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Date 12/04/2011

Creative Brief for Cobra 1. WHY ARE WE ADVERTISING? 1.1. To get pub goers to drink Cobra: 1.1.1. We asked regular pub goers if they were familiar with Cobra Beer, they were. When we asked them if they drank Cobra in the pub their response was no and were almost surprised we asked them such a simple question.

5. EXECUTIONAL GUIDELINES 5.1. DOs 5.1.1. Show a fresh take on Indian culture and what it holds. 5.1.2. Create ‘Ruby Murray’ Nights in the pubs to engage men to drink cobra. 5.2. DON’Ts

1.1.2. It’s a fact that Cobra is synonymous with curries and curry houses but it is less known that Cobra can be enjoyed in the pub. In fact most pubs already hold curry nights to take advantage of. 2. WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? 2.1. We are talking to men who have an acute sense of hierarchy and want to be talked to, not talked at. They don’t see the harm in a joke and that can occasionally get them into trouble. They work a 9-5 job that involves manual labour. They enjoy a drink at the end of their shift and feel life is about enjoying the small pleasures. 3. WHAT ARE WE SAYING? 3.1. Cobra.The Indian Ambassador. 4. HOW ARE WE SAYING IT? 4.1. Our tone of voice will be one of confidence, tradition and pride. 4.2. Think how a relaxed Amir Khan would talk in a pub.

Yinka, Matthew, Adnan & Sulaiman

5.2.1. Do not exploit Indian stereotypes. 5.2.2. Do not alienate Indian culture. 6. MANDATORIES 6.1. Express concepts that can be delivered in different mediums (BTL&ATL). 6.2. Explain what is so special about Cobra Beer and the Background it comes from. 7. IDEAS / SUGGESTIONS 7.1. Take a look at Motherland magazine 7.2. Listen to Rani Taj -

The challenge:  


Create a  integrate  campaign  that   builds  on  Cravendale’s  successful  TV   advert  campaign  whilst  reaffirming   Cravendale  milk  as  a  healthy  option   within  a  healthy  lifestyle.      

With the  Olympics  coming  around   the  corner,  being  healthy  is  going  to   be  on  everyone’s  mind.  This  is  the   perfect  opportunity  for  Cravendale   to  really  grab  people’s  attention.     Stage  one  2011:  get  into  the  local   and  unconventional  routes  and  start   to  position  Cravendale  within  a   healthy  lifestyle     Stage  two  2012:   Conventional  methods  of  advertising   that  reaffirm  Cravendale  position.      

• •


Tone of  voice:  

Light humored,  positive  and   informative.    

Target Audience:  

Everyone buys  milk  but  particular   focus  should  be  placed  on  ABC1   Young  mums,  Students  and  Young   professional  between  the  ages  of  20-­‐ 40.     These  are  groups  of  people  who  are   image  conscious  and  are  more   partial  to  choosing  a  healthier   lifestyle  for  themselves  and  people   around  them.            

Cravendale’s USP  must  be   included  in  the  concept.   The  message  should  be   advertised  broad.   Avoid  the  TV  medium  (too   costly)  but  should  be  building  on   the  success  of  brand  personality   portrayed  in  the  TV  adverts.   Don’t  be  afraid  to  get  in  the   local  roots  and  spread   nationally.   Focus  on  attaching  cravendale   to  a  healthy  lifestyle  option.  

Budget: Aprox  4million.     Background:   Cravendale  are  Market  leaders  in   the  branded  milk  sector.  They  are   part  of  Arla  Company.     The  USP  is  that  it’s  milk  is  triple   filtered  which  means  there  is  less   bacteria  and  that  means  it  lasts   longer,  in  fact  up  to  11  days  if   unopened  in  the  fridge.                

Adnan's 2011 Portfolio  
Adnan's 2011 Portfolio  

Some of my work from my 2nd year of University.