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ID Reader for Micros Opera V4 PMS

ID Reader in Hospitality ID Reader is a basic component for hotels front office business which significantly speeds up working procedures during guests check-in. At the same time it reduces human typing errors which ensures higher accuracy of database. Additional advantage of ID Reader is the saving picture of guests face and document images into database. ID Reader enables service personalization and increases hotels security level since employees can check guest face image from any computer in the system (front office, security office, etc.) As a result of faster working process and higher security, hotel increase their level of customer service which reflects directly on the guests satisfaction. Guest Management System is becoming a standard tool in the hospitality industry for most of the leading hotels and resorts worldwide.

Benefits: ●●

Faster check in


Reduces human typing errors


Speeds up business procedures


Reduces costs and increases profits


Improves the quality of business by personalization of service


Increases security level by saving document image in database

Advantages of ID Reader ●●

One click solution


Work is always done through existing business application


Starts on Windows startup – no need to worry about scanner and software


Auto detection of document type – no matter of side or document type


Does not contain database – forwards data and images directly to your database


No need for additional education or training to work with software

Reading of documents ●●

2000 documents worldwide


All ICAO and non ICAO documents


Passports, ID cards, driver licenses, health cards etc.


Read MRZ lines + all other fields from document •

Read “Place of birth” from passports

Reads address and city fields from ID cards

Read diacritics letters

If you need an additional solution for sending guests details to authorities please check our Guest Management System.


Table of contents

ID Reader


Documents Database List


Micros Opera V4 PMS Interface


Passport Scanner


Passport Camera


Installation Package


About Adria Scan


Adria Scan Contact Details



ID Reader for Micros Opera V4 PMS ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into Micros Opera V4 PMS in a few seconds. After scanning the document, ID Reader automatically recognizes the document type and extracts all the textual data together with face image and an image of the entire document into Fidelio PMS. ID Reader does not store any data, it serves only to transfer data from personal and travel documents into application from which the scanning process starts. ID Reader is based on “image processing” and “OCR” (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Reads all passports made according to the international ICAO 9303 standard (all European and most of the world’s passports) and ID cards from all over the world

Database includes over 2000 document templates from around the world

Database is constantly updated with new document versions

Supports special characters (Š, Č, Ć, Đ, Ž, Ñ,Ü,Ö, etc.)

The software uses small, high quality scanners which are specially designed for scanning large number of documents in a short time period. Scanners represent an ideal solution for receptions and similar ‘front office business’ which require client registration. Working with large number of personal documents requires additional data protection. Although ID Reader does not contain a database, it contains protection mechanisms such as converting images to 150 DPI, converting images to grayscale and textual watermark on the image of the entire document with the hotel name. ID Reader improves your business in many ways! In hotels where personal documents are photocopied at check-in (to speed up the procedure), ID Reader saves money (no more daily expenses on paper and ink) and time (typing personal data into PMS after guest leaves reception).

Face image in Micros Opera V4 PMS enables personalization of service and takes hospitality to a higher level.

At the same time, it increases the security level since the employees can check identity of the person from any computer in the hotel (reception, wellness, swimming pool, etc.).


ID Reader documents database list 15.07.2014.


All ICAO 9303 standard passports (most of the world) Europe Isle of Man DL Albania DL, ID Israel DL, ID* Andorra DL Italy DL, ID Austria DL, ID Latvia DL Belgium DL, ID Liechtenstein ID BIH DL, ID Lithuania DL, ID ID Bulgaria DL, ID Luxembourg DL, ID Croatia DL, ID Macedonia DL Cyprus ID Czech Republic DL, ID Malta ID Monte Negro DL, ID Denmark DL Norway DL, ID Estonia DL, ID Poland DL, ID Finland DL, ID Portugal DL, ID France ID Romania DL, ID Germany DL, ID Serbia ID* Guernsey DL Slovakia DL, ID Greece DL Slovenia ID Holland DL, ID Spain DL, ID Hungary DL, ID Sweden DL, ID Ireland DL, ID Switzerland DL, ID Island DL Turkey DL, ID United Kingdom DL

Identification cards of the world

North America USA (All states) DL Canada (All states) DL

South America Antigua ID Argentina ID Aruba DL Bahamas DL Barbados DL, ID Belize DL Bermuda DL Bolivia ID Brasil ID Chile ID, DL Columbia ID Costa Rica ID Curacao DL Dominican Republic ID Ecuador ID El Salvador DL, ID Guatemala DL, ID Haiti ID Honduras ID Mexico DL Nicaragua DL, ID Panama DL, ID Peru DL, ID Puerto Rico DL, ID Turks and Caicos DL Venezuela DL Virgin Islands DL



Kenya ID Namibia ID South Africa DL, ID Ivory Coast ID, DL Morocco ID Nigeria ID Zambia ID


Australia (All states) DL New Zeland DL

Azerbaijan ID Bahrain DL, ID Brunei ID China WP Hong Kong ID India DL*, ID* Indonesia DL, ID* Iraq ID Kuwait ID Macau ID Malaysia DL Moldova ID, DL Oman ID Philippines ID* Qatar DL, ID Saudi Arabia DL, ID* Singapore DL, ID, WP Thailand DL, ID UAE DL, ID, RP

Legend: ID = Identification Card DL = Driver Licenses WP = Working Permit Note : Many countries have ID and DL in one document * Limited version

Other cards: USA Green Cards, USA Army Cards, USA Social Security Cards, NY Police Department, USA Pilot Cards, SIA Cards, KeyPass Cards, UK Student Cards, European Health Cards, Spain Police Cards, OCB Cards, Various Membership Cards, many Library Cards etc.


