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Andrej Mlinšek


Published in: 2016

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I wish to thank my wife Bojana for her encouragement and support while writing this book and to my mother Alenka, who supports me in everything I do in my life. Thank you. I wish to thank Mrs. Manuela Mlakar, who has been with us for years, demonstrating her special eye for detail. Andrej



Never, never, never, never give up! Winston Churchill

Tough times never last, but tough people do! Robert Schuller




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AUTHOR`S THOUGHT! In 1988 I read my first book about personal development, which really fascinated me. I was 20 years old at the time. Ever since I`ve been reading, listening and studying various books and their authors who deal with the history of personal development. I always wanted to know why some succeed in life, have a family, good health and good relations with others; they live a successful life, while others do not, regardless of a similar starting point in life. For twenty years I have been searching for the key combination in life, which enables us to live a life we want to and we can enjoy. At my home I have my own library and I study successful people. A research by an American insurance company, which involved observing the life of 100 students, from the age 25 to 65, revealed that after forty years of observation they were:


1 RICH 4 financially independent 5 still work, because they have to work 36 are dead 54 are broke These results show that after 40 years 5% were successful and the other 95% were unsuccessful. The book KEY COMBINATION includes advice and techniques, which have been very helpful to me in my life and by which I still live today. I sincerely hope and wish this book will help the reader to improve his life and that each and every one can find a thought for himself and his life.

Andrej MlinĹĄek


You can have everything in life what you want if you will just help other people get what they want Zig Ziglar

I In my case I began a career in direct sales at the age of 26. I started in the same manner as everyone does – as a door to door sales person. Then I established my own enterprise and I built an organization with more than 100 employees, all of which were direct sales representatives. When I was 31 our annual income was one million Euros and of course I imagined things will always remain that way. Then I made a lot of stupidities, and I started all over again when I was 35 and now I am building a larger organization and building it faster than ever before. And I am building it on a rock foundation, not on sand as the late Jim Rohn used to say.


Success is a product of the interior; it is a state of mind. It begins in you and it gradually becomes obvious to the world that surrounds you. If you dream big dreams you will become a leader. By writing your goals and designing plans on how to achieve them, you take total control of your life. There is a museum in Florence, containing the sculpture of David, created many centuries ago by Michelangelo. The story of David is extremely important and it contains a lesson for everyone. Michelangelo was hired by the Medici family to construct a sculpture for Florence`s main square. The Medici were the richest and most noble Italian family of their time; they were wealthy and very powerful. It took Michelangelo two years to find a suitable stone for the masterpiece they commissioned. Eventually he found a huge, partly overgrown marble plate, covered in mud, which was lying on a rack in a side street.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements. Jim Rohn

OVERCOMING FAILURES One of the most critical factors in determining a person`s success is dealing with failures. Although they were heavily criticized, most people in history nevertheless kept on creating. We can only realize our dreams if we have enough perseverance to follow them. The world would be a completely different place if every person with a great idea had the courage to realize it. But we are stuck, because sadly only a few can overcome the fear of risk. Many are certain that they only have one chance of success in life.


Failure is but the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently Henry Ford

Henry Ford knew failure, for sure. His first two attempts in car industry resulted in two enterprises going bankrupt. His third enterprise succeeded. No one can avoid failure. We all fail at something at some stage in life. Give up on wasting the time and energy spent on avoiding failure. History is full of potential greats who gave up all to soon. Successful people are persistent and they all began by lining out their success strategy. If you want to be successful you must develop your own strategy aimed at overcoming failure.


HOW TO CONTROL YOUR OWN THOUGHTS Our thoughts are our strongest weapon. The ability to control our thoughts determines which events, people and environment prevail in our life. THE KEY TO THOUGHT CONTROL IS TO OBSERVE THE EMOTIONS, WHICH ARE GENERATED THROUGH THOUGHTS. We can divide all known emotions into two categories:  


Our senses tell us very quickly, whether or not to let something enter our life. Once you understand the law of attraction you will learn to pay attention to how you feel and to be alert to these emotions, as they are your spiritual compass which can help you with things from which you benefit. The universe is our friend! The universe plays the game with us every day. The universe entices you through your senses. 68

Positive feelings help you make the right decision about something that is good for you. Negative feelings tell you that something isn`t good for you.

PAIN ~ PLEASURE Negative feelings are a sign that something is moving in the wrong direction. The universe warns you: “WATCH IT! You are thinking things that are not adjusted to the reality you want." You must find a way to change your thoughts at once. Your emotions are the “WATCH IT” system of your soul. An important technique for thought control is called GRATITUDE. People to whose benefit the law of attraction works are positively orientated.

