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Happy New Year from Quest Magazine! 2014 is going to be a fantastic year for everyone! This month we want to thank one of our feature writers, Lucien Gunn. Lucien is an amazing author who from almost the beginning has contributed so much to Quest. I want to thank him and let him know how much we, and all of the Quest fans, appreciate his writing. Check out his article this month on the nude resort! This last month was a little rough for me personally, I was rear ended at a stoplight and ended up totaling my car. It was a sad day for the Mercedes and my body didn’t fare much better. I’m pretty sore, but at least I’m alive and walking around. I always try and keep things in perspective. In addition, my son’s mother had three family members die in an automobile accident only a week prior. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. I am definitely reflecting on how life can change in a blink of an eye. One thing that I kept thinking about after my accident was that I was pretty sure the guy who hit me was texting. I am guilty of this too and maybe you are as well. One of my new years resolutions, besides the typical eat better and working out, is to not text and drive. What are your new years resolutions? Write them down and make them a reality! One of the highlights during the month was attending the Essex Gentlemen’s Club anniversary party. All I can say is WOW! To celebrate, they offered penny drinks from 7-9PM and packed the club full of the valley’s hottest dancers! I was there at 7 and the club was already poppin. The night escalated quickly as customers and dancers filled the club. By 11PM, every inch of the club, including the VIP sections, was filled! Anyone who was there can tell you that this was an epic night and everyone had a great time! Check out the event pictures in this issue and take notice, Essex is one of the premier clubs in the valley! Come to our ultra sexy TABOO party on Jan 13th at Electric Ballroom (formerly Roxy Lounge) in Scottsdale!

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Girls, Quest is all about finding “real” local ladies. Down-to-earth. Are you one of the hottest dancers, bartenders, DJs, cocktail servers in your city?? Want to capture it in a beautiful photo shoot? Drop us a line and let us know about yourself or someone you know. INFO@ADULTQUESTLIVE.COM Thank you to Taylor, last months featured local model (above) referred to us by a friend of hers through



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with Nyla The High Pimpstress












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Tony Batman Out & About DVD REVIEWS






by Lucien Gunn “Wanna get away?” We all know the familiar slogan for Southwest Airlines. And yes, there are times when all we want – or need – to do is get away, if only for a few days … Well,


as the saying goes, have we got the place for you! We are going to tell you about what is both a beautiful destination and a wonderful get-away guaranteed to give you cause for rejuvenation … the premier adults only day spa – Sea Mountain Resort. Located in the heart of Southern California’s Coachella Valley at Desert Hot Springs, near Palm Springs, this

resort is uniquely different from the multitude of resorts that are sprinkled throughout the Southwest. For one, the Sea Mountain Resort is a nude or clothing optional spa catering to women and couples. And two,

this upscale, adults only resort treats you as if you were nestled comfortably in your own home. Every day there are 24

hour complimentary Coke products, coffee, teas, juices, fruits, energy bars, speciality drinks and munchie bar; flat screen LCD TV’s in all rooms with complimentary DVD player and DVD library; wireless computer access; 24 hour concierge service; special breakfast for overnight experiences and available, catered lovers dinner. As comfy-cozy as that may sound, the Sea Mountain Resort makes it even more inviting with all the accompanying pleasures one would expect from a luxury spa retreat: 24 hour heated mineral springs nude pool and spas; garden sun decks for nude tanning; 24 hour lifestyles taboo gardens lounge; weekend club nights with a dance pole; 24 hour mineral water nude whirlpool; tandem massages for one or two; and Lifestyles club events every day of the week. All of this is just waiting for you to enjoy that sensual escape from the hassles of everyday living – all provided in a serene and safe environment. The Sea Mountain Resort is renown the world over for its unique brand of hospitality, earning accolades from the UK Times, the Tokyo Times and the New York Times, proving that it makes no difference what times you go – just that you go. With its myriad of activities and amenities, nestled in the picturesque desert with crisp blue skies, crystal-clear starry nights and inviting desert climate, the Sea Mountain Resort could very well be called “Paradise Found.”

FHM awarded it

Winner Most Erotic Hotel on Earth called it

Top 5 Places in the World to Get Naked

Playboy said

Top Things to Do Before You Die

The accolades are ever-growing and never ending. The unique and positive experience that Sea Mountain Resort provides makes it the perfect destination to relax, unwind and de-stress – with less clothes … What could be better?

For reservations and information go to

877-928-2827 9




by Nyla The High Pimpstress

It’s a new year and perhaps you are unhappy with how last year turned out or you are tired of waiting for things in your life to improve and goal setting can be a powerful process for motivating yourself to take the initiative to instill new habits and turn your desires into reality. The process of setting goals gives you clarity about where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to accomplish, you can quickly spot any distractions that could sabotage your efforts before they sneak up on you and setting goals will allow you to create a roadmap of tasks and requirements that will define where

you need to concentrate those efforts.

WHY SET GOALS? Setting goals focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can most efficiently direct your life. Goals can motivate you to make difficult changes and give you a sense of pride knowing you achieved those goals because you were competent and diligent. You will notice your self-confidence skyrocket as you see evidence of the Universe reciprocating your tenacity and perseverance. 12

Setting and achieving small goals can also help an enormous task seem manageable and can even help you organize a plan of action so you do not feel so overwhelmed by such a large project. Goals give you a sense of purpose. Goal setting can be scary and confusing if you don’t really take time to contemplate the “big picture” that is to become your life. Once you start dreaming, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with visions of wealth, health, values, ideas, beliefs and material desires. Yes, I am giving you permission to just DESIRE nice things. No one said “goals” HAD to be saintly. If you

want to be the next Frank Lucas, OK. It’s not my business what you do with your life and it is a fact the most successful criminals, gangsters, politicians and entrepreneurs all SET GOALS! It’s all about setting goals.

HOW DO I START? Depending on your personality, some methods may be easier for you to follow than others so it is imperative that you take an honest inventory of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified those, you can begin examining what goals should take priority and how to

further break down the order in which they need to be accomplished. I absolutely despise waking up early (yeah, I am forever on “stripper-time”) so setting a goal to start waking up at 7 AM will most likely lead to failure because I know how I am in the morning. However, I know that if can start to set my alarm just 15 minutes earlier each week and actually get out of bed the first time the alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze 13 times, I can slowly work my way to becoming bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before everyone is on their way to lunch.

Whatever your goal is, you can apply these simple techniques to assist you in achieving them:

STEP 1: Setting Lifetime Goals What do you want? Not what does your mom, dad, spouse, kid, or employer, want for you…. what do YOU want? Because if you don’t feel a burning desire for it, you will never have enough steam to see it through and this will leave you feeling defeated and inadequate.

