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March 2013 BUENAVENTURA, Colombia (

Reporting Brian Andrews

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On the high seas off South America, the smuggling game has changed. Criminal bands are spending millions to build semi-submersibles, capable of moving several tons of drugs at a time between the Americas.

Clearly, money is no object. “We’re talking mega money,” said Colombian Coast Guard Captain Carlos Delgado. Delgado is a leading authority on the drug war and the agency’s efforts to catch semi-submersibles. He’s also charting the future of the smuggling threat in the Americas. “Right now, they’re using them to move drugs, but in the future, we think they could use it to move people, guns, even chemical weapons,” said Delgado. So far this year, the Colombian Coast Guard has intercepted one semisub off the country’s southern coast. When they came upon it adrift in the Pacific, the Coast Guard said it had been abandoned and it appeared the drugs the semi-sub had been carrying were offloaded to either a go-fast boat, or another semi-submersible. The sub, along with more than a dozen others seized through the years, are housed on Malaga Bay, in a museum honoring the Coast

“We never sleep. We’re always ready to go, to act on intelligence information we receive to stop these semi-subs from leaving our coast”

Guard’s efforts. The bay is also home to the Pacific Command for the Colombian Armada, or Navy, which has been very busy in recent months chasing down smugglers at sea. “Our busiest times are the middle of the night, the weekends, and when the national soccer team is playing,” said Delgado. The Captain said the traffickers don’t keep bankers hours. They move their subs full of drugs when they think law


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March 2013

“The Coast Guard said the semi-subs cost around one million dollars to build, but add that traffickers make the money back ten-fold when the sub successfully delivers their load of narcotics”

enforcement is sleeping. However, Captain Delgado said the motto for his men and women is “on the offensive.” “We never sleep. We’re always ready to go, to act on intelligence information we receive to stop these semi-subs from leaving our coast,” Delgado said. The Captain said the semi-subs seem to be a real problem in the deep south of the country. Farther north, the Coast Guard said it’s seeing more traditional methods of smuggling involving fishing vessels and go-fast boats. One method they’ve seen used is a steel cylinder that looks like a torpedo, which gets towed on a line behind the boat. If the captain of the boat feels he’s about to be caught, he can easily cut the line. That sends the torpedo to the bottom of the ocean, which divers can retrieve later using GPS. The Coast Guard said the semi-subs cost around one million dollars to build, but add that traffickers make the money back ten-fold when the sub successfully delivers their load of narcotics. The route of travel is usually due west from the Colombian coast, and then a hard right at sea, north, to Central America, where the sub’s clandestine cargo is offloaded at sea and run ashore using go-fast boats. In some cases, the dope is buried on the beach. The dealers then sell the

“location” of the buried dope to their clients so not to be involved in a delivery that could result in a set-up or someone getting killed. “There’s a lot of money in this business,” said Captain Delgado. He said the newer subs that have been intercepted at sea are much more developed than one from years gone by. “They’re becoming better with technology,” he said. Typically, the subs are made from wood, fiberglass, and diesel engine parts pulled from old 18-wheelers.   The Navigation systems are usually hand held and, often, purchased from electronics stores, in of all places, the United States. “They’re determined to move their drugs, but, we are determined to stop them,” said Captain Delgado.

“They’re determined to move their drugs, but, we are determined to stop them”


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March 2013

“A little fixing up around the house can be an important money saving tool” MIAMI (

Top Money Drains

On Your Home Reporting Al Sunshine

When you’re looking to save money, it’s easy to cut corners when it comes to home maintenance. Still, a little fixing up around the house can actually be an important money saving tool.

What are the top money drains in your house? Some are definitely obvious; others, not so much. But learning what they are can save you thousands in the long run. Jennifer Galluzzo remembers the day the shower floor shifted under her feet. “It had completely molded out underneath. The shower needed to be completely gutted and redone,” Jennifer said. The culprit was a backed up bathroom vent. She learned it should be cleaned every two to four months. “We were completely surprised,” she said. A growing number of homeowners simply aren’t aware of, or find it tough to pony up money for basic home maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. But by coughing up to a few hundred dollars early on, you can save thousands, even tens of thousands, down the road. “When you’re on a tight budget, the mentality tends to be: why fix it if it’s not broken,” said Polyana da Costa of “But instead it should be: Let’s take care of it now before it becomes an issue.” Start with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units. A yearly tune-up by a professional can help prevent a breakdown. You should also schedule an annual termite inspection. That’s particularly important in South Florida. “I’ve seen people who have to replace an entire wall because of termites,” said da Costa.

A chimney fire can also do major damage, so have your chimney swept and inspected for cracks each year, even if you haven’t used it much. Dryer fires are also common, said Robert Weitz of indoor air quality testing company RTK Environmental. “Periodically, the dryer vent either needs to be cleaned out, or it needs to be really replaced if it’s a flexible dryer vent.” Clean out your gutters four to six times a year to prevent significant flooding and water damage. Have your roof inspected once a year. “Over a period of time, the shingles will start to curl,” said Weitz. “They’ll become deteriorated. If you put it off too long then water will enter the house.” Finally, check for mold on a regular basis. It has the potential to destroy walls, cabinets, flooring, and more. “The best places to check for mold are in the basement where water can seep in through the foundation or where water leaks end up, up in the attic for a lack of ventilation, in bathrooms,” said Weitz. Jennifer Galluzzo now has a home maintenance checklist, and the bathroom vent is at the top. “We would have saved thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches.” By the way, occasional termite inspections are something else you may want to consider and if you have a wood deck, be sure to power wash and seal it every one to three years, depending on use.


March 2013

cbs4 newspaper


cbs4 Newspaper

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New Way To


Raise Money For Your

Medical Bills Reporting Cynthia Demos

From rising healthcare costs to high deductible insurance policies to unforeseen accidents or illnesses, many people are left with medical bills they can’t afford to pay. In the past, some in need have turned to bake sales and car washes to help raise funds. These days, all you need is a computer and a little kindness from strangers.

