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November 18, 2011


PRESCRIPTION FOR DEATH? Imagine being told you have a life threatening disease, but the drug you need is “Out of Stock?” It’s a message being delivered to South Floridians young and old in need of everything to fight cancer to blindness.

ALSO INSIDE Layaway: What’s Old Is New Again S. Florida Dermatologist Performs ‘Saggy Knees’ Procedure Local Theatre Offers Kids Access To The Arts New Online Service For Pet Owners In Miami-Dade Monster Shoes All The Rage In Ladies Footwear

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CBS4 Newspaper

I-Team: Out of Stock – Prescription for Death?

Reporting Michele Gillen WESTON (CBS4) – Imagine being told you have a life threatening disease, but the drug you need is “Out of Stock?” It’s a message being delivered to South Floridians young and old in need of everything to fight cancer to blindness. “Everyday I try and memorize what my kids look like. I don’t ever want to forgot that.” (cries) “What if I do go blind?” Jennifer LaCongnata is going blind. Her daughter decorated the patch that covers an eye that can no longer focus… a reminder that each passing day, this Clearwater mom loses more of her sight. “It’s scary,” declared Jennifer. LaCongnata’s anguish is not over her body’s inability to absorb vitamin A— but

over the fact that she can’t get her hands on a single dose of the intravenous drug that would keep her from going blind. Why? It’s out of stock.

basically has tripled since 2006, but it’s also the type of drugs that are on the short list. Drugs that we use every single day to treat our patients. “

“If someone is out there drowning you have got to throw them, throw me a life jacket. They are not. They are letting me drown,” LaCongnata told Gillen.

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs is an anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. ” In the past year, 90% of anesthesiologists faced one drug shortage. That’s an astonishing number!”

In Miami, the mom of a 14-year old struck with leukemia, can’t get over the shock… not just that her daughter had cancer, but that doctors had to warn her that there was a nationwide shortage of the chemotherapy drugs that would be the key to saving her child’s life. “How can, in this day and age, in this country, we not have a medicine that we need for cancer that we know can cure this cancer? How can it not be there?” Marta Pallidine asked. What’s going on? An I-Team investigation reveals that here is an epidemic of drug shortages in this country, so widespread, affecting so many different drugs, made by so many manufacturers, that system insiders described it to Gillen as a national public health crisis. Connie Chan, Director of Pharmacy Systems at Baptist Hospital Miami agrees. “The problem is that it’s just not the number of drugs that are short, which

According to the FDA, a primary cause of the shortage is contamination discovered in production lines. Another reason?? Drug companies are pulling out of making certain products where profit margins are slim. The shortage is opening the door to a gray market. Where there’s need, there can be greed. “And the impact from the hospital perspective is the price gouging. For cancer drugs, heart medications it’s as high as 3-4000 percent of what we normally pay,” Chan explained. Gratefully, Marta’s daughter, Caroline, got her drugs in time. “She’s in remission. She’s back in school and she’s dancing. She’s back on her toes,” said Pallidine.

November 18, 2011


Meanwhile, Jennifer’s been told her drug won’t be available until June. The only version of the drug she needs, being produced in this country, and notT out of stock… is for cattle. “You can die from this,” Jennifer said. “If it gets that bad you can die.” “How old are you?” asked Gillen. Jennifer responded, “I’m 41. I have a lot of life ahead of me. I just want to see it.” What’s the word from drug manufacturers? Overall, the industry says that with major mergers, there are a few key pharmaceuticals, and if a snag hits the production line the impact is huge. Also the advent of generics has many drug makers moving on and seeking new patents. All this, they say, as they face shortages overseas in the raw materials used in their drugs.

CBS4 Newspaper November 18, 2011 Edition

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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


CBS4 Investigates: Happy Family Or Facade? “Somebody is asking this little girl to smile. And she is smiling, but on the inside, she is not smiling,” said family therapist Jo Ann Lederman. Lederman analyzed photos of the Barahona family obtained from the state’s evidence file. Where you may see a happy family, she sees pain. “It’s not a surprise to me that there was a big problem,” she said.

Reporting Gio Benitez MIAMI (CBS4) – When the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office released family photos from the Barahona evidence file this week, people wondered how a family that looks just like any other could hide what had been described as a house of horror. You could see a birthday party, Halloween costumes, and kids are carnival rides, but look closer.

