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The Need Despite the incredible progress already made, the challenges remain as numerous as they are imposing. How do we bring reliable energy and internet access to the more remote, rugged and oftentimes politically volatile places? How do we deliver academic content that is effective, sensitive and culturally relevant? How do we coordinate and sustain the largely volunteer network of faculty and others that is needed to build a truly global enterprise, all with limited resources?

36 Partners across the US

160 Faculty

Add faculty volunteers to teach a section of 12 to 15 students on-line in an 8 week course Consider articulation agreement so students with JC:HEM can complete a bachelors degree Solve energy needs through solar and other renewable resources Donate current technology: software, iPad or Kindle, computers compatible with program needs Donate textbooks Participate in grant writing


Transform thinking. Transform the world.

in camps 15 Tutors and on-line


of countries 13 Number refugee Students are from

Our Partner: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) The JC:HEM program is powered by Jesuit universities and partner organizations across the globe with technological tools and academic resources. PARTICIPATING FACULTY, UNIVERSITIES, AND BUSINESSES Adventure Studios Association of Jesuit College and Universities Australian Catholic University Boston College Canisius University College of the Holy Cross Creighton University

camp camp 145 Kakuma 70 Syrian Students Students camp 148 Dzaleka Students

Diploma in Liberal Studies Awarding University - Regis University Fairfield University Fordham University Georgetown University Gonzaga University GreenBridge Computing Institute of Advanced Technology (Nairobi) Internet 2 Jesuit Commons JesuitNet Jesuit Refugee Services Jesuit Refugee Tertiary Education Committee (Australia) Lemoyne College Loyola University Chicago Loyola Marymount University Loyola University New Orleans

Marquette University Microsoft Missouri Province – Society of Jesus Regis University – Awarding University for Diploma in Liberal Studies Santa Clara University Seattle University St. Joseph’s University St. Louis University University of San Francisco Wheeling Jesuit University Xavier College, India Xavier University J C:HEM EXTENDS A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR DONOR WITHOUT WHOSE FUNDING OF THIS PILOT JC:HEM WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE, AND TO THE DUFFUS FAMILY FOUNDATION, MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIFT SHARING, DAVID YUNGER AND GREENBRIDGE COMPUTING, AND DESAUTEL HEGE FOR THEIR GENEROSITY TO THE PROGRAM AND ITS MISSION.

To get more information, make a donation or find out how you or your organization might be able to help, please contact: or

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Reaching the Margins On-line

Progress Made

For the 3+ million minds and spirits in refugee camps, many of who remain there for an average of 17 years, higher education has been out of reach.* Political barriers imposed by governments in turmoil, poor socioeconomic conditions that mandate survival as a sole priority, and the cost and distance of universities often make any educational opportunities impossible. The result for many who live at the margins of the world is despair and continued poverty through generations.

Since JC:HEM’s inception as a pilot program in 2010, it has reached students around the world. This is made possible through the partnership with Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), technology installed on the ground by JC:HEM and curriculum developed by faculty from several Jesuit universities.

In its pilot phase, JC:HEM and JRS have enabled more than 300 refugees and others at refugee camps in Malawi and Kenya, and at an urban center in Syria, to enroll in courses that are conducted on-line and on-site.

ACADEMICALLY: the program is designed around a 45-credit Diploma in Liberal Studies curriculum and a group of 15-week Community Service Learning Tracks developed in response to specific needs within the community. A faculty of volunteers from many Jesuit Universities teach courses on-line, graduate and doctoral students serve as on-line tutors, and on-site the JRS-JC:HEM team support learning.

Expanding Education

That was the past. For thousands of students at Jesuit universities the world over, Jesuit education transforms and liberates both mind and spirit. Education, as defined by the United Nations, is an “enabling right,” and the “right through which other rights are realized.” Education is the key to the future.

BY 2015, JC:HEM SEEKS TO GARNER THE RESOURCES TO: Bring together, in person and virtually, the best faculty, instructional designers, technology experts, and entrepreneurs to design an innovative, transformational curriculum for those at the margins that addresses the lessons learned from the pilot Strengthen and expand the partnership with JRS and add infrastructure to support Community Service Learning Tracks to meet the local needs Establish additional partners Develop an organizational structure to maximize the global reach of JC:HEM and participating Universities and organizations

» Our Mission

Now, in an age defined by the proliferation of digital and social media, and with resources available to convey information in real time anywhere on the planet and teaching methods in place to educate remotely, we now have opportunity to bring higher education to places and people that would otherwise never experience it. Jesuit universities and partnering organizations have seized this opportunity with a new initiative called Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM).

TECHNICALLY: JC:HEM delivers Diploma courses through virtual immersive learning environments, local area servers, Multipoint computer system and laptops. Courses are comprised of text pieces and access to electronic library and video downloads which enable faculty and students to interact individually and collectively. Students can raise and discuss issues with faculty, tutors and fellow students via discussion boards, email messages and Skype conversation. Each location has built an Arrupe Learning Center complete with clean and secure computer labs, projector rooms, seminar rooms, IT office staff and solar powered systems.

The pilot phase of JC:HEM will be complete in August of 2014. Expansion is planned to increase the program’s impact on existing education sites while spreading to new ones.

JC:HEM seeks, in partnership with those living at the margins, to teach, to learn, and to help transform the world through Jesuit education that is sustainable, scalable, and transferable. This education is open to all regardless of age, gender, race and faith.

Quotes from Students

With education I believe I could serve the other inhabitants and make a good life.

In my community ignorance is a deep rooted disease. As with education is the only weapon to liberate yourself from it. My community is a tribal based society whereby the usage of the tribe is abused rampantly. With my interactions with different communities all over Kenya, my studies have helped me realize all people are the same. And with education a global community can be realized.

» Our Vision

A New Era


To empower those at the edges of society to join a global community of learners by providing hope and opportunity, thereby creating a more peaceful and humane world.

Once insurmountable forces that have long denied the opportunity of higher education for millions are at last conquerable…

*According to United Nations Refugee Agency

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Convenio de estudios para refugiados  
Convenio de estudios para refugiados  

Convenio entre SJR y ACNUR para beneficio de los refugiados en el mundo.