory evidence is evidence that tends to show innocence: i.e. a witness or document that helps the defense). The United States Supreme Court has deemed the production of evidence as Brady disclosure. It is amazing how much information is not in the original police reports. An experienced attorney will know when and how to seek the “missing” information, seek the court’s assistance to obtain it, and hopefully be able to use it. This missing information could include witness information, criminal history backgrounds, prior statements, financial records, social media/text/ and email information, video and audio recordings, and a multitude of other information. If it will help the defense or may lead to information that can help the defense, you are entitled to it. Some examples from notable public prosecutions really shed light on the issues. In Zimmerman, a whistle blower in the prosecutor’s office told the defense about evidence that Martin’s cell phone records contained information about fighting and drug use. Remember the Duke lacrosse team: The prosecutor was subsequently disbarred when it became known that he withheld DNA evidence exonerating the players and knew the accuser had made statements that were inconsistent and never provided to the defense.

In the Zimmerman case, the prosecutors elected to bring the case without a formal showing of probable cause. That can’t happen in Arizona. However, the first defense in any case is challenging the sufficiency of the evi- Brady violations are extremely seridence. Experience counsel will know ous. You need experienced counsel how to create legally solid challenges who can literally read between the 14

It is amazing how much information is not in the original police reports. An experienced attorney will know when and how to seek the “missing” information...

lines of the case, see evidence missing, and can proactively seek it out. Personally, I have found prosecutors to hold back criminal records of their witnesses, ongoing investigations of their police officers and experts, and not advise the defense when their expert is no longer held in good standing in his licensed field. If the prosecutor violates Brady, the remedy can range from simply granting the defense additional time to consider the evidence to the dismissal of the criminal case.

Knowing the Law: Developing a Winning Strategy Experienced counsel is just that: EXPERIENCED. By defending thousands of cases and advocating for a client in hundreds of trials, an attorney becomes experienced. It is that experience that allows the attorney to consider the best strategies and best arguments for your defense. Simply stated, we know what works and what doesn’t. In Zimmerman, the defense needed to decide early on if they were going to use Florida’s stand your ground law. In Florida, their self defense law includes a separate provision that states you may stand your ground and defend

yourself in the event you are facing serious physical injury or death. There is no requirement that you try to exit the scene prior to using deadly force. Zimmerman’s defense counsel elected to NOT use the stand your ground provision. They argued the general concept of self defense. It was their strategy after knowing the law that applied for their circumstances and offered the best chances for an outcome. In Arizona, as in most jurisdictions, selfdefense is considered an affirmative defense. That means you committed a crime, but you are allowed to commit the crime in light of all the factors in the case. (Other recognized affirmative defenses are when crimes are committed during the execution of a public duty, defending a 3rd person, defending property, duress, and necessity to name just a few). Arizona’s self defense law clearly provides that “a person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force…if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.” A.R.S. §13405(b)(emphasis added). I have never heard it called “stand your ground.” But, like Florida, Arizona does not require to retreat.

threatened he would be substantially harmed as he had physical limitations that prevented him from engaging in a fight. He stabbed his unarmed aggressor with a pocket knife. The stab wound nearly killed the other man. My client was charged with Attempted Murder and Aggravated Assault. A conviction of either charge would have meant a long, mandatory prison term. We had to raise the affirmative defense, show his belief in being harmed was legitimate, show the other party was the aggressor, and show the type of stab wound, in light of all facts, was a reasonable and justifiable use of force. Using an affirmative defense is difficult, and rarely used. In any criminal case, the defendant does not need to produce any evidence. But using an affirmative defense DOES require you to admit you committed the crime and then present your evidence showing your conduct was justified. It is always a risky proposition to admit you committed the crime charged and must be done by experienced counsel. If you fail to convince the jury of your affirmative defense, you have handed the jury your admission and the prosecutor an easy conviction.

strategy and demeanor changes from case to case. Some attorneys like to go up to the drowning prosecutor and push them under the water. I find better results by swimming up underneath and dragging them under. The result is the same. But they don’t see my strategy until its too late. When your life, reputation, and liberty are at stake, your best defense begins with retaining experienced criminal defense counsel. I am a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. If you or anyone you know has been accused of any crime, please give me a call at 602.957.3300 or visit my website at

I have successfully used self defense Often I am asked if I am aggressive in in a road rage assault. My client felt court or in handling a defense. My case 15


Industry buzz Vivid sues nightclub From - Vivid Entertainment Inc. one of the makers of adult films who are challenging a Los Angeles ordinance requiring actors in pornographic films to use condoms, sued a Florida nightclub for trademark infringement. According to the complaint filed July 15 in federal court in Fort Myers, Florida, J&B PB LLC and its owner Jose Baserva of Fort Myers are accused of using Vivid’s marks without authorization.

Vivid Sues Florida Nightclub for Trademark Infringement

Vivid, which claims in court papers it has “established wide recognition and good will with the general consuming public as one of the world’s largest producers of high quality erotic and adult entertainment,” said it had a previous dispute with Baserva over the Vivid marks. In May, Vivid said, Baserva’s business agreed to quit using the Vivid marks for its Vivid Cabaret Nightclub. It also said it would quit using an Internet domain name to which Vivid objected, accused

Baserva of filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office April 23 to register “Vivid Cabaret” for adult-entertainment nightclubs. Baserva is planning to open other nightclubs beyond the Ft. Myers site, also using the “Vivid Cabaret” name, Vivid claimed in its pleadings. The Los Angeles-based film company asked the court to bar any use of its marks by the defendant, and for an award of money damages, attorney fees, litigation costs and profits the defendants derived from their alleged infringement. 16

Vivid, which is known for its marketing of the Kim Kardashian and Tila Tequila sex tapes, also requested that it be transferred the domain name to which it objects, and that the court order the destruction of all infringing promotional material.Baserva didn’t respond immediately to a message seeking comment sent through Vivid Cabaret’s page on Facebook Inc. (FB:US)’s social media site. The case is Vivid Entertainment LLC v. J&B PB LLC, 2:13-cv00524-JES-DNF, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida (Fort Myers).

