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We see a distorted environment in which GEORGE is running away from yellow things that are chasing him. We catch a glimpse of a man in a yellow suit directing them. We hear an alarm and George wakes up.We see George walking down the street. George has obnoxiously, humongous goggles on which is what we notice first. As he enters the high school, opening the door we see how short he is. Everyone in the high school immediately notices his presence and almost simultaneously begin to chatter and point. The bell rings and everyone starts moving towards their classes. We see him standing alone in the hallway.We see a classroom full of students. We see George sitting uncomfortably in the front of classroom, closest to the teacher’s desk. The teacher announces George Toko as the new student. One of the kids makes fun of the Egyptian flag on his backpack and ADA defends him.We see Ada and George conversing after school for the first time. We see them part ways, and bullies immediately ambush George. They take his goggles and break them. He is extremely distraught and screams. The other children run away in fear. We see George in his bedroom with his mom. He is bandaged. His mom has brought in food and is trying to comfort him. George reacts in a smart ass manner, but accepts the food. We see George at his home on the computer. We see him click “enter” on the order of new goggles. We see George walking outside with bags under his eyes. He starts walking towards the school bus and stops when he sees the actual bus and is driven away by the color. He turns and starts walking down the street towards his school, but then notices the yellow lines on the street. He immediately grimaces and diverges down an alleyway. We see George staggering into school sweating. This time the crowd only stares at George for a few seconds before turning away. George looks at the school mascot on the wall, which is a yellow elephant. George turns around sharply and almost runs into Ada. George has a short conversation with Ada before the school bell rings. We see George in class again, but he notices the border of the chalkboard is yellow and immediately looks down at his desk. He begins to try to write down what the teacher is saying, but notices that his pencil is yellow and throws it into the trashcan. He then lays down his head on his desk and shuts his eyes. We see George outside of school. He sees Ada, but the group of bullies is in between them. The group of bullies turn and notice George again. The bullies start off towards George, but George runs away an alley. We see George sitting at his computer in the dark. We see he is having a conversation with Ada on the internet. We hear their conversation about nerdy things and how much they are starting to like each other. They end their conversation and George switches to a page where he is purchasing new goggles. He clicks enter and turns off the computer. We see George running through the carnival again. Ada is once again in a suit of armor, but she is quickly overtaken by the yellow things. George runs, but is cornered by the yellow things, which transform into a whole bunch of people wearing yellow clothing. (still terrifying)We see George enter the Kitchen. Georges mom throws him a banana and he screams and dodges the banana. He lands on the

floor next to the yellow pages phone book. He lets out a short cry and scrambles out of the door. We see George stagger into school sweating once again. 90% of the students are wearing yellow, because it is school spirit day. He turns and runs out the door, while the students laugh at him George almost runs into Ada outside of school. She is wearing all yellow. George makes a shocked face and runs away. Ada stars after him with a sad, confused look on her face. Georges is walking down an alleyway, when he sees the three bullies coming towards him. They immediately assault him and questions his school spirit. George is paralyzed in fear and pain of seeing their yellow jerseys and letterman jackets. The bullies say Georgey needs some more school spirit and proceed to taking out spray can bottles to paint him entirely yellow. George starts screaming in such a shocking way that he escapes before he is entirely covered. The bullies laugh as he franticly runs away.George finally stops running at the entrance of a cemetery. He has a long conversation with an old Egyptian man in which he finds out that the color of mourning in Egypt is yellow.We see George having flashbacks, while walking down the street to his home. The flashbacks are of him when he was younger at his parent’s funeral. So we see George in the carnival yet again being chased by yellow things. Among these yellow things is Ada dressed in yellow armor. We see him stop running in slow motion and turn around. The yellow things slow as the near him and start to turn into people. When he is completely surrounded the man in the yellow suit comes through the crowd towards him. The man in the yellow suit says “now you see it was all in your mind.” George looks down and sees he is wearing yellow. We see George with Ada at McDonald’s eating yellow french-fries happily.

