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CLARCOR Inc. acquires GE in Slater by Kelsey Alumbaugh Staff Writer According to a news release, CLARCOR Inc., based in Franklin, Tenn., completed the acquisition of the air filtration business of General Electric Company’s Power and Water division for approximately $265 million, on Dec. 16, 2013. “With over 700 employees around the world and trailing 12 month annual revenues of approximately $230 million, the business is a leading supplier of air filtration systems and filters used in gas turbine applications, as well as industrial air filtration products and membranes. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., and with manufacturing operations in Missouri, the UK and China, the business will continue to supply gas turbine air inlet filtration systems and filters to GE, which has the world’s largest installed base of natural gas turbines, under a multi-year supply agreement,” the release stated. “We are very excited about this acquisition and the multiple opportunities it offers CLARCOR,” Christopher L. Conway, CLARCOR’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, said in the release. “Each element of this business – gas turbine filtration, industrial air filtration and membranes – is attractive and fits within our core strategies and competencies. This transaction creates exciting new vertical opportunities and relationships, affords us access to various new technologies, broadens our already extensive product portfolio and solidifies what we believe is our standing as the most diversified filtration company in the world.” Lori Ragsdale, director of marketing communications at CLARCOR, said Slater has been, and will continue to be, a key manufacturing facility for CLARCOR, and they “expect for there to be new opportunities as we continue to grow.” “Our employees are excited about the possibilities we expect to gain from working with a company that is focused on filtration,” she said. “This change elevates the importance of their work and has resulted in a lot of positive changes and excitement. … Overall the transition has been seamless and without disruption to our customers. Our

Contributed image

Chris Conway, chairman, CEO and president of CLARCOR Inc., welcomes the Slater team to the CLARCOR family during a visit in December 2013. focus continues to be putting our customers first and providing great service.” Ragsdale also said CLARCOR shares in the employees excitement about the new opportunities they gain through the synergies and growth potential that lie ahead. “The Air Filtration business has strengthened its operations and improved performance over the past two years to create a world-class filtration business,” Victor Abate, president and CEO, power

generation products at GE Power and Water, said. “In the Power Generation segment, we are focused on our core gas turbine technology, and we have made the strategic decision to simplify the business to better match our core strengths. We are pleased that the transaction with CLARCOR will allow air filtration the opportunity to grow and thrive in the filtration industry.” Contact Kelsey Alumbaugh at

Lifeguards raise money to improve Slater City Pool by Kelsey Alumbaugh Staff Writer On July 17, 2013, the Slater City Pool lifeguards held a fundraiser to buy a new slide. Kaylee Holt and Bailey Griffith were two of the lifeguards who helped with the fundraiser and presented the results to the city council. “They raised around $3,000,” Assistant City Administrator Gene Griffith said. “The slide was right at $2,700 so we bought a new shoot for the old one. That was $400. We’re looking to get some lounges or something. We hope they have another fundraiser.” Both Griffith and the mayor were very proud of the lifeguards for planning the event. “We’re really proud of the girls. It’s been a long time since any of the lifeguards took any initiative,” Griffith said. “… It was a very good sign, we thought, that they were actually doing something.” “These young lifeguards kind of put this thing on themselves,” Mayor Stephen Allegri said at a July council meeting. “They came up with it. They decided to do a fundraiser. It speaks well of our youth that they decided to do it.” Bailey Griffith said the fundraiser had a great turnout. “We had an amazing turnout,” she said. “We were very appreciative of all the businesses that donated to make the event a success, as well as all the families that came to the pool for a fun night. You can look forward to seeing

see Pool, page 3B

All of the above photos were contributed from Bailey Griffith from the lifeguard fundraiser held on Wednesday, July 17, at the Slater Swimming Pool. Griffith said they had a great turnout and thanked the businesses who contributed to the event.

