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I can’t believe another month has come around already!! I took some time this month and ventured into Tucson and visited most of the Gentlemen’s clubs there. We are distributing Adult Quest in Tucson this month and will grow our distribution down there in the upcoming months! We had a great experience at all of the clubs and look forward to featuring some of the beautiful ladies that Tucson has to offer. This month is going to be absolutely insane! There are so many events going on this month. To start with Daisy Marie is appearing at Essex Gentlemen’s Club on April 5th and 6th. Adult Quest Magazine will be in the house for that event as Essex has proven itself to be THE CLUB that brings in the hottest feature entertainers in the business.

There is also Arizona Bike Week! The city is going to be filled with fun loving bikers from around the globe having a great time in the Arizona sun. Don’t miss out on the T-Bar ride on Thursday April 11th! Registration starts at 9AM at Westworld!! Special thanks to Dirty Bird Concepts and John Shope for letting Crystal climb onto your bikes!! Please join Adult Quest Magazine and the Scottsdale Cigar Club for a private event that will be sure to be the talk of the town. April 18th, we will be enjoying cigars and the company of a few beautiful ladies. $25 will gain you entrance as well as a complimentary cihgar. Call 480-946-7833 for more details. To find out more information and to find out about how you can be a part of Adult Quest please contact us directly at 602-753-7556.




he time has arrived for the annual rite of spring celebration, here in the Valley of the Sun. No, not baseball … Arizona Bike Week! If you have never attended ABW in the past, you owe it to yourself to take part in all the fun this annual event – now in its 17th year – has to offer. Arizona Bike Week is a steadily growing event with each year offering more activities, parties and attractions than the previous year. And true to form, ABW 2013 promises to put on a rally like never before. To begin, Arizona offers scenic desert and mountains roads, combined with great spring weather, that make for some of the best riding anywhere in the country. You can enjoy these rides solo or join with some of the organized runs. There are daily charity rides that give you the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the company of friends while riding to support good causes. One such cause is the fight against breast cancer with the 8th Annual T-Bar Trial Ride on April 11th, which starts off at WestWorld. This ride boasts some real Arizona scenery by visiting some of the best strip clubs in the Valley. So sign up for the hottest ride of Arizona Bike Week and “save boobs one bar at a time.” Before that, however, ABW 2013 starts off with five days of pre-rally celebrations (Apr/5 – Apr/9), where all the participating biker-friendly establish-


ments roll out the ‘red carpet’ to welcome the riders. One of the highlights of these pre-rally events occurs on April 6th at the Hideaway Grill in Cave Creek. In addition to the live entertainment, vendors, giveaways and promos that day, Dirty Bird Concepts – the premier custom bagger builder, based in Phoenix – will unveil its new bagger. Dirty Bird Concepts is the home of the only ABS PPO/PA Stretched Saddlebags and was founded by John Shope. For over twenty years he has been building the most “creative and sickest” baggers and choppers, as well as leading the custom bagger world with “mind-blowing” creations for Harley-Davidson bagger/touring motorcycles. This is a no miss event. After the pre-rally days comes the premier event – Cyclefest! Located at WestWorld, on over 300 acres in north Scottsdale, Cyclefest is the only place to be during the second five days of ABW 2013. To begin, there will be hundreds of vendors, dealers, manufacturers and builders offering the best of everything for your motorcycle wants and needs. But the fun does not stop there, because for one low general admission price, there are stunt shows, games, contests and concerts. The line-up this year includes: Blues Traveler, Doobie Brothers, Third Eye Blind, Tonic and a special appearance by Charlie Hunnam “Jax” of the Sons of Anarchy. This is a rally that even non-bikers can enjoy, making it an event not to be missed. Arizona Bike Week runs from Apr/5 – Apr 14/2013. For more details, go to the website,