Micros Opera PMS V4 Interface General Information ●● Supporting: •

All versions of Opera V4

All versions before Opera V – for higher versions there is certificated interface OPP_IDS

●● No need to purchase extra license from local Micros Fidelio distributor ●● Interface is based on ID Reader add-on solution - Plug’n’Scan ●● Plug’n’Scan is a software solution which takes all textual details and inserts them into the appropriate fields on the screen by using mouse and keyboard functions

Scanning Details ●● Press ALT + S on the keyboard to trigger scanning ●● After the scanning and reading process, Plug’n’Scan will insert all the textual details into the appropriate fields on the screen located at: •

“Profile” tab

“More Fields” tab

●● If “Profile” fields already contain textual details, they will be overwritten with the scanned data ●● The following fields on the screen will be populated:

Last Name

Birth Date


Middle Name

Place Of Birth

Document Type

First Name

Country Of Birth

Document Number



Document Issued Date



Document Expiry Date



Issued by



Fujitsu FI-65F Fujitsu fi-65F scanner accelerates business where it is most needed. The ultra compact scanner can scan documents such as passports, ID cards, visas or any other documents up to A6 format. The scanner is connected to the computer via USB 2.0 port, with an external power supply. Documents at sizes up to 105 x 148 mm can be scanned in color (24-bit), grayscale (8-bit) and black & white (1-bit). Due to its small size and high-speed scanning, Fujitsu fi-65F is an ideal solution for scanning large quantities of documents at receptions and other front desk businesses.

Dimensions: Height:

40 mm


145 mm


234 mm


900 g



A6 format flatbed scanner


USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus)

Image sensor:

CMOS CIS (Contact Image Sensor)

Max. resolution:

600 DPI

Scanning modes:

Simplex, Color / Greyscale / Mono

Scanning area:

A6 (105 x 148 mm)

Scan speed (ID Card):

2 seconds in grayscale mode 3 seconds in color scan

Paper thickness:


Power consumption:

AC adapter 8W or less USB bus powered 5W or less

Power source:

AC 100 to 240 V, +10% / -10%

Cable length:

150 cm

Environmental compliance


Supported operating systems:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8


Passport Camera Passport Camera incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies for reading personal documents. It is one of the most advanced document reading devices supporting passports, ID cards, driving licenses, biometric documents and document authentication. New generation of devices uses 3.2 Megapixel camera for recording high quality personal document images. The camera does not contain any moving parts and it is powered via USB.

Innovative device represents an ideal tool which takes your business to a higher level.




140 mm

• Fast data entry


173 mm

• Visible, UV and IR images


190 mm

• Authentication (optional)



400 DPI


USB 2.0

Power source:


Device weight:

670 g (without RFID)

Camera type:

CMOS 3.2 Megapixel, color


30 bit RGB

Light source:

Standard light (Visible) Ultra Violet (UV) / Infrared (IR) light

Scanning speed:

1 second for color image, IR image and UV image

Supported documents:

ICAO / NON ICAO documents

Supported operating systems:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8


Installation Package Includes ●● Software - Adria Scan ID Reader ●● Software - OCR software licence ●● Software - Plug’n’Scan - keyboard emulation interface ●● Hardware - Fujitsu FI-65F passport scanner or passport camera ●● User and installation manuals ●● 24 hours on line support

Installation procedure ●● Administrator privileges are needed for the installation process ●● Internet connection is needed for the license activation ●● Standard installation takes about 15 min ●● Testing is usually done in 10 minutes

Minimum configuration ●● XP, WIN 7 (32-bit and 64- bit supported) and WIN 8 (32-bit and 64-bit supported) ●● Pentium 2.0GHz or more ●● 512MB FREE RAM ●● 100MB free disk space ●● 1 X USB port ●● SVGA monitor with true color and at least 1024 x 768 pixels


About Adria Scan Adria Scan is one of the fastest growing company in the field of Identity Management Solutions. Since our company was founded 2006 in Zagreb, Croatia, we have been constantly growing and becoming one of the most trusted providers for Identity Management Software Solutions and services worldwide. Currently our products are used in more than 45 countries around the world in:

• • • • • •

Security sector Airline industry Border control Financial industry Telecommunications Hospitality

Adria Scan is specialized in developing and implementing software solutions for identifying people, verifying identities and managing this information in various business fields. Our software solutions are based on the most innovative ideas and the latest technologies developed by a professional team of experts. Ensuring faster business processes, enhancing business quality and providing the highest security standard for the customers is our main focus. We have developed systems for some of the largest corporations and institutions in the world including Interpol, AirAsia, Qatar Airways, Jumeirah Group, Qatar foundation, Maersk, T-Mobile, Starwood, Four Seasons, etc. Our head office is located in Zagreb, Croatia with international branch offices in Doha, Qatar and Jakarta, Indonesia which are contributing to Adria Scan’s growth in Middle East and Far East regions respectively. Quality and reliability of our software solutions are recognized by leading security organizations worldwide whose expertise and experience combined with our ‘know how’ guarantees unique security solutions that provide a safer community. Accurately identifying, verifying and processing personal data with an objective to improve customer’s business processes is Adria Scan’s main goal. For any further information feel free to contact us.


Contact details: Adria Scan Head Office Address: RadniÄ?ka 9, Kerestinec 10431 Sv. Nedelja Zagreb, Croatia Contact:+385 1 3370 348 Adria Scan Qatar Address: Salwa Road PO Box: 201812 Doha, State of Qatar Contact: +974 333 86283 Adria Scan Indonesia Address: Komplek REDTOP Hotel Blok D-9 Jl.Pecenongan No.72 Post Code: 10120 Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia Contact: + 6221 3890 1188

E-mail: Sales: Support:


Passport Scanner for Opera V4  

ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various business ap...

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