New Research Questions Existence of Sex Addiction Here’s a study that is sure to irk more than a few people in the addiction industry, especially those working in the porn addiction niche. Though the assumption is now pretty rampant that porn addition exists as a diagnosable and treatable malady in and of itself, like drug or alcohol addiction, Nicole Prause, assistant research scientist at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, has just published research that “found that the brains of people with sexual impulse problems don’t respond to sexual stimuli in the same way an addict’s would.” Prause told the NY Daily News that the term “sex addiction” is often confused with hypersexuality, a label that applies to people who “have high sex drives, sexual urges that feel out of control, and may have suffered consequences such as relationship problems due to their behavior.” She added, “You have to think, what makes something an addiction? Different people have different answers for that, certainly. But what we generally think about is, for example, difficulty controlling that behavior—like taking a drug when you intended to stop. In this case it might be something like consuming more visual erotica when you promised your wife you wouldn’t. There

are a number of additional burdens present for it to be described as something more than just high sex drive.” In the study, researchers used “52 volunteers—39 men and 13 women—age 18 to 39 who self-reported problems controlling their impulse to view sexual images. Participants first filled out a series of three questionnaires to help researchers determine their level of hypersexuality. Then, while hooked up to brain wave monitors, the subjects viewed a series of ‘emotional’ images, including images of romantic and explicit sex.” Looking at the so-called “P300” response to stimulating images—i.e. mapping the brain’s reaction 300 milliseconds after viewing them—the UCLA researchers found that the hypersexualized group, unlike other bona fide addictive groups, did not show a greater P300 response on average. “The brain’s response to sexual pictures was not predicted by any of the three questionnaire measures of hypersexuality,” explained Prause. “Brain response was only related to the measure of sexual desire. In other words, hypersexuality does not appear to explain brain responses to sexual images any more than just having a high libido.” Another finding utterly contradicts the claim of anti-porn advocates that porn users are always seeking that greater porn high. In fact, reported the Daily News, “Hypersexualized people didn’t report an increase in tolerance to sexual imagery over time the way an addict might build up a drug tolerance, and they didn’t report the same emotional affect— the mixture of pleasure and shame at their behavior—as addicts. They were also able to control their level of sexual arousal when viewing images, regulating it upward or downward, whereas addicts can’t modulate their cravings.”

Ransomware Mimics FBI Porn Warning; Targets Macs, Too How cleverly evil of the bad guys to come up with a malware-based scam that uses a fake warning by the FBI to scare people into parting with their money. Malwarebytes security researcher Jerome Segura discovered the scam and wrote about it Monday on the company blog. “The ransomware page is being

most part, feel pretty safe about browsing the Internet on a Mac without the need for any security product,” wrote Segura. “Cybercriminals, well known for not re-inventing the wheel, have ‘ported’ the latest ransomware to OS X, not by using some complicated exploit but rather leveraging the browser and its ‘restore from crash’ feature. ”The fake FBI warning page does not just go away, of course. “If you choose to ignore the message (which you should), you cannot get rid of the page,” warns Segura. “Re-

maker, writing, “You can bet many people are going to fall for this scam and pay the ransom money, filling the bad guys’ pockets.”A reader of the Malwarebytes blog posted a comment that appears to improve upon Segura’s work-around, reprinted here: “The average Mac computer user will not know how to do many of the solutions posted here and, being non-technical, are the most likely to fall for the scam. The easiest solution for them is not the solution described because ‘Reset Safari’ will lose their name-password

“The bad guys know there is a growing market of Apple consumers who, for the most part, feel pretty safe about browsing the Internet on a Mac without the need for any security product,” pushed onto unsuspecting users browsing regular sites but in particular when searching for popular keywords,” he wrote. “Warnings appearing to be from the FBI tell the victim: ‘you have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content. To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of $300.’”This time, though, the scammers are also targeting Mac users. “The bad guys know there is a growing market of Apple consumers who, for the

peated attempts to close the page will only lead to frustration as even the “Leave Page” browser trick does not work. If you ‘force quit’ the application, the same ransomware page will come back the next time to restart Safari because of the ‘restore from crash’ feature which loads backs the last URL visited before the browser was quit unexpectedly. Talk about a vicious circle.” There is a relatively simple work-around— “Click on the Safari menu and then choose ‘Reset Safari’”—but Segura still suspects that it will be a money-

combinations, auto-fill data and a host of other things they will fret about for having been lost. Why nuke when a bullet will do?“The easier, and safer solution for the nontechnical, is to Force Quit Safari (hold the Option key while selecting Safari in the dock) then, restart Safari while holding the shift key. This will bring them back to their original homepage location without erasing most of their settings.“Much easier to remember, easier to do, and less scary for the less technically inclined.” 17


Industry buzz Farrah & Charlie

According to TMZ, XXX Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, had said that she hoped to meet Charlie Sheen if she could score herself a role on his new show, “Anger Management.” Apparently not willing to wait, Abraham took matters into her own hands in May by reaching out to Sheen via text message. Charlie responded favorably and had even agreed to meet up with her … but now it seems that everything has changed. TMZ reports that Sheen is “FURIOUS” with Abraham because she allegedly leaked her and Charlie’s private text message conversations. Sheen was so enraged with this breach of confidential privacy that he sent her the most epic rejection letter, which begins with calling her “a desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua.” Holy insult, Batman! Clearly, Charlie is not someone who holds anything back. After that opening line he had even more to say to the star of “Backdoor Teen Mom”: “I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. Congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congrats on the recent attempt at porn. Your daugh-



ter must be so proud. Please send my number to middle earth and if allowed, eagerly follow it into said abyss and slam the door behind you. The world will collectively sigh as the pungent memory of you vanishes into the pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero life. Oh and I’m sure they’ll wave the cover charge when they see your tranny-boobs and five o’clock shadow. bye!” cs. Wow! It looks like Farrah can 18

kiss that hope of scoring spot on Charlie’s show good-bye. TMZ has no report on what Abraham might have revealed in those text messages that made Sheen so angry, but one can safely say that after his response, Farrah can forget about having any sort of a play date with Charlie. Lord knows our industry will leave the door wide open though.... she’s hot! And let’s face, Charlie thought so too until she pissed him off.

