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B o b

B.o.B. is a high school dropout with a small frame and calm voice, but his presence cannot be denied. His pompous verbal bite and flashy oversized aviators engages his fans. He produces tracks that blend both a Hip-Hop and alternative sound. Sounds like the story of Yeezy, eh? Not quite. Bobby Ray, commonly referred to as B.o.B., understands the music industry can quickly diminish the existence of an upcoming artist. He established a brand for his fans to recognize, because his music tiptoes between genres. “I feel like the most important quality for an artist to have is consistency with what they are trying to do,” B.o.B., a 20-year-old from Decatur, Ga., says, “And not to be all over the place. Currently, B.o.B. is moving through his trial and error phase. He has a wide variety of audience members and he has to know what works for each group. “You have to pick and choose what the people will be able to grasp and relate to,” B.o.B. says. “Its something that I’m still learning and getting used to.” He says he gathered a large range of fans when

he first set out on his music venture. “Really I just jumped into it in terms of just traveling,” B.o.B. says, “And I feel like that’s why my fan base spread out in remote places from Oregon to South Carolina.” When B.o.B. decided to dropout of school, he says he had an idea of where he wanted to be, but he did not see school in his plans for the future. “Something was revealed to me,” B.o.B. says. “And the route I was trying to go meant I couldn’t be in school and do what I wanted to do at the same time.” While he isn’t is formal school, B.o.B. says he is learning everyday about the music and what it takes to be a successful artist. He says he does not believe he has reached his creative peak. He says he builds up creativity through experience. Still with all his experiences, he still has yet to fully distinguish who he is. But that’s a good thing to him. “I can’t define myself just as I am,” he says, when explaining the title of his album, Who the Fuc* is B.o.B. “I’m constantly evolving so I feel that phrase will never get old.”

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