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Clothing Boutiques

Book Cellar Lingerie Superstore 6527 N 59th Ave 4715 South Rural Road (623) 939-3411 (480)-777-9911 The Adult Shoppe Secrets 2901 W Thomas Rd. 5021 W Indian School Rd. (602) 233-2700 (623) 245-3008 111 S 24th St. Smokin’ Lingerie (602) 306-1130 1450 N Scottsdale Rd 2345 W Holly St. (480) 941-5234 (602) 253-7126 Triangles Castle Megastore 2013 N Scottsdale Rd. 300 E Camelback Rd. (480) 947-6562 (602) 266-3348 Fascinations 5501 E Washington St. 10242 N 19th Ave. (602) 244-9076 (602) 943-5859 8315 E. Apache Trail East 16428 N 32nd St. Ste 105 (480) 986-6114 (602) 482-3633 8802 N Black Canyon 8367 W McDowell Rd. (602) 995-1641 (623) 474-2442 Donavan’s 411 S Mill Ave. Ste 101 Pleasure Chest (480) 237-0167 3140 W. Indian School Rd. 838 W Elliot Rd. (602) 249-0755 (480) 222-0040 Five Star Video 5930 W Greenway Rd. Ste 1 1415 E University Dr A-106 (602) 843-0577 (480)-967-3662 14747 N Northsight Blvd. Personal Preference (480) 388-3178 9550 E Main St 7337 E Shea Blvd.Ste 120 (480) 380-7391 (480) 751-2054 Secrets Fire & Ice Boutiques 5021 W Indian School Rd. 5102 W Northern Ave (623) 245-3008 (623) 847-6969 Smokin’ Lingerie Male Clubs 1450 N Scottsdale Rd Dicks Cabaret (480) 941-5234 3432 E Illini St. Zorba’s Adult Shop 602-274-DICK 2924 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 941-9891

Clothing Boutiques 7th Heaven 2404 N Scottsdale Rd. (602) 906-0777 Ana’s Creations 2229 E Mcdowell Rd. (602) 486-7119 Cupid’s Toy Box 4019 N 32nd St. (602) 957-2535 Lingerie Superstore 400 W Indian School Rd. (602) 532-2925


Nude Clubs

Centerfolds Cabaret 2031 W Peoria Ave. (602) 678-4664 Dream Palace 815 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 921-8870 Eve’s Tease 3737 W Indian School Rd (602) 272-4401 The Great Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874

Porn Studio

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Self Serve Porn. (480) 359-7676

Coyote Cabaret 13724 W Glendale Ave. (623) 935-7335 Desert Flame 11145 E Apache Trail (480) 984-1400 Essex Gentlemen’s Club 4139 W Indian School Rd. (602) 278-5555 The Great Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874 HiLiter 4716 N 12th St. (602) 234-0128 Jaguars Gold Club 1902 N Black Canyon Hwy. (602) 352-0240 The Pink Rhino 3613 E Van Buren St. (602) 306-1000 Le Girls 5151 E Washington St. (602) 268-9145 Skin 1137 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 425-SKIN Sugar 44 4420 E Thomas Rd. (602) 840-5143 Sonny’s 19011 S Arizona Ave. (480) 963-6632 Xecutive 3845 E University Dr. (602) 414-4600 Xplicit 11701 W Glendale Ave. (623) 872-1365

Smoke Shops

Arizona’s Best 1955 West Main St., #102 480-655-7690 Scottsdale Cigar Club 14525 N 79th St (480) 946-7833 Sky High Smoke Shop 33 West Southern (480) 557-6653 Trails 24 West 5th Street (480) 968-6970 2501 East Indian School (602) 957-4587 3131 East Bell Road (602) 482-1711

Topless Clubs

Babes 2011 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-9909 Bandaids 2548 N 7th St. (602) 254-0811 Bliss 1926 W Deer Valley Rd. (623) 780-8502 Bottom’s Up 4516 N 19th Ave. (602) 973-1280 Bourbon Street Circus 2901 E Thomas Rd. (602) 956-9650 The Candy Store 18613 N Cave Creek Rd. (602) 569-0084 Centerfolds Cabaret 2031 W Peoria Ave. (602) 678-4664 Cheetahs 4125 N 7th St. (602) 265-8487(TITS) Christie’s Cabaret 44 N 32nd St. (602) 275-3095 Christie’s Cabaret 1675 W Baseline Rd. (480) 456-1015

