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Is it time to leave the stage? By Adrian D'Costa Nature quivers by the epiphany of fall. Summer has gone by. Animals are searching for a place to hibernate. Dualistic face of season's early hour has lost its touch. Feathers of a cuckoo look for a dried place. Bunnies hop around not knowing what is in store for them. Every living creature on earth ask the same question. Is it time to leave this decrepit place? Same question loop around inside secret bed chambers of salacious thirst. Daffodil tries to be brave enough to answer the question. But as soon as the thought of escaping this necropolis enters her mind she withers away from the weak branches. The rainbow of Victoria Falls looks side ways to cheat with nature's sudden death syndrome. But then becomes a victim instead. One side of lopsided earth freezes up completely but doesn't show the real feature and one cannot distinguish the pain from outside. All roads to freedom have come to a complete stand still. Time slows down and smirks at the sufferers. Hills and valleys refuse to be the Herald and spread the news. Rationality seemed to strip the cloak off from the face of Reality. Everything seems too trivial. A new fear- a new component is added to the mixture. Fear to face the inevitable. Sphinx itself is disconcerted by its own conundrum. Riddler laughs with all the might of evil to mock its own lie. Joker fools around with truth. A new ball is added to juggler's hand to make the differential equation more difficult to solve. After discovering one of the greatest findings, Tartaglia loses it definitively. Newton-Raphson method of linearization finds the root of linear equation but not the intersection point between life and hate. Anyone can use improper integrals to find integration at infinity but can it solve life's discontinuous cries? After all of this, the question remains. Is it time to leave the show? Linear algebra can't solve these augmented matrices. After evaporating the sea water what is left is complex mineral salt that can alter the vivid memories of life to an utter end. Thursday, December 01, 2016 ###

Is it Time to Leave The Stage