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April 6, 2012

ALSO INSIDE Marlins Find 3,000 New Parking Spaces But Still Not Enough S. Florida Congressman Proposes Bill To Ban Chinese Drywall Smooth Operator Helping Construction At 836 / 826 Can Food Dyes Cause Or Affect ADHD? Best Easter Events For The Family In Miami

CBS4 Newspaper April 6, 2012 Edition

CBS4 Newspaper

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Sharks: The Fight To Keep Them Alive world to study the ocean’s top predator. It’s not by chance that Gruber, the biologists or the sharks are here. For three decades the Bahamas have been protecting the shark.

“If we did not ban long lining, our shark population would have crashed just like they have almost every where in the world,” explained Eric Carey with the Bahamas National Trust.

Reporting David Sutta MIAMI (CBS4) – Just 50 miles off the coast of Bimini the waters are teaming with sharks. Sharks that need human protection. At the center of that effort is Dr. Samuel Gruber, a professor at the University of Miami’s Rosential School for Marine and Atmospheric Science and director of their Bimini Biological Field Station. You could call him the “shark whisperer.” But he hardly whispers. “I want you to clear that shark. Can you do that,” asked Dr. Gruber point to a large shark in the water. “Look at that shark!” Perhaps he is the “shark barker. At 74years old, Dr. Gruber could be summed up in one word: crazy. “I frankly never thought I’d live past 30,” Gruber told CBS4? s David Sutta while he fought to pull up a tiger shark on the side of a boat. Somehow Doc has survived encountering sharks from Florida through the Bahamas, since the 60’s. Gruber’s love for one of the most feared animals in the ocean drove him to set up the school’s shark lab in Bimini. He was forced there when research in the Florida Keys collapsed. “I watched the population that I worked with dwindle down to nothing over a period of several years due to overfishing,” explained Gruber. Today, he’s far from nothing. Sharks are everywhere. Biologists come to Bimini from around the

As a result in the Bahamas you’ll find some of the most diverse shark populations in the world. For example, Tiger sharks. “They are giant, giant sharks, 20-footers,” said Dr. Gruber as he struggled to pull one along side a boat so it could be tagged. Dr. Michael Domeier has traveled from California to attach satellite trackers on their fins. “When he’s finning and the tags out of the water, it can fix a position on where the shark is,” said Domeier with the Marine Conservation Science Institute. Domeier has developed and app which can track dozens of sharks in real-time on the iPad. The app is called “Expedition White Shark” and can be found in Apple’s app store or at “The yellow ones are the ones that we have had hits from satellite tags in the past seven days,” he added pointing tot he screen. “It’s more than just a novelty. It’s a research tool. If you tag enough animals this way you can start to figure out their entire life history pattern.” The tracks show us a side of sharks we never see. Jaws, as we’ve come to know them, may be the world’s most misunderstood animal. Gruber described them as the Budda’s of the ocean. “I’m going to let her go. She’ll swim away into the sea,” said Gruber. ”Tiger sharks have terrible press. It’s getting better and after today it may get a lot better.” It was certainly unexpected and so was what we found waiting for us back at the dock in Bimini. The two sharks we saw

April 6, 2012


swimming are bull sharks.

responded Dr. Gruber, who then pets one.

“They are the ultimate top predator. They are even more of a top predator than a great white shark. They are designed to prey on sharks. As a consequence they are the real controllers of everything,” said Gruber.

It’s here that Gruber explains why we need sharks in the first place.

The bull sharks are so dangerous the CBS4 crew had to film them using a camera on a stick. Gruber said these particular sharks are in trouble because of their fins. The Chinese go wild for them. Each year 70-million sharks are killed for their fins which are used to make soup. In search of bigger fins, fishermen now target bigger sharks, like these bulls. “Bull sharks are totally unprotected. You can kill as many as you want,” said Gruber. Biologists are growing concerned because it takes sharks 12-years to reach adulthood. Basically, their fishing is unsustainable. “You guys, especially in Florida, should be looking to see what we’ve done,” said Eric Carey. The Bahamas, seeing a disaster coming, took a dramatic step this summer to stop it. “Sharks are fully protected in the Bahamas,” said Carey. It was a bold move protecting all sharks from fishing. Doc takes us five miles out into the ocean to explain why the move was necessary. You could call these, shark infested waters. “Well it is exciting and we are all propagandized for our entire lives how bad these things are. The real propaganda is that they are being killed off at a rate unsustainable and they play a very important roll in this reef,” said Gruber. Wild Caribbean Reef sharks dart in from every direction. The sharks are skittish but curious. “Doc we are not in any danger,” asked Sutta. “Actually these sharks are dangerous,”

“If the reef sharks disappear, all the animals that were fed on by the reef sharks would start to proliferate and expand in their numbers,” Gruber explained. In other words, sharks keep the ocean in check. It’s something the Bahamas needs for its survival. Despite the efforts of the Bahamians, it may be in vain. “Our national anthem don’t make a difference to them (sharks). Our international boundaries are insignificant to them,” said Carey. The moment the sharks migrate away from Bimini they are vulnerable. The Bahamas is hoping the United States joins them to protect the sharks by banning shark fishing outright. It’s a battle full of economics and politics. “I try to convince the government of it. But they are more worried about being sued than what some old, crazy, shark guy has to say,” Gruber said. So Gruber, while ever persistent and perhaps crazy, continues his push for the world’s most misunderstood animal. Someone is listening. The United States recently banned the process of taking shark fins while throwing the carcasses out. It’s a big step but not nearly as big as the Bahamas. Time will tell which country was right.

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CBS4 Newspaper

April 6, 2012


Marlins Find 3,000 New Parking Spaces But Still Not Enough

Reporting Lisa Cilli MIAMI ( — The Miami Marlins unveiled an updated parking and transportation plan that adds 3,000 parking spaces for fans but it still won’t be enough. Only 5,700 cars can park in the city-owned garages and lots that surround the new ballpark and most are already reserved for season-ticket holders and Marlins employees.

The 3,000 additional parking spaces announced Saturday are located in 14 offsite lots. Eleven are within one mile of the stadium, the rest are within two miles and will be provided with shuttle service.

Fans who use these lots in the Miami Health District and near the Civic Center, located just north of the Dolphin Expressway on NW 12th Avenue can catch a free trolley to the ball park.