Born with a rare genetic disorder, little Madden needs multiple surgeries just to stay alive. The costs are overwhelming for his family. “ER visits, medication, he’s on a special formula,” said Madden’s mother, Mandy Sheridan. Madden’s mother is not the only one facing tough calls when it comes to medical costs. Health care expenses in the US continue to rise, according to a recent study by the Health Care Cost Institute. And even those with insurance are often strapped with high deductible plans and out of pocket expenses. “In 2011 we watched out of pocket spending rise for the commercially insured by 4.6 percent. Those would be things that are like over the counter drugs and medical devices that weren’t prescribed,” explained Carolina Herrera from the Health Care Cost Institute. Now thousands are getting help online. Their stories shared on crowdfunding websites where friends, family and even strangers pitch in. “It was so exciting, the first donation that came in, and then by the end of the day there were so many. It was inspiring.” Crowdfunding has been used in recent years, mostly to finance creative startup projects, such as video games or movies. Now experts say it’s exploding in the nonprofit sector as well.

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March 2013

Brad Damphousse is the co-founder and CEO of GoFundMe, one of several online fundraising sites. He said last year people raised more than eight million dollars for medical causes on GoFundMe alone. “Our medical, illness and healing category is the most popular area of usage,” said Damphousse. Suzanne Revell started her crowdfunding campaign after a gymnastics injury left her needing a wheelchair that her insurance company refused to cover. “If I’m going to have to pay for the chair out of pocket, then maybe I could get friends and family members to help donate,” said Revell. She was shocked by the response, not only from friends and family, but strangers, raising more than eight-thousand dollars in just a week. Anyone can set up a campaign for free. Just write up your story, add photos or video, and then send out the link to your social media contacts. “As a campaign grows in popularity, other people begin to show their support,” said Damphousse. The money is collected through the websites, which take a small cut per transaction. In addition to donations, people can leave messages of support. “To see all the words of encouragement, that was the biggest part of it. It wasn’t just the financial part,” explained Sheridan. While the sites have systems in place to prevent fraud, it’s still possible for scammers to slip through the cracks. Damphouse recommended you donate only to registered charities and to friends or friends of friends. More than $11,000 has been raised for Madden so far. His mom said she can’t wait to tell him the story someday. “I will tell him that strangers came together and helped save his life,” said Sheridan. Unlike other crowdfunding websites, where you have to meet your monetary goal before the project is funded and you get your money, with cause related crowdfunding the money is available for immediate use even if you don’t reach your goal.

“To see all the words of encouragement, that was the biggest part of it. It wasn’t just the financial part”


cbs4 newspaper

March 2013

“Thirty-five percent of all companies have workplace bullying which can leave workers suffering from depression and companies suffering financial loss�


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Adults In The Workplace


Have To

Deal With Bullies Reporting Cynthia Demos

In this economy people are doing what they have to do to keep their jobs even if it means being subjected to “workplace bullying.” Thirty-five percent of all companies have workplace bullying which can leave workers suffering from depression and companies suffering financial loss.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Carla Parmejano recounts

how she was treated while working at a restaurant where she was bullied by the owners and her coworkers. “You know, I think we’re here, and we’re not perfect and we’re here to help, and to get something like this, it’s really frustrating,” Parmejano said. Parmejano was hired to work in the front but was relegated to cleaning in the back, where she was constantly made to feel left out, causing her to suffer from anxiety and depression. “I’m not the only one and not the only person who’s been through this and I’m not going to be the last one,” Parmejano said. Workplace bullying, according to psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, is a very real problem that’s enduring and occurs over time, and even one that can be compared to domestic violence. “Berating employees in front of other employees, hiring people who have conflicts with other people, all these are things that create a difficult working environment for everyone,” he said. Psychological and emotional abuse isn’t the only concern when it comes to workplace bullying; it’s the financial interest the company should also consider. “It’s not just morally wrong, it’s economically foolish,” he said. The economic loss to a company caused by workplace bullying is up to forty percent, if the employee decides to quit rather than staying and continue getting bullied. Many options for employees who are being harassed can be

considered, including the Workplace Bullying Organization’s suggestions, which include taking time off to heal, advising Human Resources and launching a counterattack by researching state and federal laws. Employees can take legal action twenty-five percent of the time, especially if they are in a protected class being singled out because of race, sex or age. Parmejano never took any legal action but she did quit her job when she was finally able to get another, but thinking of the way she was treated forever changed her. “The first week I worked there [my coworkers] almost destroyed my life,” Parmejano said. “Destroyed what I had in me.”

“Psychological and emotional abuse isn’t the only concern when it comes to workplace bullying; it’s the financial interest the company should also consider”


cbs4 newspaper

March 2013 Miami (

CBS4 Investigates:

Drink Can


Reporting Al Sunshine

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Pop the top of your favorite soda and you can expect to find carbonated water, sugar, even a little sodium. But look closer. Could you also find some Bacillus? How about a splash of Staphylococcus?

CBS4 Investigates discovered nearly a dozen different germs lurking on the tops of 20-soda cans during a random test. We checked out groceries, gas stations, restaurants, universities and vending machines. We found this soda can in a Doral gas station with dark soot on the top. “I really wasn’t expecting these to be as bad as they actually are, considering the sources they came from,” said Karen Deiss a Microbiologist. She showed us the black furry mold that was hiding on this can from a store. “Oh wow,” was Deiss’s reaction. “The thought of that growing in your mouth after your drink, is awful. A potent odor came from the yeast that was on the energy drink we bought from a vending machine. The big question for consumers is how are the cans stored before we buy them. The ones we bought have a plastic cover on top which does a pretty good job of protecting them from any dirt or germs.” But it’s what happens when the plastic is torn off, or there’s nothing to protect the cams, that causes problems. A waitress delivered us the staph during lunch. We found Pseudo-

“I started getting throbbing cramps on the left side of my lower abdominal. I didn’t think much of it, but the pain was there.”

monas Aerugenosa apparently growing on a can inside this vending machine. That’s a bacteria that can cause skin or ear infections… typically associated with dirty Hot Tubs. Take a look at the dust on the top of this energy drink from a gas station. That’s enterobacter…. a coliform bacteria. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Cedric Spak explained that if that really meant something from the can was living there. “It’s something from the rectum, would be a better way to describe it. It’s coliform, it something that lives in human and animal large intestines.


cbs4 Newspaper March 2013

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“It could mean the store clerk did not wash his hands after going to the bathroom, or it could be from a rat in the warehouse”

