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ProCloud Wi-Fi No Worry, Fully Managed Business-class Wi-Fi The Mobility Challenge

The era of mobility has transformed businesses of all sizes. Both enterprises and Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) are seeing a surge in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), allowing employees the freedom to communicate from any device and work from anywhere. At the same time, businesses are seeing an increasing number of their customers and partners needing Wi-Fi® access while on premises. All this is driving increased investments to build out the wireless network. However, as these businesses rush to expand their wireless networks they face key challenges: • Building a business-class wireless network: With employees, customers and partners demanding access, combined with a growing a number of Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices, businesses need to invest in a more robust solution that can meet the increasingly complex wireless needs. • Need for reliable, always-on service: The wireless network has moved from one of convenience to becoming a critical part of the business. Having a reliable, always-on wireless network is now a must. • Limited technical resources: The complexity of installing and maintaining a business-class Wi-Fi network requires having dedicated IT staff or network managers, and this can quickly become expensive. • Security is a major concern: Businesses need to ensure that guest/customer access is separate from business operations. In addition, the wireless network needs to be secure from hacking threats or rogue Access Points (APs).

The Solution—ProCloud Wi-Fi

ADTRAN® ProCloud Wi-Fi offers a “No Worry” fully managed, business-class Wi-Fi service, built on Bluesocket® virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN). ProCloud Wi-Fi service is flexible and scalable, ensures a secure, always-on wireless network, provides proactive network monitoring and monthly management reports, and includes turn-key services to reduce IT support burdens. SM

Now businesses of all sizes can benefit from an enterprise class Wi-Fi network, while focusing their resources on what they do best—serving their customers.

Key Features n Fully

managed, cloud-based business-class Wi-Fi service

—Proactive 7x24 monitoring —Technical issue resolution —Hardware replacement —Moves/adds/changes n Plans

starting at under $12 per month per AP

n Guaranteed

99.99% uptime

n Freedom

to migrate to in-house management anytime

n Unmatched

security with role-based access control, enforcement at the network edge and support for multiple encryption protocols

n Monthly

management reports on network health and usage

n All

software and firmware upgrades included free for the term of the agreement

ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi No Worry, Fully Managed Business-class Wi-Fi

The ADTRAN Advantage n Industry-first

cloud-based vWLAN® solution

n Innovative

high-availability architecture with “zeropacket-loss”

n Complete

portfolio of on-premise and cloud-based connectivity solutions

n Secure,

high-availability data centers ensures business continuity

n ADTRAN-certified,

degreed engineers guarantee quality across all aspects of the service

n Industry-leading

SLAs (NBD or 4-hour hardware replacement; 1-hour or 30-min phone response)

n Backed

by award-winning, world-class support organization based in the United States

Features and Benefits

Affordable Business-class Wi-Fi With ProCloud Wi-Fi, SMBs and educational institutions have access to an affordable business-class Wi-Fi that includes:

Reporting ProCloud Wi-Fi managed services provides detailed management reports to offer insight into system health:

• The award-winning, cloud-based Bluesocket vWLAN

• 24x7 network monitoring to proactively identify potential issues and optimize performance

• Hosting and management supported by ADTRAN’s infrastructure and resources • Plans starting at under $12 per month per AP “No Worry” Managed Service ProCloud Wi-Fi offers a “No Worry”, fully managed Wi-Fi service which includes: • Proactive 7x24 monitoring • Priority technical issue resolution • Hardware replacement • Moves/adds/changes • Monthly reports • Optional services including network planning and installation Guaranteed Uptime ProCloud Wi-Fi managed services ensures you have an always-on wireless network with: • High-availability (HA), redundant datacenter infrastructure • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime Unmatched Security The Bluesocket vWLAN solution has been built from the ground up to ensure highest levels of security with: • Intelligent APs with built-in firewalls that detect and turn-away malicious attacks at the edge • Role-based access and segmentation of guest and employee traffic to ensure secure computing environment • Encrypted tunnels between APs and cloudcontroller to ensure highest levels of security

• Monthly performance reports to monitor system health Take Control Anytime With ProCloud Wi-Fi and Bluesocket, customers have the freedom to migrate between deployment models • Migrate to in-house hosting and management anytime, enabling business continuity • Choice of management options (hardware or virtual) with lifetime AP license • ADTRAN technical resources will assist for a smooth migration

ProServices Description ProStart

Assessment Remote site survey


Network diagram and application quote


Remediation quote (if required)


Remediation installation


Installation Project Manager to manage schedules and agreed deliverables, and to assist in data gathering


Project Engineer to help build configurations, verify ADTRAN solution, and participate in acceptance testing and customer training


Physical AP Installation




Host configuration


Acceptance test


WLAN connection instructions leave behind Configuration file, software and patch version, and network diagram secure storage

Optional l

Basic customer training


Post-installation site survey



Management and Support Network health monitoring and proactive alerts


Monthly network performance reports


After hours support for business impacting emergencies


Moves, adds, changes


Proactive issue resolution and notification


Hardware Maintenance Advance remote replacement of defective hardware (NBD) Advance remote replacement of defective hardware (4 hour)



Software Maintenance On-going software updates scheduled and performed by ADTRAN


ADTRAN, Inc. Attn: Enterprise Networks 901 Explorer Boulevard Huntsville, AL 35806 P.O. Box 140000 Huntsville, AL 35814-4000

ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi No Worry, Fully Managed Business-class Wi-Fi

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Ordering Information Choose Your AP


Bluesocket 1920 Indoor AP: 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2:2, four internal MIMO antennas


Bluesocket 1925 Indoor AP: 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2:2, four external RP-SMA connectors


Bluesocket 1930 Indoor AP: 802.11a/b/g/n, 3x3:3, six internal MIMO antennas


Bluesocket 1935 Indoor AP: 802.11a/b/g/n, 3x3:3, six external RP-SMA connectors


Bluesocket 1940 Outdoor AP: 802.11a/b/g/n, 3x3:3, six external N-type connectors


Choose Your ProCloud (per AP)


ProCloud Wi-Fi Managed Service: • Hosting and management services • 99.99% system uptime, high-availability • 24x7 network monitoring and alerts • Network optimization • Proactive issue resolution • Moves/adds/changes • NBD/4-hour hardware replacement • Software upgrades • 1-hour/30-minute priority technical support response • Online access to support community ProCloud Wi-Fi (5x8xNBD) – 1-year


ProCloud Wi-Fi (5x8xNBD) – 3-years


ProCloud Wi-Fi (5x8xNBD) – 5-years


ProCloud Wi-Fi (7x24x4) – 1-years


ProCloud Wi-Fi (7x24x4) – 3-years


ProCloud Wi-Fi (7x24x4) – 5-years


En1973 procloud wifi solutions flyer  
En1973 procloud wifi solutions flyer  

ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi No Worry, Fully Managed Business-class Wi-Fi