Lingerie Modeling Club Lace 2828 W Weldon Ave (602) 248-4900

Bikini Clubs Southwest Attraction’s 3456 E. Illini St. 602-470-4084






To [do] porn or not to [do] porn, that is the question . . . Being a well-known actor in Hollywood circles makes it difficult to keep one’s private life … well, private. And it does not make it any easier when you decide to do porn. James Franco, the star of the film, “Oz the Great and Powerful”, has suffered the loss of advertising deals, because the companies involved were unhappy with his backing of films having to do with gay sex and the porn industry. Mr. Franco recently produced “Kink”, a documentary about a hardcore porn studio, and he directed “Interior: Leather Bar” which features gay sex scenes. He admits working on such daring projects is always risky, because of how it impacts other aspects of his career. “It is a risk. The films I have did get a lot of praise, but I did get some pressure from other areas. I was supposed to do a commercial with this company and they pulled out because they weren’t happy, they didn’t like the subject matter of the films. It was a champagne company … and I had it happen with a car company as well.” And it doesn’t help when your neighbors get in on the act. Franco apparently angered residents of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, where he purchased a home there last summer. Instead of living at the home, Franco has been running production from the house. In a complaint obtained by real estate blog, the residents wrote: “At first [we] were pleased to have Mr. Franco living next door … That is no longer the case.” Despite all this, however, the 34-year-old actor is adamant that he will not allow the decisions he makes to be influenced by how they will impact his life and later career. “I never want that to be the deciding factor.”

No redshirting for this newcomer porn star. Kelly Shibari, the busty Japanese-American BBW performer has been getting rave reviews from critics for her initial porn offering titled, “Kelly Shibari Is Overloaded.” In addition to being nominated for both AVN and XBIZ awards, the industry review site, XCritic, has already given the DVD 4 stars and has called the title “a groundbreaking film for the BBW genre.” But what has really pleased Ms. Shibari is that her film has also been nominated for a Feminist Porn Award. Ms. Shibari has been quoted as saying that she is happy the feminist porn community has signaled out her film for its embrace of the feminine elements it contains. “Being able to say, yes, at times I ‘do’ choose, and like, to engage in this sort of sex, as well as producing, directing, and marketing it myself, is liberating and empowering. To then be able to engage in scenes with people I enjoy having sex with, rather than sticking to societal norms of size and what is considered ‘sexy’ has turned this into my love letter to my fans, quite literally, and I’m extremely humbled that it has gotten this sort of recognition.” The 8th annual Feminist porn Awards will be held on April 6th at the Capitol Theatre in Toronto, Canada. WWE GOES XXE There seems to be a rumor swirling around and out of the internet that adult performer, Kendra Lust, has been sexually involved with WWE superstar, John Cena. This is not the first time that wrestling and porn have mixed, but that story is for another time. Seems the only issue with this scenario is that Ms. Lust and Mr. Cena (who supposedly met at a gym) are rumored to have had sexual relations with each other while Cena was still married. Naturally, Lust has denied this rumor, saying that she has never met Cena, and the closest she has ever come to him was sitting in the audience during an episode of WWE


Monday Night Raw. Yet, Lust has posted pictures of herself on the internet posing with a replica of the WWE Title Belt … Really? One has to imagine that Cena can not be very happy about this rumor, because since his divorce, he has been dating fellow wrestler and hottie, Nikki Bella, of the Bella Twins tag team. Cena, though, has been curiously quiet, issuing no statement of any kind. But that has not been the case with Lust. In stating that she wants to clear the air about the Cena rumor, she humorously quips that she is a big fan of John Cena and his moves, but that he never used any of them on her … body slam and pin! DIRTY BIRD CONCEPTS John’s Bad Ass Designs have been around for years, as the motorcycle industry has changed, his concepts have evolved into the Sickest Bagger Designs on the Planet. His background in sculpting and fabricating along with his ability to see the end result before its completed has produced this great product line. John Shope is based out of Phoenix AZ . We invite you to stop by our brand new facility or check out all of our designs online at ADULT QUEST Adult Quest Magazine is always looking for beautiful models. If you’re HOT! AND you think you have what it takes, please don’t hesitate to email us at If you have any suggestions for Adult Quest Magazine, please send them in! As always look for behind the scenes footage of our photo shoot with Crystal... Only on!