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Gilliam School prepares Miami school starts to prepare eighth graders for EOC testing students for high school by Jesse Brown Staff Writer

Jesse Brown/Democrat-News

Gilliam School is located on the corner of North and Bartlett streets in the town of Gilliam, off of Hwy 240 in Saline County.

by Jesse Brown Staff Writer Gilliam School is taking steps to prepare its eighth graders for high school. The state is requiring a new mandate next year in which eighthgrade students will take a test to judge their level of preparedness for high school. Principal Cindy Beltz is working to get a step ahead. “Our eighth graders are going to have to take EOC, which is end-ofcourse testing. It’s a high school-level class, but they’re not really instructed in it,” Beltz said. “It’s high school-preparedness is what DESE is calling it. They take it as eighth graders to show where they’re at.” Eighth-grade students will take these tests and also MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) tests. Beltz said Gilliam will also be taking MAP tests electronically, so the school has made an emphasis in improving and upgrading its technology.

While the school has bought all-new textbooks for math and communication arts, the school has also bought new SMART Boards to bring their total up to four, one for every classroom. The classrooms are paired together as kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, fourth and fifth, and sixth, seventh and eighth. The sixth-, seventh- and eighthgrade class received the first SMART Board and after seeing the positive influence it had, Beltz said the school decided to install them in every classroom. “The kids love them. It’s education and it looks like a game,” Beltz said, with a laugh. While the school is small, Beltz appreciates the closeness of relationships the school facilitates. “It’s a very family-oriented atmosphere,” Beltz said. “Everybody takes care of everybody.”

Miami School District Principal and Superintendent Lori Price is providing the opportunity for students to prepare for the future. “One of the things that’s new with Miami School District is we have incorporated a class for our fifth through eighth graders after lunch that incorporates the STEM education, which is science, technology, engineering and math,” Price said. “It’s something that the kids are thoroughly enjoying and it’s challenging and it helps them think critically.” The class began in August, and Price said the school is doing what they can to prepare their students for the high-school level. Next year, the school is planning for fifth through eighth graders to each have a laptop as the school continues to push towards next-generation standards. “I just think it’s going to be beneficial for them in the long run whenever they go onto high school and society as a whole,” Price said. Miami has welcomed seven new staff members to their rank this year: Diane Sullivan, secretary and bookkeeper; Lucy Taylor, cook; Amy Young, third-grade teacher; Laura Riley, fourth-grade teacher; Brenda Heilman, english, language and arts teacher for the middle school; Edie Taylor, math teacher for the middle school; and Bobbie Jo Kraft, special education and physical education teacher. “I couldn’t have asked for a better school honestly,” Heilman said. “It took me awhile to get where I’m at and when I landed this job, it has been wonderful – the whole experience.” In agreeing with Heilman, new teacher Amy Young said she’s felt very welcomed and she doesn’t even mind the 45-minute drive from Pilot Grove, where she lives currently. Both Young and Riley said they appreciate how the school itself is like family. “This is the most comfortable place to work,” Riley said. “... I feel like if I need anything, somebody is always there to help. I can’t brag on it enough.” Contact Jesse Brown at

Contact Jesse Brown at

Jesse Brown/Democrat-News

Above: From left to right, Miami students Karley Land, Holly Barney, Tyler Driskell and Haylee Scheid learn about robotics for the school’s new STEM class after the lunch. Principal and Superintendent Lori Price said the class is to help fifth- through eighth-grade students prepare for the high-school level.

Jesse Brown/Democrat-News

One of the four SMART Boards Gilliam School uses to teach its students.