She pays close attention to Nubia, the tenyear-old girl found dead in the back of her adoptive father’s truck on Valentine’s Day. Police say Nubia’s adoptive parents, Jorge and Carmen Barahona, killed her. “If you look at her eyes, they’re dull. They’re not the sparkle of joy and happiness. The tightness of her skin,” she said. Nubia’s twin brother Victor is also here, but the state concealed his face and the faces of other children to protect their identities.

“This little girl is being asked to perform something that’s uncomfortable for her,” said Lederman. Nubia also appears at the Miami-Dade children’s court receiving a teddy bear from CBS4? s Neighbors 4 Neighbors Adopt-aBear program, created to help heal abused and traumatized children. “This picture is very painful,” said Lederman. “Because they were in front of the system, and there was opportunity for life-saving.” Lederman also looked at adoptive mother Carmen Barahona. “There was something dark in her face,” she said. And she looked at Jorge Barahona at a birthday party for Victor and Nubia. “He’s got some kind of a smile. But [it’s] hard. It’s not soft. There’s no crinkling in the eyes. There’s no joy in him,” she said.

Ironically, in the same photo, Lederman says she sees that Nubia is incredibly happy at her birthday party, perhaps seeking a sliver or joy. “I would like to think that there were intermittent moments of normal,” she said.

CBS4 Newspaper

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November 18, 2011


BSO Nabs Unlicensed Contractors During Undercover Sting operation, deputies posed as Cooper City couple looking to hire contractors to fix up a foreclosed home. “Right now you’re under arrest for contractor fraud,” a deputy told one of the suspects as he had him face down on the ground. At one point – 4 people were in the house at the same time, bidding on jobs.

Reporting Tim Scouten COOPER CITY (CBS4) – With guns drawn, wearing bullet proof vest, BSO deputies swooped in on suspected unlicensed contractors. “Sheriff’s department! Down, down!” they yelled. During the two day sting, more than two dozen people were arrested. In the

One man who installs awnings spoke to CBS 4’s Ted Scouten. He admits he is unlicensed – but is working on it. “I had a license,” said Tony Waddle of Solarus USA. “I went to apply for another license, I paid 250 dollars and then they wanted 14 hundred dollars for the books to study and the economy got bad and I couldn’t afford the books.” Others insist they’re legit. Martinez. “Do




Like Juan



competency’ asked CBS 4’s Ted Scouten. “I don’t know what that is,” said Martinez. “Are you licensed by the county or the state to go out and do the work that you do?” Scouten asked. “Yes,” said Martinez. “What kind of license is it?” Scouten asked. “it’s a general carpentry workshop,” said Martinez. Detectives did not know what that was. BSO Fraud Detective Danny Beleyey explains that a ‘certificate of competency card’ is the single most important piece of paper you need to find out if your contractor is legit. “Anyone that is licensed to perform contracting services in the county or in the state will have one of these cards for the specific county they work in or one from the state,” explained Beleyeu.

Another sign of trouble: the contractor has to be licensed to pull a permit. If he suggests doing work without it, there could be a problem.

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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Obama Plan Begins Tackling Student Loans student loan repayments that will allow borrowers to cap payments at 10 percent of discretionary income beginning January 1. The rule was due to take effect in 2014, but President Obama said the “pay as you earn” program needed to take effect now to help spur the economy.

Reporting Tim Kephart WASHINGTON ( – As jobs became scarce in South Florida, college became appealing. But students and recent graduates are struggling because of the crushing student debt incurred. That’s where President Barack Obama hopes he can help. Wednesday, President Obama will announce changes to federal

Besides capping the payments, all remaining debt on federal loans would be forgiven after 20 years, five years earlier than under current law. The White House said the program could help up to 1.6 million borrowers save money on their loans. The law would work like this: a nurse who is making $45,000 a year and has $60,000 in federal student loans would owe roughly $690 a month on a standard repayment plan.

If the nurse took advantage of the program, the payment would drop to $239. The changes will also include a discount that will allow roughly 6 million borrowers to consolidate their loans. In Florida, the White House estimated that more than 77,000 current students would

be eligible to lower their plans. The initiatives targeting students and recent college graduates could be key in reenergizing President Obama’s base from 2008 that has become apathetic to the political process because they feel that no one is representing them anymore.

