New Mexican Policy will make Medical Tourism Safer than Ever

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New Mexican Policy will make Medical Tourism Safer than Ever Mexico’s new national tourism policy will make tourism safer than ever, improving public safety and ensuring a safe environment for all visitors to the country. Tourism accounts for nearly 10% of Mexico’s annual gross domestic product. With this in mind, the government will be investing in strategies to improve experiences for six categories of tourism; medical tourism, sun and beach tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism, sports tourism and special interest or luxury tourism. The new tourism policy has four guidelines. These include improved decision making in implementing plans to boost tourism and innovation and competitiveness to demonstrate Mexico’s undisputed attractions within the global tourism marketplace. The other two guidelines; development and promotion and sustainability and social benefit will promote confidence in investors in Mexico and create policies that protect the history and culture of the country. Many Americans and Canadians opt for medical tourism for a number of reasons. Some people think the primary motivation for seeking medical care abroad is the fact that many procedures are up to 70% cheaper across the border. However, strains on domestic healthcare mean longer waiting lists, limited choice on treatment programs and limited access to new technology. The medical tourist is able to make an educated decision on their treatment, has access to the very latest technology, breakthrough procedures and no waiting list, all for less money and with the added bonus of recovery in the sunshine. Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest, and one of its longest standing, hospital networks. Consisting of 22 hospitals with 1,700 beds and 11,000 specialists, Angeles Health provides a range of cosmetic and life-saving surgeries for hundreds of medical tourists every single day. From cosmetic reconstruction surgery and weight loss surgery to alternative cancer treatment, Angeles Health provides a great experience for every medical tourist. As well as contributing significantly to worldwide medical research and being a center of excellence for a range of areas within medicine, Angeles health is home to well respected surgeons, including Dr Corvola, recognized as one of the world’s top ten bariatric surgeons, and Dr Perez, one of the leading experts on Functional Medicine, used for successful alternative cancer treatment. With the further development of Mexico’s tourism industry and increasing access to state of the art equipment and the latest in medical technology, Angeles Health can be expected to grow and develop even more over the next decade, providing more and more medical tourists with life changing and life-saving procedures.