Pool continued from page 2B

the new slide in the 2014 pool season.” Gene Griffith said the slide will be installed before the next pool season. “We ran the water line already so all we have to do is set the new slide,” he said. “We figured the water line would be the biggest, or the hardest part, so we ran it after the pool closed.” Because the slide is over 6 feet tall, the city is required to put 3inch pads around it. “The new one is 6foot 7 inches to the top,” he explained. “It’s not monstrous. … It’s just a curl and being over six-foot we had to have the three-inch mats.” Griffith said they

hope for a grant for the mats. “We have put in a grant for the three-inch pads that go around the slides to make insurance happy,” Griffith said, explaining the grant was for pads made of scrap tire materials through the Department of Natural Resources. He also said they would find out in midFebruary if DNR is going to accept grants for things like park benches or lifeguard stands. Griffith said they would like to apply to get new lifeguard stands. The stands Griffith said they would like to apply for are made of PVC wood with ladders on both sides and he said they cost approximately $1,900 a piece.

“I looked at some metal ones too with the plastic covered seat,” he said. “They were a lot cheaper too. If we don’t get the grant we will probably go with the metal ones.” Griffith said the only other improvement project planned at the park is a new roof on a shelter house because the shingles are curling up. Contact Kelsey Alumbaugh at

Jesse Brown/Democrat-News

Above: Jeanna Taylor (center) teaches her first- and secondgrade students on Thursday, Jan. 30 at Miami school.

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Malta Bend welcomes 7 new members to staff by Kelsey Alumbaugh Staff Writer Malta Bend R-V School has brought on seven new staff members this year. Five of the schools 19 teachers are new, along with new nurse/secretary Whitney O’Brian and Superintendent John Angelhow. Ryan Armstrong,

struction to meet the needs of all students and that has been a big part of our moving forward and becoming a fully accredited school,” he said. The new staff members are not the only new additions at Malta Bend R-V. Secretary Debbie Kiser noted the school has undergone maintenance and re-

as we possibly can due to our limited resources

getting their homework done or turned in (so we

Susan Anderson now, which are used frequently as an educational tool during instruction. “We also partnered with State Fair Community College we are doing duel credit with them

tends classes at Missouri Valley College and several juniors take vocational technology classes. “This is the first year that State Fair Community College has made

Whitney O’Brian

John Angelhow physical education and athletic coach; Susan Anderson, kindergarten through 12th-grade special education; Samantha Palmer, sixth grade; Ryan Adkins, seventh- through 12th-grade English; and Rebecca Huston, pre-

ceived a new roof and windows. “They were the original windows. It’s made a huge difference,” she said. Kiser also said several classroom advancements have taken place over the

Ryan Armstrong this year,” she said. The SFCC classes are online. Online classes through University of Central Missouri are also available. One student at-

here, so they have to get out and see some things and do some things with other organizations to help them in their educational journey.” Another new way the students are encouraged to learn is with incentive programs, either through their individual classrooms or, for the sevenththrough 12th-grade students, with Decision Dollars. “We’ve had Santa

started Decision Dollars.)” Students are awarded dollars for good behavior, like turning homework in on time, and can buy things at an auction later. Students are also given checkbooks, registers and deposit slips to learn about banking. Kiser said the school is working to generate more parent involvement, and one way they are doing that is with a

themselves available to us to use their duelcredit program,” Angelhow said. “What we’re trying to do is give our kids as much exposure

Ryan Adkins school aid are filling integral parts of the staff over the course of the school year. Angelhow returned to Malta Bend after spending the past decade in the Marshall Public Schools system. “It’s just been a really nice transition for me,” he said. “I was here from 1999-2003 and the majority of the students that are here now, I had their parents when they were here in school. … I’m really glad to be here. It’s been a really nice transition for me and I hope that things will remain that way.” Angelhow said from 2003-2013 he was in Marshall as the assistant principal at the high school for five years and then the principal of Eastwood Elementary for five years. “I’m learning a lot of new things. It’s just been a wonderful year as far as getting to watch the progress that the district has achieved from three years ago to now,” he explained. “We were a focus school and have worked our way out of that position and we are proud of that.” Focus schools are schools that aren’t doing well academically, which is determined by MAP assessments. “We have changed our teaching style. … We are using differentiated in-

past couple of years. “We updated the science lab. We bought new microscopes. We bought a new science lab table. We added an elementary computer lab in the library,” she said. “They really use that a lot.” It was also noted that each classroom, along with the library and art room, has a smart board