STEP 2: Set Smaller Goals Set a 5-year plan of smaller goals

that you need to complete in order to get you close to achieving the lifetime goals. From there, create a 1-year plan, a 6-month plan, and a 1-month plan of progressively smaller goals that will bring you closer to the 5-year plan. Create a daily to-do list of things that you should do each day to work towards your lifetime goals and review it at the end of each day. This will help you stay on course and will give you an idea of how effectively, or ineffectively, you are managing your time. Seeing a list of tasks with big red check-marks indicating “tasks finished” will make you feel productive and motivate you to take on the next challenge.

STEP 3: Reward Yourself Once you have achieved a goal, take ample time to enjoy the satisfaction of having done so. Praise yourself for it. Tell your friends you did it. Shit, post it on Facebook and bask in the congratulatory niceties of people you have never met. Allow yourself to feel good about your accomplishments. Buy a new purse. Go to the spa. Have that piece of cake that you have been resisting in order to achieve your weight-loss goals. Seriously, one piece of cake won’t destroy your diet and you deserve to celebrate your victory and most celebrations involve cake.

Lather, rinse, repeat for every goal you have. This simple method is a great way to get started on goal setting. Apply it to the smallest, most simple goals like not letting the laundry pile up for a month, calling your mom, drinking more water, and small feats like these so you begin to feel as if you are achieving your goals and then apply it to more lofty goals or goals that require a bit more consideration and organization. Goals don’t have to be achieved overnight and some, realistically, can’t be, so be patient and gentle with yourself and most importantly. DON’T beat yourself up if you fall of track or miss a deadline. With persistent practice at goal setting, life does offer “do-overs.”

Invest in yourself and you will realize fantastic returns. Nyla The High Pimpstress 602-460-6953 13


What’s on Your Bucket List? LIFE is meant to be an exciting adventure. There is so much for us to discover that we have never explored from heightened waves of passion and intimacy to states of adrenalin bliss from flying in a glider plane or skiing on a black diamond slope.

not to dive because this cliff was 10 times higher than the wall. I looked over the edge and saw the rugged cliff side with jagged rock boulders at the bottom. Now I understood why he took a running jump to get out away from the cliff as far as he could and he made it and was in the water hollering his joy. I was frozen in maybe what was for the first time in my life the true freeze or flight response. After what felt like an eternity, maybe

What is stopping you from your adventures; finances, family, raising children, career, and partners afraid of your adventures for they hold an element of danger? Well any good adventure will push you to your edge. That’s the whole point, to find out where your edge is. When you feel the butterfly’s in your stomach or your gut twisting and you know what that means, HOW do YOU handle it? Do you push yourself beyond your fear and jump?


deep into the water when I hit. It was a long ways down from that cliff. The water was a perfect temperature as I slid between the waves to the depth of exhilaration and came swimming to the top with a grin on my face and grabbed a breath of fresh air then heard my own voice joyously reaching the others still on top of the cliff. OK, one man was over, one woman, now the rest of the party just started flying off. I will never forget that day. The other bucket list item for that Jamaican trip was one, I was in Jamaica and two, I was attending a 5 day workshop of Chuluaqi Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality teachings and practices. For many of you, you would rather jump off a cliff then to attend a workshop about sexuality and intimacy.

What have you done in years gone by that you still remember and tell the tale with gusto and longing? What type of adventures do you enjoy? Do you love shooting but have not done any competition? Are you a photographer and have that one place in the world or under the sea that you would like to film? Do you have a secret dream to perform and hone your skills as an actor, musician or singer?

I was in Jamaica many years ago and dove off a very high wall into the azure clear blue waters. I just had to do it. I did not have my head properly between my hands so my head broke the water with a smack. That was a jolt of reality. And I was still so pumped for having made that very high dive I did not care. Days later our group was on top of a cliff that overlooked the ocean and one of the men went running and flung himself off. Oh My God! I decided to do it too. I do learn from my mistakes so I knew

by Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush

15 minutes of debating with the sane and insane side of myself, I decided the only way do this was to do it and stop thinking about it.

Can you make a commitment to yourself this year of 2014 that you will first make a bucket list then begin to check those items off? It is the memories we have and the stories we tell over the years that give meaning and purpose to the mundane. The mundane is our daily routine; career, work, yard and housekeeping, car, boat, motorcycle maintenance, raising kids, paying bills, whatever you do every day as your routine is not what makes your life interesting. It is what we all need to do to have a good life, to put food on the table, to afford an occasional vacation but it is not what makes life the adventure it is meant to be. Live life in 2014 as if it is the last year of your life. For some it may be. I for one do not want to be on my death bed saying I WISH I HAD DONE…….. I am going hunting for the first time in 2014. And, as I have been trained, I will pray for and with the animal and use all of it.

I took a running jump and for a moment was suspended in time and midair. I looked down and saw I had Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush cleared the rocks and with a deep M.A.M.F.C.C a.a.c.e.c.t. certified sense of relief I knew I would live. I Marriage Counseling | Sex Counselor started the slow fall down, down, down. It seemed slow to me anyway. Traditional Couples & Other Relationships Then it hit me, I had better take a deep breath because I was going to go




Reasons To Have Daily Sex

Stressed, burdened with life’s difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don’t agree? Well, here is a list of the health benefits of sex, so do it daily to experience complete pleasure. These are 16 reasons to have sex today!

1. De-stress

Sex helps you reduce stress. When deep breathing exercises fail to de-stress you, sex will do the needful. 16

During sex your body produces dopamine, a substance that fights stress hormones, endorphins, aka “happiness hormones” and oxytocin, a desire-enhancing hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. In a study, published in the Public Library of Science journal, three neuroscience researchers conducted a test on male rats and found that the sexually active rats were less anxious than rats with no sexual activity.

2. Great Form of Exercise

Making love is a form of physical activity. During intercourse, the physiological changes in your body are consistent with a workout. You must have noticed that the respiratory rate rises, which means you get tired. Hence, you burn calories. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes

(but we know you can do better than that) you’ll burn about 7.500 calories in a year. That’s the equivalent of jogging 75 miles! Heavy breathing raises the amount of oxygen in your cells, and the testosterone produced during sex keeps your bones and muscles strong.

3. Lowers high blood pressure

Hugs and sex can improve your blood pressure. Sex reduces diastolic blood pressure, that is, the bottom number while reading blood pressure. Researchers with the University of Paisley conducted an experiment on the same. They concluded that sex improves blood pressure.

4. Builds your immunity

Trying to fight the sniffles? Sex

is the answer to fight cold and other health problems; sex can boost your immunity. Immunoglobulin A, an antigen that fights the flu increases when the frequency of sex increases.

5. Makes You Look Younger

Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger, claims a Scottish researcher. “It’s good for you to have good sex,” says David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, whose study on the effects of sex on aging appears in his book, Secrets of the Superyoung.

6. Healthy heart

Sex helps you burn calories but it can also improve your heart. Sex will take care of stroke and heart attacks, you just have to enjoy the moment.