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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Layaway: What’s Old Is New Again Like so many other shoppers, Rodriguez has to save money. But she also has to make sure she’s got all the holiday presents she can afford for her family. So this year, she’s starting early and putting it all on layaway so she can spread out her payments over the weeks leading up to Christmas. “I like it because it gives me the opportunity to pay little by little, you know, sometimes you don’t have enough money,” said Rodriguez. Reporting Al Sunshine MIAMI (CBS4)- It’s time to think about holiday shopping and how you’re going to pay for it this year, and tough economic times are prompting some retail stores to bring back layaway. “I spend more, I spend more than last year,” Theresa Rodriguez told CBS4? s Chief Consumer Investigator, Al Sunshine.

According to local retailers, they expect layaways to be a lot more popular this year. But some local consumers told Sunshine that they are still not really sure how it works. Retailers admit that “layaway” is a little more complicated because of the recordkeeping, but say it’s all computerized now and some plans are even accessible on-line to their customers. Adrian Fernandez, store manager at the Sears in Coral Gables, said it gives

consumers a different option.

explained Dworsky

“It is definitely beginning to develop a great deal,” Fernandez said. “There’s a couple of reasons for it. First with the economy the way it is right now, things are a little bit tough so it does allow the customer to use a different payment plan other than credit cards to actually make a purchase.”

Rodriguez’s total is more than $200. She hopes to have her latest layaways all paid off over the next few week… well before the holidays.

“You really have to learn the terms of each store’s policy, it varies,” said Edgar Dworksy of Consumer World. He believes layaway can be a great tool to keep spending in check and spread out payments. But he warns that you have to do the math and factor in things like any extra layaway fees. “They are a little simpler than the credit card agreements that you see, but they are very rigid. You can only buy certain items. You either can or cannot buy on-line. You have to make a minimum deposit. There is going to be a certain penalty if you cancel and that fee varies from store to store,”

“So come Christmas, it’s all paid for?” asked Sunshine. “Exactly,” replied Rodriguez. “How good is that going to be?” asked Sunshine. “Oh, perfect, perfect. I don’t have to worry at the last-minute so that’ll be great!” To make sure layaway shopping is right for you be sure to go over any contracts and understand all the fine print. Also,ask about the store’s policy if something is on sale and marked down. Can you lock in the lowest price? You also need to check about cancellation charges or deadlines over how long you can extend your purchase before having to pay it off.

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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Healthy Snacks Now A Part Of Hialeah After School Program that healthy snacks have become a part of their afterschool program.

“It teaches us a lesson on what to eat and what not to eat,” said Jose Marti Mast Academy sith grader Henry Mieles.

The City of Hialeah’s Young Leaders with Character Afterschool Program announced the sponsorship of the Afterschool Nutrition Program, a subcomponent of the Child Care Food Program. The program is designed to provide nutritious snacks and dinners to children in afterschool programs.

Daily snacks include turkey or ham sandwiches, a fruit serving and juice or milk.

“Many times if we don’t watch our youngsters they won’t eat good. Here they are supervised and have all the food groups, it will hold them until they go home,” said Jose Enriquez, Principal of Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy.

Reporting Marybel Rodriguez HIALEAH (CBS4) – It couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s what dozens of Hialeah students have said now

Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy is one of three schools enrolled in the program. City of Hialeah Educational Academy and Hialeah Middle School are the other two. Snacks are provided at no additional charge. The goal of the afterschool program is not only to provide the student with extra help with their studies but also to remind them about the importance of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

“The food is delicious it’s nutritious and different,” said Mieles. For more information contact the City of Hialeah Communication and Special Events Department at (305) 889-5701.

For information call: 305-477-1699

CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Blow-Dry-Only Salon Trend Brings Affordable Luxury To Miami BLO at Mary Brickell Village offers their service in less than 35 minutes for $35. For women who blow dry their hair or sit in a stylist chair for a blow dry, the news will most likely blow them away, in a good way. That’s because high-end salons may charge $60, $80 or even $100 for blowouts. “Long hair, short hair, whatever the texture its $35 every time,” said owner Fatima Lalani. Reporting Lisa Petrillo MIAMI (CBS4)- They’ve been popping up across major cities in the United States, including Los Angeles and New York, and now a blow dry only salon has made its way to South Florida. Wash, blow and…go! That’s the motto at the first blow dry bar ever to hit South Florida.