Samantha Palmer

Rebecca Huston

Bucks for the last nine years and that’s pre-K through sixth, and that’s just right before Christmas so then the kids get to go shop for their parents,” Kiser said. “The older kids kept saying what about us, and there were issues with kids not

monthly family night. “This is the first year that we’ve done family nights every month. That’s going really well and we have a lot of positive feedback about that,” she said. Contact Kelsey Alumbaugh at

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Kansas City Southern builds new depot in Slater By Kelsey Alumbaugh Staff Writer The Slater Depot that sits at the end of Main Street has long been a part of Slater’s geography, but as old buildings sometimes do, it outlived its purpose for Kansas City Southern. KCS has since built a new depot right next door. “The old depot needed extensive repairs and upgrades, so we opted to build a new modular building to house local employees,” C. Doniele Carlson, assistant vice president of corporate communications and community affairs with KCS, said. Carlson said employees began occupying the new depot in Dec. 2013. “Adjacent to the old brick depot at the end of Main Street, the new 30-foot by 56-foot modular building is equipped with six offices, new systems furniture, a storage room, restrooms and a large break room, as well as energy-efficient utilities,” she said. “A new 12x24 outside storage building is also planned for the site. … The new single-story building is well-insulated and has a high-efficiency heating and cooling system structure, making it more cost-efficient to heat, cool and secure.” According to Carlson, no decisions have been made on the disposition of the building if the City of Slater is unable or unwilling to take it over. The city council has discussed taking over the building, but only if the costs aren’t too extreme. Mayor Stephen Allegri said at the meeting he would hate to look down Main Street and not see the depot.

Kelsey Alumbaugh/Democrat-News

Above: The new Kansas City Southern Depot located on Front Street. The depot sits next to the historic depot at the end of Main Street. Below: The old KCS Depot sits at the end of Main Street in Slater. Neither KCS nor the city of Slater have set plans for the building yet.

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Site administrator looking to attract more visitors to Van Meter State Park by Jesse Brown Staff Writer In Feb. 2013, Melissa Hall filled the vacant site administrator position left by Connie Grisier the previous September. Receiving her bachelor’s degree studying wildlife ecology and conservation at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Hall is looking forward to getting the visitation numbers up. “Van Meter State Park has a lot of potential of becoming a better known place to visitors in the future,” Hall said in an August interview. “This park has recreational opportunities and education opportunities that can expand and be better known to the public.” Hall said she hasn’t had much time to get things going yet, but she has started implementing some things for the future. “In the future, there will be some kayaks, a kayak paddle program, where people can rent kayaks (and) they don’t have to bring it on our 18-acre lake,” Hall said. Hall said to expect the kayak paddle program to start at the end of 2014 to the

beginning of 2015 for Lake Woolridge. Usually, in order to get on the lake, the park asks everyone to bring their own supplies, but Hall is hopeful the kayaks will bring more people to the lake. Another new addition Hall said she hopes will be ready this coming summer is to be able to offer ice should a visitor want to purchase some. “We also got funded to sell ice in the campground and we’re working on building a platform to hold the ice machine,” Hall said. “Hopefully, sometime this summer, we’ll have (bags of) ice in the campground that people can purchase... They don’t have to drive all the way (to) Marshall to get bags of ice.” Hall said about 20,000 visitors come to Van Meter State Park every year. But, without giving an estimate, she said she would like to see a lot more come experience the park. Contact Jesse Brown at

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Melissa Hall poses at Van Meter State Park. Hall took over the position in Feb. 2013.