10. Stronger pelvic muscles

Sex involves the use of several muscles; hence regular sexual intercourse can help you develop stronger pelvic muscles. Further, since the act of sex involves a range of muscles, it also helps strengthen these muscles - for ex: quads, your core, and the upper back. Through regular sex, you can also maintain a strong bladder and bowel function. Strong muscles, calorie burner, improves heart health - sex seems to take care of you.

11. Prostate Protection

Most of the fluid you ejaculate is secreted by the prostate gland. If you stop ejaculating, the fluid stays in the gland, which tends to swell, causing lots of problems. Regular ejacu-

Apparently sex can improve your menstrual cycle. Sex regulates hormones, which in turn regulate the menstrual cycle. Sex reduces stress, which is one of the reasons women miss their periods. Sex seems like a better option than pills.

14. Prevents Erectile Dysfunctions

Fifty per cent of men older than 40 suffer from erectile dysfunctions and all young men fear the moment when they won’t be able to get it up any more. The best medicine against impotence An erection keeps the blood flowing through your penile arteries, so the tissue stays healthy. Plus, doctors compare an erection to an athletic reflex: the more you train the more capable you are to perform.

Scientists with New England Research Institute examined the effect of sex on the heart. The study concluded that men are 45 percent less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases. But the study fails to study the effect of sex on a woman’s heart.

7. Pain relief

Pleasure is the measure to beat out the pain. Do you experience migraines and body pain? Well sex is the answer. But if you experience back pain, it is best to consult a doctor. Dr. George E. Erlich, an arthritis specialist from Philadelphia conducted a study on the link between arthritis and sex. He narrows down that patients who engaged in sex experienced less pain.

8. Builds trust and intimacy

The act of sex spikes the hormone oxytocin; this hormone is responsible for your happiness and love. If your feel your relationship is falling out, there is trust or you’re worried that your partner will stray away, then sex will dispel these doubts. The hormone oxytocin builds trust and brings couples closer, and cupid too.

9. Less chances of cancer

Regular ejaculation reduces your chances of developing prostate cancer. In an Australian study men who ejaculated 21 times a month were least likely to develop cancer. It is further supported by other researches that sexual intercourse reduces the risk of prostrate cancer.

Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger lation will wash those fluids out and ensure the well being of your prostate until old age. Problems may also occur when you suddenly change the frequency of ejaculations.

12. Induces sleep

After that great, lovely workout you are bound to get good sleep. But guess what? Sex works the same way as exercise. The increased heart rate leads to increased post-coital relaxation. Sex could be the next thing for insomniacs! So what really happens: - Sex can relax you, hence if you are already tired, the act of sex will induce sleep. - When men ejaculate they become lethargic, this can make them sleepy.

13. Regular periods

15. Live longer

A healthy heart, stronger muscles, increased circulation of oxygen and happiness are some of the factors that add life to the years and as a result - years to your life. A study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that men who engaged in sex often live twice as those who rarely had any action.

16. Healthier semen

If you’re trying to conceive, you increase the volume of semen if you have sex regularly. Regular sex replaces old sperms from the testicles. If there is a natural build of sperms it can lead to DNA damage. Source Prevent 17



by Lucien Gunn

Jenna Jameson, the former “queen of porn,” will be the master of ceremonies for the adult entertainment industry’s most spectacular awards show of the year: the 2014 XBIZ Awards presented by Fleshlight, on Jan. 24 at the Century Plaza Hotel, in Los Angeles. Although Jenna stepped away from the industry in 2008, she was never out of the spotlight and recently began making select public appearances. Her return to the stage at the XBIZ Awards coincides with the adult industry’s premier trade events series of the year, XBIZ 360A – which features exhibits dedicated to the future of digital adult entertainment, movie production, pleasure products and retail. And having Jenna Jameson only adds to the spectacle. “I’m super excited to host one of the largest and most prestigious awards shows in the business, the 2014 XBIZ Awards,” Jameson said. “I’m incredibly grateful that they’ve always been supportive of my crossover

Photo Cliff1066

endeavors and I’m excited to do the same in return. Square and be immortalized in wax at Madame TusI can’t wait to see everyone fill the seats at my first sauds in Las Vegas; Appeared in the “Without Me” on-stage appearance in a long time.” A true legend, music video for Eminem as well voicing an animatJenna is widely regarded as the most successful and ed version of herself for an episode of “Family Guy;” well-known adult film star of all time – achieving Became a New York Times bestselling author with a level of fame that no one before her has come her autobiography “How To Make Love Like a Porn close to rivaling. Not only did she become a virtu- Star: A Cautionary Tale. And if that wasn’t setting the al household name during a remarkable career as bar high enough, Jameson was able to accomplish an actress, producer, director, author and company all of this while building ‘Club Jenna’ into a multimeowner, she is also credited with pioneering adult en- dia empire which she ultimately sold to Playboy in a tertainment’s crossover to mainstream pop culture. groundbreaking, eight-figure deal! Is it any wonder Jenna Jameson’s brand was so powerful that it pen- that XBIZ is happy to have Jenna as master of ceretrated into all aspects of media entertainment … emonies? “In the realm of adult film, no one is more More than 30 appearances on the “Howard Stern famous than Jenna,” said Alec Helmy, president and Show” as well as a role in his semi-autobiographical founder of XBIZ. “We are delighted to welcome her movie “Private Parts;” Appeared on NBC’s “Mister to our grandest event to date and we can’t wait to Sterling” and Paris Hilton’s reality show “The Simple see her take the big stage.” For information about Life;” First adult film star to have a billboard in Times the 2014 XBIZ Awards, go to 18

PORN & The Seasons A time for everything … Researchers at the University of Villanova recently published a paper in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showing that Internet pornography is as seasonal as – nature’s storms. Examining Google trends over a four-year

period for commonly-searchedfor-terms such as “porn,” “xxx” and “xxvideos,” the researchers

found a definite cycle of peaks and valleys that occur at regular six-month intervals. They also conducted a related, but more specific study of purpose-driven terms – such as dating websites – and that produced a similar sixmonth cycle as well. Interestingly enough, however, when the researchers ran a control group study of Google searches consisting of non-sexual terms, there was no discernible pattern to be found! Of course, this is just one study, and as far as research is concerned, there is always more work to be done. Nevertheless, the results are quite fascinating, because they suggest the ability of the Internet to show us something about our nature from a different viewpoint; According to the blog, Neuroskeptic, the findings could “reflect a more primitive biological cycle …” As profound as that may sound in the dynamics of biology, technology and the human flesh, there is still something we want to know; when are the peak seasons for porn? Oddly enough, they are winter and late summer. So the next time you happen to lose track what time of year it is – just check your search history …

CHARLIE AND HIS ANGELS Good-bye angels … The rumor mills were in full spin over the Thanksgiving weekend, when Charlie Sheen was seen “swapping spit” with a porn starlet in Cabo San Lucas. The reason for the buzz was because it was someone other than one of his “angels!” With a little digging, TMZ soon learned that Charlie had a falling out with the trio of porn stars he had been

on at Pelican Bay.” And it only got worse from there, with Charlie calling them “2 peso con artists” and a slew of other Sheen-isms in a full and very graphic statement, ending with his being able to “revel in the absolute and perfect reality of your swift and permanent disposal.” Wow! To be sure, Charlie is never at a loss for words … So who was that with Charlie down in Mexico?