There’s no cutting, clipping or dying at Blo. Customers come in and order off the Blo bar menu by choosing their favorite styles. There are six blow options to choose from, including the sleek Executive Suite Blo. Want something a bit more casual, yet sophisticated? Lalani encourages clients to try the Hunt Club Blo. That’s because she said it’s perfect for polo parties.

There’s also the High Society Blo, which has elegance, the sexy Hollywood Blo, the Sex, Hugs and Rock and Roll Blo, which is edgy, and the Boho Braid Blo, their newest trend. “The different styles represent the different tension going on in hair right now…Boho Braid is trendy, like what Lauren Conrad wears,” Lalani said.

Blo, open seven days a week, began in Canada and is now franchised in NY, LA and Texas. A second Blo in Midtown Miami is scheduled to open in December. Blo in Brickell is located at 900 S. Miami Avenue, Unit 129. For more information, call 305.374.BLO5 or visit their website

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CBS4 Newspaper

S. Florida Dermatologist Performs ‘Saggy Knees’ Procedure South Florida’s Mary Michel said she used to have the same problem. “As I was doing Pilates it was that old lady look and they were getting wrinkly,” she said. So the mother of five spoke to her dermatologist Dr. Andrea Trowers about doing something about it. “Basically when you get wrinkling and drooping you have loss of hyaluronic acid over time,” Trowers said. Reporting Cynthia Demos NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Many women become obsessed with the appearance of their knees as they age, and a South Florida doctor is doing a procedure to get rid of the ‘saggy knee’ look. In-shape celebs, like Demi Moore, are aging and covering their saggy knees.

The before image shows wrinkles that no amount of exercise can help out, CBS4’s Cynthia Demos reported. That’s when Trowers thought it may be best to use a filler, like juvederm, restylane, radiesse or perlane to plump up the knee. Trowers decided to use perlane and the results were positive. Michel said it was a dramatic improvement for her. She said her knees

are “much fuller.” Michel said she had a similar procedure done on her hands, and her elbows are next. The filler Michel used knees is approved by the FDA for the face, but doctors also approve it for knees.

November 18, 2011


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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Local Theatre Offers Kids Access To The Arts PlayGround is most passionate about. “We’re involved with getting theater to as many parts of the population”, said Stephanie Ansin, Artistic Director at the theatre. Actors from across the country come to The PlayGround to perform, and the unique set and authentic costumes are all handmade.

Reporting Nicole Maristany

“Everything is made by the designers here who are just complete geniuses. Everything was inspired by different parts of Asia,” said Shine.

MIAMI (CBS4)- The PlayGround Theatre starts off the season by transporting its audience to Asia – with its performance of “The Red Thread.”

The theatre considers each performance as an opportunity to entertain, and to engage the audience in the arts.

“The audience that Playground draws in is incredible”, actress Kate Shine explained to CBS4’s Nicole Maristany.

“Connecting with as many groups in the community as we can so we can so we can learn from each other,” said Ansin.

And it’s the audience that really makes the show come alive, and that’s what the

Throughout the season, the theatre arranges for students from all over South

Florida to come and see shows – for free. Even the transportation is coordinated. Their goal is to ensure all students in South Florida have access to the arts. “Because of our 20,000 kids a year get to see our shows for free so when you get a ticket you’re helping subsidize that gift to the community,” explained Ansin. And after watching this show, they all

come away with a special message. “If you have something and you keep it close to your heart, just keep going for it and you know nothing will stand in your way,” said Shine. For more information on The PlayGround Theatre and for tickets to see “The Red Thread” visit

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CBS4 Newspaper

New Online Service For Pet Owners In Miami-Dade “Only 7% (1,612) of the 22,789 dogs and cats brought to the shelter last year were reunited with their owners,” said Alex Muñoz, Animal Services Director. “We hope to accomplish two goals with the new online service – provide pet owners with convenient access to their account and the opportunity to advise us if account information is obsolete and requires to be updated; and enable the public to reunite lost pets, wearing a tag, by identifying and contacting the pet owner.”

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade residents now have a new tool to manage their four-legged friends vital health services. Miami-Dade Animal Services has launched a new on-line service that allows pet owners to check their’s pet’s account for license and vaccine expiration dates, as well as help owner’s reunite with their lost pets.

Owners must have the license number to conduct the search. Pet owners are encouraged to visit the website to ensure their account is up-todate. Animal Services provides rabies vaccination, Microchipping, pet adoptions and sale of dog license tags. For additional information, visit animals or call 3-1-1.