The tech site,, recently reported that a U.S. company – Malibu Media – went to court in Germany seeking copyright in order to sue a number of people for downloading the films, “Flexible Beauty” and “Young Passion,” which it claimed were its property. However, a German court ruled against the company for copyright on the two pornographic films. Their reason? The depiction of sex was too “primitive.” Primitive!? The Munich regional court decided that the “primitive depiction of sexual processes” means the films are classified as “pure pornography” and as such there was not enough intellectual property to be copyrighted. No disrespect to the Germans, but intellectual property is not something that we at Adult Quest are looking for when we watch an adult film. The Court also pointed out that neither of the films was available to buy on DVD, nor was either one branded in any way with the Malibu Media name. The company wanted the copyright so they could identify the people who downloaded the films, with the intention of fining them. According to, this has become known as copyright-trolling – affecting thousands of people a year by hitting them with apparent illegal downloading fines. Ironically, while copyright-trolling has become recently popular in England and America, it is a trend that started in Germany.



30 Minutes ofLust I sat in my car waiting for the text. My phone buzzed and my cock twitched as I read the two simple words, “I’m ready”. I got in my car and put my phone back in my pocket as I checked that the door was locked and quickly walked up to her house and knocked on her door. It opened and I was met by the most stunning girl I had ever seen. Standing in high heels and a short dress was Laura who was going to be mine for the next half hour. With a quick wave of her hand I moved past her and into her living room where I took off my coat and turned to face her. “Hi, I’m Laura. Pleased to meet you.” She purred as I shook her hand and gave her my ‘donation’. She then pulled me into a hug and whispered for me to sit down and make myself at home. I sat down and slipped off my shoes as Laura tottered into the other room and came back wearing just her heels, a bra and lace panties. “Do you like what you see?” she asked and gave a little twirl. I could only nod my head at this vision of beauty. Laura sat on my knee and slowly undid some of the buttons on my shirt while we made small talk and I ran my hands up and down her smooth tanned legs feeling the heat coming from her crotch every time I moved closer. After a couple of minutes and a few gentle grinds of her ass on my lap she took my hand and led me upstairs. Her fine sexy ass wiggling in front of me as I followed her was enough to get my cock rock hard. Once we were in her room she turned and gave me a quick kiss and told me to get naked. Even her perfume was erotic. I stood at the foot of her bed taking off my shirt and pants while she got the bed ready and a condom for me. When Laura turned around she was greeted to the sight of my rock hard cock pointing straight at her. “MMM, I knew you said you were big, but I didn’t expect that. And you shave which 20

makes it look bigger. I’m going to enjoy this.” She told me as she reached up and undid her bra letting me have a full view of her big beautiful tits. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits telling me to be gentle as her nipples get very sensitive. After a moment she asked if I was ready and as I nodded she dropped down and took the head of my cock in her mouth. I gasped in shock and awe as she didn’t drop to her knees but crouched and started bobbing her head up and down on my cock trying to take as much in as she could. “I’m going to need to sit down,” I panted as this blonde beauty slipped her pink lips over the head of my cock and kissed the tip. As I lay on the bed Laura stood in front of me and I rubbed my hand up her leg and along the crotch of her lace panties. “You really do get very wet,” I them down revealing a glistening sexy told her as I looked up to see a cute little pussy, literally dripping wet. She lay smile on her lips. down on the bed and lifted her legs up in the air and pulled her bottoms off. I knelt “What can I say, I love sex and your big in front of her and pulled her legs apart. cock is getting me very horny!” Which I couldn’t dispute as she was soaking wet “My turn to taste you,” I told her with a and I could feel her pussy lips twitch as smile on my face and put my head beI ran my finger over her slit again. She tween her legs and gently kissed the top pushed me back so that I was lying on of her labia. God she was so wet and she the bed and she crawled between my tasted so sweet. I pushed my lips onto legs taking my cock in her mouth again. her pussy and snaked my tongue out All I could do was watch and marvel as licking up and down, opening her lips to she worked my cock and balls with her find her clit. I knew when I touched her mouth and hands gently squeezing the clit as I felt her legs twitch around my head with her lips and then sucking my head and the tips of her stilettos scraped balls into her mouth. I couldn’t take this my back. I ran my tongue up and down much longer as Laura really knew how her pussy and swirled it around her clit to use the stud in her tongue. “Come up flicking it up and down. I kept alternathere and let me taste you” I told her. As ing between sliding my tongue into her she stood up I hooked my finger into the pussy to taste her sweet juices and flickwaist band of her bottoms and tugged ing her clit. I could hear her groans and

moans of pleasure as I kissed, licked and sucked on her pussy. I lifted my head up and told her that I was ready to fuck. “Good, I can’t wait to feel that big cock in me,” she said as she took

never experienced before. Laura moaned into the pillow as I started thrusting harder and faster and rubbed my hands up and down her back. I squeezed her ass with my left hand and gripped her

in pleasure as I started pumping my cock in and out again. Laura started rubbing her hands over my chest, “Play with my nipples, I like that,” I told her and I thrust faster as she gently pinched and twisted them between her fingers. Laura arched her back and thrust her pussy up to match my thrusts as another wave of pleasure swept through her body. I slowed down briefly to marvel at the sight of this hot naked woman beneath me as I cupped her large breasts and gave her nipples some attention of my own before taking one in my mouth and feeling it harden under the attention of my lips and tongue. “Oh god that feels so good, your cock feels amazing!” Laura groaned. By this time I was reaching the point of no return and I lay down on top of her and felt her legs wrap around my waist with her heels just digging into the top of my ass. I started fucking her faster and faster, my mouth on her neck as I felt her groan again. I was groaning and moaning myself as I felt my orgasm building. “Oh dam, Oh fuck, oh god!” I gasped and then a huge moan escaped my lips as I exploded inside of her. I grunted as I kept thrusting inside of her and the pleasure of my orgasm rippled through my spine from the base of my balls. I thrust a couple of more times before I collapsed on top of her and Laura gently ran her fingers down my back and gave my ass a squeeze.