Tit Bits Articles Contributed by: Lucien Gunn


lit. If you believe there is no safe location, at the very least put your blinker on and continue to look for a safe location. Park the car, turn off the ignition and wait for the officer. Turn your dome light on and keep your hands in plain sight. MISTAKE #2:

Stopped for a DUI: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

By Howard A. Snader of Howard A. Snader Law Offices, LLC


our heading home after getting together with co-workers for a couple of drinks. Next thing you know, you see the red and blue lights of the police cruiser in your rear view mirror. After saying to yourself, “Oh @#@#.” you try to gain your composure, say a prayer to the almighty and cross your fingers. In most cases, if you tell the officer you have consumed any alcohol or if he smells alcohol on your breath, he will ask you to exit your vehicle. You must comply with his lawful order. He will ask that you exit the vehicle and request you take field sobriety tests. After the field sobriety tests, he will place you under arrest for a DUI. You’ll end up at a DUI van or a police station. When you are placed under arrest for a DUI, the officer will ask for a blood alcohol sample. The sample may be taken from breath, blood or urine. After you provide the sample(s), the officer can detain you, release you, and take your driver’s license. He can elect to issue a citation for a DUI or wait to do so after the alcohol results are completed. So, if you find yourself in this position, what can you do? MISTAKE #1:

Failing to stop for the officer. If you are over, pull over at the f i r s t that is safe and well


being pulled possible place

Making stupid statements. The officer will normally ask where you were, where you are going, and if you have consumed any alcohol. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ANSWER. The only information you must provide is your name and biographical information. Show him your paperwork after he asks for it. If he asks any other questions such as asking about where you were coming from or going, or whether you have had any alcohol, JUST TELL HIM YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LAWYER. If he wants to make an arrest, he will do so without your statements. In 23 years and thousands of cases, I am only aware of a handful of people who have convinced an officer to not make an arrest. Never lie to an officer, but you do not need to answer any questions of then the basic information that is already on your driver’s license. MISTAKE #3: Performing the field sobriety tests. YOU CAN REFUSE THE FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS. Politely tell the officer you will not perform any tests in the field. Officers may still have you attempt an eye test and a portable breath test. Don’t get suckered in. The eye test is referred to as the HGN. The officer is not conducting a vision test. Rather, he is trained to determine whether the muscular contractions in your eye have been effected by alcohol or other substance. The portable breath test is not usable in court. The officer is trying to use it to confirm the presence of alcohol. MISTAKE #4: REFUSING THE BLOOD ALCOHOL TEST. Arizona, like most states, require a driver to submit to any test or tests for drugs or alcohol if officer’s believe you are impaired. Please understand that the officer is the sole person who decides what test or tests to issue. He can elect to have you do breath, blood and/or urine. If this is your first DUI, I highly recommend taking any test he requests. If you refuse his request(s) of his choosing, you will lose your license for one year. Worse, the officer will then obtain a search warrant and still obtain his sample. The bottom line is that the officer will obtain an alcohol sample. The only

issue is whether you receive a 90 day suspension if you are over a 0.08 or a one year suspension if you refuse. I would recommend refusing the test if you have a prior DUI or reckless driving in the past seven years, or are currently suspended or revoked. As noted above, if you refuse the officer’s request for an alcohol test, you will be suspended for one year. But, if you have a prior DUI, you will be facing a one year revocation if subsequently convicted of a DUI. Worse, if you are driving suspended, you would be facing felony charges for an Aggravated DUI. In those instances, make the officer do the extra work and obtain a warrant. By forcing him to obtain a warrant, you create potential issues to be raised in your defense.