Dr. Spake said it could mean the store clerk did not wash his hands after going to the bathroom, or it could be from a rat in the warehouse. “You’ll find out it can cause infections in patients with a variety of serious medical conditions. “I started getting throbbing cramps on the left side of my lower abdominal. I didn’t think much of it, but the pain was there.” Oscar Izquierdo of Westchester is proof that it’s not just dirty soda cans to be on the lookout for. He said he got sick drinking from a contaminated bottle of water he bought three weeks ago. He didn’t notice the entire package had bottles with grey-patchy “blobs” floating inside… a sign of contamination. “I completely freaked out, there’s a blob grey-ish tint to it floating around in the water. I started thinking oh my God could this possibly be the reason

why I am getting the cramps and two of my three kids are getting sick?” asked Izquierdo. Dr. Spak is quick to point out wherever they come from, these germs are all around us. He said the bottom line is that they should not cause concerns in most healthy people. “It’s not that bad and it’s not that surprising at all,” said Dr. Spak. Fresh tap water or an alcohol based sanitizer can be an effective wipe-down to get rid of any dirt or germs on cans. Bottled water doesn’t last forever. If you see anything floating inside… don’t drink it!


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March 2013


For Hair Loss

Reporting Vanessa Borge

Two-thirds of American men experience hair loss by age 35. However, there’s a new high tech hair transplant procedure coming to the rescue and Miami is one of the few cities that have it. There are only 15 ARTAS Robotic System machines in the U.S. and Dr. Paul Rose of the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami has one of them. ARTAS provides hair restoration with a less labor intensive procedure allowing more follicular units to be transplanted in less time. The robotic system plucks out healthy hair follicles and puts them back into areas of the head that are going bald. A patient named “Jose” is 26-years old and decided to undergo the procedure. “I noticed that I started losing my hair when I was 22 or 23. If I lose it when I’m 50, 60, it’s okay. It’s the natural process. But not so young,” Jose said. All the hair on the back of Jose’s head was graphed out; the healthy hair follicles are chosen at random. After they are individually cleaned and prepped, those hairs are then implanted on the top of his head. The pa-

tient remains under local anesthesia the entire procedure. “Actually throughout the process I didn’t feel any pain at all,” Jose said. Hair transplant procedures are usually tedious and done by hand but ARTAS speeds it up significantly. “It can take three to four hours to harvest 1,500 graphs, with the robot that could be half the time,” Dr. Rose explained. In the traditional procedure, a piece of the scalp is cut off and sewn back together. With the ARTAS, there are no scars. “I’ve always liked to wear my hair short and I have that possibility with this procedure without any scars,” Jose said. Jose’s hair should grow back thicker in the next 6 months. “I’m sure that when I have my full hair back I’m going to feel better about myself,” Jose said. The ARTAS system is an expensive choice, it can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000. It is not approved for women just yet.


March 2013

cbs4 newspaper


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Smartphone Apps

Promote Smoking For Kids

These days, it seems like you can do just about anything on your mobile device: text friends, play games, even smoke a cigarette. You can now download apps that researchers say promote smoking and experts warn they have the potential to encourage kids to puff.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa often talks to her kids about the risks of smoking. “If we don’t mention smoking they’re liable to be curious about it on their own,” she said. Now, she has to talk to them about the dangers at hand, both in the real world and in the virtual one. Millions of people worldwide are now downloading mobile apps that researchers say promote smoking. The American Cancer Society warns they appear to be targeting teens and children, with some rated for kids as young as 12. “Ninety percent of adults who go on to smoke throughout their life began as children, so parents need to be aware that these are not benign or innocuous apps,” said Dr. Thomas Glynn, American Cancer Society.

“You can put the phone next to your mouth where the microphone is and inhale and exhale and see the cigarette burn down”

cbs4 Newspaper March 2013

More than 100 pro-smoking apps are available, ranging from virtual smoke sessions, to nicotine-themed battery widgets, to tobacco “shops” where you can roll your own cigarettes. Consumer Researcher Connie Pechmann said smoking simulation apps have sparked the most interest. “You can put the phone next to your mouth where the microphone is and inhale and exhale and see the cigarette burn down,” said Pechmann. Pechmann likens these apps to advertisements. “They make smoking look attractive and cool and edgy and fun and something you can do with your friends,” she said. Right now, the app world is largely unregulated, and the FTC said there is no evidence any U.S. tobacco company is involved. “We do know that in a number of the apps, specific tobacco products and specific types of cigarettes are named, and we have not heard any outcry from the tobacco industry about that,” said Dr. Glynn. Dr. Gilboa was surprised at how easy the apps were to access on her android. “There’s nothing you have to click that says I promise I’m ‘x’ number of years old,” said Dr. Gilboa.


For Information Call: 786.565.4556

“We do know that in a number of the apps, specific tobacco products and specific types of cigarettes are named, and we have not heard any outcry from the tobacco industry about that,” ITunes only asks for a simple age confirmation. Pechmann said more safeguards are needed. “All you need to do is ask the kid ‘What year were you born?” and ‘How old are you now?’, and that will throw off any 12-year-old,” said Pechmann. The American Cancer Society would also like to see warnings on the apps themselves. “These warnings should say smoking can kill you, smoking causes cancer, smoking causes heart disease,” said Glynn. For now, experts say parents should keep the lines of communication open, just like Dr. Gilboa. “This makes the whole conversation about smoking new again,” said Dr. Gilboa. For this story R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris International were both contacted. Both say they have no connection to these apps.


March 2013

cbs4 newspaper


cbs4 Newspaper

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“This “do it now so I don’t have to deal with it later” mentality isn’t always a good thing”

Booming In

Younger Crowds

How young is too young to get Botox? Some South Florida 20-somethings say it’s doesn’t hurt to get a leg up on aging. “Very few people grow old gracefully nowadays,” said April Donelson, 24, as she prepared for her first ever Botox treatment. “Joan Rivers, she’s 80 something and she looks like she’s in her 60’s. I don’t want to look fake, but I don’t want to look old and wrinkly.” April told CBS4’s Cynthia Demos she spent her high school and college years in a tanning booth, that’s why her forehead has wrinkles. So she decided she wanted to intervene before the wrinkles got too deep. “If you’re over 18 you can make your own decisions,” said Donelson. In the past year, teens have gotten 12,000 Botox procedures, up 800 percent in the past three years. For 20-somethings, the use in the last year is up 11 percent. “I actually turn away quite a few people,” said Aventura’s Dr. Adam Gropper who says he won’t do Botox on people who don’t need it but he admits his clientele has gotten younger and younger. “Everybody’s different, everybody has their own desires about how they want to look.” This “do it now so I don’t have to deal with it later” mentality isn’t always a good thing. There are cases of Botox being overused and at times, permanently killing the muscles in areas not intended to be motionless. Still, April says she’ll take the very slight risk and is looking forward to seeing her results. “Personally I think my age is a good age to start getting it,” she said. Botox is not covered by insurance and will run you about $200 per area so the cost depends on how much you want to do.