the condom from its wrapper and rolled it over my dick. “How do you want me?” Laura asked as she rubbed my cock with her hand and pressed her nipples into my chest. “Bend over, I want to take you from behind,” I told her. Laura smiled as she got onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me. I knelt behind her and rubbed my hands over her smooth ass and back. Laura reached underneath her and spread herself apart as I put the head of my cock on her slippery pussy. I slowly pushed my cock inside. I heard her moan and felt another twitch from her pussy. A slow moan escaped my lips as I revelled in how tight and hot her pussy was. I grabbed her waist and started gently thrusting my cock into her pussy, nearly pulling it all the way out and then sliding it all the way back in. My balls tingled as they rubbed against the heels of her shoes which was a feeling I had

shoulder with my right as I started fucking her hard and fast. Laura swayed her head left and right and moaned deeply as I felt her pussy twitch in yet another orgasm. I could feel her juices running out of her pussy every time my balls slapped her clit. Not long after, I felt the old familiar feeling at the base of my cock and decided to pull out as I wasn’t ready to cum. “Let’s change position,” I panted as she looked back over her shoulder at me. “I want to be on top of you,” I told Laura and I moved back to give her room to roll onto her back. The sight of this hot blonde on the bed with her chest heaving and her pussy glistening with wetness and her tanned legs in the air was enough to make me thank god that I was a man. I knelt in front of her with her legs touching my shoulders and slid my cock back inside her waiting pussy. We both moaned

“That is the sort of fucking a girl could get used to,” Laura whispered into my ear and gently kissed my cheek. My cock gave one last twitch as I started to pull out and I felt her pussy grip me as I fully withdrew. As we sat up Laura pulled me into a hug telling me, “you can come back anytime, especially if you are bringing a cock like that with you!” “I will definitely be coming back to a girl with a body as hot as yours, baby!” I replied giving her a cheeky wink as we cleaned ourselves up. Watching her glide around the room in nothing but her high heels was enough to make my cock tell me that I would definitely be coming back again. As I dressed and made small talk with Laura I thought to myself, “if I was dating this girl we would do nothing but fuck all day and night even if we weren’t in the bedroom”. As I sat in my car composing myself for the drive home I once again gave thanks that I was a man and that there are women like that in this world! 21


The Dance of Life By Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush I am going to talk about dance and I want you to think about your sex life, your home life, and your communication with your significant other. Think about your life as a dance. Have you ever tried to dance and you are both leading? It doesn’t work, so few men and women actually know how to dance. I am not talking about the Hollywood fanfare like dancing with the stars or the free form of R & B. That kind of dancing is fun but I mean the day to day living, style of dancing where the man is supposed to have the lead and be responsible for the couple’s movement on the dance floor. Which sequence of steps, turns and spins can he produce and make it look effortless? It is not effortless. It comes with years of experience, of trial and error with success splattered in the mix, and lots and lots of practice. A man who knows how to lead shows his woman off. He makes her look like a beautiful picture and he is the frame for that picture. Another way of saying this is, he brags respectfully about her to his buddies The woman is held firmly and gracefully in his arms, she feels secure and protected, as they glide and spin and become as one. After years of being together your balance off, making him carry they are ebbing and flowing to the your weight. Each of you are holdrhythm of the music of life. ing your frame and together you make a stronger structure. Women In the process of learning how to live you become the Goddess your man or dance together there are a lot of worships as you follow his lead. Each bumps in the road, mistakes and toes holding their space and yet blending that get stepped on. “I’m sorry” can as one, empowering each other. go a long ways when said with sincerity. Woman, you must allow yourI thought I knew what it meant to self to be led because you trust your be in my feminine aspect as a powman and his movement. You are not erful and sensitive woman, until I leaning on your man, throwing both started taking dance lessons. I had 22

A man who knows how to lead shows his woman off.

to learn how to follow my man and let him lead me. I could not guess his next move or suggest a sequence of moves as we were dancing. To do this was to undermine his choreography, his efforts to master a new skill. He had to be thinking two and three moves ahead so he was prepared to guide and protect me on the dance floor of life. Every time I interrupted, he could not do his job properly. All I had to do was to learn the different steps and then let him lead me.

Now that was a challenge and more than once we stopped as he looked at me rather sternly and said; “Only one person can lead in this dance.” I am like most women and have a strong will and a mind of my own, thank you very much. And I know that men and woman can have a beautiful dance together IF we can hold our space, me as a woman and he as a man. And yes, there are times when he asks me to take lead or to give him honest feedback so he can improve “how” he is leading me or making love to me.

with their own careers and dreams. In our economy today it is necessary for both partners to work in order to have the life style they desire. When the woman gets home from work, they have the kids to handle, the house chores, making dinner, doing laundry and are supposed to be ready to make love and be soft. This puts her into a masculine mode at work and at home (most of the time) which makes her bone - weary and not feeling very sexual.

When the woman is wearing the pants in the family, even if they are skin tight and shapely, when she is riding rough - shod over her man, he will either step into his feminine side to survive or emotionally shut down. A man in his feminine side is ok when he is holding the baby, changing a diaper or kissing a hurt. It is not ok for him to live in his feminine side, it is exhausting for him. A man can express softness and still be in his masculine side, it is very powerful. Most women are out in the work field

Women need a man to be in his mas- can take turns in the bedroom with who culine aspect at home so they can is going to initiate the dance and who is transform themselves back into being going to finish on top. a woman. Divide the home and child rearing responsibilities if you both work. Women are not meant to live in their masculine side any more than men are Women need a man meant to live in their feminine side. A woman can learn how to stay in her feminine even while being successful in the business world. This helps her to maintain her energy.