Here are the new lots specified Saturday:

There are also 8,000 additional parking spaces within 5/8 of a mile at private residences. This is known as parking “Orange Bowl Style.”

• Kristi House Lot, 1355 NW 12th Ave. • Civic Center Jury Lot, 1255 NW 11th St. • Civic Center Lot 26, 1355 NW 12th St. • Mahi Shrine Parking, 1480 NW North River Dr. • Highland Park Garage, 1801 NW 9th Ave. • Park Plaza East Garage, 901 NW 17th St. • RAD Property, 1001 NW 7th St. • Lyons Lot, 1250 NW 7th St. • Cardona Medical Center, 1390 NW 7th St. • Robert King High, 1401 NW 7th St. • Walgreens, 1699 NW 7th St. •ÊSt. John Bosco Church, 1358 NW1th St. •ÊSuntrust Bank, 100 NW12th Ave. •ÊMagic City Casino, 450 NW37th Ave.

Public transportation is also available such as bus service and Metrorail. There will be an express shuttle service from Metrorail’s Culmer Station to Marlins Park. The shuttle will run 90 minutes prior to the event start time and 60 minutes following the event. The Marlins are also offering 600 bicycle parking stations on the ground level of each of the four on-site parking garages for those who want to bike their way to the ball game. Marlins fans can visit

parking for detailed information on Marlins Park public transportation and parking. Sunday afternoon and Monday night, Marlins Park opens with exhibition games against the New York Yankees, followed by Opening Night on April 4th. Music and other pregame activities begin about 4 p.m. on the West Plaza. A pregame show produced by Emilio Estefan will start about an hour before the game. The advice from the Marlins and Miami parking officials: Arrive early and have a plan. For Opening Night against the Cardinals, guests are encouraged to arrive early as gates at Marlins Park open at 4:00 PM There will be no payment accepted on day of game for the two Yankees exhibition games and Opening Night, only pre-paid parking is available for the on-site lots.


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CBS4 Newspaper

April 6, 2012


Economy Likely To Trudge Along In Second Quarter the local economy hasn’t really materialized for him this year. “It probably got a little better last year, but it’s slowed down some,” Geraldo said. But Miramar’s Raquel Aquirre disagreed, “I can’t complain, I hope it’s going to get better” As the first quarter ends, Wall Street and South Florida have seen solid gains. South Florida’s real estate recovery’s is among the best in the nation, thanks mainly to foreign cash sales. But over the past few months, some local selling prices are growing again.

Reporting Al Sunshine MIAMI (CBS4) – The economic recovery may be years away from ending, but there have been some steady gains in South Florida and across the country that is giving some economists hope heading into the second quarter starting Sunday. For Miami machinist Julio Geraldo, that optimism about

Layoffs have slowed down, and some hiring’s improving while foreign trade and tourism around the area remained strong. So what can we expect thru the second quarter? With the local economy growing, but no major new companies opening branches here, new job growth will remain slow. Local spending may be cautious following April’s tax season. Rising consumer prices, including prices at local gas pumps

and stagnant salaries will continue to hurt family finances and with possible spending cuts by consumers, Wall Street’s growth may retreat as well. But South Florida’s economy should continue to see solid gains in tourism, foreign trade, and financial services boosted by the continued slow recovery of our real estate and construction sectors. But the big wild card remains those rising gas prices and it’s effects on the entire national recovery. What does that mean to our family finances? Decide if you need to increase your income tax withholding right now while tax season is fresh in your mind. You may end up owing less next year. See if you can afford to put more money into your savings or investment accounts, and try paying down any credit card debt as soon as possible and if you’re planning for a summer vacation, now’s the time to start looking for the best deals. It may be 9 months away, but it’s also a good time to consider a “Christmas Club Account” to start saving for all that end of the year spending. Consider using cash rather than charging up your credit cards. It’s all possible, if you can start planning right now.

CBS4 Newspaper April 6, 2012 Edition

CBS4 Newspaper

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April 6, 2012


Tamarac Woman Lost Thousands In Job Scam true,” Margolis said. And she soon learned that the job was. Margolis, 24, was desperate to find work. She says she posted her resume on a reputable employment website and received an offer to be a personal assistant based in the United States for an art gallery owner in Australia. Margolis said the job seemed legitimate and the pay was good. Reporting Carey Codd TAMARAC (CBS4) – A South Florida woman says she fell victim to an employment scam that cost her and her mother thousands of dollars. Lindsey Margolis is telling her story to prevent others from becoming victimized as well. “(The job) was like almost too good to be

“He emailed me and said I’m going to be sending you some money orders,” she said. “I need you to cash these money orders and wire the money elsewhere.” Margolis showed CBS4 News copies of the money orders. Each was for just under onethousand dollars. The money orders were payable through Wells Fargo so Margolis used her mother’s bank account at Wells Fargo to cash the money orders and wire the money to a third party in Malaysia.

“A week later it turned out the money orders were no good,” Margolis explained. The phony money orders left Margolis and her mom on the hook for more than 4thousand dollars. While the person in Malaysia walked away with Margolis’ money. Sergeant Jay Leiner with the Broward Sheriff’s Office says they are seeing this scam more and more often. “If somebody’s asking you to send money back that should raise a red flag right away,” Leiner said. “A person needs to work. They think they’re doing the right thing and then they’ll go and get the checks and they want to send the money out. Then they become the victim not once but twice.” Lindsey Margolis found a new job but she and her mom will be paying back Wells Fargo for awhile. “I’m starting from scratch,” she said. “I’m

starting from negative.” Sgt. Leiner said it’s difficult to track down the bad guys because they are out of the country. He said the victim’s are on the hook for the money because even though the bank cashed the checks, the checks had not fully been cleared. “Remember when you put a check in the account you’re telling the bank that we have a contract, this is good until it totally clears the system,” Leiner said. “Once it becomes counterfeit you’re held responsible.” A spokesperson with Wells Fargo offered the following advice: • Use common sense. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. • Don’t accept checks from people you’ve only met online. • Don’t take a job where you are paid by facilitating money transfers through your bank account.

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CBS4 Newspaper

April 6, 2012


Marijuana Billboards Targeting Seniors Popping Up Around S. Florida Medical Marijuana. I’m a patient not a criminal’ and another depicts an elderly person in a wheelchair. Down the road, another billboard reads ‘Reschedule Medical Marijuana, one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.” CBS4’s Cynthia Demos spoke with folks who drove by the billboard.