© Twitter / Charlie Sheen

dating for the past several months – Celeste Star, Jayme Langford and Jana Jordan. It seems that at least two of them carried out a scheme to run up his credit card bill and when Charlie found out, he went characteristically ballistic. In fact, when TMZ reached out to Charlie about the situation, he fired-off a “Sheeniusly” poetic statement for the ages – saying, “I’ve observed more nobility and honor in the drifters I’ve run over and child molesters I spit

TMZ learned that it was 24-year-old

Brett Rossi, the star of “She Loves My Big Breasts 2” and “Bondage Tongue Bath.” Apparently, Brett is less than a year into the porn industry and is known as a “classy kind of porn star” – who does mostly solo and girl-girl stuff with Penthouse and Manwin/Twistys. Obviously, Charlie wastes little time. But if what they say is true – that art imitates life – then Charlie is one very talented painter … 19


86 Year Old Bunny Ranch Contest Winner Chokes To Death In Freak Restaurant Mishap, On His Way There by

Shocked Nevada Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Calls It “Saddest Day In 58-Year Bunny Ranch History” Carson City, NV- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – An elderly but randy grandpa who won a free X-rated trip to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel died only moments before his dream date with two busty prostitutes was to begin– when he choked to death on an expensive rib eye steak in a local restaurant as horrified diners helplessly looked on.

86 year-old Johnny Orris, a retired farmer from Sullivan, Illinois, had won a bizarre “Get My Grandpa Laid” contest on the Howard Stern radio show in New York City in October, and

was flown along with grandson Ed Moody, 49, to the Carson

Hardcore petting

By Lila Gray

Ron Jeremy has assumed the role of sex rights advocate — for animals. A long-time animal rights supporter, the so-called “King of Porn” has sided with PETA and vocally eschewed certain sexual experiments on rodents and other fuzzy friends. Both PETA and Jeremy have targeted the National Institute of Health (NIH) for funding such experiments with taxpayer money.

City, Nevada brothel for two days of sexy fun with the Bunny Ranch girls as first prize. Orris was given a rousing reception by a group of three dozen scantily-clad hookers upon his arrival, but when he stepped out to grab a bite to eat just before his carnal encounters were to begin, he met his tragic fate at the hands of a juicy slab of tenderloin. “This is a horrible, horrible tragedy,” said Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, who had personally greeted Orris in the Bunny Ranch parlor only hours before. “This is without doubt the saddest day in our 58year history of the Bunny Ranch. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.”

beat about everything, it was like he felt he had a new lease on life. He even said this was going to be the greatest day of his life, and then this happens. I am devastated.” Orris, along with his grandson and a family friend went to the Sage Room Steakhouse at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe resort casino in South Lake Tahoe for dinner, where the former field-toiler ordered a rib eye steak, exclaiming that he wanted to “bulk up” before he had his go at the working girls. According to Moody and the friend who shared the final supper with gramps, he was just two mouthfuls into the delectable entrée (accompanied by a generous serving of oysters and a baked potato—a pricey $250 tab for the trio) when he reared up, rasping out, “I can’t breath! I’m choking!”

“It was going to be the first time he had sex in many years,” a morose Moody said of his late grandfather, and widower of over a decade. “Ever since he won the contest he’s been super-excited and up- As Orris struggled for life on the 20

Jeremy wrote in a letter to NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, “When people across the country are struggling to meet rising healthcare costs, why is the NIH putting up millions of dollars to fund hard-ons for rodents? I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on sex — I’ve got more than 1,700 movies to prove it — and I know how important it is to have and enjoy it. But I don’t know a single person who’s ok with cutting up live animals’ genitals for any reason.” In the letter, he highlights a Johns Hopkins study in which researchers removed the skin on rats’ genitals before electrically stimulating them and measuring their ability to sustain an erection. In another experiment at the University of Michigan and the University of Western Ontario, rats were injected with a chemical to block their sexual pleasure. “I once had a rat named Fetus, whom I adopted from the comedian Howie Mandel and I know firsthand what great personalities and high intelligence these animals have. They absolutely don’t deserve this fate,” he added. PETA has found a friend in Jeremy before — he once modeled in towel only to advocate for spaying and neutering cats and dogs.

floor of the upscale eatery, Moody, his friend, two security guards, two waiters and finally quickly responding paramedics all applied CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for more than 45 minutes—but to no avail. The plucky octogenarian was pronounced dead at about 8:30pm shortly after being taken by ambulance to local Barton Hospital, according to Lt. Pete Van Arnum of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s office is expected to conduct an autopsy before determining the official cause of death of the fossil-like former-farm boy. Just before being done in by the freshly slaughtered sirloin, Orris had arranged to “party” (brothel parlance for a sexual escapade) with Bunny girls Caressa Kisses, and Vanity Affair. Both ladies were anxiously awaiting his return from the dining house, when word came of the untimely passing. The pair immediately broke down crying and were inconsolable. The mood at the Bunny Ranch as well as the other three brothels owned by Hof in the immediate vicinity ranged yesterday from somber reflection, to outright sobbing over the unexpected loss. Owner Hof has offered to supply counseling to any working girl in need.

Moody spoke warmly about his just-deceased grandpa, fondly recalling the elderly gentleman’s elaborate sexual fantasies about big-breasted black women. “He was a great guy, a great friend, and a great grandfather, I will miss him dearly.” Jesse Jane’s “Lollipop” By Rhett Pardon

Digital Playground has debuted its latest crime thriller, “Lollipop,” starring contract performer Jesse Jane as the bad girl stripper on the run from the mob. Written and directed by James Jakodema, “Lollipop” is available now online and on DVD.

It was in that spirit of familial kinship that Moody actually returned to the Bunny Ranch later that same night, and in honor of the elders death, took his grandpa’s place in partying with a Bunny girl. Adding to the solemn symbolism of the gesture, Moody made a point of cashing in his grand-dad’s unused—but still valid–“free party” coupon in payment for the party with Sophia Jaye, a very popular prostitute at the bawdy-house. “I didn’t party with Caressa or Vanity out of respect for my grandfather. They were his favorites, so that wouldn’t have been cool,” opined Moody, “But my grandfather would have wanted me to go on and have a good time in his memory, especially having come so far, from Illinois and all,” adding, “I think he will high-five me in heaven for it when we meet there.” In accordance with Orris’ previously expressed wishes, he is expected to be cremated locally, with his remains returned to his rural midwestern home. THE BUNNY RANCH: The world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch (www. is featured in the long-running award-winning HBO reality TV series Cathouse, and is the most successful legal brothel in the history of the planet.