The dance of life is an important and dynamic interaction that demands a man be a man and a woman be a woman. We have forgotten the steps to this dance of life. It is not demeaning, diminishing, grandstanding or a hierarchy for either gender. It is relaxing, revitalizing and a dance that brings deep companionship, joy and passionate energy into your life. Yes, there are times we need to embrace the opposite gender aspect to either accomplish a task with single focus masculinity or approach a situation in a gently nurturing feminine way. You

to be in his masculine aspect at home so they can transform themselves back into being a woman. 23


A YEAR’S QUEST A Look Back at the Year Its been an exciting year bringing the magazine to the west coast after 20 years in Texas, but the most exciting part about doing the magazine is finding our lovely ladies, real girls from each city and creating an opportunity for women who for the most part don’t do modelling, but have always wanted a chance to have some beautiful pictures of themselves taken...and sharing those picture with readers that appreciates the lovely ladies as much as we do. We’ve had some awesome photo shoots around town and enjoyed every minute of it. Our photographers and models worked extremely hard to bring you these shots. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed some great moments at every shoot. We’ve taken some of our favorite photos and created this month’s centerfold spread. We hope you enjoy our compilation of the beautiful ladies of Adult Quest Magazine. A big thank you to Jasmine, Princess, Drea, Ryder, Stephanie, Crystal, Layla, Ivy, Summer, 24

Layla, and Tiffany. A couple of other big contributors who deserve credit to making the photo shoots awesome are: Secrets…for Adults Only, Fire & Ice Boutiques, and All of these companies are top notch and provided awesome clothing, jewelry, shoes, and lingerie to make the photo shoots extra sexy. Check them out!! Year 2 of Quest is going to be a blast…there are already girls lined up for the next few issues that will completely rock your world. We are planning our next shoot at to showcase their incredible Glow in the Dark dancer wear. The model is super hot….you’re gonna fall in love just like we did!! See you next month!! Enjoy some of our favorite memories from our shoots….thank you ladies!!

January was pretty good when we were invited our to a mainstream nightclub in Scottsdale and shot the centerfold right on the bar. Quest is

all about the interactive experience as well as creating video content from our photo shoots and put them on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.

February (below) was definitely in-

teresting with two of the coolest girls that were down for anything and you never would have expected it. We shot this right in the Secrets lingerie store and even had some notable

valley celebs stop by….that shall remain a “secret.”

March For a little while there it seemed that Miss March was going to be a no show. When she finally made it through the door there was not only a sigh of relief, but silence fell over the room as Miss March lived up to the pictures we only saw on a fell phone before shooting her….wow!

JUNE Miss June is definitely the definition of a bombshell! Checkout the centerfold with Miss March and Miss June side by side….bombs away. MISS JULY had her friend Ian let us shoot in his beautiful home. In addition, his personal interior designer brought in special furniture just for us…well…maybe it was for Miss July ;)

All we can say is that sometimes its the sweetest girls that you least expect, just dive right into

Jasmine& Princess February

a photoshoot with the craziest suggestions.


Enjoy these favorite pics and answers of our questionnaires from each month’s photo shoot.


Miss October

AQ: Best way to a man’s heart? Ivy: His ego (... and his cock, lol, smh)



Miss April

AQ: When’s the last time you we’re spanked? Crystal: This morning! AQ: Awe, jealous.


AQ: Dream job? Layla: Sexy housewife. AQ: Hired!


Miss June



Miss March AQ: Will you go out with me?... no seriously? Summer: [laughs]


AQ: Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t live without? Ryder: Sex


Miss January with Drea

AQ: Pet peeve? Layla: Controlling men, I am a human, not a dog!


Miss May


And the Best Most Honest Answer Award goes to.... AQ: Wildest thing you’ve ever done? Stephanie: Intentionally drove into the side of my ex’s Tahoe...the asshole deserved it! AQ: She’s a keeper :-*

Stephanie Miss July

AQ: What brings you bliss?? Drea: My friends and being naked. ? AQ: Beautiful [wipes tear away] :-p


Miss January

with Ryder 31

Hot on Social Media Want to know where to be with everything Fetish around the Valley? Hook up with theses guys. They have events all over the Valley all year long. Check out the video we shot of one of their events on our website at Facebook. NEXT EVENT: Fetish Heat August 10th 2013 Huge variety of lingerie, gogo outfits, swimwear, costumes and all sorts of sexy outfits at incredible prices. You gotta check out the latest line of Rechargeable Glow In The Dark Lingerie/Swimwear/ Ravewear! If you live in AZ then Yandy is you neighbor. Their huge warehouse is here, they’re always looking for lingerie and promo models and you can find them at many of the hottest events around town. Btw, Mention QuestAZ and get 10% off :-) You need to follow Coolin Out if you want hang out where all the hot dancers hang out when they’re not working, besides being a clothing brand, these guys seem to be at all the right parties. Coolin’ Out is not just a clothing and entertainment company, but is a lifestyle brand infused with urban and suburban influences. From the day the “party” began, a collaboration between fashion and music was built on the belief of Sex, Drugs, and Dirty Money. “Party Hard or Go Home” The “I Got Love For Ya” Show is sort of a “Good Guy” show where every week host Aaron Duarte shines the light on the people of the Gentlemens Club Industry who are doing Big Things, and have in some way influenced others in the industry in a positive way. Aaron is a long time DJ here at Jaguars Gold Club and is making some big moves with his own show on Let’s give his new facebook page some love... go like it, then go to Jaguars and tell’em ya gave him some love! Quest will be featuring Aaron’s Podcast & Blog every month. 32 You may have seen him on the Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club Show, or on G4’s Attack of the Show, He has also appeared on Playboy TV, HBO’s Real Sex, Howard Stern TV and on 20/20 News Show during their story about the Adult Industry. If you want to know about the coolest things goin on in the adult entertainment industry, is the place to go. This guy cover the best of the best and delivers it in a very entertaining format with lots of guests. The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO is the only national convention and tradeshow for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry, and is produced by ED Publications, the industry’s trade magazine for the past 22 years. EXPO attendees can count on three days of must-attend workshops and panel sessions geared toward club owners, general managers and other key club personnel; two days of a 300-booth Tradeshow with vendors showcasing their latest products and services; two evening parties that are equal parts networking and enjoyable fun; and the Annual ED Awards Show honoring the industry’s top adult nightclubs and entertainers We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive Internal Medicine practice which can treat sports related injuries, muscle soreness, erectile dysfunction, and everyday illness. We offer medically managed weight loss and testosterone injections for people with low testosterone. You know the old saying “Youth is wasted on the young”. You fondly remember the verve and power that you commanded when you were younger, and you think to yourself “If only I still could feel that way”. You miss that youthful energy but you’ve just grown to accept it.