Reporting Cynthia Demos


March 2013

cbs4 newspaper


cbs4 Newspaper

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Parents Paying More

For Kids To Reporting Shannon Hori

If you have kids, you know how expensive it can be to raise them but many parents are shelling out more money than ever to pay for their kids to play.

For instance, a spot in the high school marching band can cost $1,000 a year. Specialized clinics to earn a pitching title can cost $90 a class and dance class costumes can cost nearly $100 for a costume worn once. While the memories may be priceless, the amount you pay to play isn’t. Just ask Karen LaFlamme who pays for two children to play sports. “For Chantal’s swimming, it costs approximately $4 thousand a year,” LaFlamme explained. For her son Andre, it’s about $3,700 for baseball. He’s got a new $300 bat and the family pays for traveling expenses, gate fees and hotel bills. Experts say some parents are now shelling out up to a thousand dollars a month, and that’s just for one child and one sport. Why such a high price to play? “There is constantly more demand than facilities available and therefore drives the price of facility use up and secondarily insurance provided by the youth sports program,” explained Jon Butler, Executive Director Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc. Butler said 40-percent of families participating in extracurricular activities don’t have medical insurance, forcing the organizations to provide coverage. Another factor driving up costs is the elite level of coaching and play demanded by parents who are more competitive than ever.

cbs4 Newspaper March 2013 “I think there is a whole societal issue now of parents who have grown up and are successful and want nothing but the best for their child,” said Butler. Soccer coach Jim Caruso agreed. “I know kids and have friends that have kids who travel all over the U.S. to play,” said Caruso of Future Soccer Stars Academy. “It’s no longer just volunteers doing the coaching, either. Highly paid assistants are brought in to help out. There’s also an increase in pricey high tech gear. Trainers prefer $300 bats to the $20 models and coaches say $40 swimsuits don’t compare to the $250 version. But experts say don’t invest until you know your child hits that elite level and loves the sport. Buy used equipment at thrift stores and franchise outlets. Ask about scholarships. Try community-based programs for new sports for your child. Karen’s kids love their sport, and although she doesn’t like the hit her bank account is taking, she sees the benefits of her kids participating. “I want both my kids to be well-rounded and you know I think sports play is an important part of that,” said LaFlamme. Here’s another saving tip. Ask about sibling discounts because most


For Information Call: 786.565.4556

programs offer them. If your child is involved in a community based program, the uniform is more than likely included in the registration cost. Parents usually have to pay extra for a pair of athletic shoes.


cbs4 newspaper

March 2013 MIAMI (

Are you trying to figure out how to pay for your child’s college tuition? If you’re thinking about co-signing on a student loan, there’s information that you should know before you sign on the dotted line. The average interest rate at graduation has increased and the unemployment rate is high. The amount of debt increasing each year makes it even more difficult for students to be able to afford their student loans.

When the payments, interest and tight due dates on his son’s student loan became too much for the recent college grad, Steve was forced to take over payments. He had cosigned and didn’t want it to go into default, tanking both their credit ratings. “I had to rethink my whole financial situation whether I could retire, will I have to work more? It, it kept me up at nights,” said Steve. A whopping two-thirds of undergrads now graduate with student loan debt, totaling $1 trillion waiting to be paid back. For the first time ever the student loan default rate now exceeds credit card delinquency rate. “Unemployment is high, average interest rate at graduation has increased. The amount of debt each year increases, making it much more difficult for students to be able to afford their student loans,” according to Mark Kantrowitz, of Nowadays if loans are private, more often than not there’s more than one signature on the bottom. “More than 90 percent of new borrowers have a cosigner on their student loan, that’s up from less than half before the credit crisis,” said Kantrowitz. Experts warn it’s a recipe for disaster for students and parents.

“When a student defaults and a parent is called back from retirement to go back to work to make these payments it’s certainly not a good chapter in the parent child relationship” “Parents are basing their decision to cosign upon the traditional view that when you went to college your earning power was exponentially greater than if you didn’t go to college, and that rationale no longer holds,” according to attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza.


cbs4 Newspaper

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“Experts say families should be sure they’ve exhausted all federal loan possibilities before taking out a private student loan”

So what options do you have if your child defaults and you cosigned? Carrozza suggests you contact the lender immediately and ask for an interest rate adjustment deferment. This gives you a temporary reprieve from the payments where the interest does not accumulate or forbearance where the payments are temporarily suspended but the interest still accumulates. No matter what, a default can put a lot of stress on a family. “When a student defaults and a parent is called back from retirement to go back to work to make these payments it’s certainly not a good chapter in the parent child relationship,” said Carrozza. Steve said he didn’t think cosigning on the college loan would have this result, but he has no regret. “If I didn’t do it and he didn’t pursue it I’d feel guilty maybe that he didn’t get the education he wanted or deserved,” said Steve. Experts say families should be sure they’ve exhausted all federal loan possibilities before taking out a private student loan. It’s usually difficult to get student loans dismissed in bankruptcy court.

“Parents are basing their decision to cosign upon the traditional view that when you went to college your earning power was exponentially greater than if you didn’t go to college, and that rationale no longer holds”


cbs4 Newspaper

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March 2013 MIAMI (

Reporting Ted Scouten

After the disastrous journey of the Carnival Triumph, many passengers are questioning exactly what their rights are when it comes to cruise vacations.

“What are my legal rights,” asked Camille Horvat, jokingly.