November 18, 2011


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CBS4 Newspaper

November 18, 2011


Marlins Stadium Gets Green Home Run For Environmental Design The glass walls allows natural light in and saves money. Offices also feature motion sensor lights that simply turn on by themselves and saves electricity Patrick Delano, senior project manager from Hunt/Moss, said the design also left a lot of outdoor space. “They have got a whole host of trees and plants that they will be planting over in that area,” he said. Reporting Jorge Estevez MIAMI (CBS4)- The Florida Marlins have changed their colors, their team logo and they are going green. The new stadium is standing out for its environmental efforts. From the windows to the walls the sky is no limit for the stadium’s goal to go green by next spring. So what makes the 37,000 seater an environmental gem?

When it comes to transportation, there are 276 spaces reserved for fuel efficient vehicles, there’s space for bike storage and options for bus routes. “When you put all these pieces together it makes a difference,” said Claude Delorme, executive vice president of ballpark development. Slideshow: Marlins Stadium Construction Sealed air ducts inside the stadium during construction will improve air quality,

CBS4’s Jorge Estevez reported. The stadium hosts a number of recycled materials, from the plastic chairs to the steel used to make support beams. Speaking of recycled material, the locker room floor is made from recycled Nike sneakers. Notably, locally produced concrete used cuts down on transporting materials. “So that’s less trucks on the road and less CO2 emissions on the road,” Delano said. But the green goals didn’t stop there. The kitchen hosts energy efficient appliances and the hood is self cleaning, which means no chemicals are needed. The paint in the stadium emits less toxic fumes, Estevez reported. Water usage will be down by 50 percent, thanks in part to waterless urinals. That represents savings of 4.4 million gallons of water.

The most impressive part about the Marlins ball park has got to be the roof, Estevez reported. It is covered with a white membrane, which will help deflect the heat. “By reflecting it, it disperses it much more evenly and it provides a much cooler setting for the surrounding area,” Delorme said. What about all the extra construction materials? Ninety-eight percent will get recycled, with only two percent going to the land fill. With all this, the new ball park hopes to make other complexes green with envy. “If we could lead professional sports to the next standard and look at Miami, then it will have been a huge success,” Delano said. They are applying for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. They want silver, but are giving it a shot of getting gold. But that will not happen until the stadium opens on April 4, 2012.

CBS4 Newspaper

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Monster Shoes All The Rage In Ladies Footwear Petrillo asked Bloomingdales.




“Absolutely. We’re seeing a lot of customers coming… of course this is Miami so they are shopping in heels and doing everything in heels.” Petrillo, wearing “The Sharon Shoe” by Guiseppe Zanotti, explained that she is 5feet 7 1/2 inches tall, and that the shoes she’s wearing are about 7-inches high. She then beckons her cameraman, Mitch to come stand next to her. He is 6 feet tall. Reporting Lisa Petrillo MIAMI (CBS4) – Whether it’s platforms, stilettos, evening shoes or even hiking boots, fashionistas have gone head over heels for sky high shoes! Here at Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall, some Monster Shoes are measuring 7-inches and higher. “Are people coming in, in big numbers to buy these sky high shoes?” CBS4? s Lisa

“Look Mitch, I’m towering over you,” Petrillo exclaimed. The heels themselves have become a big part of the design from real crystals to designer logos. BLING! You name it the heel has it. Lisa Pliner’s sky boots and shoes have a green soul. And everyone goes wild over anything animal print or anything that glistens in gold or silver… like Eugenia

Young and Malory Schott at Nordstrom Aventura, who can’t put their monsters down. “Its definitely a monster heel I love. I don’t know… I guess I just love everything about it,” said Schott. Eugenia Young agreed. “The reason why I bought them is I wanted something that would stand out.” And stand out she will. Now, there’s no denying Monster Shoes are not purchased for their fabulous fit such as a cushy comfortable flat. Monster shoe wearing women stand tall on their ability to suffer through the pain… all in the name of high-heeled hotness. Sulay Mesa should know. She’s already bought a pair. “They do hurt, But it’s worth it for the looks you get and the sex appeal. It’s worth it. “