MISTAKE #5: Failing to consult with an attorney. If you can, contact counsel during the traffic stop or prior to the alcohol test. If you are not able to do so during the DUI processing, please speak to an attorney when you get home. Many attorneys will offer you information over the phone, some in office visits. But don’t go into a DUI prosecution on your own. There is a difference between going to church and repenting versus being hammered by the government for criminal wrongdoing. When you have the weight of the government trying to take away your liberty and your reputation, don’t look back on your choices and ask yourself, “what would have been the outcome, if I had hired him?” Howard Snader is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. If you or anyone you know has been accused of any crime, please give him a call at 602.957.3300 or visit his website at


20 20



here are plenty of people who claim to be best friends with all of their exes. There are also several people who’ve never spoken to any of their exes after the locks were changed and joint custody of the dog was revoked.

For most people, however, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. There are those you dated and realized you weren’t destined to be anything more than just friends, and those you never got over — the mere mention of their name makes you long for more of whatever it is they gave you. Of course, then there are the losers you hope get run down by a 16-wheeler, but we’ll save those mistakes for an entirely different column. I pose the topic of exes because, as I write this, I’m on a plane to go see one. That’s not my sole purpose for traveling, I happen to be going on a business trip and he just happens to have recently relocated to the city I’m traveling to. I dropped a casual email mentioning that I was going to be in town, suggesting that it would be really nice if the two of us could meet up for lunch. He accepted, and the knot in my stomach immediately tightened. This will be our first time seeing each other since breaking up six months ago. Panic sets in. But really, why should it? I’ve been here before. See, I’ve always believed that if a person’s personality attracted you enough to date them, then it should certainly be attractive enough to maintain a friendship. So what’s the big deal, right? Easier said than done.

into a solid friendship, you probably should. But in the beginning, keep it casual. Getting too emotional the first time you hang out together will create an awkward pace that might be difficult to recover from.

HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS You can’t expect to spend several years together, break up, then meet a few weeks later for dinner and a movie like nothing ever happened. A lot has happened, a lot of emotional stuff has happened. Take it slow. You may not magically fall into an easy, breezy, comfortable friendship overnight. These things take time. Go at your own pace and be open to whatever comes of it.

REMEMBER WHAT CONNECTED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE There’s only one major difference between a really strong friendship and a really strong relationship — sex. Sure, there’s a difference in how you love each other, and in how you look at each other, but those are what we call minor differences.


As with everything, I believe that the key to keeping things calm, sane and together is to go in with a game plan. I’m not saying you have to map out the entire engagement, but to go in with an idea of how you’d like things to play out will certainly help.

So often when we meet up with our exes, it’s as if we’re setting out to fail, as if the slightest spark or connection will send us running back into a relationship. Stand your ground. Just because you share a laugh over pizza or have a genuinely good time hanging out doesn’t mean you have to fall back in lust. There’s nothing wrong with your relationship evolving to the next level. In fact, some might argue that past lovers make the best of friends. After all, what could you possibly have to hide from one another after seeing each other naked?



Your first encounter as friends is not the time to take a walk down memory lane. Don’t go to the same place you had your first date or sing karaoke to “your song.” Go someplace fresh and new and establish this new relationship on its own terms. You’ll have plenty of time to revisit the past, use this time to look to the future.

You wont be the only one who finds this sudden reconnect awkward. Your ex will most likely be just as skittish. Why ignore the pink elephant? One of the easiest ways to dull your nerves is to put them all out on the table. If you both admit you’re not quite sure what to say or do, you can bond over that, and if all else fails, a shot of something over ice always does the trick.

KEEP SOME FRIENDS AROUND I found this particularly helpful. When you share mutual friends, they can help to balance out the conversation so you don’t take a dangerous left turn into emotional territory. There are exes that always seem to “revisit the good ole’ days” every time they talk, which is fine, as long as you don’t have intentions of acting on it. Keeping friends close by helps to keep things platonic. Of course, if your goal is to wind up in the sack, only keep your friends around until a suitable level of comfort has set in.