Our clinic hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 5:00 For the convenience of our patients, our lab opens at 7:00 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays 660-886-3364 800-698-3627

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Slater superintendent implementing changes to improve school district by Jesse Brown Staff Writer Slater Public Schools Superintendent Terry Lorenz has implemented a leadership team in which a selected person covers a specific subject to determine what needs to be improved upon and changes that would enhance academics. “The mindset of the district is the biggest thing. It’s just in a process of change, a leadership of change,” Lorenz said. “I put a leadership team together (and) they hadn’t done something like that before.” The leadership team Lorenz assembled consists of Sarah Marriot, Jessica Clements, Heatherlee Ryals, Becky Drummond, Debbie Gonzalez and Lorenz. The team covers subjects such as science, math, english and social studies, to name a few. Lorenz said the team has been instrumental in helping him. He said they’re divided by content area to focus on that particular subject for its needs and guidance. “We are much more organized now than we were a year and half (ago) when I started,” Lorenz said. “... We’re starting to get some focus and direction. We’re a lot more organized about how we look at a situation or an area for improvement and how we divide that, tackle that and make improvements in those areas.” Lorenz said while their help has been beneficial to him, he insists there’s more work to be done and he’s confident this team will help him in the future. Some of the improvements and changes the team has made are new textbooks for science and math, 17 Amazon Kindle devices for high school language arts classes and 25 Apple iPads used in elementary. While Lorenz has put an emphasis on improving academics with leadership and upgrades in technology, he has also strived to improve athletics. New scoreboards have been bought for football and basketball, wall mats have been replaced in the gymnasium and a new section of bleachers will be installed for the gymnasium this coming summer. When both scoreboards started shorting out, Lorenz talked to a couple of investors and business people. “We had enough money for the basketball scoreboards and then I had a couple of other


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banks and businesses that wanted to support so we went ahead and pushed into both the football and basketball scoreboards,” Lorenz said. “We’ve got about $35,000 invested from these local businesses and banks.” The sponsors who supported basketball were Exchange Bank of Missouri, Messer Machine Shop, Inc. and GE. The football sponsors were Wood & Huston Bank, City of Slater, Shelter Insurance-Russell Kirby, Central Mo Ag Services and City Pharmacy. Lorenz said he thinks sports are important be-

cause they help give pride to the community and can offer a lesson to participants. “For me, sports (are) just an extension of the classroom. There’s a way to act, work and carry yourselves that extends into athletics and it’s one of the primary reasons for athletics,” Lorenz said. “I think our coaching staff has done a great job of impressing that on our young students – that what you do matters and where you’re at matters. Wearing that Slater Wildcat jersey matters and I think they’re starting to take that to heart.” Contact Jesse Brown at

Contributed by Julie Jacobson

Above: The new basketball scoreboard for Slater Public Schools displays the score at the junior high boys game vs. Paris on Monday, Nov. 11, 2013 Below: The new football scoreboard for Slater Public Schools displays the score at the varsity game vs. Milan on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 21, 2014

Orearville School boosts its security and technology by Jesse Brown Staff Writer Orearville School emphasized security over the last year with the addition of cameras and upgrades in technology. “One of the things we did over the summer, we added four security cameras to our existing ones which gave us two more outside cameras,” Principal Gene Neff said. The new outside cameras cover the south side and the west side of the building. The new inside cameras cover both ends of the main hallway to the kitchen, Neff said. The four cameras add to the other 12 cameras for the school, now totaling 16. The addition of these new cameras are merely a step to also upgrade its technology and boost its security further. “Our next step is we are interfacing it with the Sheriff’s Department,” Neff said. Neff said all cameras will be viewable 24/7 at the Sheriff’s Department so if something should go wrong or there’s an intrusion, the department will know right away. “Unbeknownst to the people who installed this, and to the people at the Sheriff’s Department and all the technology people, with all the computer systems we have, plus adding (the added security system), our bandwidth isn’t big enough,” Neff said. The school is looking to double its current bandwidth to accommodate the additions and upgrades in the security system, Neff said. Some renovations are also being made in the office to suit the technology being installed. With the inclusion of all this technology, the school conducted its very first drill should someone intrude the building on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013. Emergency Management Director Russ Donnell and Deputy Dave Meyer assisted the school’s administrators in the drill, where Meyer disguised him-