Lauren Kathleen Adulis Jordan




GEORGE TOKO is running through an abandoned carnival being chased by yellow things. A man in a yellow suit is directing them. An alarm goes off and George wakes up. 2



GEORGE jolts up in his bed. He jumps out of the bed, puts on his goggles and goes into the kitchen. George’s STEPMOM, who is a single parent, is preparing his bag lunch for the day. STEP-MOM Good morning honey! Did you brush your teeth? GEORGE Sure, where’s breakfast? inner-monolog) of course I brushed my teeth, why does she even still ask me that!? STEP-MOM Right behind you, silly. I made your absolute favorite my little butter cup! GEORGE Ugh! STEP-MOM Oh shush up! You know you used to love when I (with a sigh) called you that… GEOORGE Chocolate chip waffles? I haven’t liked that since I was 5! Do you ever even listen to me?! (inner-monolog)

The one time her lack of attention to anything I have to say actually pays off! STEP-MOM (sighing and shaking her head) Oh Georgy, what will I do with you? Have a banana. GEORGE (starts to eat) Listen to what I have to… 3



GEORGE is walking along the street being awesome while eating a banana. George gets to the door which is huge in comparison to him. GEORGE Ok ok, new day, new shirt, new attitude I’m so ready to be the boss of this school! (smells shirt) Ok, maybe not a new shirt…or even a clean one…why doesn’t mom ever clean the shirts I’m going to actually wear? Maybe she has been plotting to mess up my social life even before it starts!? (getting more animated and louder) Maybe she just wants me to be an outsider and out casted for the rest of my life so she can have me all to herself and won’t ever be alone! (realizes he has been yelling) Come on George, try to hold it together for at least the first day, ok here goes noth… 4



GEORGE walks into the school and immediately silence permeates the room. All of the stereotypical looking high school students look at him. JOCK (points at George) What…a… GEORGE (inner-monolog) Nerd?

JOCK Weirdo! CROWD OF JOCKS Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! GEORGE Well that was a change of pace… CHEERLEADER No he’s not a weirdo guys, he’s just…fashionable challenged! GROUP OF CHEELEADERS Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! GEEK I concur! (inner-monolog) Those goggles are so sick though! A GAGLE OF GEEKS Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (wheeze) The first bell sounds and they disperse to class. GEORGE Less than five minutes and 5 steps into a new school and I’m already at the bottom of the totem pole? (pretends to write a check mark in the air) Set a new record today, check… 5



GEORGE is sitting in the front row of the classroom next to the TEACHER’s desk next to a trash can. The teacher introduces George in a monotone voice and drones on about theorems and postulates. The classroom in filled with students with glazed expressions. But, there is a bully looking character behind George, and ADA is sitting cattycorner. TEACHER

(monotone) Hello class this is our new student George Toko. Now I am going to talk about the definition of theory postulate, the theory of postulate definition, the postulate of theory definition, the definition of postulate theory… BULLY Hahaha! (looking at the back of George’s backpack) What kind of flag is that? That looks stupid! ADA (punches bully on the shoulder) Egyptian flag, we just had a test on Africa in Geography, you should know that dummy! BULLY (says in a matter of fact tone) But you forget I failed that test! ADA Oh my gosh, you are actually proud of that aren’t you? GEORGE (inner-monolog) Pwned! I want to marry this girl. 6