Reporting Cynthia Demos MIAMI (CBS4) – A South Florida man is setting out to promote the use of medical marijuana. Billboards are popping up along Sample Road in Broward County that are targeting senior citizens. The more ornate billboard says, ‘Legalize

crime’, so he is trying to make it legal. “The billboard is a way to bring attention to the cause,” Platshorn said. In the four years he’s been out of prison he started his cause, “The Silver Tour” to promote the legalization of marijuana for seniors. “They have the time, the inclination and the need,” he said.

“For my family I don’t like it,” said Roseanne Alves.

Irvin Rosenfels, 59, is one of Platshorn’s biggest supporters.

“Marijuana is a gateway drug,” said Zed Castro.

“It’s different this time because the population has gotten older,” said Rosenfeld, who is a stockbroker in Fort Lauderdale and one of the four people in the United States with a medical okay from the federal government to smoke marijuana.

The billboards are the work of 69-year-old Robert Platshorn. Platshorm said he spent 30 years in prison for smuggling marijuana, a substance he says can help people and shouldn’t be illegal. He doesn’t want others sent to prison for what he calls, ‘not committing a

“I am living proof it works,” said Rosenfeld.

For 29 years, the government has paid for his marijuana, the 10 to 12 joints he smokes a day. Rosenfeld said he needs it to help control his bone tumors and it’s saved his life. “It can help millions of people,” Rosenfeld added. Tens of thousands of people will see the billboards every day for a month, and that is just the beginning of this campaign. The two billboards together cost $5000 but Platshorn also does speaking engagements and before he went to prison he was a pitch man on TV for things like knives and other items. He plans to mix his talent with his passion and put together a 30 minute infomercial to air on cable TV. “It’s the best way to get our message out and really educate the senior population on how they can live a more comfortable life and stop relying on pills,” said Platshorn.

CBS4 Newspaper April 6, 2012 Edition

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CBS4 Newspaper

April 6, 2012


South Florida Congressman Proposes Bill To Ban Chinese Drywall

Reporting Carey Codd PARLKAND (CBS4) – A Florida congressman is proposing a bill that would ban Chinese drywall from being imported into the United States. Congressman Ted Deutch announced the legislation at a news conference Tuesday in Parkland, where many homes were built with the tainted product.

“The families dealing with the havoc of Chinese drywall deserve justice,” Deutch said.

like Barbara Tutin and her husband. They built their dream home in Delray Beach in 2001.

The bill, co-sponsored by a Virginia congressman, would direct the Consumer Product Safety Commission to “declare drywall manufactured in China a banned hazardous product.”

Tutin said she quickly started noticing the telltale signs of tainted Chinese drywall — like damaged air conditioning coils…a funny odor…and silver items turning colors. She and her husband are suing the makers of the drywall but have gotten nowhere, they said.

The bill would also urge the Secretary of State to make the Chinese government force the manufacturers of the product sit down and negotiate a settlement with victims. “One of the most important things that this does is it makes it official United States policy to call to account the Chinese companies and the Chinese government to force them to sit down at the table,” Deutch explained. Attending the news conference were several victims of tainted Chinese drywall,

“China’s not doing any thing and our government really isn’t doing much,” Tutin said. “We have a lot of people suffering. It’s very frustrating.” The thousands of victims, like Tutin, whose homes were built with tainted Chinese drywall hope that Congressman Ted Deutch’s proposed legislation will help others from being victimized. But Tutin is not sure the bill goes far enough. She believes Congress should set

aside money for victims to rebuild their damaged homes. “We bought in good faith,” she said. “This was our retirement home. We can’t afford to move out and rebuild on our own.” Another thing this bill would do — regulate the way the tainted chinese drywall is disposed of. Deutch says there have been reports that the tainted drywall has made it back into housing products. Deutch said there is discussion about bringing a similar piece of legislation to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

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April 6, 2012


Subway Employees Claim Shop Owner Left Them Jobless, Penniless

Reporting Carey Codd LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA (CBS4) – More than a dozen employees of two Subway stores in Broward say they’ve been ripped off and left jobless by the store’s owner. While the employees take their cause to the streets, CBS4 News has learned the store’s owner, Gregg Hade, faces even more accusations — in a courtroom from a pair of fellow Subway franchisees who are suing him. The employees at a Subway store on A1A in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and another store on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach say they arrived at work Monday to find the locks changed, the stores closed and equipment missing. Worst of all, the employees say, most of them never received their paychecks. One employee — many of whom are teenagers — showed CBS 4 News a handwritten

check she says she received from Hade over the weekend. She said it bounced.

crew was turned away at the front entrance to his gated community.

Joan Portela says she is owed hundreds of dollars.

CBS4 News has also learned that Hade faces even more trouble.

“I’m just so upset,” Portela told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “Last night I had a hard time sleeping over all this.”

Fellow Subway franchisee Mike Silvestri says Subway recommended that he ask Hade to help him get adjusted to the business. Instead, Silvestri says Hade took more than $50-thousand dollars from him.

Hade appeared to be a rising star in the Subway chain. He even appeared in online corporate videos touting his success at catering to employees of Broward County Schools. The video was removed from the internet Tuesday afternoon. “Three years later, we have 100 schools that we deliver and cater to on a daily basis,” Hade said in the video from several months ago. Other store owners are seen on camera discussing the tens of thousands of dollars they are making through the catering business. Ryan Gurca is the manager of the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Subway. He said it appeared to him that the Lauderdale-by-theSea store was profitable. “The business is good,” Gurca said. “It’s crazy. Especially right now. This is season. If you were going to do this why would you do it now? He was making money here. Like a lot of money.” Hade hasn’t said much about his current situation. The employees say they haven’t been able to reach him and two phone numbers for him are disconnected. CBS 4 News tried to visit his home but a news

“We figured out that this was a scam that he was pulling,” Silvestri said. “He was funneling money out of our store right around payroll time and rent time. Every two to four weeks large sums of money would come out of the store account and he’d funnel it into this store’s account.” Silvestri and another Subway franchisee are suing Hade saying he took a total of nearly $90-thousand dollars of their money. Silvestri said he feels terrible for the people

who lost their jobs and their pay. “I did not foresee this coming,” Silvestri said. “And you feel for those kids. I know those kids.” The attorney for the Subway owners told me he hopes to have a civil judgment against Hade in a week or two. Attorney Scott Weiselberg wrote in his lawsuit that Hade admitted “stealing from his business partners.” The lawsuit also says that Hade was asked to pay the money back but he “refused.” Weiselberg said his clients want to be repaid. “They were defrauded by Gregg and monies that were supposed to be used for the purposes of running my clients stores were taken by Gregg for the assistance of running his failing stores,” Weiselberg said.