“Lollipop” opens with Jane working the pole of a seedy club, when she sees Tommy Gunn, a mob member from the corner of her eye, with a stack full of cash. Entranced by the money, Jane offers him a night he can’t forget. Later, on the run from the mob, she must use everything and everyone at her disposal to escape and make it out alive. The feature film contains five hardcore sex scenes, including special scenes with the Raven Bay and Riley Reid. Other cast and performances in “Lollipop” include Gulliana Alexis, Chad White, Ryan Driller and Giovanni Francesco. “This is a classic take on mobster movies where manipulation and greed get the best of people,” Jakodema said. “Jesse brings her star quality to the screen, displaying her gorgeous looks and talents in the bedroom.” 21


HOLIDAY HANGOVER: What to do with the criminal charge you

Received for enjoying life a little too much! by Howard Snader I have practiced criminal defense for more almost 25 years. The holidays always see a spike in criminal conduct. Not only are DUI arrests in the news, but everything from shoplifting, crimes of domestic violence, disorderly conduct and gun related crimes seem to spike this time of year. In the event you or a friend received a criminal charge over the holidays, I would like to provide you guide on how to best deal with the matter.


If you received a citation, your court date was noted above your signature. Make sure you calendar the date, and if required, comply with the fingerprint order before appearing for court. If you were actually arrested and taken before a judge, then you have pending court dates and will need to appear at the future dates. If the arrest was for a misdemeanor such as DUI, Assault, Disorderly Conduct etc… then an attorney can appear on your behalf for the first few court dates. If you were arrested for a felony, then you saw a judge and provided court dates to appear. Make sure you comply with release conditions and stay in contact with pretrial services if so ordered. If you posted bond, the bond will not be released until the matter is concluded or upon a written motion being granted. If you appear for any court appearance and advised the matter was scratched or vacated, the case is NOT closed. It only means that the prosecutors were not ready to proceed on the court date. If that happens, the State will need to prosecute a misdemeanor within one year of the date of crime, or seven years from the date of the crime in most felony matters.

ly go to social media websites searching for photos, videos and statements concerning criminal conduct. Don’t give them any evidence by bragging or confessing to any criminal act.


release conditions pending your appearance at future court dates. Release can be everything from “Own Recognizance, i.e. OR” to the requirement that bond be posted. You may have a curfew or be restricted from specific locations or people. Especially in crimes

When soliciting legal advice from When soliciting legal advice from an attorney, your conversation is privileged. The attorney cannot be forced to disclose the content of the conversation. BUT, if you speak with family members, friends, co-workers, insurance adjusters, and maybe even doctors (depending on the nature of the treatment and the statements), the statements may be used against you. Along the same thought process, do not engage in any phone conversations with anyone, especially the alleged victim. In many cases the victim is recording the call and can use the statements against you.

Step 4: CONTACT COUNSEL You are not legally entitled to counsel until an adversarial proceeding takes place. For misdemeanors, that normally is the first pretrial conference. For a felony, that proceeding is either the first status conference/preliminary hearing or arraignment. There is never a bad time to contact counsel. Normally the closer to the time of the arrest, or even during the traffic stop/investigation is perfect. Even if you don’t retain an attorney, you can address your concerns and start to protect yourself. Counsel may be able to address your questions about posting a bond, describing the legal process, obtaining your vehicle from impound or preserving evidence.

involving domestic violence, that means you will not be permitted to return to the place of the crime…. even if it is your own residence or place of employment. Obviously that can be very problematic.


Modifying a release order requires the judge to specifically change a prior order. They will only do In most cases, when you appear that upon a motion, most often in writing. If the crime involves a Police and prosecutors frequent- before a judge they will set your 22

victim, the Court is prohibited from modifying any release condition until the victim is notified of the request. Having counsel filing and arguing the motion will certainly give you a better chance of success of having it done correctly and having it heard as quickly as possible.

Assuming we are speaking of digital photos, you don’t want to be accused of deleting or altering a bad photo. Just keep the blurry or dark photo among all the photos. Take photos every couple of days to demonstrate the changing colors of any bruising.

enabled, you would have been pinging towers. If you purchased anything with a credit card or made any phone calls or text messages, it may be possible to recreate a timeline strengthening an alibi defense.

Step 8: MEET WITH COUNSEL Where above I discussed contacting counsel, now is the time to meet with counsel. If you can retain counsel, find the attorney with the experience and in your price range that can best represent you. If you do need the public defender, then the above information will give you a head start in building your defense.

STEP 9: DON’T PROCRASTINATE Criminal cases don’t normally magically disappear. Administrative agencies such as MVD and those with professional licenses such as teachers, nurses, pilots, and realtors may have reporting requirements. Again, your best defense is to deal with the matter immediately and after speaking with counsel. When your life, reputation, and liberty are at stake, your best defense begins with retaining experienced criminal defense counsel. I am a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. If you or anyone you know has been accused of any crime, please give me a call.

The Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Not A




If you received any injury, it is imperative that you document the nature of the injury and its severity. If severe enough, see a doctor as soon as possible. If there is any obvious physical injury, photograph it. You can’t take enough photos

You need to write your version of the events as soon after the incident as possible. Except for your attorney, do not show it to anyone. Make sure you note any potential witnesses, their contact information, and think about any preservating any electronic evidence. Electronic evidence could be the metadata on your phone. If you phone was GPS



Let’s Get This Party Started Right? Outfits provided by: Hair & Makeup by: Danielle Gary Photography by: Andrew Paul


DANIKA DIAMOND Stage Name: Danika Diamond How Long Dancing: 1 year Place of Birth: Washington Birth Month: January Age: 21 Zodiac sign: Capricorn Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green Height: 5’8” Weight: 100 24 Measurements: 27 23 29


AQ: Who is your current employer, and how long have you been working there? Danika Diamond: Dream Palace Gentlemen’s Club AQ: Why do you dance? Danika: Money and excitement! AQ: What’s your favorite body part? Danika: My legs. AQ: What’s your favorite body part on a guy? Danika: Their dick. AQ: What makes you feel sexy? Danika: I am always sexy. AQ: What are some of your hobbies? Danika: I have been modeling for almost a decade, riding dirt bikes, riding my horse, longboarding, and traveling. AQ: What brings you bliss? Danika: Lots of money and being spoiled.


AQ: What quality do you look for in a man? Taylor: Loyalty AQ: Biggest fear? Taylor: Dying AQ: Pet peeve? Taylor: Someone who has bad breath. AQ: Do you have any beauty tips? Taylor: Make sure you shower everyday. AQ: What is your favorite food? Taylor: Mexican Foodâ&#x20AC;Ś.Green Chile AQ: What are you particularly crazy about? Taylor: My Makeup AQ: Are you a good cook? Taylor: I am a very good cook. AQ: What is your favorite drink? Taylor: Whiskey AQ: Who sees your breasts more than you do? Taylor: My manager. AQ: What do you do to relax? Taylor: I take a nice hot bath

AQ: What is your dream job? Danika: To be a cardiovascular stenographer and I would like to open a co-ed strip club. AQ: What place would you most like to travel? Danika: Dubai. AQ: Would you rather be able to eat anything and everything and never gain a pound or wake up every morning with a perfect hairdo? Danika: I can already eat anything and everything and never gain a pound, so perfect hair would be awesome. AQ: Sexual partner: man, woman or both? Danika: Man…I am strickly dickly.


