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Leadership and Learning in Educational Organisations Featuring contributions from renowned educationists

27-28 June, 4-5 July and 18-19 July 2014 at the Institute of Education, University of London

This well established six-day doctoral level programme is coordinated by Professor Peter Earley and Dr Rob Higham with contributions from experts in the field including Professors David Hopkins, John West-Burnham, Toby Greany and Louise Stoll, and Drs Megan Crawford, David Eddy Spicer, Karen Edge, Vanessa Ogden, Chris Watkins and Raphael Wilkins. The course is based on two beliefs: • that high performing educational organisations institutionalise, share and maximize learning; • that educational organisations that give high priority to learning, and which maintain a culture to support it at all levels, are the ones most able to react imaginatively to and meet the challenges of an uncertain world. The course provides an overview of the central issues around leading and learning with particular reference to educational organisations. Topics to be considered include: theories of leadership, including system, distributed and learning-centred leadership; leadership and the emotions; leading change and improvement, schools/colleges as learning organisations and professional learning communities; and effective learning for students and practitioners. Participants should already have studied to Masters level. They will be expected to make an active contribution to the course and to undertake key readings between sessions. 'A top quality, top class module that the IOE should make mandatory for heads across the country. Thoroughly thought-provoking and inspiring. Thank you!' EdD participant, 2010

Study Cost: £625

To apply, contact Dr Rob Higham - / 020 7911 5543

The London Centre for Leadership in Learning Institute of Education University of London 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL

EdD Module  
EdD Module  

EdD Module