CBS4 Newspaper

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April 6, 2012


Smooth Operator Helping Construction At 836/826 called a self-launching, gantry crane.


Those who use it call it “The Smooth Operator,” and it’s earning its name. The Smooth Operator is an engineering marvel that is constructing the four main flyovers of the new interchange, not from the ground up but from the sky down, saving time and traffic hassles in the process.

Reporting Gary Nelson MIAMI (CBS4) – Almost everyday, new stretches of bridge appear beneath it. You have seen it hovering in all its yellow hugeness over the improvement project on the interchange of the Palmetto and Dolphin Expressways in Miami-Dade County. It is 400 feet long, weighs 400 tons and resembles a piece someone swiped from the Green Giant’s erector set. Technically, it is

Bridge segments that are 46 feet wide and weigh 80 tons are hauled to the construction site on flat bed trucks where the crane, mounted on moving railings above the interchange, lifts them up, propels them forward, and gently lowers them in place at the rate of two segments or so a day. The gantry crane, that travels on and above the bridge as it builds it, eliminates the need for conventional ground-based cranes that block lanes, cause traffic snarls and slow construction time by having to be put in place before each work cycle and removed after.

“The contractor that won this project was able to use this crane and other techniques to cut the build time on this interchange to five years, instead of eight years,” said Oscar Gonzalez, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation. The Smooth Operator is driven by a controller holding a small console, worn around the neck, with several joysticks on it. The gadget resembles the box a child would use to operate a remote controlled toy. Ricardo Ayala, an operator-in-training, marveled at the massive piece of machinery and the opportunity he’s been given to work with it, under close supervision. “It’s a lot of responsibility,” Ayala said of personally steering 400 tons of complex gear. “It’s amazing. It’s an amazing machine. I love it.” American ingenuity can’t take credit for the time and headache-saving device. The crane was designed and built in Italy. For all their quaintness, the Europeans were decades ahead of the United States in

development of the “segment” system of bridge construction. The machine was shipped to Miami-Dade in 40 containers and assembled on location. The Smooth Operator was designed specifically for the Palmetto/Dolphin interchange project and will lay nearly 800 segments of overpasses – almost two miles worth. Smaller bridges for on and off ramps will be built in the more time-consuming conventional fashion that involves building wooden forms on the site, filling them with cement and waiting for it to dry. When the interchange – that the FDOT calls the most ambitious road construction in South Florida history – is completed, most will enjoy a seamless, state of the art transition to and from the Palmetto and Dolphin expressways from all directions. The $560 million job is expected to be finished in about three years. It probably would not have begun yet, but for an infusion of some $87 million in federal stimulus funds.


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April 6, 2012


Coral Gables Moves One Step Closer To Changing Truck Ban Reporting Natalia Zea CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – Changes could soon be made to the controversial ban on pick-up trucks in the City of Coral Gables. Monday night, supporters and opponents of the ban showed up in force to the City’s planning and zoning meeting to discuss modifying the ordinance. The Board voted unanimously to instruct the City Attorney to write a new truck ordinance. If approved by the Zoning Board next month, and by the City Commission after that the ordinance would allow residents to have one truck per household. But the following conditions would apply: each pick-up truck would have to have a hard top on the truck bed, the truck must be parked in a home’s driveway, as close to the home as possible, and with the truck’s bed facing the home, not the street. Truck owners who park on the swales would recieve tickets.

The modified ordinance would also specify that the rule against parking pickup trucks in commercial parts of the City would take effect only when the parking meters run out. That is a change from the original 7PM to 7AM ban.

trucks in residential neighborhoods, except licensed contractors who can only be there at certain hours. Trucks parked in public areas of the City, except at parking meters and in garages, must be out of sight from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Supporters of the ban say outlawing pickup trucks in the Gables keeps their property values high, but opponents say the law is outdated and some even believe it is elitist.

“They are just picking on a specific vehicle,” said Swindal.

Ken Swindal loves his pickup truck. “I got over my little sportscar life about 20 years ago,” he told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

“What it’s about is preserving the beauty of the City and restricting commercial vehicles, and vehicles that are designed as commercial vehicles,” he told Zea.

His love for his truck may be due in part to the fact that he likes to buck the system. “When you’re a good ‘ol boy there’s nothing prettier than a purty (sic) pickup truck.” Legally, he is not allowed to park his truck in front of the Coral Gables home he’s owned since the 80s. The City has a ban on outdoor parking of all pickup

Coral Gables City Attorney Craig Leen says the ban has an important purpose.

A pick-up truck owner fought the City in court for seven years to overturn the truck ban. He lost and the City put the rules back in place in May, but it continues to extend a grace period allowing truck owners more time to either find a way to cram their trucks into tiny Gables garages, or to get rid of their pickups. Swindal has done neither. “I will always have a pickup truck if I

can,” said Swindal. If the ordinance stands as it’s written now and once the grace period ends, truck owners in the Gables who break the rules will be given one warning, then they’ll have to pay a 100 dollar fine. After that it’s a 500 dollar fine potentially given every day. Swindal plans to attend a City Planning and Zoning Board meeting Monday night at City Hall to convince the Board to modify the ordinance or do away with it. He says times have changed since it was originally passed in the 60s. “The concept is definitely outdated and it needs to be thought out again.” Coral Gables homeowner Ed Bec wants to buy a pickup, but has an SUV because of the ban. But He believes he and his neighbors benefit from the city’s rigid rules. “We want everything to look pretty here, I understand that. And the reason I moved here is because it’s so pretty.”

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CBS4 Newspaper

April 6, 2012


WalkSafe And BikeSafe Programs Help Grow Active Kids activity that are often missing from our daily routines. Despite the numerous benefits, the number of children walking and bicycling to school has declined significantly in the past few years. Safety concerns, infrastructure issues surrounding schools, and increased distance between home and school locations have all contributed to this trend.

