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Portfolio Adrian Smith

Business Development

(and Marketing Communications) Qualified Lead  Genera.on   (Revenue,  Media  Spend,  Referrals,  Merger,     Acquisi.on,  Mgmt.  Change  &  more)  

Campaign Results 12% overall response rate 6% overall meeting rate accurate  Distribu.on  Lists   (My  technique)  /  (3rd  Party  soMware)   CRM  Systems  a  variety  of  CRM  plaQorms  

Sample list of meetings:

Messaging/Content for  Outreach   (Company/Prospects  interests/Trends  etc.)  

7 Step  Communica.on  Plan   (Email,  Direct  Mail,  Telephone)  

Automated Outreach  /  Schedule   (Time  management  soMware)   Measuring  Response  Rates/Clicks   (Analyze,  Improve)  

Campaign Industries: Food & Beverage Alcoholic Beverages Grocery Retailer Consumer Goods Professional Services Entertainment Hospitality Finance Non-Profit

Resp on -­‐ Bus sibility  fo iness r  the    D fo -­‐  Mar ke.n evelopme llowing  a g  Com reas: nt   -­‐  Soc   ia m -­‐  Stra l  Media  St unica.on tegic r s ategi    P -­‐  Eve nt  M artnershi es   a p rke.n -­‐  CRM s   g   -­‐  Mar Systems     k -­‐  Pub et  Resear c lic  Re la.on h     s  

High lig -­‐  Plan hts:   n -­‐  Org ed,  deve anize loped -­‐  Gen d , erate  various  p  execute d  and -­‐  Gre d  $10 u blic   w   -­‐  Bui  brand  a 0k  of  stra speaking measured lt,  led  even ware tegic  all  le n  p t   -­‐  Invi ted  t and  conv ess  and  e artnersh s/worksh ad  gener a.on erted o  be   ops   xp o s -­‐  Hel ips  w ch /outr u d  s it each -­‐  Ma  a  numbe air  of  So ales  from re  expon h  sponso  strat e intai c r r   n i   s s a o . o   l  Me f  bus c a ned, egies i l a l   y l  med   dia  C iness  enha   i o a   mmi deve   nced p r   e senc ]ee   l op m  and   e   fo e deve loped nt  semin r  SF  Cham ars  fo ber  o  all  C r RM  s f ystem  SF  Cham  Comme rc ber  m s   emb e   ers    

Components •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Website Creation Email Campaigns Event Marketing Photography Customer Service Sales/Bus Dev. Social Media Branding

Highlights -  - 

Sunnyvale’s only winery - located at the heart of the tech community Our club members - an invaluable network of tech professionals and decision makers Close Community – our club members volunteer their time during bottling's/pressing etc. 4 partners/owners of the winery (they all have full time jobs too) Wine as a conversation starter – prospects just love it!

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Website Design Content Creation Bi-Weekly Blog Consultancy SEO

BritWit was originally designed to aid savvy opportunists with tips and tricks to help them enjoy the most out of life without having to spend a fortune. Due to demand it quickly became apparent that visitors wanted advice on how to deal with poor customer service experiences…so that became a key focus too!

Account Planning/Strategy Consumer Psychology/Habits Consumer Behavior Reports Market Research (Focus Groups/Interviews) New Business Lead Generation RFP/RFI Proposals CRM Management

Account Management Market Research Media Analytics Competitive Spending Creative Competitive (Worked across 6 accounts)

* Account  Management  /  Account  Planning  work  available  upon  request    

Andrea Alfano Chief Operating Officer | H&L Partners Adrian has made a point of getting involved wherever possible to learn and contribute to the agency. He takes direction well, is a hard worker and takes his role very seriously. He is ambitious. He has done an excellent job assisting on new business pitches, doing research and working on RFP’s. and works well with all departments. He worked with our Interactive Creative Director to help outline and research our social media approach. He pursues ideas on his own and supports them with research. Adrian has a positive attitude ‌he wants the agency to succeed.

Shardul Kiri Partner | Creative Director, UNIT partners We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to add Adrian to our team. His drive to excel and produce results are equally matched by his positive attitude and willingness to learn. Any organization would be lucky to have him, however we're not giving him up without a fight.

Rob Bagot Chief Creative Officer | H&L Partners I have worked closely with Adrian during his time at H&L. His personal charm and intellect combined with his unique wit make him the perfect account-planning candidate. On top of this, his unmatched desire to succeed has made him an invaluable asset to both new and existing business development. I can confidently say that this guy is going to be something big and I'm so happy to have been a part of that growth. I couldn't recommend someone more highly.

Ann Jordan Partner | Creative Director, UNIT partners

Steve Smith Partner | Three Arches Winery Adrian has been providing voluntary help with our Three Arches Winery marketing campaigns, especially via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. His contemporary forward thinking approach and keen insights into our target audience of sophisticated and emerging wine enthusiasts have proven a driving force for our initial launch. His spark and endless stream of ideas have aided substantial growth for the winery and really helped craft the message behind the brand. He gets the industry, he gets the consumers but more importantly with his marketing academic background and agency experience he gets how to combine the two to really make it work. An incredibly valuable asset to our team.

Adrian is a highly motivated individual. He is a self-starter and is always looking to learn and apply knowledge to his various responsibilities and endeavors. His outstanding communication skills allow him to fit comfortably into any environment, gaining the trust of potential clients and partnerships. Through his strong work ethic and followthrough, Adrian has managed to place UNIT in front of key target clients. Our clients genuinely enjoy interacting with him and he has been a great asset to the UNIT team.

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Dallas Baker Associate Creative Director | H&L Partners I've found Adrian to be a great asset to our Creative teams, offering a depth of service to our accounts that defied his experience level. His most impressive quality is the tenacity with which he approaches all the facets of work in an agency setting. He possesses a raw enthusiasm for this business, particularly with regard to its strategic and research aspects, that always inspired our team to elevate its game. Adrian is an ardent student of the business and an insightful strategist, with the rare balance of confidence and curiosity guiding his approach. I found him willing to dive deeply into branding problems to ferret out insights that helped refine concepts’ directions. His friendly nature also allowed him to win over his colleagues, making Adrian a great and instant fit in our agency culture. Likewise, I would imagine any agency culture that values collaboration, enthusiasm, and insightful marketing practices would benefit from his presence.

JP Leddy Business Development Manager | OpenHouse Adrian Smith and I were actively involved in networking in the San Francisco business community in many organizations including the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. He was an active member of the Ambassador Club while I served as CoChair. Throughout my many years of networking, there are those individuals who stand out as outstanding representatives of their firm, but more importantly, great assets to the business community as a whole. Adrian Smith is one of those individuals. A consummate connector who understands how to develop business relationships well, cultivate trust, and deliver value. Without reservation, I would recommend Adrian to any to any organization who wants to take their organization to the next level with a leader who truly understands the business of business.

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