Want a safe way to have a facebook type setup but for your dancer profile or alter-ego without using your facebook? Checkout, its free, it will get you found on search engines and is a safe way to talk to your customers and keep them comin back for more. DD is great community strictly for Dancers and legit, no illegal activity allowed. For dancers that really want a good clean place to keep in touch with their local customers and to find new ones. If your a dance looking make more repeat customers, more money, you gotta try this site out. 33


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Grrl Toyz Incognito Lipstick Vibe Vibrator @

Simulate real intercourse with intense vacuum effects inside this pre-lubricated, travel-sized masturbator! Guys, this is a MUST HAVE, and ladies, you can get in on the action as well! Tell your man to get comfortable, and then use the Zolo device to give him the most mind-blowing handjob he’s ever experienced. It’s easy to use, and perfect for singles OR couples! We have 3 sensations that are available for you now!

The ultimate feel-good accessory. Enjoy long lasting pleasure in a sexy shade of magenta,powerful, multispeed vibration, discreet design fits nicely into your makeup bag. Powerful vibration in an inconspicuous device. Discreet design blends in nicely inside any makeup bag or purse, phthalate free, with waterproof functionality you can even “hide” this toy in the bathtub while bathing.

NOHO No Hangover! @ These guys are everywhere, at every hot event! Just a personal observation by the Quest staff. Functional Lifestyle Beverage that helps you prevent the dreaded “Hangover” effects you feel after enjoying any alcoholic beverage. Whether you are having 1 drink or 10... we help protect your body from the adverse effects of alcohol.




A tru c brea k drive r is kfas sit t they begi when a ting in a gang of b n to dine re t him, akfast aunt the of biker r enjoy in s fa t Ano one big re. Wh rucker f come in g a pan ther or hi en t bike cake . Afte s h r b on t he t iker co walks o ey can “unman r a whil ’t ge mes ruck e ly” c the ver er t h c a o noth offee on s panca ver and nd spits a rise o oice ing, u t than o the tr kes and puts his in his c t of The b o u k f t s c ciga fee he ke ik the w guy s ers sit bac aitre r ’s plate third bik rette o . ure w k ut s . e d s, pa ow r T asn’t ys h he truc dumps much n and one i k s bil sa of a M l and er says an.” ys, “That leav es. The w aitre ss wa and s lk ay just b s, “Not mu s over to t ch of acked heir t a a over a bun driver eit ble h c h e r of mo The little boy comes down to breakfast. Since they live on torcy , he cles.” a farm, his mother asks if he had done his chores. “Not yet,” said the little boy. His mother tells him no breakfast until he does his chores. Well, he’s a little pissed off, so he goes to feed the chickens, and he kicks a chicken. He goes to feed the cows, and he kicks a cow. He goes to feed the pigs, and he kicks a pig. He goes back in for breakfast and his mother gives him a bowl of dry cereal.

“How come I don’t get any eggs and bacon? Why don’t I have any milk in my cereal?” he asks. “Well,” his mother says, “I saw you kick a chicken, so you don’t get any eggs for a week. I saw you kick the pig, so you don’t get any bacon for a week either. I also saw you kick the cow so for a week you aren’t getting any milk.” Just then, his father comes down for breakfast and kicks the cat halfway across the kitchen. The little boy looks up at his mother with a smile, and says, “You gonna tell him, or should I?” A man and his wife walked into a dentist’s office. The man said to the dentist, “Doc, I’m in one hell of a hurry. I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anaesthetic, I don’t have time for the gums to get numb. I just want you to pull the tooth, and be done with it! We have a 10:00 AM tee time at the best golf course in town and it’s 9:30 already... I don’t have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!” The dentist thought to himself, “My goodness, this is surely a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without using anything to kill the pain.” So the dentist asks him, “Which tooth is it sir?” The man turned to his wife and said, “Open your mouth Honey, 36

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her 60th birthday was not far off he asked what she’d like to have for her birthday. “I’d like to be twelve again”, she replied, still looking in the mirror. On the morning of her birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Coco Pops, and then took her to Alton Towers theme park. He put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Corkscrew, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything there was. Five hours later they staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down. He then took her to a Mc Donald’s where he ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake. Then it was off to the cinema with popcorn, a huge cola, and her favorite sweets... M&M’s. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted. He leaned over his wife with a big smile and lovingly asked, “Well Dear, what was it like being twelve again?” Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed, “I meant my dress size, you retard!!!”


of Ex Kendal Karson | The


The Grand Prix

Tony Batman Comedic Actor, Celebrity Emcee, Radio Show Host, and Strip Club Lover

Tony Batman

Oh The Places You Will Go 38

xotic Dance | Battle of the Strip Clubs e Screaming O Show It’s been a very busy month for my exotic travels, as I have been on the road the entire time since last month’s magazine. It has been an incredible tour and I want to tell you about a couple of the places I’ve been in the past 30 days. I was lucky enough to be the host of the, first ever “Grand Prix of Exotic Dance” competition, that was held at the On The Border Gentlemens Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This first of its kind competition pitted all the different styles of exotic dance against each other, looking for the best show from any style. Exotic performers travelled from all over the world to compete and when it was over, Australian Burlesque Dancer Cassanda Jane came away the winner of the title of World Champion of Exotic Dance. I love working with the Skindustry. Info Company on all their contests throughout the year. I flew back to my home in South Florida from Milwaukee just in time to host my Tony Batman Talk Show on the Network, the show airs weekly on Tuesday nights. In the past few weeks we have had on, Ron Jeremy, Sunny Lane, Phil Varone, Cassanda Jane, Nikita Von James, Keelah Rose, and tons of other great guests.

