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You may have heard of the benefits of eating a raw diet, and maybe your interested in trying one for yourself. Maybe you've even taken a step in the right direction and put an extra load of vegetables into your grocery cart. But many people fail when they try this diet because they do not know how to eat raw food. If you do not know how to eat raw food you will quickly get bored with your diet. But there are endless possibilities that can transform your diet into an enjoyable, and healthy life choice. Here are a few tips on how to eat raw food without getting bored. You need to keep your meals fresh, tasty, and nutritious. If you are serious about a raw food diet you need to do some research on the different possibilities that you have. Otherwise you'll be snacking on celery for a few days before you quit. One way you can spice up your diet, without the spices, is by turning your fruits and vegetables into a healthy, green smoothie. The average person will need to eat about a pound of green food for a proper meal. This can cause a whole lot of chewing that will take time, and tire your jaw out. Making a green smoothie is a great alternative to this tiresome labor. To make a simple smoothie just take a few peaches, a couple of mangoes, some fresh lettuce, and a cup of water. Throw it in the blender and enjoy. Just think of all the different fruits and vegetables that exist and how many different combination you can make. The possibilities are literally endless. Another tip on how to eat raw food is to start slow. If you currently eat a lot of processed foods I've got bad news for you. Your taste buds have probably been desensitized. This means that simple foods, like carrots, might taste bland. If you jump right into a diet like this you probably wont last long. So maybe start with a raw food snack a day, then you can transform that into a raw food meal a day. You should also try to fill up on raw dishes so you are not tempted later to eat that bag of chips. If you snack on an apple, snack on three instead. There really isn't a negative impact of eating too many fruits. So try to fill yourself up with these mono meals.

DJ Jimenez is a writer, nutritionist, and an expert on how to eat raw. Click this link to read more tips on health and fitness at his website: Eating Raw Food.

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==== ==== Crunches Won't Give you Flat Abs ! We Have the Secret Here! ==== ====

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