AQ: On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate yourself in bed? Danika: I am a 12! AQ: It’s our first date, where should we go? Danika: Out to Tutti Santi’s. AQ: What quality do you look for in a man? Danika: Not a cocky asshole…lets me do what I want without being controlling. Someone with a nice smile, pretty eyes, makes me laugh, good style, and a bad ass car! AQ: Biggest fear? Danika: I’m not afraid of anything! AQ: Pet peeve? Danika: A pissy toiled seat!

AQ: Do you have any beauty secrets? Danika: That’s my secret!

AQ: What is your favorite drink? Danika: Coke.

AQ: An armored truck guard invites you on board and says you can leave with as much cash as you can fit in your pockets…how much money do you walk with? Danika: All of it!

AQ: Who sees your breasts more than you do? Danika: My mirror.

AQ: What is your favorite food? Danika: Mexican Food…rolled beef tacos with guacamole. AQ: Have you ever experimented in public? Danika: No. AQ: Tell us something unique about yourself. Danika: I’m 100% all natural. I’ve been a Tahitian hula dancer for 11 years! I ride dirt bikes, I ride horses and I’ve also been a cheerleader.

AQ: What do you do to relax? Danika: Smoke weed and go see my horse…yes I have my medical card! AQ: What might we find on your nightstand? Danika: A remote. AQ: What celebrity would you most like to have brunch with? Danika: Pamela Anderson.

AQ: What are you particularly crazy about? Danika: My future! AQ: Are you a good cook? Danika: Yes!




AQ: What was your most embarrassing moment growing up? Danika: I was always one of the boys riding dirt bikes and riding horsesâ&#x20AC;Ś nothing really embarrassed me.

AQ: What would the world be a better place without? Danika: Tweakers. AQ: What would you prefer to place on your body to be licked off? Danika: Whipped Cream. AQ: What can you not live without? Danika: My Mom! AQ: Do you believe the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Danika: Yes! AQ: Do you believe the best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach? Danika: No…a funny personality. AQ: If you could, what’s the one thing you would change about yourself? Danika: Nothing! AQ: How many men try and reel you in each night when you work? Danika: Every single guy!

Ummm... Special thanks to Danika’s Mom! Such a great help. These two ladies rock! ... and, [gulp] you can see BOTH these ladies dancing at Dream Palace! There is a god!


Hot on Social Media


Smashboxx is Scottsdale’s hottest premiere nightclub located in the heart of Old Town. Since opening their doors, Smashboxx has received numerous awards and accolades. Smashboxx is one of the hottest spots in Scottsdale on a Saturday night. The place is always packed with beautiful ladies and great music. Take a step into the Hot Boxx and document the night!! Adult Novelties

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, LELO’s custom of delivering the most cutting-edge design and technology in the industry has earned it widespread media recognition and international awards, including the world-famous Red Dot Design Award. LELO is the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products, including luxury massagers known as Pleasure Objects, bedroom accessories, massage oils, soy massage candles and a premium line of silk intimate apparel!

Celebrity Tour

2013 Exotic Dancer Overall Entertainer of the year, Christina Aguchi! Having had the pleasure to see her perform live, I can attest to the fact that she definitely deserves the title of Entertainer of the year. Her performances are electrifying and leave the crown wanting more. She mixes an amazing pole performance with creative costumes and overall dance routine that is simply awesome. I can’t wait for her return to the Valley in 2014!

Fan Site

Real Asian Babes is something we could all use in our life. Well, at least temporarily from my experience. Stop by this Facebook page and give it a like and start to enjoy the beautiful Asian girls coming through your news feed. They update pictures and post frequently, but one thing is for sure, the girls are always beautiful.


Stripper School

This is the original stripper school which was founded in 2003 by Rebecca Avalon. Take a few minutes and check out her website and make a commitment in the new year to treat stripping like a real job. She has some great lessons that every stripper could learn from. Check it out today!!

Male Enhancement... with a Twist! There’s this chick that’s let’s say you’ve been after for a while. Finally she decides (the ball is always in her court in the beginning) to let you hit it. You’ve been saying to yourself and bragging to your boys that you’re gonna kill it when you get up in it. DON’T FRONT, WE ALL DO IT!!! So you take her to dinner, a movie, or maybe she just calls and says stop thru. We know what “stop thru” means, “Aww shit, I’m about to hit it!!!” Now do you want to hurt it? or Kill it? PS-Awesome Promo Video! lol, smh


The AVN Awards Show takes place each January, during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and is attended by everyone who is anyone in the adult industry. Broadcast on Showtime Networks since 2008, the AVN Awards ceremony is watched by millions and features performances by mainstream comedians and top musical acts. We’ll be there... hope to see you there too!

Want a safe way to have a facebook type setup but for your dancer profile or alter-ego without using your facebook? Checkout, its free, it will get you found on search engines and is a safe way to talk to your customers and keep them coming back for more. DD is great community strictly for Dancers and legit, no illegal activity allowed. For dancers that really want a good clean place to keep in touch with their local customers and to find new ones. If your a dance looking make more repeat customers, more money, you gotta try this site out.


did you know? cOOL tECH tIPS


local strip fan Adult Quest is always looking for new products entering into the Adult Industry. Here is an awesome social networking site for Exotic Dancers, Clubs and their Fans! is the newest platform for clubs and dancers to connect and communicate online with their customers. This website is unique because it offers a way for clubs and entertainers to monetize their social networking. From the private messaging and videos to the club calendar where clubs can drive customers to their clubs and dancers can coordinate their schedule with their best customers. provides a unique method for ensuring that dancers maintain as much anonymity as they want, while still getting the full benefit of the website Together with, clubs will pit their hottest dancers head to head with other clubs around the country for bragging rights on who has the hottest girls. Check it out! the fantasy of the internet with the dream of the club, and making it all a reality. To find out more about or, go to the websites or call Bill Sauser, the president, at 312-296-2551.




so I took her shirt off... then she said “take off my skirt”. I took off her skirt. “Take off my shoes.” I took off her shoes. “now my bra and panties.” then she looked at me and said “i don’t want to catch you wearing my things ever again.”


