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My Musical Story

Adrienn Polyoka ap09ah EDBE-8P12-D07-S03 Due: April 16, 2018

My name is Adrienn and this is an overview of my body map. I was born in Budapest, Hungary. My parents moved to Canada when I was three years old to create a better life for themselves and for me. A recent experience when I encountered music was having drinks with my husband at home. Occasionally what we like to do together is have a couple of drinks. Usually this leads to us putting music on and dancing around together. It is some of our most enjoyable times together. We both have a passion for music and it is something we can bond over. I love all types of music, except for country music. There is something about country music that just does not appeal to me. My favourite style of music is Electronic Dance Music. No matter what time of day it is or what type of mood I’m in as soon as I hear it it makes me happy and makes want to dance. I might not know a lot of technical terms and facts about music, but what I do know is that it is fun and beautiful. Music can provoke a human to feel different emotions. When I was in elementary school I started taking piano lessons. I continued piano for a couple of years and even achieved my Grade One Royal Conservatory exam. Not long after, I stopped taking piano lessons, because I was not interested anymore. I still remember the basics of note reading, but I do regret stopping. Hopefully one day in the future I will be able to resume where I left off. What I want to know about music is more about playing the piano and reading notes. I think it would be a great skill to have as a teacher. It would be easier to teach students songs and music elements. I would also like to know the music curriculum and expectations from the curriculum for primary and junior grades. All in all I feel happy about being in class learning music. It is something that I have not done in a long time. The last music class I took was a first year history of music through the ages.

I started dancing competitively from the age of three - eighteen. It was a big part of my life and some of the best times I’ve had growing up. For this reason I have to say my dance teacher was a huge influence in my musical experiences. Whatever she listened to in class is what I listened to. My favourite musical moment happened in Budapest, Hungary during one of our vacations. My dad surprised my mom and I with tickets to see Michael Jackson. I do not remember a lot about it, because I was ten. What I do remember is that he was an hour late, people were singing at the top of their lungs, and it was visually captivating. A negative experience with music I remember from elementary school is my Grade Eight teacher telling me to stop singing. We were outside for recess having fun with friends and singing when my teacher had come up to me and told me to stop singing, because people were looking at me weird. I knew I did not have a good voice, but that really solidified it for me and I really do not like signing in public anymore. The main thing I remember about elementary school is the recorder. Learning to play the recorder was the highlight of early memories of music. I remember practicing at home, decorating it with stickers, and my parents buying me music books such as Beauty and the Beast to learn more songs. Almost everyone I know knows that I danced competitively for a large part of my life, but not everyone knows about my negative experience, influence or things that I want to know about music. My hope is that I can be a music teacher that inspires students to want to learn more about music, because in most cases teachers are the only person in a student’s life that introduces them to music. I do not think my prior knowledge will help me succeed in this class, except for maybe my

rhythm and reading some notes, but my open-mindedness and eagerness to learn something new will.

My musical story  
My musical story