“Can I have a copy?” She’s excited to go on her cruise and joked about what she agreed to when she bought her ticket to cruise. But not many people know, when you buy a ticket, you agree to bunch of legally binding rules, regulations and conditions set by the cruise company, spelled out in a lot of fine print. “I do that whole ‘agree thing,’” said passenger Bruce Welnez, talking about how he checks the “agree” box when he make his purchase. “I don’t read thru that whole thing. It’s a huge thing you scroll through.” “I think it’s just a page and a half or two at the most,” said fellow cruiser Donna Malone. “Thumb through that,” suggested CBS 4’s Ted Scouten as he handed her a cruise agreement. “How many pages are there?” “One, two,” said Malone as she began counting. “Eight!” she said after finishing her count. “Let me get my attorney to read this,” her husband Joe joked. “I probably didn’t read it to be honest with you,” Donna admitted. “A lot of people don’t know that some of their rights,” said Hollywood attorney David Singer. “On a cruise, they’ve signed away even before they

enter the ship.” Singer knows these cruise conditions very well. “This is what I would call a contract of adhesion, take it or leave it,” he explained. “Really, it’s a gun to your head.” Singer pointed out most cruise lines say if you’re going to sue, you must file a notice to sue within six months and file suit within a year. And many cruise lines require you sue only in Federal court and only in Miami. Something else people don’t realize, in some cases the passenger agrees to not sue at all, but go thru arbitration. “If it was any other contract with anybody under the sun, you could cross out clauses you could negotiate this and that,” he said. “Ya just dampened my style,” said Horvat. “I’m gonna read it though, it’s one of the bags somewhere. I’m gonna take a look at it tonight before we get on the ship; so I’ll be prepared.” Once you read all the fine print and you find you don’t like what you’re reading, you do have an option; however you may not like it. That is to stay home. Attorneys suggested if you decide to go on the cruise, you should read through the fine print, just so you know what you’re getting into.









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March 2013


Ultra Music Festival


Boasting the World's best DJs, unparalleled production, and location in the beautiful city of Miami, ULTRA Music Festival is the premier two-weekend electronic festival.

BEER March 9, 2013

a tribute to pavarotti

A true spring and summer craft beer festival like no other. Sprung! will give beer fans the opportunity to sample over 150 spring and summer craft beers, which are considered to be some of the best seasonal beers of the year.

March 11, 2013

An elegant and delightful concert featuring a full orchestra, chorus, and international soloists who will highlight the most popular arias and Italian folk songs of the beloved icon of opera, Luciano Pavarotti.


Peacock Park, Coconut Grove

March 15 - 17, 2013 / March 22 - 24, 2013

305-358-7550 /

The Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival March 23 - 24, 2013

A food wine festival, featuring over 50 fine dining establishments & vendors, wine garden, live concert and Kids Zone. 786-355-4800 /

miramar cultural center


coral springs festival of the arts

Annual Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival

March 16, 2013 - March 17, 2013

March 16 - 17, 2013

An outdoor event celebrating art and culture with a fine art show, contemporary craft festival, theatrical performance and full lineup of live music. Bringing together over 250 of the nation's best artists and crafters.

The current concert tour roster includes artists such as Charlie Wilson, New Edition, Earth Wind & Fire, Najee, Rachelle Ferrell, Neyo, Monica, Mary Mary and more.



Adriano Castelli /

Coral Gables Gallery Night March 1st, 2013 - 6 to 10 pm.

Various galleries
Held the first Friday of the month, Gallery Nights showcase the various works from European and Latin American art masters to outstanding contemporary artists. Be on the lookout for the orange paintbrush on the side of the Trolley and on special Trolley stop signs to find a dedicated Gallery Night Trolley that will loop between Coral Gables galleries and art venues participating on Gallery Night. Download the Gallery Night map at:


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Coral Gables

Farmers Market March 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30: 8 a.m. – 2p.m. - Free 
Merrick Park, in front of City Hall – 405 Biltmore Way

The 22nd season of the Coral Gables Farmers Market will feature live music, just-picked produce, baked goods, and a variety of plants for sale. There will be a Tai Chi class offered at 8 a.m., a gardening workshop at 9 a.m., a cooking demonstration at 10 a.m. and a children’s activity at 11 a.m. For more information, visit The Coral Gables Passport Acceptance Facility at City Hall will be open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

World Baseball Classic March 12 - 16, 2013

See the best teams from all around the world compete. 877-411-2012 /

Sony Ericsson Open

The Miami Home Design & Remodeling Show March 22 - 24, 2013

Largest home improvement event featuring thousands of products and service for the home including an international collection of residential decorating, remodeling an home improvements.

Miami International Fashion Week March 20 - 24, 2013

Featuring the world's top-ranked pros in men and women in singles competition and men's teams and women's teams in doubles competition.

The venue is transformed into a state of theart "Fashion City" built to house all fashionshows, exhibitions, culinary style cafe and sponsor lounges as the world's fashion elite flock to Miami Beach to participate in this world class event.

305-365-3500 /

March 18 - 31, 2013

In the nights March 6, 2013 - April 7, 2013 - Every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Book by Quiara Alegria Hudes. For tickets call 305/444-9293

date night (parent's night out) March 16, 2013

Parents - here's your chance to go out on that romantic dinner or enjoy a night out on the town with friends. Let Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre provide a safe and creative environment while you have fun too! Kids will partake in theatre games, costume dress up, crafts, movies, and of course, FOOD! Your children will have a ball with our expert teaching artists. PLUS, parents receive a complimentary appetizer or drink at The Capital Grille in the Galleria Mall. fort lauderdale children’s theatre



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March 2013

Dynamo Art CocoWalk The Latest Grove Gallery is Officially Open CocoWalk is the Grove’s foremost open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Be sure and stop by the CocoWalk Visitor Center for plenty of offers and info on hundreds of things to do in Miami and the Grove. The Center is conveniently located near the rear fountain, and offers restrooms, water fountains, and seating. Dynamo Art CocoWalk opened its doors during the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in February. CocoWalk’s

top floor is now a huge and unique gallery. Several Fest artists were invited to attend for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and to check out the current installation, “Breaking Ground,” which will run through April 1, 2013. The large third floor space will be a multi-use performing arts center that will offer dance, music, and fashion and art shows. On Feb. 17, First Flight Out | Pan Am, an exciting travel-related fashion and accessories outlet, hosted their grand opening. Representatives from brand Pan Am and members of the acclaimed flight crew were on hand to welcome friends and fans to the Pan Am historical exhibit. If you haven’t seen this yet, put it on your “must do” list! StraVaganze is an exclusive fashion design center for women’s dresses, gowns, shoes, tops, and pants manufactured in Milan, Italy. The grand opening party was held on March 2, 2013, and featured models in the high-fashion wear, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. StraVaganze is situated on the second floor.