Dating Easy




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FREE CODE : Say “Adult Quest” For other local numbers call:


24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628




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Tony Batman

This past month I spent a couple of weeks in Alabama, while hosting the Miss Pole Champ Alabama Competition at the Wild Cherry Cabaret in Huntsville. The Miss Pole Champ USA series of competitions has several City, State, and Regional competitions that all lead to the Finals. The Miss Pole Champ Alabama was obviously a state competition but there were Pole Dancers from all over the South East United States. After all the contestants competed and the scores were all tabulated, Miss Keelah Rose came out victorious and for the second year in a row, was crowned Miss Pole Champ Alabama. I stayed in the area for a few days because I was hosting the big Feature Entertainer weekend with award winning porn stars Sophie Dee and Gianna Michaels, a duo act that I affectionately

named, The Lick Em Low Lovers, because the two ladies really, really liked each other. I had a great time hosting the event with Wild Cherry Deejays, LaRue & Memphis. The crowd was exciting and the shows were great. An all 38

Oh the places you will go!

around great time was had by all. In the past month, the Tony Batman Talk Show, which I broadcast on the Network weekly has really taken off and my guests have been great. Just in the last month we

have had, Miss Pole Champ Alabama Keelah Rose, Little Feature Entertainer Sassy Cassee, Reality Star Leilene, Feature Dancer Cali Rose, talking about her appearance on the Jerry Springer Show, Porn Star Sadie Santana, Sophie Dee, and Gianna Michaels.

But the best thing on the Tony Batman Talk Show this past month is our sexy new cohost Kymber Kage. Kymber is an exotic pole dancer, and an aspiring Feature Entertainer. The weekly studio time is so much fun with Amber Yeisley and now Kymber, and I am super excited about 2014!

Tony Batman Comedic Actor, Celebrity Emcee, Radio Show Host, and Strip Club Lover




SEDUCED BY A COUGAR 27: by Naughty america These wild cougars have the sex skills and the horny, seductive drive of femme fatales half their age! Brandi Love, Claire Dames and Eva Karrera lead the cast of these insatiable older women. These luscious beauties take charge and do what COUGARS do best; hunting and taking down young men! The cast of women, with Ariella being phenomenal, and Brandi, Eva and Claire putting out fantastic scenes. These glorious gorgeous older women are leading the industry now in adult films, and this title is a great example as to why!

CUTE LITTLE TITTIES: by New sensations A Double Disc of the most delicious delightful titties! 5hours of flat chested and suckable perky nips on the most cute and bubbly teen girls... When you think you have satisfied your desire for young babes, you realize you have AN ENTIRE OTHER DISC to devour and perv out on. Its almost too much, having access to girls that will BLOW YOUR MIND in regards to why; why would these girls do porno? Shouldn’t they be at the mall shopping for purses and cute outfits?

BIG TIT FANATIC 2: by elegant angel All star cast of Anissa Kate, Kelly Divine, Kiera King, Lisa Ann, and Raylene! Elegant Angel is the primo porn company and leaves no nipple safe, no cleavage unfucked, no breast unsucked... Trust the curves and skills of these expert stars as they tease and frolic in hi definition; Are you a fan? Are you a fanatic? ARE YOU ADDICTED TO the juiciest pieces of meat? Give these women the herbs and spices, give them your attention and pursue the biggest tits you can find on dvd. You will not be able to HANDLE it, not without multiple views. Its that THICK AND MEATY. Pace yourself, tit fanatics...

ADULT MOVIE TERMS EXPLAINED! MILF: Mom I’d Like to Fuck JOI: Jack Off Instructions. Newer genre with instructions how to masturbate to the dialogue and plot of movie. POV: Point of View. Filmed from the perspective of the person receiving sexual gratification for the viewers enjoyment A2M: Ass to Mouth. When a penis goes from the anus of a performer to another performer’s mouth. Creampie: Internal “Cumshot” either anal or vaginal with said cum slowly “creaming” back out. CWNM: Clothed Woman, Naked Man. Women seduce man and dominate him while sexually controlling the scenario. Reverse GangBang: Instead of a group of men having one woman, group of women take on one lucky individual. FemDom: Female being in power and controlling or physically reprimanding a male partner in a sexual and vocal manner. Since 2000, Ethan has worked in the adult industry doing reviews of movies, interviewing various porn stars/clubs, working as both customer service and shipping for pornography for 13 years and as of 2007 has run an adult store that prides itself by striving to be the number one source for adult movies. (If you have any questions regarding movie terms, genres, actors, or any other general inquiries regarding adult movies, please email Ethan at



Hottest Events Coming Up

Event Calendar will be Out & About Filming Hope to See You Out Contact Us to have Quest Film or Host Your Next Event and be in our Calendar and Event Picture Pages

JAN. 12-19

JAN. 15-18

Barrett-Jackson A party on wheels! Yes, Barrett Jackson is

AVN Awards The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is the indus-

one of the largest car auctions around, but this event in Scottsdale is well know for its alter ego... 7 DAYS of Sexy Ladies, Music, and the hottest bars in town setting up shop in the tents. Guys from all over the world come to this event with one goal in mind... spending lots of money.

LOCATION: WestWorld Frank Loyd Wright & the 101 in N. Scottsdale Info:

try’s biggest trade show! For you this means one hell of an eye candy and omg! overload if you’ve never been. This is going to be a phenomenal event where everyone can see the latest from movie studios to pleasure product, everything Adult is what you will find! In addition, you will be able to get to meet other people in the industry and all the video stars! Hosts include Chanel Preston and Wicked Pictures contract star. If you’re interested in going to this year’s AVN Expo or AVN Awards, you better buy your tickets soon! Ticket prices range from $175 to $2500 for all access VIP passes.

LOCATION: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Info:

JAN. 13

TABOO Together

with Electric Ballroom (formerly Roxy Lounge) we have been creating one of the sexiest events in Scottsdale. Ladies are encouraged to wear sexy lingerie and we invite industry professionals and some of our upscale clients looking to unwind after a few weeks of stressful work.

exotic cage fights 1 on 1 and full on rumbles. If you want to see some-

thing truly entertaining and sexy, the Cage Fights at Essex feature some of the hottest local ladies getting it on. Great drink specials as well.

LOCATION: Electric Ballroom

LOCATION: Essex 4139 W. Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85019

PRICE: Ladies in Lingerie Free


7443 East 6th Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Guys are paying a lot, invite only, dress upscale or like you have some style.


Every wednesday 602.278.5555

JAN. 27-Feb.3

Phoenix Open The New Years Party tour continues with this per-

pitratin’ upscale event that calls “The par3 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is home to the wildest party every year on the PGA Tour.” We’ve been there... its true! In all seriousness, this event is one classy upscale show with the 16th hole, especially closer to the end of the event, being the hole where the crowds go the craziest. All the major players are in attendance, high rollers abound in many vip tents, and the ladies have an opportunity to put on their little tennis shorts and hooker heels.

LOCATION: Loop 101 and Hayden Info:

Rd. N. Scottsdale


MetalHead! For over 10 years these guys have been rockin the 80’s classics in Phoenix. You don’t know what you have been missing if you haven’t seen these guy perform. True to character and a great reason to break out your sexy leathers and spandex and come see the show.

LOCATION: Electric Ballroom 7443 East 6th Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Reservations at 45


Local Ladies

Here are some of the local ladies right in your town, where they work and what they like to hear when you go see them. Mention you saw them in Quest and get something special from them ;-o

Come down and see me during afterhours at Dream Palace, they’re open til 4am.

