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This material has been produced by Adroit-e Research. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch by Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 3BW

01582 463 479

Adroit-e Town Centre Research STRATFORD-ON-AVON Adroit-e Town Centre Research makes headline news wherever it’s conducted. This approach to finding out citizens’ perceptions and attitudes is focussed on producing results which are actionable by the various communities in the town. Each town is treated as a unique research proposition – its character, issues and sense of community form the core of the question set – we encourage the use of some questions we have used in other towns to form useful opportunities for comparison but these are not compulsory. The main features include: * Town centre research commissioned by your local MP Nadhim Zahawi * The research is conducted by an independent 3rd party Research company, Adroit-e Research Phase 1 * Research design is conducted by steering group formed by Nadhim Zahawi MP * Data collection is conducted by trained volunteers (local school or college recruits) * Topline results are made available for publication and the media within 24 hours * Insight report is produced within 10 days for publication in offline and online media. * Transparency, openness and independence of process throughout Phase 2 * Volunteer college and school students working with the data collected are trained to conduct + Data interpretation + Facilitating discussion groups of their peers + Recording conclusions for submission to the steering group and others * Research discussion groups focus on the youth voice

Sponsoring the Training

An Educational Legacy – Working with School and College student volunteers

Adroit-e has been training students to conduct field research for the past 4 years. Great success has been achieved with the unique Adroit-e approach. The aim is to ensure that the interview between respondent and researcher, absolutely crucial to the research process, is conducted in a conversational style with total integrity.

Sought Outcomes of Training: • •

To produce young people capable of conducting intercept research to an effective level: Training materials prepared and supplied to all researchers

Training Field Researchers Phase 1: Basics of Field Research 1 Context – understanding the background of the political structure – the town, the purpose of the research – basic research techniques, who benefits from the results 2 Content – the subject matter of the questions – the structure of the different question types – the form of the data produced 3 Interpersonal skills – develop skills in how to approach people in the street – how to conduct a conversation – how to conduct the interviews: practice, practice, practice with video (3rd eye) reference 4 PDA style - How to conduct effective conversation while inputting data on the PDA – how to meet overall targets – how to meet demographic targets

Sponsorship Package A Phase 1 Training Includes: • Training materials • PDAs • Half day training for up to 20 students • Two experienced trainers • Venue and refreshment £3500.00

Phase 2 : Conducting Data Driven Discussions (DDD) * Data Interpretation - examining the data derived from the town centre research to understand the meaning – learning basic statistics uses * Preparing an agenda for a data driven discussion – sorting 3-4 key issues and how they appear to be affecting the young people of the town * Facilitating a discussion – learning how to organise and conduct a discussion of their peers to bring out views, and importantly examples of issues underpinning the statistical findings * Recording conclusions - summarising conclusions - presenting them for agreement by the group – transmitting them as a report to the steering group

Facilitating Data Driven Discussions

Enormous gains can be made from quantitative research findings. As an example, we can identify that 67 per cent of citizens are satisfied or very satisfied with the shopping facilities. However if we can use this data to find out what the less satisfied are thinking, where they go and why, what they really want in the town, then we have obtained further evidence on which to build a revised retail strategy. The sought outcome of the training is to develop effective group facilitation skills among young people, to find out the elusive young person’s view points.

Sponsorship Package B Phase 2 Training Includes: • 5 hour training for up to 20 students • Materials • Video equipment • Experienced trainers • Venue and refreshment £4250.00

Supporting Your Local Community Sponsorship Packages and Options

Sponsorship Package C Research Days: Normally Adroit-e comes to town for a Friday and Saturday aiming to secure a statistically sound sample of 350-400 responses. The comprehensive training of the volunteers and the Adroit-e conversational interview style ensures the optimum response rate.

Sponsorship Package C includes: • •

Provision and branding of Adroit-e Research Data Collection HQ for 2 Days in town centre

– To provide a High Visibility temporary working base for 20 Volunteer data collectors – To provide an operational base for HR and data uploads – To provide an info centre for citizens about the Research


OMNIBUS RESEARCH Town Centre Research Omnibus The Adroit-e Town Centre omnibus Research survey brings the power of research to local businesses. This is achieved by sharing the costs of the survey across a number of businesses. Each business will only pay for the particular question or questions that they wish to ask. Only 5 questions are available on each town centre omnibus

THE PROCESS Typical question types adopted for this form of research include: Popeye’s is the best Italian Restaurant in Anytown, scoring between 1 and 5 where 1=strongly disagree 5 = strongly agree WH Jones is the best place to buy Books, scoring between 1 and 5 where 1=strongly disagree 5 = strongly agree OR Q. • • • • •

What do you most like about Blutto’s Restaurant Food quality The choice of dishes The size of portions The service The restaurant surroundings

OR How satisfied are you with the service provided by your local Sainsroseo Supermarket?

RESULTS The results from the 350-400 respondents are then subject to cross tabulation and population analysis techniques showing how different age rangers gender, etc respond to the core question. This a quite complex report is compiled from the answers to just one question

Intellectual Property The results derived from each question that is sold in the survey becomes the intellectual property of the business buying that question in the locality and as such cannot be disclosed to other parties. Â Omnibus Price Structure Each question ÂŁ775.00

Return On Investment Adroit-e will make every attempt to optimise sponsors’ ROI normally through branding and association with this high value multi dimensional project Adroit-e guarantees that the research will remain wholly independent and free from any bias whatsoever VAT All prices exclude VAT



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