First Flight Out | Pan Am

The Sony Open Tennis Tournament runs Mar. 18-31, 2013. Its annual mall tour will stop at CocoWalk

on Thursday, Mar. 21, from 7 to 10 pm. Members of the Sony Open team are bringing the fun with a DJ, videos, games, prizes, and a couple of players who will offer up autographs for some lucky fans! CocoWalk, Miami’s MultiCultural Marketplace, has it all – shopping, dining, happy hour, movies, art, history, and live music every Thursday to Sunday. It’s casual, chic, unique… just like the Grove! Visit

Sponsored by CocoWalk

A Pan Am pilot and generations of famed Stewardesses


March 2013

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Experiment Proves Is Much More

Than Skin Deep Reporting Lisa Petrillo

Ladies, what would it feel like to go a year without makeup, jewelry, salon haircuts or new clothes? We asked women on the streets of South Florida. “Honestly, I think I could only last a couple of days,” said one woman. Another agreed. “You’re speaking to someone that jogs on the beach in Key Biscayne with red lipstick so I don’t know if that’s possible,” she laughed. Phoebe Baker Hyde decided to give it a go and swore off beauty and all the trappings because dolling herself up was bringing her down. “Nothing I put on my body or wore on my face was giving me that selfconfidence,” explained Phoebe. Pheobe gave up makeup, cut her hair and stopped shopping for an entire year. “I didn’t want to stand in front of that mirror and have a mirror meltdown. ‘What am I going to wear? Oh I look terrible! Gosh does this make me look fat?’ I just didn’t want to do that anymore.” Phoebe didn’t use any foundation, blush, concealer, lipstick, or mascara. She did allow herself a little lip balm but it had to be clear. Phoebe talks about her transformation in her book, “The Beauty Experiment.” “There were people who didn’t bat an eye, there were a few who did react and that dynamic was very interesting for me to watch throughout

the course of the year,” she explained. The result? Baker Hyde said she felt more beautiful than ever without all the makeup. What did her husband think? “We had a conversation about leg shaving,” she said. The real inspiration for the change was the birth of her daughter. “Being able to stand with my daughter, in front of a mirror and say, ‘Hey, we look great’ and actually believe that.” Pheobe doesn’t think that every woman needs to ditch make-up, and said she really missed her under-eye concealer. Now that the experiment is over, most days she only uses chap stick and moisturizer. “This is just me and if that’s not good enough, then maybe it’s not me that has the problem.”

“Honestly, I think I could only last a couple of days”

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March 2013


Unclaimed Cash

Could Be Just A Mouse Click Away! The odds of winning the Powerball are a whopping one in 175

million. The odds of you finding out that a government entity or a business, like an insurance company, owes you money are about one in 600. Ralph Zeth knows. He said he couldn’t believe it when he found out there was nearly $3,000 waiting for him from an insurance policy taken out by his mother who passed away in 2002. “I said, you know, ‘Jeesh, from the grave she’s still having an impact on my life’, it’s amazing,” said Zeth. Zeth used the money to help pay for a trip to Italy, something, he said, his mother would have loved. It turns out his pay out was just a drop in the bucket. Experts believe there is approximately one billion dollars in benefits from misplaced or forgotten life insurance policies waiting to be claimed. While million dollar payouts are extremely rare, some have reached into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For more than a decade, CBS4 had told viewers about Florida’s unclaimed property program and its website. Currently there is more than a billion dollars in twelve and half million unclaimed accounts. In Miami-Dade County alone there is more than $303 million dollars waiting to be claimed. Broward has another $184 million and there is $8 million in

Monroe County accounts. So who’s owed money around South Florida? CBS4 Chief Consumer Investigator Al Sunshine found accounts for the Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins and even several local county agencies. Along with the state some insurance companies, like John Hancock and Metlife, are also making it easier for benefactors to collect their unclaimed money. All they have to do is type their name into their policy finder websites, fill out a form and provide proof of a connection to the account. Florida’s unclaimed property program used to advertise account holders several times a year in local newspapers. To save money, however, that practice was discontinued several years ago. The search site is operated free of charge by the state. The program also includes the contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes. The “treasure” found inside has included diamonds, gold, precious gems, even autographed baseballs from Babe Ruth. Under state law, the contents are auctioned off if their rightful owners can’t be located after several years. CHECK THESE WEBSITES:


March 2013

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Ideas For Kids

From A South Florida Chef Renowned chef and South Florida culinary icon Michelle Bernstein continues to change the landscape of food with her unwavering passion, undeniable prowess and unparalleled creativity. With several successful restaurants in South Florida, including Michy’s and Crumb on Parchment, she’s become a trusted expert on all things food. Chef Bernstein is equally passionate about kids having a positive connection with food, as evident in her founding the Miami chapter of Common Threads, an organization that promotes culinary awareness and education in underprivileged youth. During an interview with the James Beard Award and Iron Chef America winner, Chef Bernstein provided some insightful ideas on how parents can get kids involved in the kitchen. Her helpful tips offer ideas on how kids can participate in cooking and why she enjoys cooking with children.

Bernstein says: 1. Get children involved in the selection process and ideation of meals.
 2. Give them tasks to help prepare the meals.
 3. Have them taste as you go and ask what they think the recipes might need to improve.


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Kid-Friendly (Source:

Breakfast: Hearty Breakfast Scramble Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • •


6 large eggs
 1/2 cup whole milk 6 cooked breakfast sausage links or patties, chopped 6 slices cooked bacon, chopped 2 cups yellow onion, chopped 1 cup green bell pepper, chopped 1 cup tomato, chopped (optional) 2 tablespoons butter 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat a skillet to medium-low. Beat eggs and milk in a large mixing bowl. Add meat, vegetables and cheese, then stir to combine. Melt butter in the skillet and add the egg mixture. Cook on medium-low heat, stirring frequently for about 5-10 minutes. Top with additional shredded cheese and allow it to melt. Serve with your choice of bread.