Where: Bourbon Street “Princess” I’ll be hanging out at the one and only Bourbon Street. Come down and see me! You don’t know what you’re missing ;)

Where: ABCO “Sweety” Come see me at the Great Alaskan Bush Company! Mention that you saw me in Quest for a 2-4-1 dance ;)

Where: Cheetahs “Bri”

Where: Cheetahs “Jessica”

About: Come see me at Cheetahs!! I’ll be behind the bar!!

I’m a bartender at Cheetahs!! Let me mix you up one of my favorite drinks :)

Where: Essex “Jasmine” Mention that you saw me in Quest and I’ll give you a special 2 for 1 dance!! Oh and no cover.

Where: Dream Palace “Crystal”

Where: ABCO “Roxxy” Come visit me at the Bush!! I will be on the Nude side ;) Say you’re here to see me.

Where: ABCO “Ryder”

Where: Cheetahs “Carmacita”

Come on down. We could have some fun! Say you’re here to see me.

Come see me at Cheetahs. I love working out and showing off my hard work for you.

Where: Your Club Facebook/YourProfile

Where: Your Club Facebook/YOU

Where: Your Club Facebook/YourProfile

About: Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

About: Your Text...Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

About: Mention this Ad and get a free table dance from me.

Where: Smoke Shop Facebook/YourProfile

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

Where: Hi-Liter Facebook/Chili.Dancer

About: I’m the hot girl at the register. Come see me. I need a boyfriend.

$225 for 2 Ad Spaces.

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

Where: Gentlemen’s Club Facebook/Club.Profile

About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer works at the club. Create a reason to come.

$225 for 2 Ad Spaces.

About: I like it when a guy come to me and About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer says “You are beautiful”. works at the club. Create a reason to come.Such . a turn-on.

About: Talk about the days and hours this dancer works at the club. Create a reason to come.

Sponsored By If you don’t have an online profile for dancing, offers a Free and Safe way to do it. $150 . Your Picture. Where you Work. A website, Facebook if you want. A few words on what gets you to notice your customers. Email us a picture or create your own ad. 15 Words to attract your customer. $225 for a double space/words. 47

Get On The List! DIRECTORY


Book Cellar 6527 N 59th Ave (623) 939-3411 The Adult Shoppe 2901 W Thomas Rd. (602) 233-2700 111 S 24th St. (602) 306-1130 2345 W Holly St. (602) 253-7126 Castle Megastore 300 E Camelback Rd. (602) 266-3348 5501 E Washington St. (602) 244-9076 8315 E. Apache Trail East (480) 986-6114 8802 N Black Canyon (602) 995-1641 Donavan’s Pleasure Chest 3140 W. Indian School Rd. (602) 249-0755 Five Star Video 1415 E University Dr A-106 (480)-967-3662 Personal Preference 9550 E Main St (480) 380-7391 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Zorba’s Adult Shop 2924 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 941-9891

Clothing Boutiques

Ana’s Creations 2229 E Mcdowell Rd. (602) 486-7119 Cupid’s Toy Box 4019 N 32nd St. (602) 957-2535 Erotic Emporium 11405 E. Apache Trail Rd. Apache Junction (480)354-0730


Your Guide to the Valley’s Adult Entertainment Hot Spots

Clothing Boutiques

Lingerie Superstore 400 W Indian School Rd. (602) 532-2925 4715 South Rural Road (480)-777-9911 Secrets 5021 W Indian School Rd. (623) 245-3008 Smokin’ Lingerie 1450 N Scottsdale Rd (480) 941-5234 Triangles 2013 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-6562 Fascinations 10242 N 19th Ave. (602) 943-5859 16428 N 32nd St. Ste 105 (602) 482-3633 8367 W McDowell Rd. (623) 474-2442 411 S Mill Ave. Ste 101 (480) 237-0167 838 W Elliot Rd. (480) 222-0040 5930 W Greenway Rd. Ste 1 (602) 843-0577 14747 N Northsight Blvd. (480) 388-3178 7337 E Shea Blvd.Ste 120 (480) 751-2054

Lingerie Modeling Club Lace 2828 W Weldon Ave (602) 248-4900

Male Clubs

Dicks Cabaret 3432 E Illini St. 602-274-DICK

Nude Clubs

Dream Palace 815 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 921-8870 Eve’s Tease 3737 W Indian School Rd (602) 272-4401 The Great Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874

Smoke Shops

Arizona’s Best 1955 West Main St., #102 480-655-7690 AJ Tobacco & Liquor 1601 W Apache trail #1 480 983 5383 Scottsdale Cigar Club 14525 N 79th St (480) 946-7833 Sky High Smoke Shop 33 West Southern (480) 557-6653 Trails 24 West 5th Street (480) 968-6970 2501 East Indian School (602) 957-4587 3131 East Bell Road (602) 482-1711

Topless Clubs

Babes 2011 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-9909 Bandaids 2548 N 7th St. (602) 254-0811 Bliss 1926 W Deer Valley Rd. (623) 780-8502 Bottom’s Up 4516 N 19th Ave. (602) 973-1280 Bourbon Street Circus 2901 E Thomas Rd. (602) 956-9650 The Candy Store 18613 N Cave Creek Rd. (602) 569-0084 Centerfolds Cabaret 2031 W Peoria Ave. (602) 678-4664 Cheetahs 4125 N 7th St. (602) 265-8487(TITS) Chicas 2802 N 35th Ave. (602) 278-0616

Topless Clubs

Christie’s Cabaret 44 N 32nd St. (602) 275-3095 Christie’s Cabaret 1675 W Baseline Rd. (480) 456-1015 Coyote Cabaret 13724 W Glendale Ave. (623) 935-7335 Desert Flame 11145 E Apache Trail (480) 984-1400 Elite Cabaret 910 N McClintock (480) 966-0707 Essex Gentlemen’s Club 4139 W Indian School Rd. (602) 278-5555 Foxes Cabaret 3522 Grand Ave (602) 354-8637 Alaskan Bush Company 2980 N Grand Ave. (602) 254-2874 HiLiter 4716 N 12th St. (602) 234-0128 Jaguars Gold Club 1902 N Black Canyon Hwy. (602) 352-0240 The Pink Rhino 3613 E Van Buren St. (602) 306-1000 Le Girls 5151 E Washington St. (602) 268-9145 Skin 1137 N Scottsdale Rd. (480) 425-SKIN Sugar 44 4420 E Thomas Rd. (602) 840-5143 Sonny’s 19011 S Arizona Ave. (480) 963-6632 Xecutive 3845 E University Dr. (602) 414-4600 Xplicit 11701 W Glendale Ave. (623) 872-1365


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ESSEX 1 Year Anniversary

A Wall to wall packed event! Thank you essex for inviting out the quest magazine team.


Event pics by: jimmy marks See all the pics at:



Quest January 2014