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To whom it may concern, My name is Adrian Devara, and I am a Jakarta based graphic designer that specializes in branding, editorial and copywriting. I appreciate clean, smooth and functional aesthetics in design, the ones that strike a bold impression. I belief in anthropocentrism in design, where what we make should focus on the people and the customer, where communication is essential in creating beautiful and effective visuals, so that we can convey what we mean, when we mean it, and how we mean it.

This book is an opus in progress. a compendium of works that will always be updated with newer, better works. An orchestra conducted by yours truly.


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Full Name


Adrian Devara Place of Birth

Date of Birth






Telephone Number

Gardenia Estate B5/7 Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

(+62) 855 8823 669



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Educational Background


97 - 99 TK Mitra Mulia

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99 - 05 SD Ora et Labora 05 - 08 SMP Ora et Labora 08 - 11 BiNus International School Serpong ICT Major 11 - ... Binus International School of Art & Design




Organizational & Work Experiences

10 Bynamic Design & Documentation 11 BiMus Night Design 12 - ... Freelance Graphic Designer 12 - 13

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Projek Arka Curator 13 - ... Heim Manager, G. Designer

Other Skills

Fluent in spoken and written English


Able to utilise MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, keynote and Google Docs. Fluent in playing the guitar, both electric and acoustic. able to wield a bass guitar, has basic drumming skill, and currently learning to play the piano.


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On the Rocks is a fictional bistro, bar and lounge inHollywood, CA. The venue will be located inside a man-made cave and it will be divided into two sections, indoor and outdoor, both with separate bars, with the bistro on the outside and the lounge in the inside.

i. On The Rocks branding / fictional

This is a collaborative project with Yasmin Nadhirasari. We worked on the concept and logo together, while I work on the stationary, and she designed the menu and poster.

on the rocks

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Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo is a government owned hospital and medical research and education facility situated in the middle of Jakarta, Indonesia. The hospital is known for their top of the line doctors in the country and how they have incredible service. The brief was to redesign the visual identity of the hospital along with it’s sub brands, or the branches of specialties that reside in the hospital that includes: Dentistry, Internis, Geriartric, and many more. The challenge was to update the look of the hospital so that it can target all classes of people without being intimidating to the middle to lower classes.

ii. Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo rebranding / fictional


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iii. Paul Rand Identitatis print / typography / editorial

This book talks about Paul Rand and his logos and principles. It is called “Paul Rand : Identitatis� which means Identity in Latin. He is mostly known for his iconic corporate logos such as IBM, ABC, NeXT and more. Born Peretz Rosenbaum, he started in editorial and slowly moved towards branding.

In this book, I tried to capture Rand’s essence of being distinctive, memorable and clear. He aims to wow the client in the presentation, and gives the final solved problem to the client in the end. I gathered a lot of info from accross the web, and found a lot of portraits and logos. I wanted to diagnose the logos he made, how he thinks and his mindset in trying to think up of logos.


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iv. Design Culture Now

design culture now

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poster / print / typography

v. Book of Pasta

book of pasta

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print / illustration

“The Book of Pasta : Compiled Recipes of Best Homemade Pastas” is an Illustrated book of pasta making recipes. The book has eight different pasta recipes, ranging from the classic Spaggethi Carbonara, the self proclaimed World’s Best Lasagna, the Russian Italian Vodka Rigatoni, to the Mushroom and Spincah Ravioli With Chive Butter Sauce, some simple, while others are more advanced. Paired with the corresponding illustrations, each spread has the recipe for the pasta. The recipes themselves are compiled from The whole book is done fully digital in Illustrator.

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vi. The Sigit Hertz Dyslexia

hertz dyslexia

Print / Packaging

The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent, or more commonly known as The SIGIT is a rock and roll band hailing from Bandung, a city in West Java, Indonesia. During their break, they released a two part EP named “Hertz Dyslexia” which marks an evolution of sound and psyche from the four-piece that shocked and pleased their fans from across the country and beyond. This was originally a college project where the students are told to choose a band and an album to redesign, and I chose this for my project. The brief says that we have to completely redesign the album’s visual, while still retaining the artist’s feel while adding our own flair to it

Hertz Dyslexia

adrian devara . portfolio



vii. Logo Works identity


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biji kopi

Biji Kopi is a monthly fictional coffee aficionado magazine that caters to the taste and interests of coffee connoiseurs in Indonesia.

The Collective is a fictional gallery that acts as a platform for new emerging artists that promises to engage this new generation of creatives to create a “web� of makers of fine arts.

Luna Soleil is a fictional company of artisan made wine glasses that promises the best wine glasses in the market, tailored for aficionados and connoiseurs and sommeliers of the finer world.

Lucerne is a fictional perfume made and bottled in Lucerne, switzerland. It is inspired by the beautiful lake that resides in the vicinity.

Heim is a home and apparel company and community that focuses on quality, minimalism and timelessness in a product’s quality.

Jajuka is a dried condiments brand that specializes in the highest quality of dried spices and herbs that are made by the people for the people.

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Adrian Devara | Portfolio  

Portfolio of graphic design works by Adrian Devara, spanning the years 2011 - 2014