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Marketing can be done through different means one of which is the online marketing method. Marketing through the internet offers both large and small scale businesses the opportunity to reach large audiences with littler or no cost incurred on the marketing process. The aim of any marketing operation is to increase direct sales through adverts. Marketing online can be executed through different avenues some of which are web marketing, social media and email marketing. Marketing though the web is done through affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and of course good old adverts. E-mail marketing as the name implies are those done through email, this includes promotional offers, newsletters and adverts to prospective customers. The social media is a good way to get feedback on products and services and provides the avenue for the customer and producer to share ideas relating to the product. Well known social media sites such as twitter, Facebook and Youtube are used in sharing and interaction. For effective online marketing, a strategy targeted prospective customers has to be developed. Like any building a marketing strategy has to have a good base. This base or foundation is built on the content intended to be marketed, search engine optimized content and proficiency at social media marketing. Knowing these pillars increase the ranking of your websites and directs more traffic to the sites. When searching through a search engine, 98% of users don’t go beyond the first page, hence the need for online marketers to improve on their content, thus increasing the ranking is important, this can be done through search engine optimization.

Coming up with a good search engine optimized strategy increases the relevance of the site through keywords and a rich content. While keywords are important, content that has overly used keywords could be ignored by the search engine. A good search engine optimized (SEO) content should have: -

Images and a rich content Fast website loading Relevant keywords relating to the subject.

Having back-links from popular sites also helps in the sites ranking.

Marketing through the internet is not limited to texts and images alone, as the website page can also include interactive, visual and audio content. These contents include videos uploaded directly to the site or shared from Youtube, podcast and games. While content marketing is important in your sites ranking and attracts traffic to your site, sites with poor content such as unrelated data, grammatical and structural errors or boring post dissuade the prospective customer from revisiting our site and definitely you won’t be getting a referral. It is important that any content available on your site is verified data, first impressions last long. Marketing through the social media is a great advantage as it enables you reaches a wide range of prospective customers. The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, twitter, Youtube and a host of others. Social media sites allow you to keep in touch with fans as they can follow you every posting. The downside of the social media is that it does not create room for demographic filtering. When you develop a marketing strategy, a target group is at the center of the exercise.

In order to effectively market online, all the points stated have to be integrated into the marketing strategy, the most important aspect is knowing your audience and how best to reach them.

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