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What a Carve up - The Penguin Adult Prize This is a satire book that tells the story of 7 members of a traditional British family and has a lot of symbolic language that refers to subjects as the Tatcherism. It's the kind of reading that you don't realize that has that much meaning behind the comedy story by just reading it. So having in mind that this was a rich book, that was under covered as just another comedy book, the focus when designing it was the "comedy expectation" by chosing simple vector shapes and colours, resembling a cartoon style, for the 7 vintage portrait frames, that represents the 7 members of the Winshaws traditional family and it's different personalities and importance in the story.

Adriele Yamaguchi - Graphic Design (student) Portfolio  

This is my pdf portfolio from May of 2014. Maybe you'll get a bigger range of work by looking at my

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