THE POWER OF GRATITUDE A simple technique of returning to a positive state of mind is to start thinking about how grateful you can be. 69

99% of people work in business, but once it takes off, only 1% of them have the ability to start it and organize it. Brian Tracy

The key to wealth is to become an attractive personality. If you don`t feel well, ask yourself what you are thinking about at that very moment. If you don`t feel well, find a new positive thought. Successful people act immediately and upon inspiration. Winter will always come, you have to be prepared. The key is to think about what you can do with your MIND. Numbers are very important; we can always double our efforts. We must always pursue activities which lead to a certain result.


Once we begin to apply our super-conscious abilities in a systematic way, we suddenly get ideas. Your super-conscience works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.












Once you have programed your goal into your sub conscience and then released it, it is programed inside your sub-conscience.


THE LAW OF CONTROL The law of control states that you have a positive opinion about yourself up to the point to which you can control your life. It is commonly known that stress, division, tension and psychosomatic illnesses originate due to the fact that people don`t control themselves or don`t control an important part of their life. If you feel that your life is influenced by debts and by the behavior of others, you are bound to suffer from stress. Self-control and self-discipline begin by taking control over your life. No person and no position can determine what you think. You alone choose your thoughts. It is best you leave when you can`t control yourself. If you ever gave up on useless work, remember how good it felt, once you stopped struggling. That is when the sense of self-control has returned.


It is one of your chief responsibilities to keep control over your life. Let this feeling be the foundation of creating happiness in your life.

THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT This law tells us that there is a reason behind each success in our life. This law is so important that it is called “the iron law�. It states that everything happens due to a reason. There are no coincidences. We live in a harmonic world which is strictly controlled by laws. The law of cause and effect says that there is a specific reason for success and failure alike. Special reasons exist for health and for love. It is written in the Bible; you reap what you sow. Whatever you sow now, you will reap later.


Many great thinkers, philosophers, saints, mystics and religion founders sought the source of lasting world peace for all their lives. Through their writings, which they left us in different periods, they conveyed the message to us that we can only find peace and happiness within ourselves. Every day many people all over the world come to the same conclusions as the mystics and saints did.

MEDITATION Many try to discover peace and happiness within themselves through meditation. Scientific research has confirmed that meditation can improve the state of our mind and of our body. It offers spiritual development alongside a positive impact on our body. Meditation can help us in our life on our physical, mental and spiritual path. Meditation enables our connection to the universal power.


The law of karma is best understood if we are always aware of the decisions we make. Whatever is happening to us now is the result of decisions we have made in the past. Whenever you are about to make a decision, focus your attention on your heart and ask it what to do. Then wait for your body to respond with a feeling. It will barely be noticeable, but it will be there. Only the heart knows the true answer. The heart is intuitive, it responds to everything. The law of karma can help you obtain money and good fortune. If you adhere to it, all that is good will come to you whenever you desire it. But you must first be aware that your future depends only on the decisions you make in each moment of your life. Should you do this on a regular basis you will be able to completely experience the law of karma.


HOW TO REPAY KARMA DEBTS All universal debts are settled sooner or later. Your karma can be enlightened through a more suitable life experience. This is a process; you change while settling the karma debt. Why is this happening and what is the universe telling me? How can I use this vibration to the benefit of those who are close to me? This is your way to seek opportunities; then this seed can be linked to your dharma, your duty in life. Karma can be linked to meditation.

THE LAW OF GIVING The universe works in a dynamic exchange of giving, encouraging and accepting, which are only different aspects of the universal energy flow.


If we are willing to give what we seek for, we will gain an abundance of universe within life. You must give and accept so that wealth and abundance will circulate freely through your life. Money is a symbol of life`s energy which we exchange with others and which can be used as our contribution to creation. If we create money circulation we enable it to flow to us as money is nothing other but life`s energy. We must therefore enable the circulation of energy if we want it to flow to us. Money stays alive and strong if it circulates. Any relationship is a relationship of give and take. The more you give, the more you will receive, as your life will contribute to the universal abundance.

THE LAW OF EFFORTLESSNESS The laws of nature work easily, that is the principle of effortlessness.


Once you are aware of this, any unpleasant situation will become an opportunity to create something new and wonderful. And everything that "torments" us will become our teacher. Reality is only an interpretation. And if you decide to interpret reality in this way, you will suddenly have a lot of teachers around you and full of opportunities which to exploit. There is a hidden agenda behind each event and that same agenda serves your development.

THE LAW OF DHARMA Dharma means duty in life. The law of dharma states that we have taken on a material body to fulfill our duty in life. According to this law we all have our special gift and a special way in which to express it. There must be something that you can do better than anyone else in the world.