November 18, 2011


CBS4 Newspaper

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November 18, 2011


S. Florida Woman Shares Story Of ‘Staring,’ Breaking Stereotypes beautiful photograph,” said Baer. She came up with the idea for a photography exhibit called “Raw Beauty,” featuring women with disabilities. “I really wanted to shock and break up stereotypes and myths,” Baer told Hori. ”It was a scary, exhilarating, life altering experience.” Reporting Shannon Hori MIAMI (CBS4) – You’ve heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one South Florida woman is redefining what beauty is. Shelly Baer said she’s used to people staring at her. According to CBS4 Anchor Shannon Hori, she finally decided to let them “really” look. “I just thought why not, let them stare at a

Baer works at the mailman center for child development, getting around the sprawling Jackson Hospital campus on a scooter. Recently, she decided to stand in the spotlight, on stage, in front of 500 people at the TED Conference in Miami. “Stare at my hands, my short arms and the way I move,” she declared.

Baer was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when she was three-years old.

“What makes you have courage?” asked Hori.

“It wasn’t fun for a little kid. No one explained what was happening to my body and I was scared and confused,” Baer said.

“I think it’s a process and it evolved and I kept saying yes,” Baer said.

She’s had 20 surgeries in her lifetime. “Arthritis affects cartilage in the joints,” she said. “It’s a degenerative disease. It looks like it’s painful. It’s painful, but I’m on medication.”



Baer also credited her parents and her fiance` Robert. He too was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. She said she hopes when people stare at her now, they look at her from a place of beauty. “I want to go on more stages and am

prepared to do that,” said Baer. For more information about Shelly Baer visit

For information call: 305-477-1699

CBS4 Newspaper

Streets Renamed Near New Marlins Ballpark “This is the first step for the grand opening of the Marlins stadium,” City of Miami mayor Tomas Regalado said. “How can you make people realize the history of where we’re standing?” David Samson, president of Florida Marlins, asked. “The first way is with the naming of the streets.”

LITTLE HAVANA (CBSMIAMI)-It’s no secret that big changes are on the way for the Florida Marlins come April, and now the team has changed the names of the streets surrounding their new ballpark, and that’s not all. As days go the new Marlins stadium is becoming more complete for the 2012 baseball season, and newly named roads have bridged the past with the present and future.

Right in the heart of Little Havana, once home to the Orange Bowl, four new street names are merging a celebrated past with a hopeful future. The new stadium is surrounded by Orange Bowl Way, Bobby Maduro Drive, Marlins Way and Felo Ramirez Drive. Ramirez, the long time Cuban baseball announcer, was in attendance Wednesday to help unveil his street. “I love that for the next 50, 100, 200 years when people are coming to this building they will have no choice but to know and understand Felo Ramirez and what he’s

meant to baseball,” Samson said. Also honored was an icon to baseball, the late Bobby Maduro, one of Cuba’s most distinguished sportsmen. The city and Marlins Organization selected the new street names and believe they couldn’t be more perfect. “We said Bobby Maduro is responsible for Hispanic baseball in Miami,” Samson said. Maduro’s son Jorge Maduro was present to honor his father’s name sake street. “We really feel that when you see Bobby Maduro you see honesty, you see love… you see courage, which basically is what baseball can bring to a city,” Jorge Maduro said. The new stadium is expected to open on April 4, 2012.

November 18, 2011


CBS4 Newspaper November 18, 2011 Edition

CBS4 Newspaper

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November 18, 2011


Horoscopes provided by

Taurus (Apr. 21-May 21)

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Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18)

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Real estate investments will be profit able. Don’t be shy; if you want to spend more time with a special person, make a commitment. You have been going through a period of change that has caused problems for you with your loved ones. Opportunities for love will develop while traveling or while attending religious functions. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

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Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 20)

Relationships will form if you get out and do things that you enjoy. Obstacles may stand in your way where career and success are concerned. Think about starting your own small business, Focus, and concentrate on yourself and your future. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.

You are best to work at home if you can. Take care of any dealings with government agencies. So smile! Don’t get depressed, get busy. You can accomplish a lot if you’re willing to put in a little extra time. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

1 7 9 2 7 8 5 6 2 1 4 3 4 5 8 6 5 7 1 7 8 3 6 4 7 3

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R E A L .

2 3 9 8 5 1 4 6 7

November 4th Solution

Be careful of disclosing personal information. Secret enemies may be holding a grudge that you’re not even aware of. You may be in love this month, but who knows what tomorrow may bring. You are better off visiting friends or relatives than entertaining at home. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

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November 19, 2011 Edition