In the face of skyrocketing obesity and declining physical activity rates it’s often easy to overlook simple solutions to tackle complex health issues. Getting on the right track to healthy living can be as simple as stepping out the front door for a bicycle ride or walk. Walking and bicycling provide easy opportunities for exercise, leisure, and avoids sitting in traffic throughout the city. For adults and children alike, bicycling and walking are sources of physical

By collaborating with multiple agenciesprimarily the Florida Department of Transportation-and the community atlarge using the “5 E model (Education, Engineering, Evaluation, Encouragement, and Enforcement), the University of Miami’s WalkSafe™ and BikeSafe™ programs are changing policies, creating initiatives, and developing systems that will make it easier for children of all ages and abilities to walk and bike safely in their communities. The programs provide children and parents with the training, education and resources they need to travel to school via safe, active transportation. Under the direction of Dr. Gillian Hotz,

Director of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at the Miller School of Medicine, the programs have undergone multiple phases of development and expansion over the past ten years. Since 2003, the WalkSafe™ in-school educational program has been mandated by the Miami-Dade County (MDC) School Board to be taught in every public elementary school in in the county and currently reaches more than 150,000 children each year. The three-day annual program has had a significant impact on pedestrian safety in Florida, particularly in MDC where it originated. Since 2002, there has been a 53% reduction in the overall number of children hit-by-cars in MDC, and a 70% reduction in the number of children hit-by-cars being seen at the county’s Level-I trauma centers. With such success, WalkSafe has expanded to 12 other counties in Florida. Additionally, BikeSafe has created a diverse range of initiatives that have achieved preliminary success in

improving bicycle safety. This spring, BikeSafe will implement a bicycle safety program within MDC middle schools that will assist in resolving obstacles that children face when riding their bicycles to school and around their neighborhood. The BikeSafe™ curriculum focuses on improving students’ bicycling skills, educating them about the safest ways in which to bicycle, and promoting the utility of bicycling. Adapted from the format which is used in MDC Parks and Recreation’s Spring and Summer camps, the BikeSafe™ in-school curriculum is designed to accommodate the specific needs of MDC schools. For more information about these programs you can contact the WalkSafe™/BikeSafe™ Office at 305243-8115 or by email at You can also visit us online:, This material supplied by the University of Miami

For information call: 305-477-1699

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April 6, 2012


Can Food Dyes Cause Or Affect ADHD? Reporting Cynthia Demos MIAMI (CBS4) – Color dye is now being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration to see if certain colors added to enhance the look of the foods your kids love to eat will affect their behavior in the end. Ivana Feldmeier’s eight year old son Frederich has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He was diagnosed in 2010 after Feldmeier noticed he was having problems in school. “I had concern cause he wasn’t improving in his learning.” She brought him to psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober and learned the foods her son was eating could be making his condition worse. “We know that certain chemicals that are

synthetic, whether they’re dyes or whether they’re things in the environment, can sometimes cause behavioral symptoms. And a lot of the research shows recently that these food dyes may be exacerbating or producing ADHD symptoms,” said Dr. Bober. The dyes of concern are Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. You can find it in some macaroni and cheese products, Doritos, Goldfish crackers, M&Ms, Kool-Aid, fruit punch, bubble gums and the list goes on. Researchers say the yellow dyes deplete zinc levels enough in some kids to cause hyperactivity. The Red 40 may lead to temper tantrums, aggressive behavior, fidgeting, anxiety, and inability to concentrate. Nausea and headaches are also common. In Europe, foods with synthetic dyes carry a warning label. That tactic is not used in the U.S., but is currently being researched.

The FDA took a hard look at this last spring. They did say food dye could affect kids like Fredereich who already have ADHD, but they decided not to put warning labels on food because the topic still needs more research. “I am telling them my patients that they should be aware that this data is out there

and that food dyes may be exacerbating ADHD symptoms. Before they put their kids on drugs that they may want to consider a restriction diet and eliminate these food dyes to see if the symptoms could be treated that way before using medication,” said Bober.

For information call: 305-477-1699

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April 6, 2012


Luxury Dental Spas Attracting Scared Patients champagne, a spa robe and slippers for free. Paraffin wax to make your hands and feet soft and music plus cucumbers for the eyes, opinions may change. Fort Lauderdale dentist, Dr. April Patty came up with the spa like solution. All the extras are designed to retain business for Dr. Patty because competition is tough. Dentists across the country have been business decline since the economy dipped two years ago. With cuts in jobs and dental coverage, dentists have been trying to find ways to boost business.

Reporting Cynthia Demos FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Most of us dread the dentist. Vanessa Santiago was no exception. “As a child I do remember crying and screaming,” said Santiago. “It was not something I enjoyed.” But





“We want to pamper our clients,” said Dr. Patty. “We want to make them feel like they are not at a regular dentist’s office.” Dr. Patty pays of all the extra touches out of her own pocket. “It’s such a small expense,” she said. “But it means so much to the client. It makes a difference to how they perceive coming to

the dentist office.” To create the spa ambiance, there are several small waterfalls and aromatherapy is pumped through the air vents in the office. All the extra touches seem to be working. To round out the entire spa experience

you can also pay for some of the extras like eyelash extensions or fillers or even Botox. At the end of her visit Vanessa Santiago said, “My hands are softer, my feet are softer and everything smells better. I love the dentist!”

For information call: 305-477-1699

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April 6, 2012


Old Tech Gadgets Still Worth Plenty and find places offering to give you new cash for your old tech? It turns out it’s not hard at all, but you still have to be careful. CBS Miami’s Dave Game is a long-time techie. He found several online websites offering to buy older computers, smart phones and just about anything electronic.

Reporting Al Sunshine MIAMI ( – Keeping up with the constantly advancing technology can be too much for your wallet and can leave you with too many out of date devices. But, if you know where to look, there’s money to be had for those devices. So how hard is it to check out the internet

“You can find them pretty easily; they’re all over the Internet. In fact, some Big Box Electronics Stores like Radio Shack, will go ahead and if you buy something from them, they will take your electronics in trade. The question is, is it a good value,” Dave warned. To get to the bottom of that answer, try to get several bids on what they’re offering and see what company offers the best price with the fewest restrictions. Try to send back the all the devices’ accessories in the original box and make

sure to erase all your private data before selling it. It’s also a good idea to insure your shipment and even pay extra to make sure it gets delivered and you can prove it. Here’s another option to consider: Older electronics make great pass-me downs for new users who may not need the latest, greatest technology. They also may be good charitable

contributions to help lower your tax bill next year. For more information on getting “New Cash” for “Old Tech” just do an online search for “Selling Old Electronics” on you favorite on-line search engine. You can also check out the latest selling prices on popular online auction services like EBay.