After school, ADA and GEORGE are conversing apart from the main stream of students. The BULLY notices them talking. ADA So, where are you from? GEORGE (inner-monolog) I was born in Egypt, but now I live on 5829 Newton St. How about you? (saying out loud) I was born on Newton St., but now I live on 5829 Egypt because my parents died. How about you? (pause) Not the parents dying part…but if they have passed away you can tell me if you want…of course

you wouldn’t want to though, I mean we did just meet, ha ha…where do you live? ADA (giggles) No way! I live next door. And my parents are fine. (awkward silence) GEORGE (inner-monolog) OMG, this girl is totally hot. I wonder why she’s not a bitch… and why is she talking to me? ADA So do you like steam punk or pirates or ninjas or..? GEORGE Yes! (inner-monolog) Yes! ADA Yes to which? GEORGE Um all of them! ADA (giggles) GEORGE So do you like steam punk or pirates or ninjas or..? ADA (giggles) Yes. GEORGE (inner-monolog) She better be single ‘cause I’m gonna marry this girl! I hope I’m not dreaming again. A bully throws a plastic bottle which bounces off of George’s goggles. This startles George out of his thoughts.

ADA Assholes! BULLY 1 Hey, what you say?! BULLY 2 I think that short dude just insulted you. (pointing at George) The bullies walk toward George and Ada and start shoving George. ADA Hey assholes, stop that! It was clearly me! You’re just afraid to hit a girl because you know she’d fight back and destroy you! BULLY 1 (confused look on his face) Just for that, I’m going to beat up your boyfriend here even harder! Ha ha Bully 1 rips off George’s goggles and slams them on the ground, shattering them. Bully 2 punches George in the stomach. Bully 3 shoves him onto the ground. ADA I’m getting the police. (runs off) BULLY 3 (frantically states) Oh shit, we gotta get outta here! BULLY 2 (almost eerily calm) Dude, the cops won’t be here for at least another 10 minutes. That’s at least another 10 minutes of poundin’. BULLY 1 (kicks George in the head) BULLY 2 Uhh, he’s not moving anymore… Maybe we really should get outta here.

The bullies leave. George lies on the ground moaning in pain. His glasses lay shattered next to him. The yellow glare from the sun is overpowering. George passes out. 7



The sun is setting, but the yellow things are still close behind GEORGE. ADA is also present in a suit of armor fending them off, but she gets overtaken by a wave of yellow things. The MAN in the yellow suit laughs. 8



GEORGE wakes up in his room with bandages on his head. His MOM comes in and turns on the light, carrying a plate of food as well. MOM Hey hun, I brought you a snack. GEORGE (mumbles) Snacks are for little kids. GEORGE sets the food on the nightstand and his mother leaves the room. As soon as she leaves he begins to munch on the food and opens his computer. He orders new yellowblocking goggles. 9

EXT. GEORGE’S HOUSE – DAY GEORGE walks out of his house with bags under his eyes. He heads toward the bus stop, but turns away when he sees the yellow bus. He also notices the yellow stripes on the road and avoids those by running down an alleyway


INT. SCHOOL – DAY GEORGE staggers into school sweating and panting. The crowd of students only stares at George for a moment before turning back to their gossip. George is shocked by the yellow mascot of the school and bumps into ADA. GEORGE S-s-sorry about that.

ADA Whoa,is your head ok? GEORGE (trying to sound ok) Yeah, it makes me feel like an epic anime character! ADA (awkwardly giggles) Niiiice, which one? GEORGE Takkun from Fooly Cooly. ADA I love that show! episode?

Have you seen the new Naruto

GEORGE Nah, Naruto is too mainstream for me. more old school stuff.

I prefer

ADA (with a flirtatious wink and smile) Well, you’ll have to show me sometime. GEORGE (suddenly nervous) S-s-sure. ADA (giggles) (bell rings) Well, I’ll see you later! 11



GEORGE is in math class again, but he isn’t looking at the board because it has a yellow boarder. The TEACHER is droning on monotonously again. TEACHER The principal of this theory is that a triangle in which you are only given two sides with an angle only touching one of the sides cannot be proven to be the same as another triangle with

the same information because there are two possible outcomes for the given triangle, being concave or convex. George attempts to write down what the teacher is saying but notices that his pencil is yellow. He immediately drops the pencil on the desk. He then slaps the pencil into the trashcan and sets his head down on the desk, falling asleep. 12



