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Penis Enlargement

A Saudi businessman has purchased the world’s most expensive adult toy: a solid 18-carat gold penis enlarger encrusted with 40 diamonds and worth nearly $50,000. It is to be delivered by armored car in October this year. The Canadian medical device manufacurer, X4 Labs, intends to now offer all customers custom designs for their male novelty devices. However, with such a large price tag, it states it is “uncertain as to whether this will become a trend.”

Wing Walking

8-year-old Tiger Brewer from London has become the world’s youngest wing-walker. Tiger, from Notting Hill, flew at 100mph at 1,000 feet over Rendcomb airfield in Gloucestershire on the wing of his grandfather Vic Norman’s biplane. Tiger said: “On take-off I was scared. From one to 10 it was probably a nine, but when I was in the air it was probably a fi ve. It felt amazing, like I was on top of the world. It was cold and windy but it can’t be beat. You don’t have a parachute, just a pair of goggles.” The world record was previously held by Guy Mason, son of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who first wing-walked in 2001 aged 11.


Lafayette, Louisiana: Two year old James Leininger’s parents have become convinced their son has had a former life as a WWII fighter pilot after his repeated nightmares. Andrea Leininger, said: “I was walking down the hall and I heard him saying, ‘Airplane crash, plane on fire, little man can’t get out’. It chilled me to my bone hearing this. I asked him what happened to his plane and he said, ‘It crashed on fire’. I asked how it crashed and he said the Japanese shot his plane. Flicking through a book, the two-year-old pointed at a picture of Iwo Jima in the Pacific and said that was where his plane was shot down. His father, Bruce, found that just one pilot died during the battle of Iwo Jima, James M Huston Jnr, 21. He was shot down on March 3, 1945. The Leiningers have since traced the relatives of the dead pilot who they say were impressed by James’s apparent memories of the war.

Checking Out� Police Vigilance

In Harris County, Texas, a felony suspect who tipped the scale at more than 500 pounds (36 stone) carried an unloaded 9mm pistol into city and county jails beneath flabs of his skin even though law enforcement officers had searched him three times. The situation only came to light when George Vera, 25, approached a county guard during a shower break and admitted having smuggled the weapon, authorities said.

Marriage Vows

Two Chinese women at the same factory were shocked to find they were married to the same man. Cui Bin, 42, of Zhengzhou, has been jailed for three months for bigamy after the story came out. He had first married Zhang Dandan and the couple had a daughter together, but he was desperate to have a son. As China forbids more than one child per family, he married Wang Na in secret in order to get one. The truth only came out when Wang grew suspicious after hearing her husband on the phone to another woman. “We recognised each others voices immediately on the phone and were quite outraged at Cui,” said Wang.

Church Sanctity

A couple in Lagos, Nigeria have been reprimanded after being caught having sex in their local church.. To courtroom laughter Tolu Akintepe and wife Bunmi told a judge they were trying to spice up their love life after 4 years of marriage. “I thought it would be thrilling if we did it in the church, having the big guy upstairs watching us” said Mr Akitepe. Judge Ifeanyinwa Okenwa has ordered them to pay £100 damages for desecrating the altar. The couple volunteered to clean the whole church for one week.


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