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April 6, 2012


Poll: Kids Don’t Want Parents Watching Extracurricular Sports “I like to hit home runs,” he proudly told CBS4’s Natalia Zea. While Elijah and many other kids want their parents to cheer them on, a new national survey found many kids between 8 and 14 wish adults would stay away while they play.

Reporting Natalia Zea

More than one-third of the 300 young people polled said they wished adults were not watching their games and practices. They say the adults yell too much, are distracting, make them and teammates nervous, put pressure to play better and win, and just plain old make the kids feel bad.

MIAMI (CBS4) – To watch or not to watch; that’s the question that’s been posed to sports playing children about their parents, and the answer may surprise you.

We’ve all seen video of parents and coaches brawling during youth sports games, and in some cases parents even attacking young players.

Nearly half of American kids play extracurricular sports. 7 year-old Elijah Perfetto is one of them.

Elijah’s dad George Perfetto says he moved his son from his little league team in Hialeah to Doral because of unruly parents.

“I’ve seen the cops get called, I’ve seen parents get ejected out of the game, they’ve got to watch the game from outside the fence,” said Perfetto. “The problem is widespread,” family therapist Dr. Coral Arvon told Zea. In fact, she said many parents bring their kids to her to help them perform better in sports, without realizing they themselves are the problem. “It’s not really performance anxiety- it’s anxiety that the parents are creating,” Dr. Arvon said. That kind of pressure often doesn’t go away when the child turns 18. Just this week, 19-year-old professional tennis player Bernard Tomic had his father removed from his match at the Sony Ericsson. “He’s annoying – I know he’s my father – but he’s annoying me,” he told match

officials. So what can you do as a parent to be involved in your child’s sports activities without making it a miserable experience for them? “If they go to the games and the matches they need to sit back and observe some of the good qualities their kids are having, the good skills and emphasize those instead of being critical,” advises Dr. Arvon. Perfetto says the key is to lighten up. “There’s parents out there that they think they’re basically raising a Miami Marlin. I cheer for both teams, it doesn’t matter,” Perfetto said. His method is working. Elijah still loves baseball and having his dad with him. Zea asked, “What does (your dad) tell you before games?” A smiling Elijah responded, “To do good and to just have fun.”

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April 6, 2012


Five Years On, Gorenberg Murder Unsolved For Randi’s mom, Idey Elias, she’s tired of living with the pain. “Nobody knows what it feels like to bury a child and know that you’ll never see that child again,” Elias said Friday. “Do you know how hard that is?”

vein. He’s an evil person and he’s got to be caught.”

Last year, there was hope as investigators labeled Michael Barrera as a person of interest. A confidential informant told detectives that he overheard gang members in jail talking about Gorenberg’s murder.

“My dear darling Randi…we start a new month,” Ivey said. “It’s a month of ups and downs. Your birthday, the day you were murdered, the day of your funeral.”

But Barrera has not been found and Elias said the hardest part is not knowing who took her child’s life. “The frustration is so deep that I cry because they can’t find anybody,” Elias said. “I cry because Randi’s not here. I cry because Randi won’t be here.” Reporting Carey Codd DELRAY BEACH, Fla. ( – Five years ago Friday, Randi Gorenberg left the Boca Town Center Mall, was abducted, shot and killed in a Delray Beach park. To this day, her killer remains at large.

Elias talked to CBS4 at the park where her daughters was murdered in the parking lot. She doesn’t want to have a conversation about her daughter’s death, but she knows it’s the only way to keep public attention on the case. “I have to keep Randi’s case alive,” Elias said. “I have to keep it out there because I don’t want her to have died in

Idey said she still believes someone out there knows who killed her daughter and is hopeful that person will finally see the light and come forward.

If you have any information that can help solve the murder case of Randi Gorenberg, call Crimestoppers at 1-800458-TIPS.

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Love Lobsters? Keys Season Best In Decades close to the 6 million pounds were harvested in the previous season. In comparison, just 4 million pounds were harvested in 2009-2010.

KEY WEST ( – If you’re a Florida Lobster lover, there’s some good news that is not an April Fools joke. Officials say this year’s spiny lobster season is one of the best on record in a decade. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, commercial lobster fishermen have harvested 5.5 million pounds of spiny lobster to date this season,

The increased harvest comes at a particularly good time for Florida fishermen. Prices for the lobster are up because demand it up, not just in the US where they are considered a seafood staple that costs far less than Maine lobster, but also in China and other Asian countries, where the Florida lobster is gaining new fans. Fishermen have been spared from any tropical storms or hurricanes, spelling more good luck. The commercial numbers are independent of the lobster mini-seasons, where private fishermen are allowed to dive to catch their own lobsters.

April 6, 2012


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April 6, 2012


Best Upcoming Art And Cultural Festivals In Miami explores music from Europe, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, the Caribbean and New York. Come see artists who merge the sounds of traditional rhythms and electronica and DJ culture at this year’s festival.

Miami is comprised of a diverse mix of cultures, and because of its cultural diversity, this city has all different types of art available to the public. These upcoming art festivals capture this city’s love for traditional and non-traditional art, music, community pride and film. In addition, each venue has its own unique style and reflects different elements of this multicultural, sunsoaked city. Heineken TransAtlantic Festival North Beach Bandshell 7250 Collins Ave. Miami, FL 33141 (305) 673-7730 Dates: April 13 to April 14, 2012 Price: $35 pass allows you to see every show. North Beach Bandshell is an outdoor amphitheater located in North Shore Park. It hosts cultural events, including the Florida Dance Festival, in addition to family events. The Heineken TransAtlantic Festival festival

Miami Beach 4th Annual Gay Pride Festival Ocean Drive and Lummus Park Miami Beach Date: April 15, 2012 Price: Free Ocean Drive is lined with Art Deco buildings, hotels, restaurants and cafes and is across the street from the beach. Parallel to Ocean Drive, Lummus Park was created in 1909 and it features some of the oldest structures in Miami. It is home to Miami’s Scottish Rite Temple, along with the Fort Dallas building and the William Wagner House. Walk, run, bike, or play with the kids on the play structure. An opening reception starts things off for Miami’s 4th Annual Gay Pride Festival, followed by a Lambda showcase and an after party. There will be floats, live music performances and vendor booths. Miami Museum Month See a list of participating museums Dates: May 1 to May 31, 2012 May is the month to visit many of Miami’s museums. Locals pay for one visit to a museum and may then visit all participating museums. Included on this year’s list are the