of the Strip Clubs” contest and charity event that was held at the Monroe’s Gentlemens Club in West Palm Beach FL. Each club from around the coun-

try was asked to send their best exotic dancer to compete for the title and the The day after recording my radio show $3,000 in cash prizes. The proceeds and it was time for me to co-host another donations that we gathered went to the great event, this time it was the “Battle Red Cross, earmarked for the victims

of the Oklahoma tornadoes. People came from all over to attend and our judges panel consisted of, adult legend Teri Weigel, Comedian Bobby Mac, and Cadillac Lounge owner Dick Shappy came down from Providence, RI. The night was great and we raised thousands of dollars for the charity. There was a tie for first place so the cash prize was spilt between Cristina from Monroe’s Palm Beach and Alana from Diamond Dolls in Pompano Beach. After recovering form the huge event at Monroe’s for a couple of days it was time for me to fly out to Huntsville, Alabama where I hosted the world famous Screaming O Stage Show and Orgasm Contest at the Wild Cherry Cabaret. For this show my co-host was none other that porn star Kendall Karson who also was the feature dancer throughout the weekend at the Wild Cherry in Alabama. The club, the staff, the girls, and the crowd was awesome and most everyone went home happy with some new Screaming O Sexy Toys in their pockets… Fun was had by all! That’s all I can remember from this past month, but make sure you read the column next month as I will be talking about my time at the Nudes A Poppin Exotic Dance Contest and Festival in Indiana. I will also be telling you about my next Screaming O Show at the Driftwood Lounge in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and me hosting the Sinsational Star Search at the Show Palace in Northern Wisconsin. 39


DVD Reviews Since 2000, Ethan of Five Star Video in Tempe, AZ has worked in the adult industry doing reviews of movies, interviewing various porn stars/clubs, working as both customer service and shipping for pornography for 13 years and as of 2007 has run an adult store that prides itself by striving to be the number one source for adult movies in the valley. (If you have any questions regarding movie terms, genres, actors, or any other general inquiries regarding adult movies, please email Ethan at

Behind the Green Door 1972 Flashback Pick 5 Stars

Whether in hindsight or for the first time, classic adult movies are a joy to explore. If not for how much different sex and the actors’ of that time look because of it being on grainy film, or because they went to more length to have it feel like just a regular movie with sex scenes contained; Behind the Green is rightfully a classic of blue cinema. It was the first hardcore film widely released in the United States and the first feature-length film directed by the Mitchell brothers and starred Marilyn Chambers. Of note are the psychedelic, and jazz music scenes, and what could very well of been the first interracial X rated scene in wide distribution, as well, in this movie. If you want a trip down memory lane of fine adult entertainment, behind the green door is a perfect introduction of the start of the classic age of porn.

Father Figure

Sweet Sinner Production 5 Stars

If you haven’t been paying attention to porns’ direction in the past several years, AGE PLAY between older men and younger women has been extremely popular. Sweet Sinner takes these scenarios to NEW levels in all their titles, and videos the perspective of these encounters in such a way that it makes watching them a joy, and ALSO surprisingly couples’ friendly as well. Both the men and women are attractive and pleasant to look at, while the situations contained in this action are very believable, and erotic. Father Figure4, continues to push this new age of pornography to new heights of fantasy, and is both tastefully captured and still manages to be sexually furious in its display of fathers’ doing naughty things to teens.

Big Wet Tits 12

Elegant Angel Productions 5 Stars


Elegant Angel continues its excellence of adult entertainment with the most slick, and beautiful women in the industry today. A perfect mixture of tease, hardcore, AND energetic women seems to make elegant angels’ latest line of movies the absolute pinnacle of a who’s’ who in todays’ pornography. Alexis Ford (the covergirl of this title,) could very well be the next Jenna Jameson, and Christy Mack steals the show in her epic tease/scene. The mixture of playfulness and sexual greasy boob fun is almost too good to be true, and this series of Big Wet Tits continues to impress.


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Here are some of the local ladies right in your town, where they work and what they like to hear when you go see them. Mention you saw them in Quest and get something special from them ;-o

Where: Hi-Liter “Chili” Facebook/Chili.Dancer About: I like it when a guy comes to me and says “You are beautiful”. Such a turn-on.

Where: Bourbon Street “Princess” I’ll be hanging out at the one and only Bourbon Street. Come down and see me! You don’t know what you’re missing ;)

Where: ABCO “Sweety” Come see me at the Great Alaskan Bush Company! Mention that you saw me in Quest for a 2-4-1 dance ;)

Where: Cheetas “Bri”

Where: Cheetas “Jessica”

About: Come see me at Cheetahs!! I’ll be behind the bar!!

I’m a bartender at Cheetahs!! Let me mix you up one of my favorite drinks :)

Where: Essex “Jasmine” Mention that you saw me in Quest and I’ll give you a special 2 for 1 dance!! Oh and no cover.

Where: ABCO “Roxxy” Come visit me at the Bush!! I will be on the Nude side ;) Say you’re here to see me for free cover.

Where: ABCO “Ryder” Come on down. We could have some fun! Say you’re here to see me for free cover.

Where: Hi Liter “Stephanie” Come see for Happy Hour at the Hiliter!! I love dancing and good company...hope you’re my Knight in shining armor!!

Where: Your Club Facebook/YourProfile

Where: Your Club Facebook/YOU

Where: Your Club Facebook/YourProfile

About: Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

About: Your Text...Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

About: Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

Where: Smoke Shop Facebook/YourProfile

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

Where: Hi-Liter Facebook/Chili.Dancer

About: I’m the hot girl at the register. Come see me. I need a boyfriend.

$225 for 2 Ad Spaces.

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer works at the club. Create a reason to come.

$225 for 2 Ad Spaces.

About: I like it when a guy come to me and About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer says “You are beautiful”. works at the club. Create a reason to come.Such . a turn-on.

About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer works at the club. Create a reason to come.