self as an intruder and made his way around the school. According to the press release about the drill, Neff said “the drill went very well, the security cameras were an asset in tracking the intruder as he made his way around the school and inside the school as well.” Superintendent Marilyn Ehlert made a list of concerns to improve upon and another drill is planned for the spring. “We learned some things with that, like we should do,” Neff said. “Found a few places we need to upgrade, some doors that maybe don’t lock quite as properly as they ought to.” Orearville also employed a new special education teacher, Kathleen Franiuk. Graduating from Missouri Valley College last May with her elementary degree, Franiuk started in August for the 2013-2014 school year. “I took the practice in special education and got recommended from Valley actually for this job,” Franiuk said. “It worked out pretty well.” Franiuk has made the transition quite easily due to the school feeling like one big family and the space to allow her to develop her teaching methods. “I came in and rearranged the whole room and redecorated and really kind of turned it into what I felt like was a good learning environment,” Franiuk said. “Everyone here has been super, super helpful.” Franiuk also finds it encouraging that Orearville is heading towards being more technologically savvy. Ehlert confirmed that direction because like other schools in the state, Missouri Assessment Program testing will become a thing in the past and new testing will take place on computers. It’s also a factor as to why the school is looking to increase its bandwidth. Contact Jesse Brown at

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Jesse Brown/Democrat-News

Above: Kathleen Franiuk (center) teaches her students, Christopher Stockman (left) and Keilan Topps (right). Franiuk is the new special education teacher who started in August. Below left: The monitor displaying the cameras allows Principal Gene Neff and Superintendent Marilyn Ehlert a view inside and outside of the school. Efforts are being made where Saline County Sheriff’s Department will also be able to view the cameras.

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2013 has been another progressive year for the City of Slater. This past year, Slater has experienced significant job growth in a sluggish economy. General Electric has added approximately 200 jobs to their facility in Slater and with the sale of GE to Clarcor, another 100 jobs are hoped to be added. One of the first things that Clarcor did to make a commitment to our community was donate $30,000 to the Slater School District. With the addition of these new jobs, it is our hope that this will grow our affordable houses program for working families. This program offers quality, new or previously owned homes at low or no interest rates. The City of Slater is still offering free quality lots for those who would like to build a new home. A number of people have taken advantage of this opportunity and have built quality homes on these lots. As small towns are striving just to survive, Slater continues not only to survive, but to thrive. Big companies such as Clarcor and now Dollar General, with tentative plans to build a Super Dollar General Store in Slater, excites me. 1 am excited that big cooperations such as these see our potential and continue to invest in our community. In the past year, we have continued to improve our infrastructure with last years enhancement project that has added to our walking trail, now you can walk, run or stroll from the old garment factory, all the way through our beautiful City Park. We have continued to upgrade our sewer, water and electric facilities to provide our citizens with dependable and safe services. As the ‘City of Festivals’ continues to grow, we invite entrepreneurs and families to come visit us and see what we have to offer. Once again, we are a full service, small town with churches of multiple denominations. An A+ School District, with Ambulance services, a top rated medical clinic, Dental services, Pharmacy Services, Veterinary Services, Chiropractic Clinic, Grocery Services, as well as Insurance Services, two (2) tax preparation services. You could live in this small town and never have to leave for the basic services we offer. This is a great town to live and raise your family. This is a town where kids can still ride their bikes to the pool or go up town to get an ice cream cone. This is the town that believes in the old saying It take a village to raise a child’ we support each other and if you are a hard working family we invite to be a part of our community. Sincerely, Stephen K. Allegri, D.C. Mayor, City of Slater, Missouri

A Great Place for Growing

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