Ancient Spanish Monastery, which was built from stones that were once part of the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux in Spain, in 1133; the Black Police Precinct & Court House Museum, which pays homage to Florida’s first African American police officers and court officials from the 1950s; and the Jewish Museum of Florida, which exhibits artifacts that speak to the Jewish experience in Florida dating back to the 1760s, among others. Non-locals can visit two museums for the price of one. American Black Film Festival Colony Theatre 1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-1040 Dates: June 20 to June 23, 2012 Price: $60 – $1,300 Hours: Film screenings take place between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This historic South Beach landmark opened in 1935. Today, the Colony Theatre been restored to its original art-deco style after a $6.5 million, three-year renovation. The theater seats 430 and every seat provides a perfect view of the stage. Founded to promote independent black films, the American Black Film Festival gives filmmakers opportunities to collaborate, become more educated and to showcase their work to network executives as well as the general public. The 20th Annual International Mango

Festival Fairchild Tropic Botanic Garden 10901 Old Cutler Road Coral Gables, FL 33156 (305) 667-1651 Dates: July 14 to July 15, 2012 Price: Free for Fairchild members and children 5 and under. Non-members: $25 for adults, $18 for seniors 65 and up and $12 for children 6-17. Visit their web page to learn about the eco-discount and their military discount. Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Spend a day walking along exquisite garden paths filled with tropical birds and butterflies at the Fairchild Tropic Botanic Garden. Stroll through a rainforest that includes waterfalls and orchids and view more than 8 acres of flowering trees. Talk to a horticulturist about the best ways to grow fruits and vegetables at home, or learn about conservation science. The world’s largest display of mangoes is available in all its succulent varieties at the 20th Annual International Mango Festival this year. Shop by picking mangoes from trees, sip mango smoothies and listen to lectures on the virtues of this much-loved tropical fruit. Donna Carter has a passion for life that compels her to write about life. She was raised in Miami and graduated from Florida International University. Her work can be found at

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April 6, 2012


Best Easter Events For The Family in Miami Sunrise Harbor Park and the War Memorial Youth Center. Hunters who find the golden, silver and bronze eggs will win fabulous undisclosed prizes all leading up to an Easter carnival at the Youth Center field. Eggstravaganza at Goodlet Park 4200 SW 8th Ave. Hialeah, FL 33012 (305) 889-5701 The age-old Easter fantasy of the whole family in its Sunday best smiling around the table never quite seems to work out, but this is Miami and that’s OK. Let the kids get messy and take fabulous photos that’ll last a lifetime at any of these fun, family friendly Easter events. Spring Eggstravaganza at North Shore Park 501 72nd St. Miami Beach, FL 33141 (305) 861-3616 Date: Sat, April 7 Hours: Sat – 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m Price: free/pay only for rides and concessions Head on over to the beach Saturday, April 7 to enjoy an event that’s part carnival, part Easter celebration. The North Shore Park will host a Spring Eggstravaganza featuring carnival rides, concessions and crafts. Have the kids pose with the Easter Bunny, but be sure not to be late. The Easter Egg hunt for children 10 years and younger starts promptly at 11 a.m. Coral Gables Eggstreme Hunt & Carnival at War Memorial Youth Center 405 University Dr. Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 460-5601 Date: Sat, April 7 Hours: Sat – 10 a.m. Price: free The City of Coral Gables wins the award for going big or going home, hosting five simultaneous Easter egg hunts at: Jaycee Park, Phillips Park, Salvadore Park,

Date: Sat, April 7 Hours: Sat – 10 a.m. Price: free The City of Hialeah is throwing a party for the whole family featuring rides, bounce houses, face painting and pictures with the Easter bunny. Come out Saturday, April 7 to treat your kids to a free day chock full of fun and excitement for the whole family. Easter Brunch at the Biltmore 1200 Anastasia Ave. Miami, FL 33134 (305) 445-1926 Date: Sun, April 8 Hours: Sun – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; last seating at 2 p.m. Price: $85 adults, $42.50 children After you’ve exhausted yourself from all of the Easter festivities on Saturday the last thing that you want to do on Sunday is cook. That’s why the Biltmore hotel hosts an amazing Easter Sunday brunch complete with nine all-you-can eat buffet stations. It provides a bit of class for the adults, serving champagne and mimosas, and great food for the kids as well. Indoor and outdoor seating is available but reserve seats far in advance as it tends to fill up around mid-March. Spring Fling at Miami Children’s Museum 980 Macarthur Causeway Miami, FL 33132 (305) 373-5437 Date: Sun, April 8 Hours: Sun – 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Price: free with admission to museum/$15 non-Florida residents/$12 Florida residents/free members and children

younger than 1 year old Now that you’ve had your brunch, your family is ready for some more Easter fun. The Miami Children’s Museum is holding a Spring Fling complete with arts and crafts, an Easter egg hunt and bunny hop races on Easter Sunday. It’s just enough fun to exhaust the kiddies for bedtime. Niema Hulin was born in Newark, NJ but

raised in Lexington, South Carolina for the bulk of her formative years. In 2002, she moved to Miami after graduating from the University of Florida. Since then, Niema has worked in film, television and commercials as a Production Assistant and Production Coordinator. Some of her films have included Bad Boys II and I Am Number IV. Her work can be found at

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April 6, 2012


Miami Rum Renaissance Festival Preview Miami Rum Renaissance Festival Deauville Beach Resort 6701 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33141 (305) 443-7973

access passes to the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival 2012, as well as the opportunity to guest judge on the rum tasting experts’ own rum tasting competition. Enthusiasts feeling well-versed in the spirits and up for the challenge must pre-register on the website.

inspiration behind such classic cocktails like the daiquiri and the mojito.

