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When dealing with the controversial subject of the Masonic exile we invariably come across the triad Totalitarism – Repression – Expulsion. Papeles’ present edition attempts to study this phenomenon. Alain Pozarnik, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France, analyzes the inner exile of the human being and suggests that the Masonic practice allows us to escape it. CIEM’s chairman, Adrian Mac Liman, makes a first assessment of the Spanish Masonic exile, both in Europe and in Latin America. The Portuguese Masonic Museum’s director, António Lopes, for his part, outlines the situation of Portuguese freemasonry during the dictatorship. León Zeldis, Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Israel, brings us closer to the dramatic circumstances in which the Grand Symbolic Lodge of Germany was created in exile. Historian Natalie Bayer, a Russian by birth settled in the United States presents us with an exhaustive portrait of the checkered history of the Order in Russia –perhaps one of the best examples of the combination of totalitarisms of all descriptions. Horia Nestorescu-Bălceşti, director of the Rumanian National Centre of Masonic Studies, offers a first hand testimony of the dark years of Rumanian masonry, one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic of Eastern Europe. The contribution of Ramón Canifrú, Grand Officer of the Latin American Grand Orient (GOLA), deals with the Latin American Masonic exile in Europe. Finally, Professor Ricardo Serna’s article enlightens us on the hidden aspects of the Order’s history over the last centuries, placing a special emphasis on the conflictive relations between the Catholic Church and the Masonry.




Alain Pozarnik

La práctica masónica, una vía para salir del exilio


Adrián Mac Liman

El exilio masónico español


António Lopes

La masonería portuguesa en los años de la dictadura


León Zeldis

La Gran Logia Simbólica de Alemania en el exilio


Natalie Bayer

La accidentada historia de la masonería rusa


H. Nestorescu-Bălceşti La masonería rumana en la postguerra


Ramón Canifrú

El Gran Oriente Latino-Americano


Ricardo Serna

La sombra de la Iglesia es alargada



Fragmento de un discurso masónico


Los altos grados de la masonería


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Papeles de Masonería 2009.Pres.Eng.  

When dealing with the controversial subject of the Masonic exile we invariably come across the triad Totalitarism – Repression – Expulsion....

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