GEORGE is outside after school. He looks around for ADA and spots her, but she is on the other side of the bullies. The bullies are walking towards GEORGE and spot him, pointing and increasing their pace. George turns and runs down an alley. 13



GEORGE is sitting at his desk on the computer in the dark, talking to ADA online. GEORGE Hey I couldn’t talk…I was running late for something… ADA It’s okay I understand, those guys are jerks anyways. GEORGE Yeaahh about that…did you see that anime show I was telling you about!? ADA No I couldn’t find it. GEORGE I’ll have to take you out and show you sometime then. ADA Yeah! That sounds like a lot of fun! But how could you take me out to see a T.V. show that’s not even on anymore? Ha ha, just messing with you! Well, Naruto’s on gotta go!

GEORGE Okay I’ll see you at school tomorrow. She signs off and GEORGE switches the webpage to order new goggles. He gets off the computer and goes to bed. 14



GEORGE is running through the carnival and sees ADA in a suit of armor. She is quickly overtaken by the “yellow things”. George tries to run away, but is corned by the “yellow things” which appear as people wearing yellow clothing. 15



GEORGE walks into the kitchen where his STEP-MOM is standing behind the counter making breakfast. STEP-MOM Good morning honey, how did you sleep? GEORGE Hi Mom. STEP-MOM (tossing a banana at him) Here start with this for breakfast.

GEORGE (he jumps away screaming) Ahhhhh!!

STEP-MOM (panicked tone) George, honey, are you okay? GEORGE I’m fine! (he scrambles out the door) STEP-MOM (yelling after him)

Georgy what’s wrong!? 16



GEORGE walks into school when he notices a school spirit day banner. As he opens up the door he is greeted by the majority of the student body wearing yellow on behalf of the big game coming up this weekend. BULLY 1 Hey there George! GEORGE Ahhh! (he turns and runs) BULLY 1 (taunting) What’s wrong loser? BULLY 2 (laughing) Where ya running to? 17



GEORGE is frantically running out of school and accidently runs into ADA who is just arriving. When he notices she is wearing all yellow he turns to run. ADA George! Wait! Where are you going? GEORGE (frantically thinking of an excuse) Uhh…I…I forgot something at home. GEORGE runs away while ADA standing there staring with a sad confused look on her face.




GEORGE is walking down an alleyway, when he sees the three bullies coming towards him. He starts to panic as they slowly begin to corner him and taunt him.

BULLY 1 You ran out of school pretty quick today. BULLY 2 Yeah, you seemed to be in a hurry. BULLY 3 Why do you keep backing up Georgey? Are you scarrreed? GEORGE No…I was… BULLY 1 You were what? Running home to your mommy? BULLY 2 Yeah and you’re not even wearing any yellow? BULLY 3 Didn’t you know our big game was coming up this weekend? Why aren’t you showing your school spirit? GEORGE Ummm.. I.. I don’t have anything yellow. BULLY 1 Well let us help you out with that. (pulls out a spray can and starts to shake it) The bullies begin to corner him and cover his body with yellow spray paint. George starts screaming and manages to escape before they can cover his entire body. The bullies laugh as he runs away.




GEORGE finally stops running when he reaches a cemetery. An old EGYPTIAN MAN standing nearby starts to question him about being painted yellow.

EGYPTIAN MAN Hey kid, what happened to you? GEORGE (hesitant to respond) Uhh… school spirit day at school. It’s a long story. EGYPTIAN MAN Ya know, yellow doesn’t mean the same thing around these parts. GEORGE What do you mean? EGYPTIAN MAN Where I’m from, yellow isn’t necessarily a happy color. But it’s ironic that you’re covered in yellow here. GEORGE What do you mean? EYGPTIAN MAN In Egypt, yellow is the color of mourning. Instead of wearing black like in the States, we wear yellow when mourning a death. GEORGE Like to funerals and stuff? EYGPTIAN MAN Exactly right. Well I have to get going. I hope you get yourself cleaned up soon. GEORGE Ya…Bye.