Dates: April 16 – April 22, 2012 Price: The Grand Tasting Events are $40 per day in advance or $50 per day at the door. VIP passes are $250 per person Hours: Mon to Sun – 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The Liar’s Club West pop-up bar Dates: April 17 – April 21 2012 Time: 11 p.m. Price: Free admission

Mod Miami will be three nights of late night partying for festival attendees. Hosted by Mike “The Jetsetter” Jones, Mod Miami will be a celebration of the tiki bars and tiki style as well as the styles of the period of MidCentury Modern/Space Age/and Atomic designs. The parties will be full of unexpected surprises as well as cocktails, music, fashion, art, design, and more. The Mod Miami events promise to be a 21st Century take on a blast from the past.

The annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival will be held this year in Miami Beach at the Deauville Beach Resort. The whopping weeklong affair is a culmination of tastings, competitions, seminars and parties celebrating the fine creations of the rum industry. Everyone from rum experts to industry professionals to social rum drinkers can enjoy the treats of the festival: entertainment, prizes, information, and of course, plenty of imbibing of rum. The events don’t have to overwhelm – visitors have lots of leeway to plan full days of fun each day. Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated events to get that itinerary started. The Great Rum Challenge Date: April 17, 2012 Time: 7 p.m. Price: $30 The Great Rum Challenge takes festival-goers to the Deauville’s Le Jardin room for a rum tasting competition. Competitors are blindfolded and proceed to sample several rums with the objective of correctly identifying them. The winner of all of the rounds wins eight fine rums and two all-

Lyndon Higginson is bringing his beautiful and inviting, “island hideaway” tiki bar from Manchester, England to Miami for this year’s festival. The late-night pop up bar will feature Lyndon himself as well as other members from The Liar’s Club across the pond. The Deauville Hotel’s Jazz Club will be transformed into a tiki bar atmosphere complete with island music, great times and rum cocktails, of course. The pop-up bar is a great way to unwind after a day of seminars and competitions and the fun continues until 2:30 in the morning. Bacardi VIP Party Date: April 19, 2012 Time: 9 p.m. Price: VIP passes are $250 per person. The family-owned, household name rum producers, Bacardi, will be hosting an exclusive VIP bash during this year’s Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. VIPs will be treated to Bacardi cocktails in a huge fete celebrating the history, present and future of Bacardi rum spirits. The nearly 150 year old company has been producing fine rums throughout a large chunk of modern history. Bacardi rums are even said to have been the

Mod Miami Dates: April 20 – April 22, 2012 Time: 9 p.m.

Grand Tasting Dates: April 21 – April 22, 2012 Time: 1 p.m. Price: Included in VIP pass. Visitors to the festival have the opportunity to

sample over 200 amazing rums at the Grand Tasting events over the weekend. Rums from various destinations are on offer for tasting from the best rum brands in the world including Bacardi, Mount Gay, Appleton and Cruzan. Respected industry experts will be on hand to give seminars and several cocktail competitions will be running simultaneously with the Grand Tasting events. Food will be sold throughout the event to soak up those rum samples and everything from books to clothing to gourmet products will be for sale at the Island Lifestyle exhibits from names like Books & Books, Island Fusion Gourmet and Coconut King. Chanoa Chen is a well-published blogger and online journalist on topics ranging from luxury lifestyle living to fashion shows and trends. A self-proclaimed Miami Beach fashion expert, she is also working on launching her first jewelry line, Boki Love. Her work can be found at

CBS4 Newspaper April 6, 2012 Edition

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April 6, 2012

Horoscopes provided by

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)

Taurus (Apr. 21-May 21)

Virgo (Aug. 24-Sept. 22)

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 20)

Be confident in your endeavors and others will believe in your efforts. Relatives will be cordial. Too much talk might lead to hassles. Concentrate on work. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

Travel and communications will not run as smoothly as you had hoped. It’s time to let loose. Talk to an older, established individual about your present situation. Don’t blame every thing on your mate. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

Include the whole family or those you love. You’ll find travel or involvement in large groups gratifying. Do not invest in ventures that only appear to be lucrative. Take a close look at any contracts you’ve signed in order to be sure exactly where you stand. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

Get together with those you find men tally stimulating. Underhandedness will affect your reputation. You might find it difficult to control your emotions. Try to avoid any drastic/ decisions concerning personal legal matters. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 23)

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18)

Residential moves will also be advantageous for all concerned. You can help them more than they can help you. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish. You will meet new and exciting people if you attend social activities or sporting events. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

New interests are preoccupying your time. Stick to your work and avoid emotional confrontations. Social events should be the highlight of your day. Organize all the responsibilities that have to be attended to and make sure everyone knows what to do. You can utilize your versa tile mind and dazzle others with your speed and accuracy. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

You need to spend less time daydreaming and more time accomplishing. Your communication skills may win you points. Property investments, insurance, taxes, or inheritance should bring you financial gains. Look into making changes to your personal papers and don’t neglect those bills that have been piling up. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

Your personal life is going through a state of confusion. Get involved in creative projects that could turn into moneymaking ventures. Travel and communication will be lucrative for you. You are able to make changes in your home that will be favorable to all involved. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

Sagitarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

You will need to work diligently in order to accomplish even the smallest amount. Changes at home might come fast and furious. This may not be your day if you are overly melodramatic and unnerving everyone around you. You can convince others to follow suit. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

Finish overdue paperwork and catch up on letter writing and reading. Catch up on overdue paperwork. Put your time and energy into travel, philosophy, and soul-searching. Your flair for dramatic appeal will unleash itself at social functions. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

You need a day to rest and relax with the ones you love. Pursue outdoor activities or any physical exertion. Try not to skirt issues if you think you’ll hurt some one’s feelings. Don’t let your personal partner hold you back. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.


7 1 9 5 3 2 4 8 6

L O C A L .

6 5 8 9 4 7 2 1 3

5 7 2 4 9 8 3 6 1

3 4 6 7 5 1 9 2 8

8 9 1 6 2 3 7 5 4



INSTRUCTIONS: Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

7 1 4 2 8 6 5

Loans will be attainable and legal matters easily taken care of. Enjoy taking courses or lecturing others. Don’t press your luck with your loved ones. Be aware that joint financial ventures could fall apart. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

9 3 8 7

6 1 7 2 9

9 4 3 1

9 3


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R E A L .

2 3 4 8 1 6 5 7 9

Gemini (May 22-June 21)

N E W S .

Sudoku provided by

4 2 5 1 8 9 6 3 7

March 16th Solution

9 8 7 3 6 5 1 4 2

1 6 3 2 7 4 8 9 5

Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

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