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Adult Orthodontics: What You Should Know The world of adult orthodontics is filled with questions. Dr. David Garlock talks about some of the more common aspects of straightening your smile as an adult. Aurora orthodontist Dr. David Garlock specializes in creating straight, bright and beautiful smiles for people of all ages. For adults who are looking to straighten their teeth, he often recommends Invisalign as a means of meeting their goals. “The reason I do this is simple,” says Dr. Garlock, “Invisalign provides an avenue for orthodontic patients to go through treatment without a lot of people even noticing they’re in treatment.”

Though Invisalign is not a perfect system, and a limited number of people still require traditional braces to get the smiles they desire, for most people the process is simple. The Invisalign process begins with Dr. Garlock making detailed molds of your teeth. These molds are used to make custom trays which

are then used to make even more detailed molds of your teeth. This more detailed tray is sent off to Invisalign where it is uploaded into their system, and a virtual setup of your teeth is created. “From that virtual setup, I’m able to put the teeth exactly where I want them,” says Garlock. After consulting with Invisalign, trays are manufactured and sent out

When patients come to their next appointment, attachments will be placed on the teeth. These tooth colored bumps hold your trays in place. Once they have been placed on your teeth, patients will be given your first three to six sets of trays. Each set is to be worn for two weeks before moving on to the next.

“Quite simply, it’s a phenomenal product that I even used on myself when I decided I wanted to improve my smile,” says Dr. Garlock of the Invisalign system. Many people wonder if they are candidates for Invisalign. A complimentary consultation at Garlock Orthodontics can help you determine what your goals are and how your smile can be improved.

Aside from adult orthodontics, Garlock Ortho offers a full range of orthodontic services such as Invisalign Teen and braces with Wild Smiles brackets to the Aurora community for children and adults alike.

Adult Orthodontics: What You Should Know