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the fast track to total integration

a new route to traffic and transportation solutions

A Tyco International Company


all-round integration capability

The management of traffic flow and congestion is a vital feature of modern society. Consequently complex transport infrastructures demand an array of systems be integrated. This is the challenge facing ADT Fire & Security.

With all-round integration capability in providing traffic systems and solutions, ADT is a leading partner in designing, building and maintaining integrated traffic projects. From adding single functions to established infrastructures, to masterminding the design and installation of complex networks, ADT seeks the optimal solution to any challenge.

ADT Fire & Security-meeting every challenge with optimal solutions ADT offers general and project management expertise to specialist and technical design skills to create genuinely future-proof traffic solutions.  Solution-oriented design capability  Over a 40 year track-record understanding customer requirements and tailoring systems to match  Comprehensive range of solutions  Proprietary independence  Leading-edge technologies applied  Full project management capability  First class, 24/7 customer service operation

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major new product development to ADT’s traffic package

ADT invests in research and development to provide solutions that utilise the best available technology to match a customer’s needs.

This on-going development policy has led to the production of a wholly new software integration platform. Called Camera Control Manager, it is a flexible, scaleable and future-proof state-of-the-art open-architecture control platform at the heart of our new ADT traffic package. The Camera Control Manager not only links different devices and security CCTV systems but, as it is backwardly compatible, it can still connect to

existing systems as well as adding a whole new dimension to integrated solutions. So both new and existing customers can benefit equally from this stunning new development. The step-change in capability this new platform provides means ADT now has a totally new ‘route map’

from comprehensive solutions…

Our range of solutions match every facet of a complex transportation package:  Monitoring Successful monitoring demands clear imagery, responsive controls and incident detection. ADT’s sophisticated GUI capability ensures easy and speedy routing to single, multiple monitors, or on to videowall displays. Incident detection, recording and subsequent actions can all be fully automated.

 Control A very wide range of systems can be delivered. From a basic CCTV-based management and control system, to an advanced ‘meta-matrix’ that is capable of interfacing with any functional or business system.

 Transmission ADT will provide the optimum transmission solutions for your project, taking into account the topography, the quality of images required and the cost of ownership, to ensure a perfect value-engineered solution- is delivered – whatever the project’s distance or complexity.

 Integrated solutions Where separate functional systems require inter-connectivity, ADT provides intelligent integrated solutions. Not just an assembly of components, but giving true operational benefits and cost savings.

…to comprehensive systems: ADT is often called upon to handle large-scale contracts and has successfully completed some of the largest systems in operation today:  CCTV market leader for Dutch motorways  LPR solutions specifically designed for non reflective number plates

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…plus a wide breadth of specialist capability

ADT can deliver across the broad spectrum of specialist functions in widely different operating environments. A key feature of these solutions is project management engineering and commissioning capability. ADT’s proven project management skills, with tightly controlled street works, excellent traffic management and high quality re-instatement, have led to a number of customer accolades for delivery performance.

ADT has extensive experience of working in historic city centres, amongst listed buildings as well as modern architectural surroundings. The design and installation of the equipment can be tailored to blend with the surroundings, minimising impact and street clutter. Programmes are adapted to meet the customer and public requirements – so out-of-hours and night time workings are all catered for. This all adds up to complete peace of mind, from the initial design stage right through to final commissioning. And once complete, the cost of ownership can be budgeted for under ADT’s specialist service and maintenance packages, even including technology updates, to keep pace with new developments. A quality system will only continue to provide value and performance if properly maintained.

ADT’s solutions include:  Hard shoulder enforcement systems  Urban traffic management and control  City centre/public area observation  ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reading)  Bridge surveillance and incident detection  Tunnel safety systems to EU/EFTA directive standards  Airports  Shipping ports and passenger terminals  Border control  Railway stations

in-depth, superior customers service and maintenance

Whether you require consultancy, design, supply, commissioning, or complete turnkey solutions ADT can comprehensively handle every stage of an integration project.

     

Consultation and concept development System audit Project management RF surveys System design System commissioning and maintenance

ADT’s vision and customer promise is to be its customers’ first choice in delivering vital traffic solutions, by exceeding commitments through superior service, world class talent and the application of technological innovation.

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quality and environmental commitment

ADT is committed to providing quality and to environmental, health and safety laws. ADT firmly believes in and practices good corporate environmental citizenship wherever it operates.

Full customer back-up service another comprehensive feature of the service:

 24/7 call centre  Computer controlled service management systems  Nationwide network of qualified engineers  Repair capability  Spares ADT Fire & Security offers a truly versatile and comprehensive service for every customer seeking the most advanced and effective traffic systems. Put simply, ADT offers the fast track to a new route map for traffic systems. So talk to ADT today:


ADT Fire & Security Competence Centre Security Vlierbaan 6-12 2908 LR Capelle aan den IJssel P.O. box 285 The Netherlands Tel: + 31 (0)10 258 48 48 Fax: + 31 (0)10 442 32 50

ADT Fire & Security Competence Centre Integrated Solutions Laan van Diepenvoorde 9-14 5582 LA Waalre P.O. box 816 5600 AV Eindhoven The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)40 223 23 23 Fax: + 31 (0)40 223 24 24

ADT Fire & Security Competence Centre Fire Detection & gaseous fire suppression Vlierbaan 6-12 2908 LR Capelle aan den IJssel P.O. box 285 The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)348 494 294 Fax: +31 (0)348 431 318

ADT Fire & Security Fire Products Gewenten 12 4704 RD Roosendaal The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)165 530 003 Fax: +31 (0)165 395 223

ADT Fire & Security Competence Centre Water & foam suppression systems Humaniteitslaan 241 A 1620 Drogenbos Belgium Tel: +32 (0)2 467 72 11 Fax: +32 (0)2 466 05 34

E-mail: Website:


Fore more information of ADT Fire & Security, please contact:

0800 225 52 38 for the Netherlands 0800 14 033 for Belgium

ADT Fire & Security the Netherlands is a trade name of Tyco Fire & Security Nederland BV, located Vlierbaan 6-12, 2908 LR Capelle aan den IJssel ADT Fire & Security Belgium, is a trade name of N.V. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions S.A. located Humaniteitslaan 241 A 1620 Drogenbos ADT Fire & Security reserves the right to change or withdraw products and services without notice ADT Fire & Security and the ADT Fire & Security logo are registered trademarks of ADT Services AG, used under license

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