Sponsored By If you don’t have an online profile for dancing, offers a Free and Safe way to do it. $150 . Your Picture. Where you Work. A website, Facebook if you want. A few words on what gets you to notice your customers. Email us a picture or create your own ad. 15 Words to attract your customer. $225 for a double space/words. 47


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Book Cellar 6527 N 59th Ave (623) 939-3411 The Adult Shoppe 2901 W Thomas Rd. (602) 233-2700 111 S 24th St. (602) 306-1130 2345 W Holly St. (602) 253-7126 Castle Megastore 300 E Camelback Rd. (602) 266-3348 5501 E Washington St. (602) 244-9076 8315 E. Apache Trail East (480) 986-6114 8802 N Black Canyon (602) 995-1641 Donavan’s Pleasure Chest 3140 W. Indian School Rd. (602) 249-0755 Five Star Video 1415 E University Dr A-106 (480)-967-3662 Personal Preference 9550 E Main St (480) 380-7391 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Zorba’s Adult Shop 2924 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 941-9891

Lingerie Superstore 4715 South Rural Road (480)-777-9911 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Triangles 2013 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-6562 Fascinations 10242 N 19th Ave. (602) 943-5859 16428 N 32nd St. Ste 105 (602) 482-3633 8367 W McDowell Rd. (623) 474-2442 411 S Mill Ave. Ste 101 (480) 237-0167 838 W Elliot Rd. (480) 222-0040 5930 W Greenway Rd. Ste 1 (602) 843-0577 14747 N Northsight Blvd. (480) 388-3178 7337 E Shea Blvd.Ste 120 (480) 751-2054 Fire & Ice Boutiques 5102 W Northern Ave (623) 847-6969

Arizona’s Best 1955 West Main St., #102 480-655-7690 Scottsdale Cigar Club 14525 N 79th St (480) 946-7833 Sky High Smoke Shop 33 West Southern (480) 557-6653 Trails 24 West 5th Street (480) 968-6970 2501 East Indian School (602) 957-4587 3131 East Bell Road (602) 482-1711

Coyote Cabaret 13724 W Glendale Ave. (623) 935-7335 Desert Flame 11145 E Apache Trail (480) 984-1400 Elite Cabaret 910 N McClintock (480) 966-0707 Essex Gentlemen’s Club 4139 W Indian School Rd. (602) 278-5555 The Great Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874 HiLiter 4716 N 12th St. (602) 234-0128 Jaguars Gold Club 1902 N Black Canyon Hwy. (602) 352-0240 The Pink Rhino 3613 E Van Buren St. (602) 306-1000 Le Girls 5151 E Washington St. (602) 268-9145 Skin 1137 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 425-SKIN Sugar 44 4420 E Thomas Rd. (602) 840-5143 Sonny’s 19011 S Arizona Ave. (480) 963-6632 Xecutive

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Leo 7-23 8-22 New relationships may result in breakups. Lots of understanding is required, if you wish to have a good relationship with your mate. Career related decisions will be a priority for you. Hectic times at work make you ignore other aspects of your life. Not a good time for investments like property, shares, gold. Mercury retrograde movements can affect your financial stability but you will earn well this month.

LEO... This is Your Time... Lots of Understanding is Required

Virgo 8-23 9-22 Domestic and professional life will both move at a relaxed pace. Stress and tension will not trouble you. Spouse or partners will be cooperative and you benefit from their support. Sexual pleasures can be satisfying. Careerwise will be rewarding in business or in your job will be appreciated. You will be focussed and goal oriented. Financial stability comes with a great job.


9-23 10-22 Luck is on your side, so don’t delay. Love, work, health, everything will be favourable if you make a little effort. Love life will be fantastic. Good work and love will make you fly this month. So a little bit of luxury can be expected. Do not take unwanted financial risks. Librans who have been affected with bad health in the previous months will recover this month.

Scorpio 10-23 11-21 Romance in office can happen. You expect your partner to be perfect so be careful or too much of nagging can end your relationship. Job seekers will be. Do not over react, patience is the key to your happiness. Work/business will be successful but control your urge to spend. Minor health ailments are predicted, take precautions. Family functions too will keep you busy. Sagittarius 11-22 12-21 Ambition and dreams will rule you. You will do excellently in work/business. Enthusiasm will help you in love, money and family. Be prepared for flings rather than a serious relationship. Lot of expenses this month, don’t spend on unwanted stuff. Travel and business will result in profits. Health will be good but don’t be lazy and start your fitness regime right now. Capricorn 12-22 1-19 You will have the courage to proclaim your love for your beloved. A good month to tie the knot. Rise up the corporate ladder with a little bit of work and good people’s skills. Your skills will be appreciated by a rise in your salary. Financial planning will be fruitful. A vacation or a short trip with friends will be rejuvenating. Health and wellbeing will improve. Aquarius 1-20 2-18 Love and romance will bloom. Expect a lot of pressure so

learn to handle your seniors and juniors with diplomacy. Energy levels will be very high and will reflect in work/business. Earnings will improve but your expenses too will rise. Travelling for pleasure or business might take a back seat this month. Make sure to take care of your health.

Pisces 2-19 3-20 Lots of activity in your personal and professional life. On the job front, you will be awarded for commitment and loyalty. Travel is predicted. Spend more time with close ones and make them feel wanted. Family and home life will be excellent. Socializing and parties will keep you busy. Aries 3-21 4-19 This is the right time to start implementing your dreams, projects

and plans. Your love for someone will be accepted and you will be floating on the clouds. Focus and courage will make you go a long way in your career. Be sure of your decisions and success will be yours. Do not let go of excellent financial opportunities. Control your spending. Health will be excellent but do not become lax. Continue your exercises and eat healthy.


4-20 5-20 Relationships, sexual pleasures may become dull. Couples may face adjustments problems. Try something new to add fire to your relationship. Change your attitude if you wish to succeed in work/business. Do not delay in making important professional decisions. Finance and money will good this month for the Taurus star sign. This is a good time to review your financial planning for 2013. It would be better to avoid spending this month.

Gemini 5-21 6-21 Gemini can ex- Cancer pect both good and bad things to happen. Finances will be good. Career will need a lot of effort. This is not a good time to make serious relationship decisions. To be successful in career you will need to be better organized. A vacation with family may materialize this month. A positive attitude can help you be healthy to a great extent.

6-22 7-22 Love relationships may be strained if you are not careful. Lack of time will make it worse. Make your partner understand your problem. Flings & affairs will interest singles. A sense of perception will help you in making the right business decisions. You will earn well through trading and speculation. Put away money in a safe investment, not on unnecessary items. You may visit friends and relatives for a few days.



2013 Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO & Tradeshow





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