EXT. STREET – DAY GEORGE Is that why, why I don’t like it?


George has a flashback where he sees the younger version of himself with all yellow on at a cemetery. We see him looking up at the many people around a grave that are also all dressed in yellow. Most are crying, but George looks at them in clear confusion. GEORGE (whispers) Mom…dad… (tears roll down his face) I guess I never really got over you guys not being here… (smiling) But I’m not afraid anymore guys. I know every time I see yellow I will remember you guys, I’ll never forget you guys again. 21



We see George in the carnival yet again being chased by yellow things. Among these yellow things is Ada dressed in yellow armor. We see him stop running in slow motion and turn around. The yellow things slow as the near him and start to turn into people. When he is completely surrounded the man in the yellow suit comes through the crowd towards him. George recognizes him as the Egyptian man he met in the cemetery. GEORGE Nice to see you again. EGYPTIAN MAN Now do you understand? GEORGE I think so…it was all in my head? EGYPTIAN MAN Yes, your fears have been holding you back. You have let not only the color yellow, but your sense of having no confidence control your own life. But this is not your funeral, you have a chance. If you didn’t think so I wouldn’t be here, because in the end this is all in your head. (winks and smile while saying) Literally and figuratively, now get going before you’re late for your date with Ada.

The dream starts to fade, but the last words of the Egyptian man still echo. 22

EXT. McDonalds Parking Lot – DAY


We see George waiting awkwardly, leaning on a car. He then suddenly brightens up when he sees Ada walking towards him. ADA Hey! GEORGE What’s up! Glade you could make it! ADA Sorry, I’m late. I just didn’t think I heard you right when you said we were eating somewhere you’ve never had before and then you said McDonalds! Ha ha GEORGE Ya…well I used to have a thing about yellow, just rubbed me the wrong way to say the least, but I’m starving! What’s good here? ADA Yellow huh? Well then we’ll defiantly have to get lots of fries! Grabs Georges hand and pulls him towards the door.

Costume Design For the costume design, we incorporated outfits that fit our characters’ personalities and also our treatment. We have George wearing an anime t-shirt, and cargo pants and jacket. The anime shirt fits his character not only because he likes the cartoons, but also makes him seem more of an outcast in comparison to the other characters and their styles. For Ada, we chose a fairly simple wardrobe. Her gray shirt is something many girls would wear; however, it also has some cartoony designs which gives a subtle hint to her nerdy personality. Her yellow jacket is an important element because in one of the main scenes in which George is avoiding her because she is wearing the color.

Soundtrack List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Yellow – Coldplay Big Yellow Taxi – The Counting Crows ft. Vanessa Carlton Yellow Submarine – The Beatles Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

For our soundtrack, we wanted all of the songs to be themed around or have yellow somewhere in the songs because we thought this fit the theme of our movie well. From these songs that we have chosen, there is a wide variety on our soundtrack, from oldies to some that are more recently popular. In addition to that, some of the songs (like Yellow Ledbetter) have a slower beat, while others (like Big Yellow Taxi) have a more upbeat tempo in order to fit different scenes in the movie. Some of the other songs, like Yellow Submarine, were a good fit for our movie because they have an almost awkward feeling, which relates to our main character, and also talk about yellow throughout the entire song.

One Scouted Location For one of our main locations, we needed a school setting. After looking at various schools in the Bloomington area, we decided that Bloomington South High School best fit what we were looking for. There were lots of trees in the front, which matched the images we created in our storyboard and script. As we walked through the school we knew it was the perfect destination. There were nice wide hallways and many areas where we could perfectly stage the bully interactions. The only part that didn’t fit perfectly into our story was the school colors. In our story we have yellow being one of the primary school colors, but as you may be able to notice below, purple is theirs.

final project!!!!!!  
final project!!!!!!  

its our movie....DUH!!!