Dinner: Stuffed Shells with Italian Sausage Ingredients: • • • • • • • •

1 box jumbo pasta shells
 1 32-ounce container ricotta cheese 2 pounds ground Italian sausage 1 8-ounce package shredded Italian cheese blend 1 egg 1/8 teaspoon salt and pepper (or to taste) 2 tablespoons parsley flakes (or 3-4 tablespoons fresh parsley) 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 2 26-ounce jars pasta sauce of your choice

Cook pasta shells according to package directions. Cook Italian sausage until brown and drain. Allow both to cool. Combine ricotta cheese, egg, parsley, salt and pepper, garlic powder and half a package of shredded cheese in a large bowl. Then add half of the Italian sausage to the mixture.

Lunch: Chicken Quesadillas Ingredients:

• 10 large flour tortillas
 • 1 whole rotisserie chicken, shredded • 4 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, cheddar & jack blend or Mexican blend are recommended • 2 bell peppers (any color), chopped • 2 medium red onions, chopped • 1 large or 2 medium tomatoes, chopped • 6-8 stalks scallions, sliced • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 2 teaspoons garlic powder • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper • Sour cream for dipping

Make a thin layer of sauce at the bottom of a baking pan. Stuff pasta shells with the cheese mixture, then add them to pan. When completed, add remaining sausage to pasta sauce and then top the shells with sauce. Top with remaining shredded cheese. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Preheat a medium-sized pan on medium-low to medium. Add olive oil to the pan. Once heated, add the bell pepper and red onion. Season the vegetables with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Sauté the vegetables until they begin to soften, about five minutes. Remove from heat. Preheat a griddle to medium-low (approximately 250-300 degrees). Once heated, place one tortilla on the griddle (get your kids to help assemble the quesadilla). Sprinkle a layer of shredded cheese on the tortilla. Next, add about 2-3 tablespoons of the cooked bell pepper and red onion on top of the cheese. Then, add a layer of shredded chicken on top of the cooked vegetable mixture. Add a layer of chopped tomatoes and some of the sliced scallions. Add another layer of shredded cheese, and top with another tortilla. Allow it to crisp on both sides, flipping once. The quesadilla is done when the tortilla is crispy and the cheese is melted. Use a pizza cutter to cut into triangles. Serve with sour cream for dipping.


March 2013

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cbs4 Newspaper

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artying is alluring, but the recovery after drinking one too many cocktails can definitely be sobering. Many often swear off alcohol all together. But the best way to deal with the aftermath of a wild night is to recover quickly and there are plenty of juice bars ready to reenergize and infuse you with healthy doses of wheat grass. If you’re stomach is still too fragile, try a massage. The kneading will help boost your circulation and your immune system.

Using only organic and natural oils, Uhma offers a staff of licensed massage therapists to soothe away the stress by kneading through the tough spots. By using a variety of pressure – from light to deep – the therapists also use aromatherapy to relieve tension, discomfort and pain on your back. The menu of options ranges from $65 back and shoulders to a 90-minute deep touch massage for $165.

(305) 759-1696 The organic supermarket has also carved out a spot where thirsty, nutrientdeprived customers can find an oasis rich with organic fruits ready to be blended to create a healthy drink. Locals often refer to this as a place where the “food rocks” and where people can meet other like-minded individuals. It’s also a great place to just sit back and enjoy one of the healthy juice blends. This is an obvious stop for any hungover soul. The organic food supermarket features a juice bar that includes wheat grass and a variety of smoothies. Most stores also offer tables and chairs welcoming those who want to dine-in. If you’re stomach is up for it, the supermarket also offers cooked foods from eggplant lasagna to a large selection of soups.

(305) 329-4197 The power of the pear milk shake is what draws the Downtown office workers into Richard’s Fruit Center. The 16-oz. pear shake will run you about $2.50. Other favorites include the mango, strawberry and papaya smoothie. And, yes, the business is named after its owner Richard. The fructose will likely help you boost your energy levels. This family-owned spa has been in business for more than 20 years. That’s thanks to the spa treatments that include Ayurvedic therapies that are based on centuries old treatments aimed at restoring your body’s natural balance by treating the hair and scalp to gentle drippings of warm oil. Massage therapists often use oils, herbs and aromas to help reduce tension. Therapists also offer a 50-minute face massage using oatmeal.


March 2013

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cbs4 Newspaper

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Livestock “On The Moove” From South Florida Ports Reporting Brian Andrews

There’s a lot more leaving South Florida ports than just cruise ships: exporters say the area’s ports are seeing a large increase in the number of Florida livestock setting sail. Before pigs can fly out of MIA and cattle cars can set sail from both ports, however, the animals have to spend some quality time at a South Florida quarantine facility.

Renee Strickland owns Strickland Ranch & Exporters

and is one of the folks ready to move ‘em on out. “A huge load of cattle heading across the ocean to a far away country for breeding…or to become a great steak,” Strickland explained to CBS4’s Brian Andrews. “It ain’t as easy as it looks,” she cautioned. Strickland said moving beef is big business. “It’s huge. We ship over 800,000 heads of calves a year out of the state of Florida,” Strickland said. “We’ve got great cattle here in Florida. We are one of the largest producers in the country.” There’s a huge demand for beef and dairy cattle in Middle Eastern countries, and for pigs in Asia. “Miami is considered the gateway to the Caribbean, South America and Central America. The Europe market is growing here…the Middle East…Asia. So it’s a growing market,” explained Tony Alessandrini of Themes Farms. Strickland, a rancher from Central Florida, decided to try her

hand at cattle exporting when the recession hit. She had to do more than raise cattle: she needed to sell them herself and learned exporting is a risky business. “You can make some good money and you can lose a lot of money in this business,” Strickland warned. While a lot can go right, a lot can go wrong: weather, bureaucracy…and humans. For example, what if a trucker doesn’t show up to move the cattle and the ship has to wait? “All of a sudden, to the tune of $15,000 a day, you pay extra because it had to stay another day for your cattle to get there,” Strickland said. She added that most of her business starts with email from Asia, the Middle East, or some other far away place with a reqeust for her to go find someone a specific type of cow. “They’ll come over, select them, make sure they like what I’ve picked for them. Then, I handle all of the logistics from