AVOID CERTAIN BANTER There may come a time for you two to take a walk down memory lane. In fact, to really heal as a former couple and make a clean, comfortable segue


Post your voice profile for FREE on Megamates. Our phone dating line offers singles a fun, interactive place to call, chat, and connect. It’s free to setup and maintain a mailbox, free to record a public ad and free to browse other caller’s profiles and messages. Call 1-888-MEGAMATES, Say FREE code “Adult Quest”. © 2013 Progressive Computing LLC



Wardrobe By:

Photo By: Demetri Ronnoko Hair & Makeup by: Rocio Delgadillo 24

AQ: Where do you work? Crystal: Dream Palace AQ: What are your hobbies? Crystal: Horseback riding, dancing, walking, and running. AQ: What are you like when you’ve had too much to drink? Crystal: Flirtacious :) AQ: What quality do you look for in a man? Crystal: Intelligence & good teeth!

Motorcycles By:



AQ: What’s your dream job? Crystal: Playmate AQ: Where would you like to travel? Crystal: Europe! AQ: What is your favorite body part? Crystal: My boobs :) AQ: Worst pick up line? Crystal: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?




AQ: When was the last time you were spanked? Crystal: This morning ;) AQ: What do you wear when you go to sleep? Crystal: Panties! AQ: What might we find on your nightstand? Crystal: Candles and candy. AQ: What would you like to say to the readers of Adult Quest? Crystal: Thanks for getting to know come see me!! Muah!!




hen I turned 60, and that was a few years ago, I decided I was going to be happier the second half of my life. And yes, I do look younger then my years. I decided my happiness was not going to be dependent on situations, places, people or things. Not dependent on how hard or long I worked on any given day, or even on how much income I produced. It was going to come from inside my being. I decided I had a right to know and experience happiness in my life no matter what is going on around me. That decision did not come from a mindset of Disneyland reality, not caring what was happening politically or internationally. On the contrary, when I turned 60 I decided there were some things worth paying close attention to and being outspoken about, standing up for my inalienable rights is one of them. Other things were a waste of time; like what people thought of me or attending events that I had no interest in because I was “suppose” to. This has been deeply freeing to stand in the center of my own circle, assuming authority, taking responsibility, and being spiritually accountable. I have embraced these concepts for years and walked my talk with them. When I added, “To be happy for no apparent reason”, this was the sugar to the cake of life. Why am I sharing this with you? Well, perhaps you do not need to wait until you are 60+ to make this declaration to the universe. Perhaps you can turn your life around now and decide to be happy. When you are bucking up against a wall of resistance, illness, struggling with finances, addiction or family dysfunction, it may seem impossible to turn your life around and actually ever feel happy again. Most feelings of hopelessness stem from a deep lack of worth and blaming your circumstances on everybody and everything else. When you blame others, you have accepted being the victim. If you blame your wife or husband for your lack of a good sex life, you have given your power away to do anything.


You do not make the internal changes needed to change your circumstances. If it is always “their” fault then you get to complain. You have no way to correct the situation and you have deemed yourself powerless. Communication is the key to being happy. Honest communication with yourself comes first, then with others. Most of us are not honest with ourselves at the core level that is necessary to shake our very foundation and wake us up into being the person who will not give up and can be happy. A person who will try different things way outside our comfort zone, allow our self to speak truth, not making the other person wrong and you right. Honesty that says we do not have the answers and we actually pray and ask for help and then listen and do what we usually do not want to do to heal our self and find happiness. If you say you have tried that and that and “yes but”….. then you are caught chasing your own tail and only a distraction or major challenge, often times health or financial, will help you break out of your closed circle of hopelessness. Happiness vs. Hopelessness seems an obvious choice doesn’t it? Or are you the person who is feeling hopeless, or who is hopelessly unhappy. Humans are the only mammals on the planet that have free will. Free Will means that you can heal yourself; you can ask for help, you can change your daily reality. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, within sacred law, to change your life? Are you ready to decide no matter what your circumstances, you can be happy? Ina “ Laughing Winds” Mlekush M.A.M.F.C.C a.a.c.e.c.t. certified Office 623 465-9151 Marriage Counseling, Sex Counselor, Traditional Couples or any other type of relationship.














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