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Email Marketing Platforms and their Uses Email marketing has been the “in-thing” for numerous enterprises when it came to promotions via the social media for quite sometime now. The way it works is as the term itself states, i.e. marketing through mails. You will often receive mails and messages in your box or smart phones, highlighting certain services and promotional offers and the like. In this world of social media networking emails are the most personal yet effective way of product awareness and promotion. Email marketing platforms works in today’s day owing to a set of reasons. The process helps in certain online activities that brands with online presence delve into. Some of them are listed below:-

Assists in targeting Assists in generating direct sales The medium is completely data driven Helps in sales through multiple channels Helps in setting up strong bonds, trust and loyalty

Innovative e-mail marketing solutions helps in segmentation, database incorporation, and other allied methods that helps to target and improve the outgoing messages. These advanced methodologies facilitate in setting up “on-the-fly” emails that are custom-made down on the basis of individual recipient. Furthermore, with each email campaign that the users send out, a whole suit of actionable data is created to refine their approach and message. The email promotions assist in instant actions for instance downloads, sales, inquires and others. Renowned companies that specialize in ad tracking software provide solutions for the email marketing platform and other new age media analysis tools that further enables the various requirements of the email marketers. This offers the business with reliable email architecture as well as a team of email marketing experts to manage the various aspects of email marketing attempts. The solutions assure that the brand is delivered appropriately every time to the inbox. Selected features include the following:-

Double Opt-in Auto-responders Quick use Templates Specific IP addresses

24 /7 Reporting List segmentation Instant unsubscribe Custom designs Triggered event emails

In addition to that the email content too is integral. This impacts how the users evaluate the business overall. It is a known that the content manner would depend heavily on the kind of business. An essential aspect that entrepreneurs need is to have a look into it as they are able to plan to invest in any email marketing software.

Email Marketing Platforms and their Uses