cbs4 Newspaper March 2013

the time they bought those cattle all the way to where they get to their farm in whatever country they are in,” Strickland said. She works out of a cattle quarantine facility in western Miami-Dade. Some countries require cattle shipments to be separated from other animals for 30 days before they’re shipped. They have to get a final inspection and, sometimes, blood work. “We get a nice set of USDA health papers. Those are very important; they travel with the cattle,” Strickland said. “All types of animals pass through the facility on their way out of the country. We see everything…from camels to llamas to zebras, to porcupines, to cattle,” she added. Alessandrini said this business has taken him everywhere. “Yeah, I’ve been all over the world,” he said. “The very first time I ever got on an airplane, I got on a plane with horses.” Strickland said exporting livestock is her dream job. “I’m dealing with animals and livestock, which is what I like. I’m dealing with people all over the world. The phone rings, I never know what country it’s going to be. It’s always interesting and I can truely say I have friends all around the world,” she said. Miami-Dade is the number one county in the state for international trade traffic. Broward comes in fifth and foreign trade accounts for more than half a million jobs statewide.


For Information Call: 786.565.4556


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March 2013

Best In Miami If there is a city that will always need bartenders, it is Miami. Miami is filled with hospitality venues from hotels to nightclubs to pool bars. In the tourist-filled areas of a city like South Beach, there can be 20 or more venues with bars on any given block. The bartending schools of the city teach cocktail knowledge, speed, accuracy and insider tips needed for working specifically in south Florida. Some schools even teach bonus material such as utilizing POS systems and the fun and gratuity-attracting flair bartending.

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For Information Call: 786.565.4556 South Beach Bartending is a fun, 10-day comprehensive bartending school with both South Beach and Hollywood locations.Students are given the most famous cocktails to study and practice as well as south Florida-specific drinks. The classes entail 40 hours of training plus students may practice as many additional hours as they like. The school’s mock bar setups are perfect for experiencing the real environment to get a great handle on maneuverability, comfort and speed. South Beach Bartending offers classes in English, Spanish and Russian.


Bartending The 34-year-old bartending school, ABC Bartending, has two additional locations in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Classes are offered in English or Spanish and cover all bases like cocktails, POS transactions, behavior/etiquette/personality behind the bar and flair bartending. The two-week courses finish with assistance in job placement and ABC has a history of many graduates from the school receiving employment at fine South Florida establishments including 94th Aero Squadron, The Rusty Pelican and Trump International Resort. The convenient class schedules are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings and accelerated one-week courses are also available.


Bartending School Another great bartending school with event staffing is Elite Bartending School in Miami Beach. The classroom is in Club Play, a top South Beach nightclub equipped with the latest and greatest in POS technology so students also get to learn the technological process of working at a bar. Certain days a week, students are encouraged to visit the venue during club hours to see their bartending staff in action with a full house of nightclub guests and celebrities. Elite also has a bar store with a host of supplies like openers and shakers, a flair bartending class included with tuition, employment assistance and for those who request it, special Spanish-only courses. The school offers a unique lifetime membership with tuition allowing students to return at any time to practice or sit in on courses to ask questions, utilize the online forums and more.




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March 2013


Best Places For

Rekindling Romance Weeks weeks of school nights can leave parents burnt out. The first sign is usually

In Miami

Miami Beach 

conversation. That’s when you know you

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

need a date night. Now Miami is more of a

when you begin to quote ”iCarly” in casual

party town, but that doesn’t mean couples miss out on places to reignite that spark with their special someone. These places promise to rekindle that romance and create memories you and your honey will surely hang on to.

There may not be a better place for love to bloom than in a garden. Hold hands with your honey while strolling the garden, or take a guided tram if you’re feeling social. Sneak a kiss in the butterfly garden, and sit on a bench amongst the beauty to reconnect with your partner. Later, take a short ride over to Red Fish Grill and dine under white-light decorated palm trees overlooking a spectacular waterfront scene.

Miami Beach, FL It’s a little cliché, but nothing is sexier than the beach. The sand between your toes and the waves crashing against your bare feet have a way of reminding you that you’re alive and the blue-green sea encourages you to appreciate the beauty in the world. Take a walk by the seaside, rent a bike, ride on the boardwark or just take a dip. Stay after dusk to watch the moon rise over the ocean. Finish the night off with an outdoor lantern-lit romantic seafood dinner at Casa Tua.

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Bayside Marketplace
/ Price: $27 for adults for Island Queen Bayside Marketplace is an outdoor mall on the bay featuring shopping, dining and even boating. There are several charters that take you out on Biscayne Bay, but the best is the Island Queen. Its boats are air conditioned and give you the option of staying indoors or venturing outside to listening to a narrated tour of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and Fischer Island. End the night by heading a few blocks up the street to Bin 18, a local wine and cheese eatery. This place is mostly still a secret to tourists so you’re nearly guaranteed a great meal in a quiet atmosphere. Plus, the wine selection is unbelievable.

Cinébistro at Dolphin Mall / After a day at the spa, going home to the kids doesn’t seem so bad, but if you’re not ready to end the day just yet, head over to Dolphin Mall for dinner and a movie. Cinébistro is an exclusive 21 and older theater that serves alcohol, gourmet meals and traditional movie snacks. It’s the perfect way to have a date night without crying children interrupting your favorite scene. To go, order your ticket online via Fandango, arrive 30 minutes prior to your showing and valet your car. Next, order your food and have a seat in the plush leather theater chairs and wait for your food to be served during the previews. Finally, sit back and snuggle with your sweetie while enjoying the perfect movie and a gourmet meal.

The Spa at Doral Golf Resort & Spa
/ A local venue just got a big endorsement. The Doral Golf Resort & Spa’s new owner is none other than The Donald, and with that comes the service that you’ve come to expect from the Doral Golf Resort & Spa with Trump style. Spa day packages vary in services from massages and facials to pedicures and hair styling, but all include a lunch so you and your sweetie can relax in a complimentary robe and slippers while having a sensational meal. For an added benefit, request a couples massage at no additional charge to you share your relaxation experience with your honey. Book packages seven days in advance, and be sure to check Groupon or Living Social beforehand for unbeatable deals that can make even the best spa day better.

cbs4 newspaper March 2013


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